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Hello, Hello and welcome to Self Care is Sexy! My name is Kris, and I’ll be your host. We are a weekly podcast that’s here to generate and share self care ideas with each other.

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Episode 76: Build a Self-Care Routine

Today we are talking about how to create a self care routine. If you’ve had a hard time making time for yourself, setting boundaries or saying no, this show is really going to get you started.


31 Jan 2019

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Episode 3: Self Care is Sexy Soft Launch

This Episode we talk about our soft launch party (yay!), in which we had an intimate gathering with some of our closest friends. We brought a few into the studio to ask what self-care means to them and how they implement it, all while sipping on mimosas and eating delicious treats.

1hr 9mins

15 Dec 2016

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Episode 31: Self-Care 101

Self-care 101; a course for the rest of us on how to get the self-care we need!


17 Aug 2017

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Episode 105: Toxic People

Today we are looking at how to spot toxic people; how to identify them, and then look at ways to eliminate toxic people from your life. And we make sure to take responsibility and identify our own toxic behaviors.


14 Nov 2019

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Episode 4: When Life Works Best DIY

In this episode, Kris walks you through creating your own When Life Works Best mancala, a DIY project! Create and keep track of your five most important goals, and stick to them by following the steps for this venture. Get creative and make tracking your progress fun! This simple, cheap DIY idea will help you remember to put yourself first!


15 Dec 2016

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Episode 29: Positive Thinking for self-care

Your mind is your most powerful tool, learn to use it wisely for self=care!


10 Aug 2017

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Episode 64: Back to Basics, Again

Start small, comitt to one thing this week. BreathEstablish a safe placeWrap up in a soft blanketTake a bathRock in a rocking chair or swingLight a fireTake a napGive yourself a manicurePut on fancy body lotion or oilsGive yourself a foot massage  Get a professional massageHold your petHold a stuffed animalRelaxation CDListen to music you likeGuided imageryMeditiateRead inspirational booksDrink tea or hot chocolateEat a favorite foodSelf affirmationsSpend time in a favorite place


2 Aug 2018

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Episode 18: Back to Basics

Lets refresh the basic concepts of self-care, how we make it a priority and what ideas we can do today to strengthen our self-love.


23 Mar 2017

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Episode 23: Something Nice for You!

Having a hard time coming up with self-care ideas? Let's look as some nice things you can do for yourself to help you feel better and get that much deserved and juicy self-love!


27 Apr 2017

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Episode 111: Stop avoiding self-care

We avoid uncomfortable, because its, well...uncomfortable. Figuring out how to make self-care a priority means work. But I have five easy ways to make it not work and less uncomfortable.


7 Feb 2020

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Episode 100: 100 Self Care ideas

One hundred episodes! Can't believe it. SO lets celebrate with a list!! 100 self-care tips from your host Kris Wood.


13 Sep 2019

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Episode 12: Overwhelmed, Overloaded, Overbooked!

Feeling overwhelmed? Time to make self-care the priority!!


1 Feb 2017

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Episode 65: Looking like you're doing self-care vs. doing self care

So, some Examples of “looking like your doing self care”?CHORESBEAUTY ROUTINETOO SOCIALFAST FOODBUYING STUFFTrait of actual self -carePLANNEDIS ALONEROUTINECONNECTIONBENEFITSREFLECTION QUESTIONS:How many times a week do you something that is just for you?Have you said “no” to a friend, college, boss or obligation in order to do self-care?What could you do today for some self-care? How likely are you to do it?


25 Sep 2018

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Episode 14: Self Care is Sexy Survey

Time to ask some tough questions and check in on your self-care!


16 Feb 2017

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Episode 61: Distractions & Disassociating

Distraction or disassociation is a form of self-care, but what happens when it goes too far?


2 Jul 2018

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Episode 103: Excuses

Today we are talking all about excuese. Whats your favorite Whats the benifits How they become our story Following through Procratnation No excuses for not getting Self care


15 Oct 2019

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Episode 113: Self Care is easy

Three easy steps to making self-care easy!


24 Feb 2020

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Episode 66: Shake Self-Hate

Tip #5 - to shake you out of that self hate funk - and get to the self loveBan the self hate talk - no more. Just say NO when you mind starts racing and thinking about how horrible you are, how could you do this, just stop yourself.Cut the booze and pot; to clear your head and hear your heart, if you are self medicating because you can't face whatever it is, and you’re in pain, you are dulling the pain for sure, but you’re also dulling everything else.Splash water on your face - or if you can jump in the pool. Let that cold water shock the mean girl right out of you. Even if you’re not a big fan of the water or pools or rivers or whatever, this is going to change your tone real quickly enough to get you away from beating yourself up and into to soothing.Cut up a bunch of paper hearts - now you can write little love messages on them, or things you want to forgive yourself for, or you could even write down some of the horrible things you say to yourself, and then burn them. That’s right, here at self care is sexy I am give you permission to burn your hearts out. Because sometimes you have to do these weird little things to shake it up. And it’s really carthitc.Cook yourself something to eat - making yourself food is an act of self care. And it’s something you need to do anyway, but maybe put the effort into it like it was a date or something, you know bust out the wine glasses, even if your drinking water, and set the table, instead of eating over the sink or at the couch watching tv, do it up right, find a new recipe and have a three course spread; salad or soup the main deal and a desert. Do this. Do this for you.


27 Sep 2018

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Episode 7: Post Self-care guilt

Turn guilt into gratitude. Next time you feel guilty after self-care repeat to yourself “I’m human, just like everyone else”. Remembering this simple phrase can do wonders to the internal dialog that keeps guilt alive.  Tell the other person. You might reach out to your friend and let them know you are feeling guilty for not helping them out. Have an open dialog and if they are a good friend, they should be able to put you at ease. Maybe find someone you trust to talk about, or hey send ME an email. Accept that people may be mad at you. What others think about you, is none of your fucking business. If you tell a friend you cannot help them and choose self-care instead, they should understand. Most of our friends are more forgiving of us then we are of ourselves. Journal. I love to write (duh, you’re reading my weekly blog). It is very therapeutic and helps to formulate precisely what’s going on. Write down why you are feeling guilty. Think of all the contributing factors. Maybe someone in you early life always made you feel guilty if you did not give them exactly what they wanted from you.Healthy guilt v. unhealthy guilt. Feeling guilty because you decided to take a bath instead of helping a friend move is a good example of unhealthy guilt. You didn’t do anything wrong, you are not harming anyone, and you didn’t promise to help months ago and are backing out. Plan more self-care. Turns out the solution to feeling guilty about taking care of yourself, comes from not taking care of yourself. It’s a practice, You may need to over saturate yourself with self-care, tender words, and alone time for awhile so that it can start to feel normal for you.


29 Dec 2016

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Episode 30: Lacking Self-Care?

You're busy, there's too much to do. You're not in control of your time. Everyone has you running ragged!! What happens when you are lacking self-care? Is there anything you can do about it?!


12 Aug 2017

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