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National Geographic Weekend, hosted by Boyd Matson, is a weekly talk show featuring interviews with some of the most fascinating explorers and scientists on the planet.

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Life in a Himalayan Buddhist Monastery, Life Above 8,000 Meters at 50, and Building a Mammoth using DNA and an Asian Elephant

This week, we bring our family to a Buddhist monastery in India in search for enlightenment, then we reflect on the limitations of life at 50 above 8,000 meters, build a mammoth with the help of DNA and an Asian elephant and learn back country skiing safety tips.

22 Dec 2014

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Run Into a Moose With a Team of Dogs, Eat Moths With Bears, Visit China's Secret Tiger Farms, and Learn Sunrise Color Science

This week, we have a close encounter with a moose with a team of dogs; eat moths with bears and salmon brains with wolves; visit China's secret tiger farms; learn the science behind the sunrise; examine the promise of "clean coal".

9 Mar 2015

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Climb North America's Tallest Mountain Alone in January, Photo Lessons From Nat Geo's Finest, The World's Largest Gathering of Snakes, Carnevale in Italy

This week, we summit North America's tallest mountain alone in January; take photo lessons from one of National Geographic's top photographers; find the world's largest gathering of snakes in an unexpected place; know when to turn around on South Asia's tallest mountain; and celebrate "Carnevale" like an Italian.

18 Feb 2015

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Ice Climbing Up Niagara Falls, Scuba Diving With Orcas, Exploring Mexico's "Snot Caves", Diagnosing the Invisible Impacts of War,

This week, we dodge humpbacks and killer whales in a feeding frenzy, climb up a frozen Niagara Falls, explore Mexico's poisonous "snot caves", diagnose the invisible injuries of American war veterans, and visit Iraq and Syria's frigid refugee camps.

9 Feb 2015

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Climb Up & Ski Down Alaskan Peaks, Find the Bacteria of NYC's Subway, Photograph the Egyptian Revolution, Glowing Sharks, Banana Recipes

This week, we find out what is the tallest mountain in Alaska's Brooks Range; swab New York City's subway system to see what bacteria we find; photograph Egypt's revolution and try not to get hurt; discover glow in the dark sharks; and learn about the new fungus that's eating our bananas.

1 Mar 2015

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Jane Goodall Reflects on Conservation and Her Legacy, Garrett Oliver Talks Beer, And Others Talk Ebola, Tigers & the Sounds of Ice Melting

Before we jump into 2015, we wanted to celebrate the year that was 2014 by revisiting some of our favorite moments including Boyd's sit-down with Jane Goodall on her 80th birthday, a lesson on beer do's and beer don'ts, we meet the scientist who "discovered" Ebola, and why this tiger conservationist sometimes advocates killing the cats.

6 Jan 2015

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Sea World's Sad Orcas, World Champ Lumberjack, Save Man-Eating Crocs, and Meet a Seal that Served in the Navy

Join us for a best-of some of our previous segments: searching for man-eating crocs in Africa, meet Sea World's sad orcas, learn to throw an axe with a world champ lumberjack, meet a seal that served in the Navy, and a how-to guide to building your own canoe from scratch.

29 Dec 2014

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Hang From a Hot Air Balloon to Get the Shot, Walk From Russia to Australia, Learn the Chimps' Lingo, Get the Real Story Behind HIV, and Visit Morocco's Bazaars

This week, we see the world through the eyes of one of Nat Geo's top photographers and hang from a balloon to get the shot; learn that 3 mph is the perfect speed for humans and find the love of foot power; translate chimpanzee's language and learn what they're really talking about (it's food); and learn the real history of the HIV pandemic.

23 Feb 2015

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Ride a Horse from Canada to Brazil, Pick the Perfect Holiday Wine, Come Back From the Dead, Protect Gorillas, & Cycle Throught the Winter

This week on Nat Geo Weekend Radio, we take the adventure of a lifetime, riding a trio of horses from Canada to Brazil; we learn to pick the perfect wine for all occasions; peer behind the divide that separates the living from the dead, scientifically; protect the last 800 mountain gorillas with our lives; and learn the secret to comfortable bike riding year-round.

24 Nov 2014

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Kayaking Off 50 Foot Waterfalls, Photo Tips on Shooting Tiny Insects, Fight Pet Personality Disorders, A Monkey-Wolf Partnership, and The Best of Botswana

This week, we learn whether or not you have to hold your breath while going off a 50-foot waterfall in a kayak, then we talk with a photographer who insists on not visiting exotic locations (and still gets published in Nat Geo Magazine), we learn how to recognize whether your pet is happy or could benefit from some Prozac, and we meet a herd of monkeys who act like horses and have befriended wolves.

19 Jan 2015

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