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Jeff Selingo and Michael Horn discuss what’s next for higher ed and talk with the newsmakers you want to hear from most.

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The Survival of Small Private Colleges

Simmons University President Helen Drinan talked to Michael and Jeff about where small private colleges fit in the higher ed landscape and explained how her university bucked the trend of small schools that have failed. https://archive.org/download/DrinanFullEp/Drinan%20full%20ep.mp3


5 Feb 2019

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What’s Ahead for Higher Ed in 2020?

Michael and Jeff take a look back at last year’s biggest higher ed stories and share and react to listeners’ predictions for 2020. https://archive.org/download/episode45newyear2020/Episode%2045%20-%20New%20Year%202020.mp3 Questions? Comments? Connect with us on Twitter or Facebook, or email FutureUpodcast at gmail dot com.


7 Jan 2020

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Community College Innovation

Marcia Ballinger, the president of Lorain County (Ohio) Community College, talks to Jeff and Michael about some of the approaches she’s implemented that have resulted in boosting student success, including guided pathways and CUNY ASAP. https://archive.org/download/episode44marciaballinger/Episode%2044%20-%20Marcia%20Ballinger.mp3 Questions? Comments? Connect with us on Twitter or Facebook, or email FutureUpodcast at gmail dot com.


19 Nov 2019

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Demographic Destiny?

Carleton College economics professor Nathan Grawe, author of “Demographics and the Demand for Higher Education,” talks to Jeff and Michael about how higher ed leaders are dealing with the constantly changing demographics of college applicants. https://archive.org/download/Episode2_201803/Episode%202.mp3


6 Mar 2018

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The Real Story of Student Success

Joe May, the chancellor of the Dallas County (Texas) Community College District, joins Jeff and Michael to talk about how his institutions discovered the barriers to student success, what they’re doing to help students overcome them, and the importance of upskilling local residents who feel left behind in the new economy. https://archive.org/download/episode43joemay/Episode%2043%20-%20Joe%20May.mp3 Questions? Comments? Connect with us on Twitter or Facebook, or email FutureUpodcast at gmail dot com.


5 Nov 2019

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What Do People Think About Their College Experiences?

Gallup’s Brandon Busteed chats with Jeff and Michael about what Americans think about their colleges and about how relevant their higher ed experiences are to them now. https://archive.org/download/Episode18_20180617/Episode%2018.mp3


19 Jun 2018

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Choosing College

Jeff puts Michael on the hot seat along with his coauthor of Choosing College, Bob Moesta, for this episode as he grills them about their new book (click to purchase Choosing College). They explore why students choose the school they do and what that means for designing better educational experiences, whether more data would help students make better choices, and how choosing a college is kind of like buying a mattress. https://archive.org/download/episode40hornmoesta/Episode%2040%20-%20Horn%20Moesta.mp3 Questions? Comments? Connect with us on Twitter or Facebook, or email FutureUpodcast at gmail dot com.


24 Sep 2019

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Higher Ed Trends

Goldie Blumenstyk, senior writer at The Chronicle of Higher Education, chats with Jeff and Michael about the market for adult students and why they are so poorly served. https://archive.org/download/Episode3_201803/Episode%203.mp3


8 Mar 2018

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Is Innovation Cultural or Strategic?

Arizona State University President Michael Crow discusses the waves of innovation throughout the history of higher ed and how it impacts what’s next on campuses. Plus, he talks about what he’s reading right now. https://archive.org/download/Episode10_201804/Episode%2010.mp3


24 Apr 2018

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Game of Loans

Michael and Jeff sat down with Beth Akers, a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute and the co-author of “Game of Loans: The Rhetoric and Reality of Student Debt.” Among the student debt issues she discusses, she explains why she thinks student loan forgiveness is a “pie in the sky idea.” https://archive.org/download/episode42bethakers/Episode%2042%20-%20Beth%20Akers.mp3 Questions? Comments? Connect with us on Twitter or Facebook, or email FutureUpodcast at gmail dot com.


22 Oct 2019

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High-quality Education Doesn’t Have to Mean Small and Selective

Michael and Jeff talk with Scott Pulsipher, president of Western Governors University, who discusses how high-quality education can be achieved at scale. https://archive.org/download/PulsipherFullEp/Pulsipher%20full%20ep.mp3


19 Feb 2019

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Credentials vs. Degrees: How Much Clout Does Each Have?

Katie Lynch-Holmes, Principal Strategic Consultant at Ellucian sat down with Michael and Jeff to unpack the results of a recent study Ellucian conducted that explored how much value college students and hiring managers place on degrees relative to credentials. https://archive.org/download/EllucianFullEp/Ellucian%20full%20ep.mp3


23 Apr 2019

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Shifting Universities’ Mindsets Toward Innovation

Randy Bass, the Vice Provost for Education at Georgetown University, tells Jeff and Michael how his school has introduced structural changes to introduce innovation at an elite institution and offer its students more flexibility. https://archive.org/download/Episode16_20180605/Episode%2016.mp3


5 Jun 2018

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The Future of Small Colleges

Pat McGuire, president of Trinity Washington University, talks to Jeff and Michael about what changes and innovations she’s implemented during her three decades in charge to keep Trinity competitive. https://archive.org/download/Episode17_201806/Episode%2017.mp3


12 Jun 2018

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A Governor Goes to College

Purdue University President Mitch Daniels talks to Jeff and Michael about the innovations he’s brought to Purdue since arriving there in 2013. The former Indiana governor also talked about what he’s learned on his journey from elected official to college administrator. https://archive.org/download/episode41mitchdaniels/Episode%2041%20-%20Mitch%20Daniels.mp3 Questions? Comments? Connect with us on Twitter or Facebook, or email FutureUpodcast at gmail dot com.


8 Oct 2019

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Gordon Gee

West Virginia University President Gordon Gee joins Jeff and Michael. He reveals what he thinks is the number one issue facing colleges and universities and also previews his upcoming book on land-grant universities. https://archive.org/download/Episode6_20180326/Episode6a.mp3


27 Mar 2018

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Can a 100-year-old Organization Shape the Next Generation of Higher Ed?

The president of American Council on Education Ted Mitchell joins Michael and Jeff to discuss his organization’s role in a future where colleges and universities may not have a monopoly on producing content but can lead on quality assurance. Mitchell, a former college president and undersecretary of education in the Obama administration, also talked about the differences in being an advocate for the government vs. higher ed and how to restore public trust in colleges and universities. https://archive.org/download/TedMitchellFullEp/Ted%20Mitchell%20full%20ep.mp3


5 Mar 2019

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Higher Ed Innovation

CUNY Professor Cathy Davidson chats with Jeff and Michael about her new book, “The New Education,” and discusses why she thinks innovation in higher education isn’t happening fast enough. https://archive.org/download/Episode7_201804/Episode%207.mp3


3 Apr 2018

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Oregon Gov. Kate Brown on the Future of Higher Ed and Lifelong Learning

Gov. Kate Brown, D-Ore., joins Michael and guest co-host Paul Freedman and discusses some of the major issues facing higher education including access and affordability, the future of online learning and the growth of apprenticeships. https://archive.org/download/GovBrownFullEp_201901/GovbrownFullEp.mp3


8 Jan 2019

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Are There Unicorns in EdTech?

Deborah Quazzo, the Founder and Managing Partner, GSV Acceleration Fund and the Co-Founder of the annual ASU+GSV Summit joined Jeff and Michael at this week’s summit in San Diego to talk about the evolution of private capital in higher ed and how the future of education blends work and learning. https://archive.org/download/Episode9_201804/Episode9.mp3


17 Apr 2018

Rank #20