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The Overlords is a 40k based podcast that talks about life in the hobby.

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Episode 30 - TCP, man crush and last in the series of the Imperium of Man

This week we are joined by the usual gang and Jeff and Dagmire. Our first segment recounts our 40k week where Jon and Dagmire describe a guard on guard battle they had amongst other things. In segment two we have news and Jeff spills the beans about TCP. Finally this week Dean's Dimension series the Imperium of man comes to a close with part 5, "Poster Boys". As always, we hope you enjoy.

2hr 22mins

11 Jan 2011

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Episode 28 - Sarcastic Eyebrows and Dean's Dimension

This week with a break between Xmas and New Year Inquisitor Steve is joined by Ciaran, Mark, Dagmire and Pat and we Talk about our Xmas presents and New Year aims Pat goes through Room 40001 Dean's Dimension returns with the two best Codices that don't exist ..... yet

1hr 52mins

28 Dec 2010

Rank #2

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Episode 29 - Overlords Welcome you to 2011

This week Steve, Jon, Shagga, Ciaran and Mark discuss what they've been upto, Steve gets a crack at Room 40001, look at the Force Org and why it needs a change and another cool Dean's Dimension segment.

3hr 34mins

4 Jan 2011

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Episode 34 - Grey Knights and Chaos

Episode 34   00:00:00 Welcome to Episode 34 with the 40K Saga Winning entry. name of winner   00:04:00 Gaming News: GW: 40K Doubles Tournament 19th & 20th Feb & "I Want a Store" offer. Black Library: Prospero Burns listed in New York Times review &  Horus Rising Anniversary Edition with introduction from Dan Abnett. Forge World: Release of Eldar vehicle Warp Hunter. KR: New Storm Raven tray at www.krmulticase.co.uk 00:26:30 Overlords News and Catch-up with the Hosts.   00:59:10 Defend the Indefensible: "Cheating Dreadnought" from Blood Angel Codex & "3 Long Fang Pack" Space Wolves Codex   01:07:35 Our "Castle Frankenstein" all day event. See shots of the day at our website www.theoverlords.co.uk   01:23:20 The Grey Knights Rumors.  And our opinions on it.   02:12:20 Dean's Dimension: Chaos Series part 1

3hr 30mins

8 Feb 2011

Rank #4

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Episode 31 - Room 40001: A Big Dagmire and the Inquisition

This Week Jon, Steve, Ciaran and Mark are joined by the legend Big Jim. We talk about: What we've been upto Room 40001 Some Killzone chat Dean's Dimension

2hr 41mins

19 Jan 2011

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Episode 33 - February = Room 40001 from the Forum

This Week we have Jon, Steve, Ciaran, Paul, Mark and Glen on New What we've been up to Room 40001 from the forum with our mod Glenoxo Dean's Dimension - Eldar Reprise

2hr 51mins

1 Feb 2011

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The Overlords Episode 32

This week Inquisitor Steve and Commissar Random are joined by Ciaran, Cowboy Kenny, Dagmire and Shagga. This week's agenda is : Commissar Randon's Uplifting Primer - Counts As The Meat Locker - Throne of Skulls Room 40001 with Cowboy Kenny from the Heroic 28s


25 Jan 2011

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Episode 91 - Steve, Steve and some more Steve

Steve, Jon, David, Jason and Sam get down to it going over the news we have then move on to our pet project to spice things up if you are getting bored with the 3x3 missions from 5th. Next Steve brain farts his background to get various Imperial bodies working together on the table top, and some Xenos models too! Finally check out Dagmire interviewing Sarah Cawkwell at Black Library Live 2011! 00:00:00 Welcome 00:03:07 News 00:28:20 What we've been unto 01:03:19 Inquisitor Steve's Round Table: The Overlords Alternative Mission Generator http://www.theoverlords.co.uk/archive/ 01:33:43 Top Chat: Inquisitor Steve's Crusading Force 01:53:50 Dagmire interviews the lovely Sarah Cawkwell 02:08:47 Thank you very much for listening to our show!

2hr 7mins

13 Mar 2012

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Episode 88 - We are more in the delightful Carry On area

This week Jon, Ciaran, Dagmire, Paul and Jason are figuring out how to power down your Codex in the 2nd part of Commissar Random's Uplifting Primer. The guys review Manufactured Conflict's all-day event last week and and Steve interview's Jon Pryts about NOVA Open 2012. Enjoy! 00:00:00 Welcome!  00:03:33 Gaming News.  00:15:01 Overlord News. 00:48:56 Commissar Random's Uplifting Primer- How I'd Down Power my Codex.   01:19:02 Manufactured Conflict's 1st all-day event. 01:28:34 Interview with Jon Pryts about the Nova 2012. 02:00:39 Thanks for tuning in!


21 Feb 2012

Rank #9

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Episode 89 - Internet sensation Ciaran, takes control

This week Steve, Ciaran, Dagmire, Jason and Sarah are reviewing System Troopers from Pig Iron. Dagmire tries to Bid Up his IC, and the guys discuss the Imperial Guard's close combat option's in the Meatlocker. Enjoy! 00:00:00 Welcome!  00:03:54 Gaming News.  http://www.theindependentcharacters.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=3110 www.bpr6.podomatic.com  MUGU Games, 4610 Evergreen Way #6 Everett, WA 98203 (425) 322-4826 00:25:16 Overlord News. 00:57:06 Pig Iron System Troopers Review. www.pig-iron-productions.com, watch Steve's review at http://youtu.be/NCQN5jlT2_o 01:07:08 Bid Up IC with Dagmire. 01:23:20 Meatlocker - IG close combat options. 02:00:39 Thanks for tuning in!

2hr 10mins

28 Feb 2012

Rank #10

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Episode 90 - Black Library Live!

This week Jon, Ciaran, Dagmire, Paul and Jason are reviewing Dagmire and Ciaran's trip to Black Library Live. In the Meatlocker the guys discuss the Space Marine Assault option's and we end with Jason's new segment Search and Destroy. Enjoy! 00:00:00 Welcome!  00:03:18 Gaming News. http://screamingheretic.com/2012/03/the-master-class/. 00:14:44 Overlord News. For MUGU Games info tel no 4253224826. For Facebook comp goto http://www.facebook.com/groups/overlordsUK/. 00:42:29 Black Library live review. 01:14:42 Meatlocker - Space Marine Assault option. 01:46:25 Search and Destroy with Brian Gilmore. 02:17:37 Thanks for tuning in!

2hr 17mins

6 Mar 2012

Rank #11

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The OL 2.0 - Episode 23 - Engage the Wangarator

This show we talk about our first thoughts on 8th and discuss the amazing new product: the WoundWang. You can find it here:   http://woundwang.strikingly.com

1hr 22mins

18 Jun 2017

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OL 2.0 - Episode 22 - Red Stripes they go faster

This week we talk about getting your army painted and on the table in the shortest time possible or what we like to refer to as “speed painting”.


4 Jun 2017

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OL2.0 - Episode 20 - The Father The Pun and The Holy Spirit

Shag, marry, kill? This is part 1 of our walk through the Horus Heresy novels to get to the bottom of which novels are key to the story, which are such a great read you just must and those you can safely skip by. Disagree with us? Simple, email Jon.

1hr 5mins

21 May 2017

Rank #14

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OL2.0 - Episode10 - Turn and Flick

This week we return to the Genestealer Cult to catch up with Ciaran and the progress he has made with his new army.  

1hr 12mins

12 Mar 2017

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OL2.0 - Episode 1 - 101 Damnations - Imperial Agents Review

This week we discuss Codex Imperial Agents

1hr 7mins

8 Jan 2017

Rank #16

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Episode 200 - Word Bearer Under lights Or Inquisitor Random was not fixed in Post

00:00:00 - 00:11:40 - Welcomes everybodies enjoy your Mulled Vodka and Margarine 00:11:48 - 01:05:17 - GWs 2016 01:05:17 - 02:19:26 - Our hobby year and what’s next   Thank you for sticking with us for 200 shows and here is to 2017.  

2hr 19mins

24 Dec 2016

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Episode 193 - Man of the Weak

00:00:00 - 00:18:40 Hello, news and hobby! 00:19:29 - 00:45:38 London GT interview with Zach 00:45:38 - 01:11:45 Las Vegas Open Interview with Reece 01:11:45 - 02:11:34 Playing 30k against 40k 02:11:34 - 02:51:14 Gorechosen   As ever, thanks for listening.

2hr 51mins

19 Nov 2016

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Episode 187: Grow your own Tigie

00:00:00 - 00:04:42 Intros and Face Book Pick of the week 00:04:43 - 00:34:53   Ways to play 40k - getting back on the horse 00:34:53 - 00:39:02 - Club news 00:39:03 - 00:43:19 - NOVA Open Announcement 00:43:20 - 01:05:47 - Birthday bash demo game chat 01:05:48 - 02:07:12 - Red Dragon Part 1

2hr 7mins

12 Jul 2016

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Episode 186: Doing it like Louie Spence

Our first episode with our new crew, hope you enjoy listening as much as we enjoyed recording it. 00:00:00 – 00:08:45 – Intros and Facebook Pick of the week 00:08:45 – 00:38:52 – What if: The Emperor is a Chaos god 00:38:52 – 00:46:49 - Keith and Steve @ Club in the Garden 00:46:49 – 01:08:54 - 30k to 40k Making the most of your models: Astartes 01:08:54 – 01:52:23 - What to do for World War Two 01:52:23 – 01:53:37 – Thank you for listening and good night

1hr 53mins

27 Jun 2016

Rank #20