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The Thrilling Adventures of Superman

A journey through the Golden Age of Superman in comics, radio and film. Each episode, we explore the history and development of the Man of Steel through his earliest adventures. Episodes also feature Spotlights on creators, a look at the overall history of the Superman and more.

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Superman Podcast Network: 'Man of Steel' Discussion and Review

Gathered together ... from the far reaches of the Internet ... are assembled a network of podcasters dedicated to the first and greatest superhero ... SUPERMAN! And now, some of the best and brightest of those podcasters have gathered together to discuss the Last Son of Krypton's latest big-screen incarnation. Join Michael Bailey, Michael Bradley, Jeffrey Taylor, J. David Weter and Jon M. Wilson as they offer thoughts and analysis of "Man of Steel!"

14 Jun 2013

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Episode 93: Christmas Spectacular II: Electric Snowman Boogaloo!

It's time once again to grab your Superman Snuggie, cozy up by the fireplace and celebrate the season with The Thrilling Adventures of Superman Christmas Spectacular! In this episode, Michael shares two holiday-themed pieces, a selection of Christmas music and some seasonal memories... all to brighten your holiday. Merry Christmas!

20 Dec 2012

Rank #2

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Episode 92: Radio Episodes 0118-0123

Does a lack of sight heighten the other senses? The Man of Steel better hopes so given the menace he faces as Michael looks at the 19th storyline from the radio serial. And maybe "looks" isn't the right word since the Daily Planet's crusade against a corrupt bureaucrat leads Superman into a clash with... the Invisible Man! How can our hero defeat a villain he can't even see?!

13 Nov 2012

Rank #3

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Episode 91: Action Comics #32

It's back to this spinner rack this time out as Michael looks at the Superman story from ACTION COMICS #32. A rescue of a suicidal man leads Superman into a brand new adventure full of thrills, suspense and... product placement?! Hold on to your allowances, kids!

16 Oct 2012

Rank #4

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Episode 90: Superman #8 (with special guest co-host Michael Bailey)

This episode, Michael is joined by Michael Bailey for star-spangled look at four brand new and (mostly) awesome Superman stories from SUPERMAN #8. These stories see the Man of Steel taking on a plethora of foes, including towering giants, a murder wrap, carnival racketeers and the very justice system itself in his crusade as champion of the oppressed. It's, perhaps, the best issue of SUPERMAN yet. Don't miss out!

2 Oct 2012

Rank #5

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Episode 89: Radio Episodes 0103-0117 (Part 2)

This time, Michael concludes his look at a story so big that it couldn't be contained by just one episode. Continuing on from episode 88, the 18th storyline from the Superman radio show showcases Superman once more squaring off against the diabolical genius of the Yellow Mask!

25 Sep 2012

Rank #6

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Episode 88: Radio Episodes 0103-0117 (Part 1)

The show is back and so is a very familiar foe! A strange occurrence on a train ride home catapults Clark Kent and Jimmy Olsen into their latest adventure as an enemy from the past rise to once more plague the Man of Steel. Alliances are formed and loved ones are threatened as Michael begins a look at the 18th storyline from the Superman radio serial!

18 Sep 2012

Rank #7

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Episode 87: Action Comics #31

Clark Kent accompanies Lois Lane to the nearby town of Brentville. They find the town is, literally, a sleepy little town as everyone who enters inexplicably is sent to Dreamland. Can the Daily Planet's finest, with a little help from Superman, unravel the mystery? Find out as Michael looks at the Superman story from ACTION COMICS #31!

28 Aug 2012

Rank #8

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Episode 86: Sundays Strips #39-51

At long last, we return to the four-color, Sunday incarnation of the Superman newspaper strip, with a look at the serial's sixth storyline. When Lois Lane receives an inheritance of a piece of land, little does she know that danger awaits! Can Superman speed to the rescue in time? And just why is this storyline so familiar?

21 Aug 2012

Rank #9

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Episode 85: The Fred Allen Show, October 9, 1940

There's a special treat this episode as we examine Superman's growing popularity when co-creator Jerry Siegel pays a visit to "The Fred Allen Show" to discuss his most-famous creation. Then, Superman himself ventures into the real world and takes "The Boss" Harry Donenfeld for a flight!

17 Aug 2012

Rank #10