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Vinyl Me, Please co-founder Tyler is out to find the best stories, albums, and artists in music and tell you all about them here. He enlists artists, music nerds, and other people in the know along the way to make sure you leave every episode with a healthy dose of brain food, new music to listen to, and a few things to laugh about as you plummet into the void with the rest of us.

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Tyler the Creator's "Flower Boy"

I hopped a plane to L.A. to hang out with Jeff Weiss and Paul Thompson, two of the best and brightest when it comes to rap, to talk Tyler the Creator's new album Flower Boy. We talked his history and the rise of Odd Future, Tyler's evolution as a musician, and why Flower Boy is not only our favorite album from him but also one of the best of year. 


4 Aug 2017

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Interview with Panda Bear (Noah Lennox)

We had the pleasure of sitting down with Noah Lennox, the mastermind behind this month’s featured record Person Pitch, to talk about quite a bit more than just the making of the album, though we got to that too. As far as interviews go, I think it ranks at or near the very top of any we’ve ever done. Noah has an incredible depth to him, and his creative process ended up mirroring a great deal of his inner workings as well. He came across as someone who is always constructing and then deconstructing. Someone who is always pushing further into the forest not in search of answers so much as a quiet place for meditation and reflection. Noah is an incredible talent and this may very well be his best work to date, though that’s the cause of some debate. He’s also a prototype of a new kind of songwriter. One who assembles and curates and synthesizes his spectrum of influences into a literal collage that serves as the backdrop for his own art. And this album found him at a number of foundational crossroads which we all face, sometimes several times, during the course of making those specific choices that shape what our life will eventually be. This is a portrait of an artist as a young man, for sure, but one who is transforming before our ears into something much more than he was when he first set out from New York with his Roland 303 and a one way ticket to Lisbon. This is the sound of a genius in flux, and he did an incredible job in our interview of pulling back the curtain on who that version of himself was. As always, here’s the quick reminder that you can sign up to get your special edition of Person Pitch if you aren’t already slotted to get one and I hope that you do. Not because I’m selling you on something but because I think it’s important you give this album the time it deserves. Noah is a rare gift and we’re lucky to be living during the time he’s making music. I hope you enjoy this interview as much as I did.


20 Dec 2016

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Beck, Mogwai, and Muse with Special Guest Josh Gaines

This week, Andrew is on a roadtrip through the South so Tyler's friend Josh Gaines fills in as guest host. Josh is a filmmaker and fiction author from Denver and he stops by to talk fiction writing, his new short film, and some of the records he keeps closest. We get into Beck's penchant for inducing meditation, why Muse was sort of heady sort of not, and what it's like living in a (possibly?) post-post-Rock world and still loving Mogwai.

1hr 49mins

13 Jan 2017

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Interview with Angel Olsen

This week we had a very special guest on the show. Angel Olsen stopped by to talk about her upcoming album My Woman (which drops on Sept. 2nd) and in the process, we ended up talking quite a bit about traveling, how cities are a lot like people, and what it's like to navigate life in the midst of the web of modern and historical narratives that shape it even more than we may think. Suffice to say, I learned a lot from her about all of those topics as well as what went into her new record and I think you will too.

1hr 2mins

22 Aug 2016

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Interview with Sharon Van Etten on "Because I Was In Love"

Sharon Van Etten has become a force to be reckoned with within the world of Indie music over the last 8 years, and it all began in 2009 with the release of her debut album Because I Was In Love. Sharon stopped by the show recently to discuss the album and the impact it's had on her career since its release.  She opened up quite a bit about what her life was like around the making of the record and the different twists and turns of recording it. We also got into what her life has been like both personally and as an artist since then, what it's like creating albums that are so honest and personal, and what her hopes are for her future projects as she sets out to create her next record.


9 Nov 2017

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Rae Sremmurd

This week we talk Rae Sremmurd's new album, HBO's new show The Night Of, and why Rae Sremmurd are way more contextually important than you may think.


18 Aug 2016

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Bon Iver, Danny Brown, and Big Smoke

This week we tackle the Big Smoke project that Andrew and Yours Truly just finished, Danny Brown's new record "Atrocity Exhibition", and Bon Iver's new album "22, A Million", as well as the incredible new FX show Atlanta.

1hr 1min

6 Oct 2016

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On Rotation feat. Childish Gambino, The xx, and Bernice

Tyler and Alex take you through VMP's killer weekly On Rotation playlist and talk through why they love each track and artist featured there that week. This week, highlights include new music from Childish Gambino, The xx, Bernice, and an appearance from a semi-terrible cold.


18 Nov 2016

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Interview with Cloud Nothings (Dylan Baldi)

Today I got the chance to sit down with Dylan from Cloud Nothings to talk about him, his life, his creative process, and their new album. I've been excited to talk with him for awhile now and he ended up being one of the best interviews I've ever done. This is a great companion piece to bring along as you jump into their new album this weekend and I think you'll benefit as much as I did from listening to his perspective not only on music and what it means to be an artist but also on life.


27 Jan 2017

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Wilco Shmilco

This episode we talk Wilco's latest record "Shmilco", we gush somewhat briefly about both of Frank Ocean's new albums, and I lose my mind when I find out that Andrew has read each of the Game of Thrones books multiple times.


8 Sep 2016

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Red Hot Chili Peppers Are Still Brazy After All These Years

Tyler is still out getting married, so Andrew is joined this week by writer and editor Ben Munson who joins the podcast to talk about YG's great new album, Still Brazy, and a not so great Red Hot Chili Peppers album both of them struggle to remember the title of.


23 Jun 2016

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Big Thief and Fleet Foxes

This week Tom Breihan from Stereogum is here to talk through Big Thief's crushing new album Capacity and the new metaphysically tongue in cheek maze Crack Up from Fleet Foxes. We try to lift the overwhelming weight of Big Thief's new album to see what's underneath, we explore where the hell Robin Pecknold has been for the last 6 years, and we get into the purposefully opaque and wonderfully dense inner workings of his and the band's latest effort. Get ready for some gut punching stuff and a few big laughs along the way, and make sure you put both of these albums on your rotation. 


23 Jun 2017

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The Weeknd and Childish Gambino

This week, Tyler and Andrew break down new albums from The Weeknd and Childish Gambino and get into why the right thing at the wrong time is still the wrong thing and why "Awake, My Love!" is more like a Charles Bradley album than it is a sonic adventure.

1hr 5mins

8 Dec 2016

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Interview with Strand of Oaks

This week, Tyler turns the whole hour over to Tim from Strand of Oaks and it was the best decision he's made in quite some time. Tim is an incredible human being and musician and after an hour long conversation with him, you leave feeling like a weight has been lifted off of you. I don't know many people who are as insightful and honest and funny as he is all while consistently dropping top shelf rock records and listening to this may very well be the best thing you'll do for your own well being all week. Seriously. We get into all things surrounding his new record "Hard Love" and catch up on what life has been like for him since he released "HEAL" back in 2014. As you can imagine, we end up in a lot of other corners of his mind along the way. Enjoy :)


17 Feb 2017

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Aphex Twin, Arca, and Clams Casino with Geoff Rickly

This week Andrew is on vacation so I had a very special guest (Geoff Rickly) stop by to talk about IDM and new music from Aphex Twin, Arca, and Clams Casino. It turned into quite the conversation and I think you're going to love it even if you have no idea what the hell IDM is.


15 Jul 2016

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ROTM Roundtable: "How To Be A Human Being" by Glass Animals

Cameron and I sit down to chat about our September featured album "How To Be A Human Being". We dig into why we picked the album, why we think Glass Animals is such an interesting band, and why it's ok to like music from popular bands.


25 Aug 2016

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Jim James, Kacey Musgraves, and ASAP Mob

This week Andrew and Tyler talk about new records from Jim James, Kacey Musgraves, and ASAP Mob. They also dive into what role protest albums actually play, why you should care about the Black Friday Record Store Day, and why it's probably ok that Christmas is coming soon to a store near you.


4 Nov 2016

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The Selector Series with Egon from Now Again Records

We've recently launched a new series in our online store where each month, we ask someone with unbelievably good taste to pick 4 records they love that you have to hear. This month's edition features Egon of Now Again/Madlib/Stones Throw fame, and I learned a TON from him. I think you will too, and I'm excited for you to listen!


14 Nov 2016

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Four Tet's New Energy

This week Katie Bain and I jump into Four Tet and his meditative new album New Energy. We get into Four Tet's backstory, why his work has stuck with both of us so closely over 9 releases, and what makes his new work so special. We also get way deep into what makes IDM music so important, why Four Tet is one of the most important electronic musicians of his generation, and why the club dance floor is the perfect space for a particular type of meditation and enlightenment. 


18 Oct 2017

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Vince Staples' Big Fish Theory

Eric Sundermann, Editor-In-Chief at Noisey and James Murphy doppelganger, and Jeff Weiss, Editor at Passion of the Weiss and Founder of POW Records, both dropped by today to talk all things related to Long Beach's current all-star Vince Staples. We talk Vince's background and journey to his current level of fame, his schtick for not bullshitting anyone about anything, and what the future holds for one of the best and most blunt young rappers on the planet. 


29 Jun 2017

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