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Entertainment, education & consumer empowerment; everyday drinking for everyday people. Wine with lunch? Yes please! Wine-Two-Five is an entertaining wine podcast series featuring wine educators who like to drink their homework & have fun teaching. Val and Steph believe in wine with lunch and not punching a clock when pulling a cork. In other words, drinking every day - any time of the day - is acceptable. And classy.

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Episode 83: Back from Italy, a Brunello Brief & a Bottle of Whiskey

Steph & Val are back behind the mic and in the same time zone, so you've been warned. We have cocktails, a little Brunello banter, talk history and what makes this wine one of Italy's finest, while Steph shares some of things she learned in Montalcino. Val breaks out her new Irish whiskey … and shares … and shares. Other things we chatter about this week include Wine Enthusiast’s new podcast, grappa, sushi chef shout out, movie wine trivia, tasting room tales, and a new giveaway! We’re having a great time and hope you’ll pour a glass, click, listen, learn, laugh & sing along … wait ... not the singing. Please. Not the singing.


10 Nov 2016

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Episode 41: Grape Rap: Sangiovese, the King of the Tuscan Grapes

We’re sipping, chatting and exploring Sangiovese this week. The versatility, the styles, the characteristics are all on the table (or in the glass) along with savvy input from last week’s guest, a true Tuscan. Massimo helps us elaborate on the many facets of Sangiovese and its wines. But wait, there’s more! The #W25Challenge is heating up, we have shoutouts to some awesome somms, and we talk about wine in a tube. Join us for some wine edu-tainment and some tips for expanding your palate!


21 Jan 2016

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Episode 82: Wine Enthusiast Executive Editor, Susan Kostrzewa

While Steph works her way back to the states, we're taking a week off to square away busy winter schedules. Few people, however, have a busier schedule than our guest who took time out of her day to chat with the Wine Two Five ladies a few weeks back. Chardonnay for breakfast? Yes please, and Susan tells us why it's a great choice. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the smart, funny and talented Susan Kostrzewa, Executive Editor, Wine Enthusiast magazine! Susan Kostrzewa, Wine Enthusiast Exec Editor, Wine Podcast


3 Nov 2016

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Episode 153: A Port Primer

In preparation for a special guest that will joining us from Portugal in the next episode, we thought it would be appropriate to polish up our Port knowledge. This week we are popping off with a Port primer to get the party started. We cover styles, service, and try to get a jump on those burning fortified wine questions. Port, Fortified Wine, Portugal, Wine Education, International Women's Day


15 Mar 2018

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Episode 72: The Wine Times They Are A-Changin': A Chat With Eric Asimov

Chief Wine Critic for the New York Times Eric Asimov joins the Wine Two Five ladies this week. He is the author of “How to Love Wine: A Memoir and Manifesto,” and talks to us about just that – his love for wine, what’s changed over the last 15 years, and finding great wines to enjoy. He shares his philosophy on wine service, or as Val says, preaches the gospel on why you should show your good somms some love. Steph’s hangin’ in the Springs for this one, and both gals are behind the same mic for a change. Uh oh. Click, sip, giggle, learn, and enjoy! Eric Asimov, New York Times, Wine, Restaurant Wine Service, Wine Writing


25 Aug 2016

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Episode 193: Grape Gab - Cabernet Franc

Getting frank about cab franc, a grape gab, a pod quiz, and way too much fun! More at winetwofive.com


20 Dec 2018

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Episode 96: Wine Trippin’ on Aeration

Why, when, and how do you subject your wine to an oxygen trip? It’s a question that gets asked often, and the answer can be somewhat controversial in many wine circles. We go there, while we allow our Factoid and Wino Radar segments go – well - everywhere. Pour a glass, give it a swirl and come along for a little wine road trip to chat, “breathing, aerating and decanting – oh why?” Wine Aerating, Decanting, Spanish Wine, Podcast


9 Feb 2017

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Episode 94: Wine Lists and Fun Wine Finds

What makes a great wine list? There is no single great answer to this. However, navigating your way through restaurant selections shouldn’t be rocket science. In this episode we talk about the why and how of things you may encounter in a restaurant. Steph is gifted an Iconic Wine. Val is roaming around Rome. (Recorded Dec 2016) Wine Lists, Iconic Wines, Travel, Tautavel, Sonoma, Colorado, Wine Podcast


26 Jan 2017

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Episode 145: The Spanish Wine Guy, Rick Fisher

Rick Fisher is the program director of the Wine Scholar Guild's Spanish Wine Scholar program (launching Fall 2018) and lover of all things Spain. His Catalan roots have certainly had an influence, but his passion for Spanish wine, food & culture is infectious. And what do Boise, Idaho & little plastic bulls have do with any of this? Pure, unadulterated wine edu-tainment for the books. [Recorded November 2017]   Wine Education, Spanish Wine, Spanish Wine Scholar, Wine Podcasts, Rick Fisher, Wine Scholar Guild


18 Jan 2018

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Episode 143: New Year, New York Wines

This is an introductory exploration into the wines of New York, an overview of a couple of the regions, and their representative wine styles. There are some tasting segments, but also some factoids and recommendations, as well as a lot of fun. [sponsored content]


4 Jan 2018

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Episode 57: Two to Tango - Argentina Primer

We are taking a side trip south of the equator to learn a little bit about Argentina. One of the gals admits to owning “tango shoes” while the other has a new guilty podcast pleasure. We’re also pretty high - not that kind of high (insert Colorado jokes here) - on vineyard altitude and other factoids this week. This is an easy sipper and a jumping off point for next week’s special Argentinean wine exploration - and seduction - edition.


12 May 2016

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Episode 88: Beaujolais Reindeer Games

There’s more to Beauj than Nouveau, you know. And Beaujolais is more than just the gamay. This week we rap the villages and the crus, and jam this episode with factoids you can use. From Irish moonshine to drinking podcast fun, there’s something here for everyone (over 21, of course). This is our last full episode of the year, so let’s raise ‘em up for some wine geek cheer! Beaujolais, Irish Moonshine, Drinking Podcasts, Wine


15 Dec 2016

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Episode 146: Top 10 Wine Two Five Podcast Re-wined

Sometimes we have to look back to go forward. In this episode we find out what it is listeners are downloading the most. We thank those of you who “nominated” your favorites. There were certainly some surprises (or “SLURPrises”), so we hope this is a fun guide to content most enjoyed over the past three seasons of Wine Two Five.   Top 10 most listened to podcast episodes for Wine Two Five; Wine Education; Wine Edutainment


25 Jan 2018

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Episode 93: Grand Master Wine Geek, Yo

You may have those wine geek friends. You may be that wine geek friend. We may be those wine geeks who may have had a little too much fun with this episode. Either way, we’ve all experienced uncomfortable slurping and spitting situations. Steph and Val dive to the bottom of the spit bucket to banter about keeping our inner – and outer - wine geek in check. Steph has a great factoid about Meade. Val tries to rap. We’re gettin’ silly with it. (Recorded Dec 2016) Wine Geek, Wine Snob, Wine Podcast, Prerecorded


19 Jan 2017

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Episode 45: Grape Gab: Viognier, the Grape of The Day. Yo.

The wine, the where, the legend, and factoids galore are all part of our fun exploration of the Viognier grape which sometimes, let’s be honest, just doesn’t get enough love. We talk about where it came from, where it grows now, and what you can find in the glass! We have #W25Challenge updates, new reviews, upcoming events, and lots of love to shout out. Thank you for joining us and sipping along!


18 Feb 2016

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Episode 64: Speaking Spanish Wine When You Don’t Speak Spanish

Part two of our Spanish Wine Summer series offers up some vocabulary and a tiny tease of history. We’re full of all kinds of nuggets and factoids in this episode. Cava gets some love, and we pick the winner of the second quarter #W25Challenge! Grab a glass of rosado and sip along! Spanish Wine, bottle vocab, wine podcast, wine podcasts, wine education


30 Jun 2016

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Episode 44: Master of Wine Tim Hanni Explains Why You Like The Wines You Like

What does an Altoid mint, a glass of Scotch, and a Brazilian wax have in common? It’s 50 shades of wine science this week. Tim Hanni, MW, author of Why You Like The Wines You Like: Changing the way the world thinks about wine, breaks down the physiological and other reasons why some wines taste – and feel – good to some people and not others. He’s a champion for sweet wine lovers, and Tim calls B.S. on some common ideas that may just take your enjoyment of wine up a notch. This is a refreshing, feel good episode, for sure.


11 Feb 2016

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Episode 52: Enter the Zin

Fifty two weeks, a family affair, and one of us is drinking a ‘who’s yer daddy’ wine. We announce our #W25Challenge winner for this quarter and are so excited to have the listener co-host the show with us later this month! Oh … then there are the tribbles. Tribbles? Yes. Tribbles. We obviously need change for the pop culture clue bus here, but we’re on the Zinfandel train this week and either way it’s a fun ride. We hope you enjoy this episode!


7 Apr 2016

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Episode 127: Planet Cheese With Janet Fletcher

Author and Cheese Expert, Janet Fletcher, joins the ladies for a most delightful and drool-worthy afternoon of cheese chatter. We’ve decided Janet is a true cheese goddess, and we think you’ll find her just as enchanting as she enlightens us on so many aspects of wine’s favorite sidekick. Grab your favorite beverage, and perhaps a wedge of something new, and explore the wonderful world of cheese along with us! Author, Cheese Aficionado, Janet Fletcher, World Cheese Tour, Planet Cheese, Wine, Vodka, Whiskey


14 Sep 2017

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Episode 148: Talking Tannat - A Grape Gab

We're talking Tannat in this month's Grape Gab. Tannat is a red grape that has its roots in Southwestern France. Recently it has reinvented itself in South America. So where else does it grow, what else is it called, and what does it mean to a glass of wine? Click play and sip away! Show notes at winetwofive.com.


8 Feb 2018

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