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Stand Out Life is a podcast dedicated to living boldly in a busy world, with psychologist, Ali Hill. Throughout these podcasts we sit down with influential women - and a few good men - and chat about how they live a life of purpose while making progress. We dig into their stories, both the successes and the struggles and in doing so, we get some amazing insights into what it takes to live big and ultimately how they’ve found the wins in this crazy busy world.  Let’s dive deep into what it takes to live a Stand Out Life.

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Stand Out Life is a podcast dedicated to living boldly in a busy world, with psychologist, Ali Hill. Throughout these podcasts we sit down with influential women - and a few good men - and chat about how they live a life of purpose while making progress. We dig into their stories, both the successes and the struggles and in doing so, we get some amazing insights into what it takes to live big and ultimately how they’ve found the wins in this crazy busy world.  Let’s dive deep into what it takes to live a Stand Out Life.

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Stand Out Life

Latest release on Sep 30, 2020

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Stand Out Life is a podcast dedicated to living boldly in a busy world, with psychologist, Ali Hill. Throughout these podcasts we sit down with influential women - and a few good men - and chat about how they live a life of purpose while making progress. We dig into their stories, both the successes and the struggles and in doing so, we get some amazing insights into what it takes to live big and ultimately how they’ve found the wins in this crazy busy world.  Let’s dive deep into what it takes to live a Stand Out Life.

Rank #1: Ep82 Lynne Cazaly - Less Perfectionism, more ‘Ish'

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A master facilitator, a transformation driver, and an absolute Airline geek - Lynne Cazaly is on a mission to shake down .

Her latest book is titled ‘Ish: The Problem with our Pursuit for Perfection and the Life-Changing Practice of Good Enough’. And perfectionism is a problem - it has been known to cause over-thinking, over-working, burnout, sleeplessness, and mental health problems like depression and anxiety….and it’s on the rise.

We unpack the role that curiousity plays in order to help us change perspectives and Lynne puts a number of challenges out to all of us in this chat - like what would it be like it if was good enough? How can we experiment more? What if we put our work out quicker - got feedback - and iterated?

Letting go of perfectionism is not for the faint-hearted because it will require change, but the invitation to ‘Ish’ more is there and the truth is others may not even realise you are doing it.

If you are looking for more time, more enjoyment, and more freedom to let the pressures go then you’ll get a ton out of this conversation.

We explored, we unpacked, and we laughed with the remarkable Lynne Cazaly.

Connect with Lynne at:
Website: www.lynnecazaly.com.au
Instagram: www.instagram.com/lynnecazaly
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/lynnecazaly

Sep 11 2019

1hr 3mins


Rank #2: Ep71 Kirsten Stallard - Lessons from the trail

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Today’s conversation is one with a difference. When I asked today’s guest for her bio she came back to me and said everything I had identified with before has changed and really I’m just a person who’s done a hike.

And not just any hike. Kirsten Stallard spent 155 days walking the Pacific Crest Trail from Mexico border to the Canadian border covering 4270km of terrain including 42 days across the desert to the final days walking through snow and freezing conditions.

Why you might ask? Well I did. Kirsten had realised that her life needed to change and as an extrovert wanted learn how to be alone. She left her job, a 6 year relationship and found the PCT calling her.

This conversation is extraordinary as Kirsten shares the paradox of completing a pilgrimage like this. We talk about the little details like what you eat, to the lessons you learn along the way, including the challenge of asking and receiving help.

If you’ve ever had the yearning to put quiet to the noise, don a backpack, and step away from life then this conversation is an adventure worth hearing.

Join us in stepping into the lessons from the trail with Kirsten Stallard.


Instagram: www.instagram.com/kirstenstallard

Jan 06 2019

1hr 11mins


Rank #3: Ep57 Sarah Wilson - Do what you’re not doing

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Whether its back in the Editor of Cosmos days, as a host on the first series of MasterChef, the face behind the international I Quit Sugar movement, whose 8-week program has been completed by 1.5 million people, through the pages of any one of her international best-selling cookbooks, or in the poetic words of her book about anxiety titled, ‘First, We Make The Beast Beautiful’, which was a New York Times best-seller - it’s likely somewhere across her career you’ve come across Sarah Wilson. 

She’s a focused self-confessed perfectionist who oozes curiosity. And it’s this deep curiousity about life, people, and living in the shit that Sarah and I connected over. 

Sarah walks her talk encouraging others to live with less through messages about minimalism and anti-consumerism, in fact her latest book just realised ’Simplicious Flow’ is a call to zero waste cooking.  We explore a bunch of topics including her experience with anxiety.  Sarah shares that writing First we make the beast beautiful was the process in her accepting her anxiety and was a form of therapy. 

This is also one of the first times Sarah shares the decision behind closing her I Quit Sugar business which she did in February this year, 2018, with the proceeds to go into her philanthropic trust. In a world of hustle and growth Sarah’s reason to go down this path is fascinating. 

Lean in, ask the questions, and get ready to be curious about life as you listen to this conversation with the ever thoughtful Sarah Wilson. 

Connect with Sarah:

Website: www.sarahwilson.com

Instagram: www.instagram.com/_sarahwilson_

Facebook: www.facebook.com/sarah8wilson

Sep 25 2018

1hr 9mins


Rank #4: Ep 02 Emma Isaacs - Say yes to what scares you

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Global CEO of Business Chicks, Australia's largest women's networking group, Emma Isaacs is a trail-blazer.

With four kids aged seven and under, and leader of a globally expanding business, Emma has spent time with some of the world's greatest business visionaries, entrepreneurial minds and thought leaders including Sir Richard Branson, Seth Godin, Arianna Huffington, Dr Brene Brown, Sir Bob Geldof and Ita Buttrose.

In this episode Emma unpacks the secrets behind the Business Chicks success and her unique relationship with fear.

Nov 30 2016



Rank #5: Ep79 Dianne McGrath - Don’t be afraid to be the outlier

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Occasionally there are stories and expeditions that capture your attention more than others. Today’s guest is embarking on an expedition that is out of this world - quite literally.

Dianne McGrath is one of only 100 remaining candidates worldwide from an initial 202,586 applicants for the one-way Mars One mission in 2031.

We talk at length about this decision and the extraordinary impacts this journey has on how she lives her life right now. For example Dianne lives permanently house-sitting, experiments with her food intake, and embarks on regular bio-hacking experiments.

What we uncover though is that Dianne’s innate curiosity has been with her for her whole life. She is a leading sustainability expert in environmental management, food sustainability, and food security. One of her experiments involved living off the scraps that people leave at cafes and restaurants for a whole week - turns out she never, ever went hungry.

Dianne’s openness and her curiosity are insatiable. Given her own bio-hacking experiments have lead her to reverse vision impairment, improve bone mass, turn back the ageing process, increased cognitive function, and much more she may yet discover the key to eternal youth.

These insights that are as relevant for the rest of staying here on planet earth as the pioneers who may one day leave to live on Mars. Soak up the vivacious energy and curiosity of Dianne McGrath
Connect with Dianne at:

Website: www.diannemcgrath.com.au

Facebook: www.facebook.com/Dianne.McGrath.Astronaut.Candidate

Instagram: www.instagram.com/damcgrath

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/diannemcgrath/

Jul 22 2019

1hr 18mins


Rank #6: Ep 07 Jules Sebastian - All Of The Doubts

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Stylist to the stars, Jules Sebastian has paved her way as a television presenter on MTV and recently as the stylist for Mel B on the X-Factor.

Jules grew up in Adelaide and met her husband, Guy Sebastian (first Australian Idol winner, and award winning singer/song-writer), while they were knee-high to a grasshopper.

Jules talks about the shared Australia Idol experience, Guy’s win from her perspective and the way that life changed significantly for both of them. The couple then moved to Sydney where they now reside with their sons Hudson and Archer.

For more: www.alisonhill.com.au/standoutlife

Jan 09 2017

1hr 12mins


Rank #7: Ep 16 Jacinta McDonell - What you do is not who you are

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Jacinta McDonell - Founder Human Kind Project & Urban Yoga

Occasionally you get the chance to connect with someone who not only lights up a room but absolutely walks their talk. Jacinta is one of those people - and once she sets her mind on something being done you can be left with no doubt that it will in fact be done.

Jacinta and I connected after an extraordinary experience in Malawi and have remained a cheer-squad of each other every since.

Jacinta and her brother Justin launched the highly successful US franchise Anytime Fitness into Australia in 2008. With over 2700 clubs and 2 million members worldwide, it has become the quickest growing segment of the world s fastest growing fitness chain, and is Australia’s number one health club chain.

As well as being a mother of three young children, Jacinta’s entrepreneurial spirit has led to the development of several other business and personal ventures over the past 12 months, making her a true inspiration to Australian business women.

Launching Urban Yoga - a world first yoga concept, and establishing her purpose-filled foundation Human Kind Project, creating a community of people, businesses and other entrepreneurs to create change in the world.

Website: http://jacintamcdonell.com/
Human Kind Project: http://humankindproject.org.au/

Mar 16 2017



Rank #8: Ep 05 Emma Macdonald - Back yourself, be brave & incredible opportunities can come your way

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Award-winning Journalist with a 23 year career with Canberra Times, convenor of Women in Media in Canberra, 2016 ACT Telstra Business Women's Award winner (Purpose and Social Enterprise), and founder of charity, 'Send Hope Not Flowers', Emma Macdonald has known both achievements and the tiredness of battling a high-powered career.

Emma talks about the apprehension and excitement as she transitions into her new role as Associate Editor at 'Her Canberra'.

In this podcast Emma talks about the strategies she employs to hit reset, and the importance of having your sister wives.

This conversation happens at a time as Emma is transitioning from a 23 year career to take the courageous step into a new role. As such she dives into this decision and the reality of stepping into the new.

Emma is a generous and beautiful soul and these stories come through in this conversation.


Dec 28 2016



Rank #9: Ep64 Pip Edwards - From Strength to Grace

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Pip Edwards has made her mark utilising her own name sake initials and retro-tomboy style to launch P.E Nation. With an impressive history in Fashion, and a Bachelor of Commerce/Law Pip had the platform set to create something unique. Her longstanding fashion career has seen her work with brands such as Ksubi, DLM, Sass & Bide and General Pants Co.

It was whilst working at Sass and Bide that Pip’s creative working relationship and friendship with P.E cofounder Claire was cemented. Learning the ropes of the retail landscape whilst working as Design Director at General Pains co, gave Pip the platform for what was to come next.

In this episode we talk about personal growth and pilates reconnected her to a feminine energy that she had ignored for many years. Pip is on a personal journey of self and you’ll hear the strength of her purpose behind everything she does - her son Justice. She is also passionately believes that P.E Nation is a platform to life women up and encourage them to boldly chase whatever they want to chase. Pip is the embodiment of this brand.

Enjoy the hearing the story and true essence of Pip Edwards.

Connect with Pip:

Website: www.pe-nation.com/about

Instagram: www.instagram.com/pip_edwards1

P.E Nation Instagram: www.instagram.com/p.e.nation

Nov 12 2018



Rank #10: Ep 14 Dan Norris - Success can be random, create art instead

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Dan Norris - Entrepreneur

Plenty of people talk about being a serial entrepreneur, not many can back it up with evidence. Dan can.

Although success wasn't always forth-coming. In 2013 Dan was 2 weeks away from unemployment after 8 years of business failure. Within a week he launched a WordPress support service called WP Curve.

Since we recorded this episode Dan has sold this business to GoDaddy. He is also a partner in a craft brewery, and still finds time to hit the waves on a regular basis. In essence he doesn't stop.

But he's learnt a few strategies to being the boss of busy along the way, a few of which we unpack in our chat together.

Author of four best-selling books including his latest, Create or Hate, Dan can often be heard talking about how important creative endeavours are. It's key for all of us to be pushing back on busy and finding time to create.

Website: http://dannorris.me
Instagram: @thedannorris

Feb 28 2017



Rank #11: Ep60 Giaan Rooney - Facing Your Insecurities

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Today's guest has experienced some extraordinary levels of success throughout her life. As a teenager Giaan Rooney was faced with the choice of diving (pun intended) into a swimming career or pursuing a career in netball. She choose swimming and went on to compete on the world stage, winning an Olympic Gold Medal and breaking a world record amongst other achievements.

In this conversation we talk about Giaan’s transition from elite sports into her next career as a TV presenter and media personality.

Whilst she has many accolades Giaan shares the raw and honest experience of feeling like she was failing at parenthood after the birth of her son Zander, and the way she is navigating this role as a Mum with both her kids.

She also talks about how she believes that insecurities are the root of all evil. This was such a call to me that all of us have things that we are insecure about, and holding onto these leads no-where good.

We could have chatted for hours, because there is a depth of wisdom and interest in things that I’m sure you’ll love too as you hear from Giaan Rooney.

Connect with Giaan:

Instagram: www.instagram.com/giaan.rooney

Facebook: www.facebook.com/GiaanRooney

Oct 14 2018

1hr 9mins


Rank #12: Ep59 Alyssa Azar - Chasing the next summit

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I’m not sure what you were doing when you were 8 years old, but I’d guess that it doesn’t quite come close to what today’s guest did at this age. Alyssa Azar followed in her father’s trekking footsteps and completed the Kokoda Track at the age of 8 - kick-starting a love of trekking, climbing, and smashing big goals.

In 2016 Alyssa became the youngest Australian to summit Mt Everest at the age of 19, and then earlier this year, 2018 summited Everest again from the north side.

Alyssa describes the experience of walking that final 700metres at Everest, and why even when faced with a gaol in sight that you can never take success for granted - and therefore how important it is to be fully present to the moment you are in.

Alyssa’s is a great story of courage, endurance, never giving up even when facing remarkable challenges. She will talk about the mindset to achieve great things and why when you achieve someone it’s important to be setting the next goal.

This is a determined young woman who knows how to set an audacious goal and has the determination to do whatever it takes to achieve it. Enjoy this insightful conversation with Alyssa Azar.

Connect with Alyssa:

Website: www.alyssaazar.com.au

Instagram: www.instagram.com/alyssaazar

Facebook: www.facebook.com/AlyssaAzarAdventurer

Oct 08 2018



Rank #13: Ep70 Kristina Karlsson - Your Dreams Start Here

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Founder and Creative Director of global Swedish design and stationary business Kikki K, Kristina is the epitome of someone who had a dream and then did the work to turn it into a reality. Whilst she has achieved global success with this brand you’ll hear from our conversation that Kristina believes that she’s only just starting and there’s so much more to do.

Beside from business growth Kristina is on a personal mission to inspire over 101 million people to write their own dreams on paper and set about bringing them to life. So passionate about the movement of dreams Krisinta has written her book ‘Your Dream Life Starts Here’ which is a practical guide to dreaming and bringing these dreams to life.

We chat about the power of dreaming, the challenge of navigating people who may not support your dream, and the grit that is required to do the work, even if obstacles come your way.

After this conversation with Kristina I started putting pen to paper and whilst I’ve known this for many years, there really is power in letting go of what we think we can do and embracing the potential that anything can happen.

This is an insightful conversation with someone who’s life reflects her words. Enjoy the chance to start dreaming with Kristina Karlsson.


Website: www.kikki-k.com/au/our-story

Instagram: www.instagram.com/kristinakikkik

Jan 01 2019



Rank #14: Ep 10 Kylie Rogers -Don't drop your tools

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Kylie Rogers - Managing Director at Mamamia

Kylie Rogers is someone who knows a thing or two about marketing - after 17 years working in Sales and Marketing with Channel Ten it was actually a comment from her 6 year old son that jolted her into realising she had to make a change to her career. After a break with her family she eventually landed the role of National Sales Director with the largest independent women’s website Mamamia and has gone on to become Managing Director.

She is such a delight and shared openly the struggles and successes of stepping into a leadership role, her non-negotiables in her week and why we all just need to breathe (ahhhhhh....).

** It’s important to mention that this podcast was recorded two days after the announcement that Donald Trump had won the US election as we make mention of this in our discussion.

Kylie is warm, honest and real, and a powerhouse in her role.

For more: www.alisonhill.com.au

Jan 30 2017



Rank #15: Ep52 Fiona Redding - Self discipline is self love

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Fiona Redding recognises that for many years she was running from life - and she used every strategy possible to get away - including running to other countries, being caught up in relationships that weren’t right, and a drinking habit that had become chronic.

It was only when she realised she couldn’t run any more with the arrival of two kids, and the realisation that there was more to life that she made the decision to quit drinking for good and finally take charge.

We unpack the strategies that Fiona used and continues to use to live her best life - from mediation, to journalling, to exercising, to connecting with a community. And whilst these all sound easy and straightforward they are some of the hardest things that you’ll commit to and require a daily choice. Soak up the wisdom and the warmth that is Fiona Redding.

Connect with Fiona here:

Website: https://thehappinesshunter.com/

Facebook: www.facebook.com/thehappihunter

Business Addicts podcast: http://businessaddicts.com/

Aug 20 2018



Rank #16: Ep 13 Shelly Horton - Camera-ready before you’re ready

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Shelly Horton - Journalist and Media Personality

Since taking her Mum's advice to 'not sleep with anyone' from her home town of Kingaroy Shelly Horton has never been afraid of forging her own path. As one of Australia's leading media personalities Shelly's opinion can be heard nationally a number of times a week in her regular segments on Channel Nine, while she's chatting with Richard Glover on ABC Radio, and as part of her popular and controversial health web series - Things You Can't Talk About On TV.

Her behind-the-camera credits include producing for the most watched entertainment program in the world, Entertainment Tonight America, Channel Nine’s A Current Affair and ABC TV’s George Negus Tonight, Mondo Thingo and Sunday Arts. She also hosted and produced her own TV show in the UK called “What’s On In London”. She was the host and producer of video content for Australia’s biggest women’s website Mamamia.

There are bucket-loads of laughter in this episode as Shelly unpacks her stories from a varied career from crime reporter to the 'fake-it-til-you-make-it' moment on live TV, to launching her video production company ShellShocked Media with her husband.

There are infinite moments of 'aha' and permission to be real in this conversation, and the following are a few of the key take-aways:

* it's okay to be upset if life doesn't got your way

* always make time for your close friends

* turn up camera-ready before you're ready (step into the life you want before it arrives)

* none of us should feel bad for our choices

* look after you in the busyness

* always have a laugh or 50!

Website: http://shellshockedmedia.com/
Instagram: @shellyhorton1

Feb 21 2017



Rank #17: Ep74 Kurt Fearnley - Fiercely Focussed

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Raised in the small country town of Carcoar, Kurt Fearnley has always been determined.

Being born without the lower portion of his spine he grew up in a community who never saw him different. In our conversation Kurt shares how it wasn’t until he was 12 years old that he fully realised that his pathway would be different.

Kurt has achieved extraordinary feats from crewing a winning Sydney to Hobart yacht, crawling the Kokoda Track and winning dozens of marathons around the world, many of them representing Australia.

His career has been in wheelchair racing, and Kurt shares the moment he realised that his chair represents choice and it could take him anywhere in the world. He started his career with two Silver medals at the 2000 Sydney Paralympic games, before making his winning breakthrough at the 2004 Athens Paralympics with 2 Gold medals.

Kurt conquered the world, winning seven world championships and more than 30 marathons around the globe, including 10 marathons in 2007 and three straight New York marathon titles.

In April 2018 Kurt finished his Australian representative as he started it, on home soil, with a win in the marathon at the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games. We talk about this race and what it took for him to combat doubts and reach out for help to mentally prepare for what would be his last race representing Australia.

Since hanging up the green and gold, Kurt has been busy. You will hear his passion for advocating for people with disabilities and his drive to put this on the nation agenda in our country. He has also been recognised in multiple sphere’s, including being awarded 2019 NSW Australian of the Year (and if you haven’t watched his acceptance speech for this google it now - it’s powerful).
This conversation was recording, sitting on a couch at a hotel a week before the announcement of 2019 Australian of the Year. Kurt is humble when I asked him about the potential of being awarded this honour and shifts quickly to what he sees as his responsibility to influence politicians, corporations, and education systems to give people with disabilities more choice then they are current afforded.

Enjoy listening to the thoughtfulness, insights, and humour and this extraordinary Australian, Kurt Fearnley.

Connect with Kurt at:

Website: www.kurtfearnley.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/kurtfearnleyracing

Twitter: www.twitter.com/kurtfearnley

Instagram: www.instagram.com/kurtfearnleyinsta

Feb 05 2019

1hr 4mins


Rank #18: Ep 12 Keri Krieger -Focus On Self-Care First

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Keri Krieger - Acupuncturist and Health Coach

Keri Krieger is one of those people that everyone needs to know. Seriously. Take a moment now, Google her, then come back.

Keri helps women come home to themselves. In their practices. In their personal lives. In their bodies. She is passionate to offer women a way to learn how to truly nourish themselves mind body and spirit to step away from over work, exhaustion, burnout and self loathing to experience personal peace, stillness and passion for life.

Having spent over a decade working in health retreats around the world with a background in acupuncture and a deep knowledge of Chinese medicine. She has developed a unique treatment style called Rockupuncture; which is a delicious combination of acupuncture and hot rock massage.

Whilst being brilliant as a ‘hands-on’ therapist, Keri also offers support, advice and guidance as a health coach with Executives and individuals coping with the overwhelm of ‘busyness’.

In this conversation we explore the practicalities of getting clarity on what and who actually matters in our world, in putting the expectations of ‘doing it all’ to the side, and learning how to say ‘no’ as a complete sentence. When the immediate needs are taken care of then Keri calls us to then be clear on what is your metric for success whether it’s a health metric, or an energy metric, or it’s a connection metric, it needs to be something that is relevant and important to you. Combat the anxiety and overwhelm with real, practical and honest strategies that work.


Website: www.kerikrieger.com

Feb 14 2017



Rank #19: Ep 15 Elka Whalan - More Than The Black Line

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Elka Whalan - Olympian & Media Personality

Elka Whalan (nee Graham) reached world #1 in 200m freestyle, attended two Olympic games, as well as Commonwealth Games and World Championships in her 7 year career.

She was part of that famous medley relay team who were disqualified in 2001 for jumping in the pool too early, and as Elka says were world champions for all of 30 seconds!

Married to waterpolo Olympic champion Thomas Whalan, together they have 4 kids under 6.

Elka talks about her career in the media, the shift in identity throughout her life, her non-negotiables, and how faith is a guiding principle in everything that she does.

In 2016 Elka has started Queenhood for the woman who knows her worth, empowering, uplifting and encouraging all women to unite and support one another.

Soak up this delightful and insightful conversation with Elka Whalan.

Website: http://elkawhalan.com/
Queenhood: http://queenhood.com.au/

Mar 06 2017



Rank #20: Ep18 Emma Booth - With No Limits

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Emma Booth - Paralympian

Emma Booth is an Australian Equestrian Paralympian.
Emma previously competed in Eventing (which comprises of Dressage, Cross-Country and Show Jumping), until one evening in 2013 – while travelling home from a competition – was left paralysed after a being involved in a horrific car accident. 

Only six months after sustaining the life changing injury, Emma was back in the saddle and learning to ride a horse without the use of her legs; and made her Paralympic debut in Rio de Janeiro in Sept 2016 - only three years after her accident. 

The International Paralympic Committee has identified Emma as a rider to watch in 2017.

Inspirational is a word that is often thrown around, but in this conversation Emma's tenacity, belief in the human spirit around her, and her laser-like focus in doing what matters most to you will indeed leave you inspired (if it doesn't you might want to check your pulse). 

Instagram: @emmabooth_paraequestrian
Ride with No Limits http://www.ridewithnolimits.com

Apr 04 2017

1hr 6mins


Ep106 Marlee Silva - My Tiddas, My Sister

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There is power in telling and sharing stories. Far too many stories in this country, in Australia, aren’t given the voice or the platform to be shared. My guest on this episode is both a story-teller and a community-creator.

Marlee Silva is a proud Gamilaroi and Dunghutti woman living in Sydney. She is the co-founder of Tiddas 4 Tiddas, a social media initiative, which is dedicated to celebrating Indigenous women and girls through storytelling.

Marlee also writes, produces and hosts her own podcast titled 'Always was, always will be our stories', where she interviews inspiring Indigenous role models who are working to change the world, one day at a time. Marlee has also an author, with her first book just realised; ‘My Tidda, My Sister’. This book is both stunningly written and beautifully designed, weaving optimism and heart into tough and important conversations.

We talk about growing up as the only identified Aboriginal person in her school, the role of story-telling and community connecting, and how the residual trauma of the stolen generation lasts much longer than we might think.

Marlee loves sharing yarns, and her warmth, connection, optimism, and drive are all evident in this conversation. Tune into the story-telling power that oozes out of Marlee Silva.

Sep 30 2020

1hr 4mins


Ep105 Samantha Gash - Crafting Connected Communities

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If you want something you’ve never had, you have to do something you have never done before”. My guest in this episode lives and embodies this.

Australian Samantha Gash started running as a break from studying law. Little did she know those small steps would turn into a journey that has seen her run over 20,000km across every continent on Earth, and raise approximately $1.3million for charity while advocating for women’s empowerment, social change and access to education.

The list of what Samantha has achieved is long. In this conversation we dive into her experience of a 77 day run from west to east of India covering 3253 kms. She has run across the Simpson Desert.

Earlier in 2020 Samantha wanted to do something to support the Bushfire appeals here in Australia, and pulled together a virtual Relief Run. The response was phenomenal with people all around the world contributing to raise of $1mil.

Samantha has also appeared on Australian Survivor and in the
The World's Toughest Race which is currently airing on Amazon Prime.

We talk about what drives her, the connection back to the trails, and life as a wife and a mum.

Samantha is real, authentic, and as down to earth as they come. You’re going to love every minute of this conversation with Samantha Gash.

Sep 06 2020

1hr 26mins


Ep104 Jess Douglas - Lessons from the bike

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Can you imagine riding for 24 hours? Now imagine that you are doing this through nature trails, and hairy turns, at speed, pushing your body to the limit? Today’s guest is an ultra mountain bike champion (something I didn’t know even existed before this chat).

Jess Douglas is a life long cyclist and a mountain bike champion - 3 x world solo 24 hour & 3 x Australian solo 24 hour champion amongst many other crazy long endurance races and adventures.

Jess has overcome adversity from being a cancer survivor, and has learnt how to turn adversity into resilience and growth. I know for me that’s something I’m deeply interested in at the moment.

Jess talks about her 1% rule - something she practices daily, and something we an all use no matter what we are aiming to grow at.

With her bike as the vehicle to deliver a journey of self-reflection and personal growth, soak up the insights and stories from the remarkable Jess Douglas.

Aug 30 2020

1hr 18mins


Ep103 Kath Koschel

Podcast cover
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Can you teach kindness? My guest for this episode not only believes that you can, she has built a curriculum around it and is taking this work to our education system with the aim of teaching and instilling kindness across our communities.

Today I connect with a returning guest, the incredible Kath Koschel. Kath’s story is remarkable - so big in fact that we’ve already dedicated episode 83 to unpacking it. If you haven’t had the chance to tune into that episode yet, make sure you do either before you listen to this one, or afterwards. It will make this episode even more remarkable.

Kath is on a mission to share and spread the message of the power of kindness through her charity The Kindness Factory. When everything around us feels hard and uncertain, kindness reconnects us to our humanity.

Sharing this message with school students far and wide Kath realised the need to show people the small and large ways that we can learn kindness.

We unpack this amazing work, as well as what does kindness mean when it comes to standing up for the hard things. Kindness isn’t soft and fluffy, it can be the courage to say no or to call our important changes such as racism, sexism, and bullying.

Your heart will be encouraged as you hear about the role kindness can play in reconnecting us to our humanity from Kath Koschel.

Connect with Kath at:

Website: www.kindnessfactory.com & www.thekindnesscurriculum.com

Instagram: www.instagram.com/kindnessfactory & www.instagram.com/kathkoschel

Facebook: www.facebook.com/Kindnessfactory

Aug 24 2020



Ep 102 Janine Garner - The 4 Laws of Brilliance

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When you use the word brilliant to describe someone, I’m wondering what comes to mind? Is it elusive, talent, just plain luck? In this episode we unpack what does it mean to be brilliant.

Janine Garner grew up in Yorkshire in the north of England into a traditional farming family. Even from an early age she questioned the world she was in, and sought to explore new horizons.

Janine has certainly trod her own path, with a career that has taken her around the world in marketing and strategy, to now in her own practice consulting with leading brands. The thread through all her work is her ability to connect and collaborate with people - it’s her special sauce.

Janine is a best-selling author and her latest book, Be Brilliant is a call to arms. Using what she has learnt from interviewing the best of the best in her own podcast series, Unleashing Brilliance, she maps a path for any of us - through her 4 Laws of Brilliance, in our chosen field to be brilliant. In fact the people around you demand it from you.

This book is timely and the author is genuine. Enjoy this conversation with the passionate soul, Janine Garner.

Connect with Janine at:

Website: www.janinegarner.com.au

Book ‘Be Brilliant’: www.bebrilliantbook.com

Instagram: www.instagram.com/janinegarner

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/janinegarner

Aug 11 2020

1hr 13mins


Episode 101 Sel Watts - Chasing The Dream

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Imagine moving your business and your three boys from the Gold Coast to New York city ready to have a year of travel and adventures, a year you’ve been dreaming of for a long time, only to have a global pandemic turn up with other plans.

From the heart of New York, with her three boys, today’s guest, Sel Watts shares what she is learning amongst the challenges that 2020 is bringing. Sel is an entrepreneur, founding a successful HR strategy business WattsNext Group . Her vlog series, An Unconventional Life, sums up Sel’s philosophy that life is too short to do things you regret.

It such a delight to be able to connect with Sel via Zoom. Throughout this conversation you’ll get a glimpse into what it has been like living through the numbers of COVD-19 that hit New York earlier this year, being witness to the black lives matter protests and riots in the city, and how important it is to keep learning and growing even when uncertainty (and far too much home-schooling) arrives at your doorstep.

I know you’ll enjoy the realness and wisdom that drips from the beautiful Sel Watts.

Connect with Sel at:

Website: www.sue-ellenwatts.com

Instagram: www.instagram.com/sel_watts

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/selwatts

Jul 27 2020

1hr 2mins


Ep100 Darren Hill - Business, Life and the Power of Expression

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Welcome to Episode 100 of Stand Out Life podcast series. It’s an incredible feat to reach 100 episodes with incredible guests, and I wanted to celebrate this episode with someone closer to home, someone very special.

In fact he’s the most special person in my life

I sat down with my business partner, my life partner, my husband, Darren Hill. We talk all things from where his work ethic comes from to abattoir worker, to now a trusted advisor and sought after strategies for Fortune 500 and ASX Top 20 companies. In 2018 he was recognised as Educator of the Year.

We’ve been in business together for over 13 years, the last 10 years in our current business Pragmatic Thinking, Behaviour and Motivation Strategy company, driving leadership programs and cultural change initiatives across big corporates. We unpack business in the age of COVID-19, how we’ve needed to pivot and the principles that decisions have been made amongst uncertain times.

This is a beautiful conversation, it’s a long conversation, but there is reflection and even a spoken word poem at the end that you won’t want to miss. Soak up more of Darren’s spoken word poetry pieces here.

Enjoy this conversation with the deep thinking, and the person who pursues life like no-one else I know.
Connect with Darren at:

Website: www.darrenhill.com.au

Instagram: www.instagram.com/fromdarrenhill

YouTube: Wordcraft Project - spoken word poetry pieces https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLYolt7K6djAEYpBVEc4sIepc5YRg1eB7q

Jul 14 2020

1hr 47mins


Ep99 Teela Reid - Facing our truth

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In episode 87 of this podcast series I spoke with the proud Wiradjuri & Wailwan woman Teela Reid who referred to 2020 being the year of reckoning for Australia and it’s connection to our First Nation people.

And a reckoning we are facing.

WIth the Black Lives Matter movement here in Australia picking up voice I was of course eager to sit down with Teela again, to continue to unpack, to sit in the discomfort, and learn. For her and for so many here in Australia, for generations this isn’t a new movement, this is an intergenerational battle, a daily fight.

In this conversation we face the reality that health statistics for indigenous people in this country are worse than for the white community, and we dismiss this truth. We talk about what is tokenistic vs real action in acknowledging Aboriginal culture.

Teela is generous in the face of my ignorance, and focused on the changes she has committed to seeing happen here in this country.

I want to say a huge thank you for the ongoing generosity and fight Teela brings. She calls us all to write to our local members, show up where we are, and use the platforms that we have.

Ask yourself where is your reckoning as you tune into this conversation with Teela Reid.

https://www.instagram.com/heart2heart_journey https://www.instagram.com/blackfulla_bookclub https://www.instagram.com/teelareid

Jun 30 2020

1hr 26mins


Ep98 Mel Taitimu - The Grief and Loss of Change

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Amongst the massive shifts in our world there is a conversation that I have been wanting to have. A conversation diving into what it means to experience, recognise and respond to grief and loss. Something many of us are experiencing.

All too often we associate grief and loss with finality. The end of something. And yet what so many are experiencing now and have been experiencing over the last few months is both the reality and the anticipation of grief and loss.

So in order to walk through this conversation with me, I invited psychologist Dr Mel Taitmu. Mel is the lead clinician and educator at MAIA, a private psychology practice based in Burleigh Heads on the Gold Coast. The MAIA method supports clients and communities to recalibrate their bodies, reintegrate their minds and reignite their hearts. So I had to talk to her.

Mel completed her PhD in indigenous psychology from a Maori perspective and shares cultural insights into how her Maori ancestry faces grief and loss.

Mel shows up in her life as a researcher, therapist, teacher, mother, wife, celebrant, gurfer (girl surfer) amongst many other things.

There are many threads throughout this conversation that will be relevant for you no matter what change you might be facing. Mel reminds us to come back to ourselves, recognising the permission that whatever we’re feeling is okay, and the importance of asking for what we need.

This is a heartfelt dive into grief and loss with the beautiful and insightful Dr Mel Taitimu.

Connect with Mel at:

Website: www.maiapsychology.com.au

Instagram: www.instagram.com/maiapsychology

Facebook: www.facebook.com/maiapsychology

Jun 22 2020

1hr 26mins


Ep97 Jose Bryce Smith - All you have is your health

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Jose Bryce Smith was once a Vogue Beauty Editors ‘best kept secret’, and today is the the Founder / CEO of clean luxury haircare company, Original & Mineral (O&M) and original pioneer of ammonia free hair colour in Australia There is purpose behind her persistence, she is in the business of saving your health through your hair.

In this conversation Jose shares openly and transparently about her personal journey, some of the struggles of pioneering an industry and the hardships of entrepreneurship. We talk about how she and her team are navigating the current disruptions to work and business.

Jose’s perspective on life is infectious. When she’s not hopping between the company’s Sydney based headquarters and the O&M NYC Salon Academy, she is factoring in meetings with her team, vendors, investors, new business opportunities, and working diligently on her objective to sustain a full concept for salons around healthy hair. All that, while donning her mother-of-two hat.

Bryce Smith has over her twenty-year tenure with O&M won some, and lost some; indeed, she unreservedly discerns she has made all the mistakes on behalf of those businesses that have subsequently joined the green beauty arena. However, armed with a resolve to control her own destiny, a commitment to bridge the gap between natural and luxury; and a persistence to several years of the research and development of her own ammonia, ppd, resorcinol free hair colour; Bryce Smith has successfully and authentically tapped into the wellness lifestyle choice.

Today, as we collectively value and understand the importance of health, this Australian business stands at the leading end; led by a female entrepreneur who is providing important, observable examples of what can be accomplished when you truly believe in something that will have a positive contribution to our planet.

Enjoy this conversation from someone who’s focus on health, and positive contributions to our world is what she lives everyday, You’ll hear it dripping from the tenacious Jose Bryce Smith.

Connect with Jose at:

Website: www.originalmineral.com.au

Instagram: www.instagram.com/originalqueeni

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/josebrycesmith/

Jun 14 2020



Ep96 Mykel Dixon - What If We Just Played?

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Creativity is now the strongest economic currency and Mykel Dixon helps people and organisations rediscover their creative potential, reclaim their creative confidence and redefine their value as creative leaders, teams and brands. A jazz musician by trade with an unconventional career path, Mykel Dixon was awarded Australia’s Breakthrough Speaker of the Year in 2018.

Known for bringing with him a grand piano and a backing band, Mykel calls all of us to step into our creativity. Sounds good right…but how the hell do we do that?? We combine intuition and conviction - follow what draws you and commit to action. It’s these two factors that have held Mykel in good stead in his career.

As we sat down for this conversation, Mykel jumped up and grabbed a nearby guitar to have with him in the studio. As a result we weave music into this chat and this became a beautiful reflection of what could be described as his motto in life….’what if we just played?’

Mykel was a big catalyst for this podcast commencing in 2016 and it’s his creation that you hear as the intro and outdo to the Stand Out Life podcast. So it was inevitable that one day I’d get him into a studio for a chat.

This conversation is the permission to create and share - relentlessly - and weaving of two friends having a chat. Soak up the beautiful creative expression that oozes out of Mykel Dixon.

May 31 2020

1hr 20mins


Ep95 Michelle Cox - Embracing Wabi Sabi

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A previous global CEO, COO and current non-executive director, Michelle has owned, founded and headed up many companies in her twenty-five years in the corporate world. An elite athlete in her youth, she’s won awards in sport as well as business and personally overcome cervical cancer.

Ever the optimist despite overcoming significant adversity, Michelle is an adult orphan who has also not only dealt with her own mortality but endured great loss from a young age. Michelle is the founder and author of the Wabi Sabi Series which includes a number of books that focus on topics we don't often talk about and a soon to be released podcast.

Wabi Sabi is a traditional Japanese philosophy that focuses on finding beauty within imperfections in our lives and gracefully accepting the natural cycle of growth and decay.

The first three books in the series are available now at wabisabiseries.com or your favourite online stores. They include topics such as Doctors are not gods; It's okay not to have kids; and Death doesn't have to be morbid.
Connect with Michelle at:

Website: www.wabisabiseries.com

Instagram: www.instagram.com/thewabisabiseries

Facebook: www.facebook.com/wabisabiseries

May 20 2020

1hr 2mins


Ep94 Tara Diversi - Swimming with the ocean

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Tara Diversi is an Advanced Sports Dietitian and Accredited Practicing Dietitian. She has a fascination with human behaviour having also studied psychology and education. Tara exclusively works with ultra-endurance adventure athletes and marathon swimmers, having supported over 60 English Channel swimmers successfully complete their crossing!

Tara has always shared a love for sport, from her surf life-saving days to marathon running to marathon swimming. Competing in many long, cold swims, including the English Channel, Rottnest Channel, Gibraltar Strait and Palm Beach to Manly swim. She understands how mentally challenging sport can be and just how crucial optimal nutrition is to perform at your best.

In this conversation Tara shares one of her toughest challenges which was becoming the first Australian female to swim the ‘ice-mile’ - one mile of swimming in water 5 degree’s or less. We also explore this challenge and well as the other challenges she hunts down in her life, and in the business world. We explore how her drive to ask questions and dive into curiosity is key. Towards the end of our conversation Tara shares a swimming metaphor that will change how you work with uncertainty - it has stuck with me since we spoke.

This is a conversation that will leave you asking more questions. Step into a new world of possibility with Tara Diversi.

Connect with Tara at:

Website: www.sophus.com.au

Instagram: www.instagram.com/taradiversi

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/taradiversi

Facebook: www.facebook.com/tara.diversi

May 12 2020



Ep93 Ariel Garten - Unmasking Mindfulness

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Ariel Garten is a neuroscientist, innovator and entrepreneur whose driving purpose is to empower and help others overcome mental obstacles. She is the co-founder of InteraZan, the makers of Muse: the brain sensing headband. I wanted to dive in and find out more about this technology - it is a wearable headband that assists with meditation and mindfulness by providing bio-feedback from sounds to guide your brain waves.

We talk mediation, the benefits, and tips and strategies to integrate this into your life more regularly. Her team’s technology has been featured in over 1000 media pieces, as well as was the feature showcase at the Vancouver 2010 Olympics, an installation that allowed over 7,000 people control the lights on the CN tower, Canadian parliament buildings, and Niagara Falls with their brains from across the country.

Ariel can be found giving her audiences the tools they need to help them become their best selves. Enjoy this dive into the world of meditation, innovation and technology with Ariel Garten.

May 08 2020



Ep92 Margie Warrell - Courage Takes Practice

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Today’s guest has an international background in business, psychology, and coaching - she has spent time with Marianne Williams, Richard Branson as well as running courage-building programs with organisations such as NASA, Shell, Deloitte, Morgan Stanley, Google, Salesforce and the UN.

We spoke via Zoom across international waters as she is currently living in Singapore and has three children in the US - which provides an interesting perspective on living through a global pandemic. We also spoke the day after her husband had been in quarantine for 30 days after being diagnosed with COVID-19 — and you will hear the excitement she shares about having him about.

Margie Warrell is a bestselling author and leadership authority who is passionate about emboldening people to live and lead more bravely.

Margie has walked the path of courage many times since growing up on a dairy farm in rural Victoria, Australia. She is a bestselling author, sits on the advisory board of Forbes School of Business & Technology and has shared expertise with leading media such as CNN, The Today Show, Bloomberg as well as hosting her own Live Brave Podcast.

Margie shares stories from hardwon wisdom in her latest book You’ve Got This! The Life-Changing Power of Trusting Yourself. In this conversation we talk about relationships with fear, doubting doubts, and tips on building confidence.

Soak up the wisdom that is Margie Warrell.
Connect with Margie at:

Website: www.margiewarrell.com

Instagram: www.instagram.com/margiewarrell

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/margiewarrell/

Facebook: www.facebook.com/margiewarrell

May 05 2020



Ep91 Felicity Harley - Balance & Other B.S.

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The pursuit of balance is an endless pursuit - it’s one that goes round in circles, has us trying to do it all, with the zen calmness of a monk, when the reality is that trying to find balance leaves us feeling exhausted.

Is it really achievable or is balance all kinds of B.S?

That’s the question that today’s returning guest dived into for her new book, launched today, Balance and other B.S: How to hold it together when we’re having/doing it all. Felicity Harley previously shared much of her story on Episode 8 of this podcast series.

She has been a journalist for Australia's leading women's publications for two decades, including a nine-year stint as founding editor of Women's Health. She launched and is currently editor-at-large of whimn.com.au and has appeared weekly on Sunrise.

In today’s chat she dives into the research for her book, including interviewing some of Australia’s most well-known women, and leading experts in their field. Of which I’m humbled to have been one.

Felicity lives in Sydney with her husband, Tom, and their greatest achievements, three children. In her spare time, the health aficionado drinks coffee, does yoga, exercises (to stay sane) and cheers on the Sydney Swans.

It’s possible, that this time in lockdown during a global pandemic, is the perfect time to put balance under the microscope - and see if we really want to pick it back up again when all this is finished.

Grab your pen and paper to jot down life-changing pointers from Felicity Harley.

Connect with Felicity at:

Instagram: www.instagram.com/felicityharley

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/felicity-harley-b3212a95/

Purchase book here: https://booktopia.kh4ffx.net/mMDV7

Apr 27 2020



Ep90 Michael Henderson - Brave Cultures Face Fears

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There’s not a single place of work that hasn’t been affected by the current corona virus. With plenty of organisations making the swift shift to work from home, reconfiguring the type of work they deliver, and redefining their strategic plans - it can have you wondering where does workplace culture fit into all this?

Michael Henderson has worked with hundreds of organisations as a corporate anthropologist - exploring the cultures of workplaces. He has seen time and time again, that with the right approach to culture and with a passionate and capable leadership team, organisation’s cultures can be ignited to deliver outrageous levels of performance, and deep and meaningful levels of fulfilment.

In this conversation Michael shares why diving into our greatest fears will be the thing that liberates organisations, he also shares strategies for leading cultures when you have people work from home.

Michael has over 25 years experience in observing, advising and educating organisations on how to enhance their workplace culture for greater levels of performance, staff fulfilment and customer delight.

He is the author of eight books on organisation culture, leadership and performance. As well as being an international advisor, and a businessman, Michael is married with three children.

Michael is one of those extraordinary people, who I am honoured to call a friend, that will have you thinking deeper, and leave you wanting for things to be better simply by being who he is.

Soak up the wisdom that drips from Michael Henderson.
Connect with Michael at:

Company website (Cultures At Work): www.culturesatwork.com

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/michaelhendersonnz/

Link to Michael’s books: culturesatwork.com/books/

Apr 24 2020

1hr 11mins


Ep89 Penelope Bell - Creatively conscious

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Creativity and art can be a dirty word for some of us. Particularly if you wear the art scars of your childhood or early life.

Today’s guest, Penelope Bell’s life is told through her expression and connection to art. Growing up in country QLD she become fascinated in the fashion world, as well as fostering her drawing and illustration skills. Leading to what she does now for a job which is fashion illustrations - and her work is beautiful.

Interestingly enough though Penny embarked on a project a few years ago to have a year - consciously spending less to create more. We explore the lessons from this year, lessons that had her question the fashion industry, and then reconnect with it in a different way.

Penny also shares openly about navigating a sleep disorder, through which one of her ‘prescriptions’ for want of a better word, to managing this disorder is through the art of composting of all things.

This conversation with Penny is engaging, connecting, and calls forward the opportunity we all have to free ourselves of the limiting beliefs that hold us back.

Get your art pens and paper at the ready as you enjoy this conversation with Penelope Bell.

Website: www.penelopebell.com.au

Instagram: www.instagram.com/penelope_bell_official

Facebook: www.facebook.com/penelopebellillustration

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/penelope-bell-1867692b/

Apr 20 2020

1hr 20mins


Ep88 - Reconnect

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Ep88 - Reconnect by Ali Hill

Apr 20 2020



Ep87 Teela Reid - The truth-tellers of our time

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In this episode I sit down with proud Wiradjuri & Wailwan woman Teela Reid. Teela is a defence lawyer, former teacher, 5 x marathoner and activist.

She was awarded UNSW Law Dean’s Women of Excellence List and was appointed tipstaff to her Honour Justice Lucy McCallum in the NSW Supreme Court. Ms Reid was invited to sit in on leadership meetings in Melbourne that began the foundation of the Uluru Statement of the Heart and became a working group leader on Section 51(xxvi) in the Constitutional dialogue process.

Teela shares why our constitution needs to change to acknowledge the Indigenous people of this land, and how when we include this significant part of our culture and our history, we are not losing 200 years of history we are gaining an inclusion to the 60,000 years of Indigenous culture. Which is certainly something I want for my kids. Teela’s call is for all of us to be a part of this change.

This is an important conversation and one I would encourage you to listen to again and again. Soak up the honesty, wisdom, and conviction that oozes out of Teela Reid.

Jan 24 2020

1hr 6mins


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