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David Bracetty: The Creative Freelancer Podcast – David is a photographer and director based out of Allentown, PA. David began photographing in 2006 and since then has worked with clients such as New Balance, Nike, Puma, Brooks, Adidas and many more. The Creative Freelancer is meant to inspire, motivate and educate photographers and directors. Our episodes feature directors, photographers, DP’s and Producers to help listeners understand what it takes to make it in this industry.   Head over to our website for show notes, links and to see samples of each guest’s work :

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David Bracetty: The Creative Freelancer Podcast – David is a photographer and director based out of Allentown, PA. David began photographing in 2006 and since then has worked with clients such as New Balance, Nike, Puma, Brooks, Adidas and many more. The Creative Freelancer is meant to inspire, motivate and educate photographers and directors. Our episodes feature directors, photographers, DP’s and Producers to help listeners understand what it takes to make it in this industry.   Head over to our website for show notes, links and to see samples of each guest’s work :

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Latest release on Aug 18, 2020

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Rank #1: John Keatley – Creating personal projects

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This week, we sat down for an interview with John Keatley, Seattle based advertising and fine art photographer. On this podcast episode he shares some behind the scenes of his recent project "Uniform" and why it's so important to be creating personal work. We also talk about what is was like when he started off in advertising, and was told "It takes 5 years."

You can catch John at the PhotoPlus Expo in New York in October on Managing Clients & Workflow on Set (Thu, Oct 20, 2016 - 10:15 AM to 12:15 PM). John and his wife Nichelle also host photographers for a three day workshop in Seattle called Survival Guide.
Until I stared creating work on my own that spoke the language of advertising, people just wrote me off as an editorial photographer.John Keatley Interview Timestamps 0:40- Uniform personal project5:12- What goes into planning your personal projects?9:37- How do you deal with decisions on personal work?11:52- Journal of Ideas13:27- Don’t save ideas until you are ‘better’13:49- “You never are satisfied with where you are at. You’re alway going to be learning.”14:40- Having a team in place17:29- Working with your spouse 21:55- Family portraits on website25:10- Feedback from clients on family portraits26:12- Career path28:40- How did you marketing change over the years?29:54 “Look, it really takes 5 years”32:29 “Until I stared creating work on my own that spoke the language of advertising, people just wrote me off as an editorial photographer. “32:48 - Why did they assume you were an editorial photographer?34:13-  Building the Survival Guide37:16- Figuring out who you are and translating that into your work39:34- Upcoming workshop in 201740:22- NYC PhotoPlus Talk “Being on Set”40:57- Lighting Round questions41:37- Why Fine Art?42:50 - What would someone be surprised about you?45:21 - Liberia 47:00 - One Light, One Modifier, One Lens48:00 - Maintaining confidence on the journey“Hopefully you keep a big picture mindset.”
Show Notes + Links John Keatley Photo Instagram Keatley Survival Guide PhotoPlus Expo
Annie Leibovitz Portrait
Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
Keatley Survival Guide
John Keatley Instagram
Knowledge Bombs “You never are satisfied with where you are at. You’re always going to be learning.” 13:49“Until I stared creating work on my own that spoke the language of advertising, people just wrote me off as an editorial photographer."-32:39  “Hopefully you keep a big picture mindset.” - 48:00

Oct 04 2016



Rank #2: Lou Lesko- Building Confidence and Bidding for Jobs

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If you're looking to get some epic knowledge bombs dropped on you (like the one below) with a dose or motivation and confidence building, you need to listen to this episode as Lou Lesko, photographer, writer and founder of BlinkBid. Lou and I sat down to discus bidding with confidence and what tools someone up and coming can use to educated themself on how to give an appropirate budget and estimate for a job. This is a must listen to episode, so check it out now or download it and save for later.
"You're shooting at level 2, but most of society is at level 1 so they think you are amazing. But if you are level 2 you're looking at level 4, which means you think you suck. You are always looking up higher than you are and where you are is above what most people expect from you."
Timestamps 00:00 - The begining, duh!1:30- Embracing why you were selected for a bid3:27- Difference between shooting personal work and being on set3:51- How does it work when an agency calls you5:15- Suits vs creatives8:08 - Bidding against others/ asking questions9:55- Finding out who’s on the shoot11:35- Asking the right questions12:37- Accommodating the client14:12- Removing the word prying 14:40- The Art Producer alredy knows who you are15:41- Don't be an ass and NEVER gossip17:04- Confidence and taking chance18:54- BS, executing the vision, elephants on set22:54- How an Instagrammer should bid a job27:02- Finding a Bid Consultant or Producer29:56- Standing Tall35:16- Don't undervalue yourself37:44- Taking the leap41:52- Articles and finding Lou Lesko42:19- The Ghosts of Communism 
Show Notes and Links BlinkBid Online software to produce estimates and submit invoicesThe Ghost of Communism A story of how Lou Lesko learned to become a photojournalist by pretending to be a photojournalist during one of the most tumultuous times in the history of the Eastern Bloc.Lou Lesko on InstagramAgency Access Consulting services for photographers to prepare estimatesWonderful Machine Shoot production services for both photographers and clients. Listen to episode with producer Craig Oppenheimer
BlinkBid Screenshots Estimating, production, and invoicing software for creative professionals.

Truth bombs "Theres not right way and you just need  as much information as possible to create the best experience possible.""You never know what the answer is going to be so just ask""The only way you know you're moving ahead as a photographer is if you're on the job and you feel like you're in over your head. "Have a favorite quote from the episode? Comment below and share your thoughts! 
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*10% off BlinkBid Discount code must be used with the annual subscribtion option.

Sep 27 2016



Rank #3: Corey Jenkins | Commercial Fitness and Assisting Pro’s

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Meet photographer Corey Jenkins. Based in Miami, Corey specializes in fitness and sports creating images for Image Source in addition to other advertising and commercial clients.

After landing an internship with photographer Tim Tadder, Corey quickly figured out he could learn more by doing and being on set, than in a classroom environment.

In our conversation, Corey shares his workflow, marketing tips, how to produce a high end shoot on a budget. apps that help him stay on track and much more.

Please check out this week's interview with Corey Jenkins. Remember, sharing is caring. If you know someone who would benefit from listening to this episode, please share the link with them below. Gracias
Show Notes and Links Tim Tadder http://www.timtadder.comZelman Studios http://www.zelmanstudios.comTy Milford http://www.tymilford.comErik Almas http://www.erikalmas.comNick's Tutorials Source
@CoreyJenkinsPhoto on Instagram

Mar 11 2016



Rank #4: Anthony Supreme – Taking Chances + Building Relationships

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LA based director/photographer Anthony “Supreme” Thompson sat down with us this week to share his story of how he went from directing and producing music videos in North Carolina, to living out of his car in LA and landing the opportunity to photograph the cover of  J. Cole’s newest album4 Your Eyez Only“. This Anthony Supreme interview is not one to miss!

Anthony takes us through his journey and shows us the relationships he’s built along the way in his career. He also dives into why he left North Carolina for LA to live out of his Honda Element.

The episode is an amazing source of motivation and inspiration for anyone looking to take a leap in their career and how to set yourself up to succeed. It shows us why genuine relationships are to critical to new opportunities and why gear matters less than you think.

Below are a series of timestamps and questions we cover as well as the top quotes from this interview with Anthony Supreme. Feel free to explore the links to all of the other directors, artists and photographers he mentions and give him a follow on Instagram to stay tuned to his journey.

Hope you enjoy the episode and please be sure to share with someone you know needs to hear this.


1:10- How did you pick up this Director/ Photo mentality and what were your first couple years like?

5:12 Did you pick up and leave Red Audio?

6:00- Talk why LA vs Atlanta

7:04- How did you teach yourself and what were you using?

8:00- How did you meet Scott Lazer and Isaih Dante?

8:48- Did you set up test shoots during that time?

9:30- Talk about your story at the record store in Sydney

12:23- How did you get to Sydney?

13:10- How did you get on text message terms with Scott Lazer?

15:25- Did you already have your portfolio before the opportunity with Cole came up?

16:40- Talk about what you usually shoot on and what did you shoot Cole’s cover with?

18:50- What would say to someone looking to make that jump to another city?

22:15- Looking back now did you feel that things were taking forever or happening quickly?

26:55- What was it like having J.Cole go through your pictures?

27:57- How did you get the shot that ended up being the cover?

32:45- How does one live out of their car in LA?

42:30- What advice would you give to someone who knows what they want to do but they are still in college?

48:00- Do they tell you their budget or give you the rate upfront for shooting a cover?

50:45: Where do you see this going now?

Show Notes + Links

Anthony Supreme Website




Scott Lazer

Isiah Donté Lee

Deniro Farrar

Bryson Tiller

Ro lexxx


Photo Gear for J. Cole Cover

5d Mark II & III

L Series lenses

35mm Canon A1

Disposable Polaroids 400 ISO

Truth Bombs + Top Quotes

“I mean I still live in my car, but I always find myself saving more money and be able to do the things I want to do.”- 3:50

“I wanted to move to LA because of the weather, warm all year long” 6:27

“I remember RCA asking “Could we get some of those photos so maybe we can use one for his album cover?” 10:12

“I knew that this opportunity was pretty much what you prep your whole life in photography for so why would you half step it any, just got and have fun.” 18:19

“There might be millions of photographers that are great at what they do but don’t have the opportunity yet but that doesn’t mean opportunity won’t come and just being patient about the opportunity” 22:03

“If he’s back there (J. Cole) at 4 AM working on music and I’m up here looking at Facebook, then I’m doing something wrong. Maybe I should be working on something too. ” 24:00

“I’m out of town on tour with Cole the next three months, do you want to stay at my crib?” 14:48

Kareem from Russia- 

“The first day he got there, walking around DTLA and he randomly walked on set and just started working for free on a movie set. He had an AC belt or something like that. Just built a network talking to people on set. Fast forward now he’s working on the set of the Fast and Furious getting paid.” 20:30 

“I looked up a bunch of YouTube videos of staying in a specific car.” 35:00

“He emailed Birdman everyday for a year.”

“Having a solid route and going place and sacrificing your playtime for work, while everyone is playing”- 38:57

“You’re 19 yrs old, you really have no motherf*ckin excuse to not be learning” -41:31

“Relationships really do take you a long way but sometimes you have to let relationships go too” 40:10

“You need to come with me to set to learn and meet some people”

“If you love what you do, then obviously, thats what you should be doing” 44:20

“You have to make a choice in your mind at some point whether it’s something you really want to do or not.” 53:47

Dec 09 2016



Rank #5: Zoe Rain | Hard Work and Getting Lucky

Podcast cover
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Seattle born Zoe Rain has already accomplished a lot in her young, creative career. By the age of 20, she was touring the world with Macklemore and Ryan Lewis as their official photographer. The list of artists she’s worked with include Lorde, Chance the Rapper, Ed Sheeran, Miley Cyrus and more. Now based in Chicago, Zoe lives in the same studio where she shoots editorial covers and personal projects in her dream loft/studio setup.

In our convo, Zoe and I discuss the importance of establishing connections and how she handles herself on tour, on set and what this experience has been like for her so far. She shares artists she was starstruck by, what’s in her DM’s and answer some of aspiring concert photographer’s questions. I hope you enjoy this episode Zoe Rain as much as I did.

Zoe Rain Quotes

“It’s so cliche but those are the moments under high stress that you’re going to figure it out.”

“It was a really good avenue looking back. It really taught me how to shoot in harsh conditions. Like very contrasted or dark light with fast movement with unpredictable people with crowds and loud noises and having to climb over things to get shots.  Its kinda like a field guide to shooting.“

“I got to shoot portraits of Ed Sheeran those are things that are very lucky situations and moments I was lucky to be in an I feel like I happen to keep being in those situations”

“And also being super supportive online and voicing constantly saying the nicest things and after certain point you either have to believe it or continue to say “nah, nah, I’m shitty”

“I try to be a very humble person and take everything into perspective so I’m always going to be super critical of myself but the support’s been helpful for that negative voice in my head.”

“I wanted work with dolphins but thank God I didn’t because Seaworld is horrible”

“It’s a combination of luck and hard work of course”

“It’s not a natural thing to be a celebrity”

“I don’t want to be forgettable by the work that they see my do.”

“The only seperation between people that people that make it and the people that don’t I feel is the people give up, get discouraged and stop shooting. The ones that stick around and fight through it; You’re gonna eventually make it get better and figure it out.”

“My number one goal is to make people look beautiful, no matter what”

What you’ll learn

2:20- How Zoe learned to shoot

3:24- Getting her foot in the door

6:00- Where Zoe found confidence early in her career

7:06 Growing as a photographer

9:00 Zoe’s approach to assignments

11:20 Growing up

13:07 Making a connection

15:06 Mistakes aspiring concert photographers make

18:17 Staying positive and making $$$

23:22 Marketing and finding work

25:00 Looking back at old work

26:26 On getting a studio

28:57 Planned vs organic poses

30:00 Connecting with talent 

33:20 Updating Website and Instagram

34:59 On Shooting Music Videos

38:57 Starstuck

42:14  DM’s on Instagram

44:32 Upgrading you camera

45:40 Finding Inspiration

47:15 What’s next?

48:19 Zoe’s latest work

Links ‘n Stuff

Zoe’s Website

Zoe Rain Instagram

The Rain Studio | Chicago

Macklemore Instagram

Ryan Lewis Instagram

Wolf Prints

Sep 11 2017



Rank #6: Brook Pifer – From Personal Project to Client

Podcast cover
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New York based lifestyle photographer Brook Pifer recently sat down on our podcast to talk shop. After meeting her at this year's PhotoPlus Expo, we linked up and expanded on a few points mentioned during the conference and dug deep... like really deep.

Brook was gracious enough to spend an hour with us answering specific questions regarding the execution of her projects and what happens step by step to get it out the door, physically in print or digitally sharing it online. We talk the importance of chemistry and vision on set, capturing moments as you see them happening and finally selecting specific images that best represent the project.

Below are some time stamps and show notes regarding some of the topics covered as well as some truth bombs Brook dropped throughout the episode. This is a must listen to for anyone who is "stuck" and no creating work they love on their own. Please take a minute to share with a colleague or your friends on Twitter.

Thanks for tuning in. Feel free to comment below and share your thoughts on what personal project you are inspired to do next!
Brook Pifer Interview
Timestamps 3:02- Shooting Lady Tramps   "Re picture grant”4:39- Tricky part of personal work 7:36- Deciding on budgets for personal projects 11:27- Found moments vs creative moments 14:03- Shooting project with client in mind 17:20- From shoot to editing and sequencing 19:20- Importance of a photo editor/consultant 25:03- Packaging a project into a promo 27:40- Response to Promo 29:00- Building the list 33:10- What things scream “This person doesn’t have their shit together”  34:54- What was marketing like before an agent 36:15- What is something you wish you would’ve done sooner? 38:10- Setting up a personal project  41:15- Did you go to school for this? 44:00- Why did you start shooting motion? 49:20 - Lighting round questions
Show Notes + Links Brook Pifer WebsiteBrook Pifer InstagramSquad ProjectLady Tramps 
Truth Bombs "Never  allow waiting to become a habit. Life is happening now" -52:30
“Quality over quantity”“You’d be doing yourself a disservice to constantly compare yourself to other people”   42:27 “I think its more important to honor your voice as an artist” 43:12 “It is of your best interest to optimize the f**k out of your website.”- 33:42 “I think websites can be a huge waste of time if not done right"34:37 "I think if it’s a crappy photo, no one is going to care how much you polish the turd” 31:50 “One of the mistakes I made earliest in my career was not being consistent with my marketing” 25:30 “Do I have the body of work that supports me reaching out to my dream client?” 22:04  “It’s an investment in yourself as an artist and also an investment in your personal creativity.”  “It allowed me to get some of the technical aspects out of the way which would limit what I saw in my head and my heart for this project.”  5:25  “Equal parts instinct and equal parts insight” 12:27

Dec 02 2016



Rank #7: Aaron Anderson- Printing Promos and List Building

Podcast cover
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This week we sit down with Colorado Springs based photographer Aaron Anderson. In this episode, we talk about how he goes about building his list and what the process of printing his promo's looks. Aaron also shares what strategies he's seen pay off for him and how he's used LinkedIn to connect with art directors and art buyers.Aaron Anderson Photo
Podcast Episode Timestamps  :27- Who is Aaron Anderson?1:15- How to put a promo together 3:07- List building strategy 8:18 Selecting images for portfolio and finding a printer 15:53- Response from sending a promo 19:25- Email, promo, phone calls  23:40 - Whats the best/ most efficient way of getting face to face? 26:40 - Is the feedback different from sending one promo vs another? 28:04- What feedback are you getting from youtube and online? 29:57- How did Elinchrome find and sponsor you? 31:03- What were your first couple videos on YouTube like? 37:37- Top 3 strategies on creating a network 41:30 - What are you working on now? 43:54- Retouching and College 49:30 - Not finishing college
Show Notes + Links Aaron Anderson Website Aaron Anderson InstagramStephanie Meneuz Creative List Building PrinterYouTube Online Learning

Aaron Anderson Tutorial
The Gap
Aaron Anderson Instagram
Truth Bombs 20:16"Picking up the phone is invaluable. People want to talk to people… they want to know you’re a really person." 22:07“No one is really looking to hire you”

Oct 27 2016

1hr 1min


Rank #8: Mike Holland – Photographing Concert Tours and Shooting Documentaries

Podcast cover
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Maryland based photographer, Mike Holland is no stranger to capturing artist performances. Since high school, he quickly started working with other Maryland based artists his craft. Connecting early on with Logic and creating work has led to a relationship with Visionary Music Group. Mike has established himself as one of the go-to photographers/ videographers for the group's artists tours.

On this episode we talk about going to school vs being self taught, taking chances and creating opportunities for yourself. Mike shares what gear is in his current set up. We also dig into the biggest challenges he faces while on the road and how a crowd of 20,000 impacts what he has to do.

Mike is also a documentary film maker who is passionate about sharing untold stories. His most recent short film features the oldest man on death row.

Listen below to this episode and be sure to share it up. Great episode for anyone looking to get into concert photography.Mike Holland Photography
Timestamps :20 - Photographing the Endless Summer Tour 1:49- Crowd of 20,000 affect photography 2:54- What gear do you shoot with and what is life like on tour? 5:52- Turning around videos and editing 7:49- Who hires you and how did you get to know with Logic? 10:49- How does someone get in with bigger acts? 12:54- How does someone get started? 15:28- How did you get an interest in this? 19:36- Did you take any classes in high school and how did you educated yourself after high school? 22:45- Is college a smart move? 25:30- Who’s the creative director for the videos and how does audio work? 28:10 Whats it like watching him review a video 32:19- Being able to do both photo/video  34:30- Setting contract upfront  37:30- What are the goals for the next 5-10 years 41:10- If you could be on tour with anyone who would it be? 42:00- Dream camera setup 42:45- What would people be surprised to know about you? 46:48- Any life changing moments on tour? 
Show Notes + Links Mile Holland Wesbite@itsmikehollandNick Mahar Justin Fleischer Visionary Music Group Chris  John Bellion
@ItsMikeHolland Instagram
Mike Holland Interview Quotes “It’s like a system, you just keep going. “4:18“You have to be ready all the time… and any downtime we get is for editing” 7:32“Your number #1 priority is always work on yourself work on your skills before you try to gain instagram followers or anything like that.""Be undeniable to people when they see your work. "12:42"Build relationships with people get to know them, understand them, build friendships and then there will get to a point where you don’t need to ask for things.“ 14:38“Which goes to show you I think, sometimes, gear can be a little overrated when it comes to quality of work.” 16:30“My mom had this really old tape camera, it barely even worked…”18:15"Do I regret it? Not one bit”22:28

Oct 18 2016



Rank #9: Clay Cook | Building Your First Print Portfolio

Podcast cover
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Welcome fellow photographers to another hot one! On this podcast episode we feature Louisville based commercial and editorial photographer Clay Cook. I was on Instagram an saw that he just recently teamed up with Wonderful Machine and Mullenberg Designs to print and produce his first official looking print portfolio. This obviously leads me to question how did he find work before this portfolio? I also ask questions like what has been the biggest win for him in marketing himself and securing paying clients. Clay also mentions how his role as an educator/ influencer comes into play and how one should go about earning a sponsorship. This is a great resource for anyone looking to print their first professional portfolio and gives insight as to the timeline, cost and what to expect.

Listen to Clay Cook
Click to Hear Full Episode

What you will learn

3:28 What did you have in place before you new print portfolio? The problem with good enough

5:32 How do you get your portfolio to “bounce around”? Forming Strategic Relationships

8:00 Confidence to share your work

10:57 How did you get work without portfolio? Advice for finding work without a print portfolio.

12:21 Growing beyond the local market

14:49 Marketing Strategy

16:00 How does you being an educator factor into your marketing?

19:13  Details of first sponsorship

22:02 How did Agency Access help you?

26:49 What was it like turning over every photo you’ve ever shot

27:49 Surprise of opening up first edit

29:49 What it means vs how it looks

31:55 Printing/ binding of print portfolio

34:17 Determining the size of portfolio 

36:04 Overall cost of new portfolio

38:00 Are you happy with the print portfolio?

40:28 Name something you don’t need as a photographer to succeed,

44:36 How important is a social following?

47:40 What upcoming events you have coming up?!

Show Links

Clay Cook Portfolio

Clay Cook Instagram

Wonderful Machine

Mullenberg Designs

Wolf Prints


Photoplus Expo

Creative Live

FStoppers Tutorial

Clay Cook Quotes

“I go through these phases where I don’t like anything.”

“Sponsorships don’t happen overnight, it’s definitely something that happens over years.”

“You’ve got to consider who’s looking at this portfolio”

“Subject matter plays #1 in photographers. What it means vs how it looks.”

“Now I prefer imagery that speaks to me rather than looks good.”

“A website is 100% vital in this day an age. A blog is even more vital.”

Listen to Episode Below
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Sep 27 2017



Rank #10: Philip Haynes | Putting in the Work and Staying Positive

Podcast cover
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Philip Hayes is a UK based commercial and advertising sports + lifestyle photographer… a pretty damn good one. Only 30, Philip somehow managed to compress 20 years worth of assisting, retouching, digi teching for others and signing with an Agency in the span of 10 years. As mentioned in our podcast together, “I was the guy that was in at 8am every morning and 8 am every night, working 20 hrs on the weekend and doing what I needed to get done in the evenings.”

He straight hustled his face off for years, worked with what he had and hasn’t stopped since then.  Please listen all the way until the end as Philip Haynes unloads his wisdom, career experiences and outlines some valuable lessons he’s learned along the way. Get ready for the fire on this podcast interview with Philip Haynes.


3:10- How did you get your first interests in photography

5:03- How long did that DIY phase last and what kind of results were you getting?

9:42- How did you tackle having diversified interests within photography?

18:00- What did you transition look like from when you were shooting with DIY gear to having a portfolio you felt was worth sharing?

21:27- Are those the projects that built your first book?

29:43- Confidence

37:15- What is Deng Camp and how did you get involved?

45:00 What’s next?

Show Links

Phil Haynes Quotes

“I was the guy that was in at 8am every morning and 8 am every night, working 20 hrs on the weekend and doing what I needed to get done in the evenings.”

“There is no guarantee is there?  You go to university. It doesn’t mean you’re gonna have a job, let alone a job in your study.”

“I made snoots, I made grids out of black straws, I made a ring flash.. I just hacked my way through things just to make pictures.”

“So I had to learn to retouch through trial and error”

“But soon realized nothing happens for you just because your good at University.”

“From collecting dry-cleaning, to their archival system to what lunch they prefer to eat. For two years I was paid a horrible wage but was gifted an opportunity.” 

“My fiancé at the time was working weekends in retail so I decided I was going to do a test on Saturday and a test on Sunday. I did that every weekend for 6 months”

“And I didn’t get it which was a massive kick in the bits but these things come and go.”

“My mantra is, there’s more than enough work to go around.” 30:32

“I wanna keep meeting whacky people that can do things that I can’t. That can help me interpret my own work in different ways and that I can help them interpret their own work in different ways.”

“Life is too short no to enjoy what you are doing ”

Aug 25 2017