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Giving you every tool you need to be unapologetically successful, these episodes will share the secrets, tips, and incredible stories of of how wealthy entrepreneurs, celebrities, and people of influence have risen to the top, and what they’ve done to make this world a better place as a result of their success. Host Chris Harder pulls out the best in people, proving that when good people make good money, they do great things! As a successful entrepreneur himself, he also believes that everyone has the right to an abundant lifestyle, and the responsibility to help others have the same. Money’s most important role is that it gives options and solves problems, and there are way too many stories of successful individuals doing GREAT things with their wealth that go unreported. Chris' goal is to expose those stories, therefor giving you the permission, motivation, and the tips & tools to love and attract money, become a smashing success, and in return, empower you to live generously in your earning and your giving. For more content, check out www.fortheloveofmoney.com

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194: Six Hacks to a Successful 2019 with Lori Harder

In This Episode You Will Learn About: Rapid fire Q+A for Lori and myself Hyper self awareness Leaving time for miracles Figuring out your hourly value Prioritizing your needle-movers Doing YOU Tracking what matters most Love + put yourself first Growth hacks Join a mastermind Our offer to you! Resources: Learn more: loriharder.com IG: @loriharder Fast Foundations Mastermind Show Notes Today I am joined by my wife, Lori Harder, and we are here to talk about six hacks that we know will make 2019 a successful year for you. From business, to life, and relationships, this episode covers it all. These hacks are things that Lori and I have learned, and are learning to implement currently. Be sure to listen all the way through because we share the biggest thing that we will do this year– hint: it involves YOU. Lori Harder is a leading expert in the field of fitness, transformational work, mindfulness, and self-love. She has grown two multi-million dollar businesses as a successful entrepreneur and network marketing professional. She is also an author, cover model, and three-time fitness world champion, who offers a carefully curated set of practical tools to promote sustainable health, spiritual well-being, and financial freedom. Through her books, unique coaching methods, and programs, she has helped countless people connect with their soul, transform their bodies, empower their minds, gain financial independence, and fall in love with themselves and their lives. Throughout her career, Lori has regularly appeared on the covers of and published articles for Oxygen Magazine, STRONG Fitness Magazine, Health & Fitness Magazine and Prosper Magazine. She has also been featured on NBC, Fox, and TLC networks. Lori has also helped dozens of people reach six figure or more salaries through her network marketing business (Isagenix), and she has helped hundreds of others to start their own home-based business. Lori has taken her passion for human potential and created The Bliss Project, a women’s empowerment retreat, and the Bliss Habit online course that has thousands of women per year taking this breakthrough curriculum. Follow me on social media @ChrisWHarder on Instagram and check out www.ForTheLoveOfMoney.com

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14 Jan 2019

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3: From $47 to Multi-Millions, A Conversation About Your MONEY MINDSET with Danette May

Over the last 13 years as a certified fitness professional, Pilates instructor and nutritionist, Danette has changed the lives of 100’s of thousands of people by transforming their bodies and helping them achieve their weight loss goals. And it’s with this experience and a degree in pre-med and nutrition, she founded Mindful Health, LLC, a platform that provides millions of people around the world with the tools, knowledge, and inspiration to look and feel their best while living more healthy and zestful lives. She's the author of several best selling books, 7 Day Jumpstart, Bikini Body Detox, and Bikini Body Recipes, a recipe book with 5 ingredient meals that take 10 minutes or less to prepare, for busy women and men who want to save time in the grocery store, save time in the kitchen, and have more meaningful time with families and loved ones. Danette has been a fitness model for US Magazine and Women’s Health Magazine, and a frequent guest on National TV, Access Hollywood, Hallmark Home and Family and CBS LA. Additionally, she's starred in some of the top-selling fitness videos including “Flat Abs Fast,” “Bootcamp Bikini Body,” and “Get Me In My Skinny Jeans.” Danette has worked with some of the top fitness professionals in the industry including Jillian Michaels and George St. Pierre. For the first time ever, Danette shared her “$47 story” at my wife’s event, The Bliss Project. After the fear of being too vulnerable subsided, Danette now shares her story with the world to let us all know, that it is VERY MUCH possible to change your life, the minute you change your mindset. “I feel like so many of us are just going through life on cruise control.” After losing her second-born during childbirth, Danette spiraled into a deep depression. She went from being an active fitness leader to a young Mom who couldn't bring herself to get out of the house for months. “Looking back I like to call it a refiners moment, it's how glass and diamonds are made. You are getting burned, but turn out better than ever.” Just when you thought things couldn't get worse, she tells us the terrible things her ex had put her through including wiping the bank account clean, leaving her with her two daughters broke. “I remember telling my girls we were going to play a game, to try and find any and all money we could around the house, including in-between the couch cushions. We came up with $47.63” Survival mode set in. There was no way she was going to allow her ex to bring her and her beautiful baby-girls down like that. Starting off with books and podcasts, Danette educated herself each day. Not having money was never an excuse. There is so much coaching for free on the internet, if you are willing to belly up and listen to it. Fast forwarding to today, Danette has become one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the business. Not only did she move on spiritually and financially, but Danette is now also married and continues raising her two young daughters who I know will only be just as successful as Danette, when they are older. “The motto in our family is “Small hinges move big doors.” I know that my eldest daughter knows that money takes work and showing up in even the smallest ways each day.” Having Danette on my podcast today was such an honor. Her life advice and the inspiration she exudes cant be topped. In this Episode You Will Hear About: Vulnerability Mindset Numbing out Rock bottom Money Business Coaching Success Entrepreneurship Resources: danettemay.com 7 Day Jumpstart Bikini Body Detox Bikini Body Recipes The Bliss Project Event (theblissproject.info) For more stories and tips on becoming unapologetically wealthy, follow me @Chriswharder on Instagram and check out www.fortheloveofmoney.com.


14 Mar 2017

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282: Rob Dyrdek: Business Secrets Q&A

In This Episode You Will Learn About: -Having a core purpose for the decisions you make -Designing your life the way you want and choosing the life you live -The seven core capabilities to assess a founder through -The importance of understanding money -Learning through failure -It’s never too late to learn -Margins over everything -Morning routines -Believing in yourself Resources: -Elite Level Mastermind: fortheloveofmoney.com/mastermind Show Notes: I’ve got a real treat for you today. I’m lifting the curtain on a conversation I had at my elite level mastermind with the legend, Rob Dyrdek. In case you’ve forgotten who he is (because I know you’ve heard of him), he is the professional skater turned TV personality and mega-entrepreneur. You probably know of him from his TV shows Ridiculousness, Fantasy Factory, or Rob & Big. But most people don’t realize how wildly successful and brilliant an entrepreneur he is. He was willing to come to our mastermind and bless us with his incredible knowledge, not only of his businesses, but how he leads such a life of balance. I’ve never seen any entrepreneur do it like this before. Question Highlights: -What are your core values? -Where did your boundaries come from and how do you uphold them? -Why was the book Start at the End so impactful, and what do you do as a result of what you learned from that book?  -What did it take for you to learn to be a numbers person? -What keeps you motivated to keep pushing? -Do you have a meditative or spiritual practice? -If you started over, what would be your next revenue stream? -Can you break down your morning routine? Guest Bio: At 18 years old, he used his knowledge gained from the skateboard industry to create his first company. The relentless pursuit of his childhood dreams made Rob Dyrdek a professional athlete at 16 years old and propelled him into the world of business before most people entered college. Surrounded by entrepreneurs in his youth, Dyrdek quickly learned the power of building brands. At 18 years old, he used that knowledge to create his first company. This “outlier” experience helped him to develop and grow both his own brands and increase the value of his brand partners as he was quickly becoming an influential professional skateboarder. By leveraging his influence and designing new concepts and ideas, he helped turn a rising footwear and apparel brand into a $500 million international company. He used that same expertise to build skate brands later in his career launching the world's first true professional skateboarding league Street League Skateboarding and a first of its kind skateboarding channel, ETN. That same approach to brand development led him to co-create and executive produce his first television show, Rob & Big on MTV. After the success of this first show, he created Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory showcasing his Do-Or-Dier® mentality towards entrepreneurship. Constantly evolving and taking calculated risks, Dyrdek beat world records with his physical feats while continuing his endeavors, launching several new brands while structuring multi-platform integrated partnerships. Dyrdek continued in his television success with the launch of his new production company, Superjacket. In this new role, he created Ridiculousness, yet another big hit television show, followed by hits like Nickelodeon’s Mega Life & Crashletes and CMT’s The Dude Perfect Show. Using this expertise gained developing the intersection between business and media, he went on to not only invest in new businesses, but also help successfully amplify their brand. With his extensive knowledge, experience and insight gained over two decades of building his own intellectual properties and working with top brands around the world, he started developing the groundwork for his full-service venture studio, Dyrdek Machine. The Dyrdek Machine represents not only the financial investment of Rob Dyrdek, but also his passion for partnering with disruptive “Do-or-Dier®” entrepreneurs, guiding them to achieve sustainable success. Using his proven method for predictable success, Dyrdek works personally with his partners to help them realize their true passion and voice and turn it into a profitable, sustainable brand. His unquenchable desire to live life to the fullest pushed him to develop a strategy for success in life, not unlike the formula he created for his venture studio. Following his life plan for happiness, balance and love while still achieving greatness in his career, Dyrdek now enjoys a fulfilling life with his family in Beverly Hills and continues to build his dream as he had not only envisioned, but designed it. Follow me on social media @ChrisWHarder on Instagram and check out www.ForTheLoveOfMoney.com

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18 Nov 2019

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86: How You Can FIX YOUR MONEY STORY with Peta Kelly

I was so excited to connect with today’s guest serial entrepreneur and author, Peta Kelly, as we hadn’t had a real catch-up in forever. And how amazing is it that it could be timed with her new book, Earth Is Hiring? Once a self-professed science nerd, Peta followed the pull of her soul into network marketing which soon led to full-on entrepreneurship and she hasn’t looked back since. She’s now made it her mission to help millennials (and anyone else who gives a sh*t), discover The New Way to Live, Lead, Earn and Give. Listen in to hear how Peta made the conscious decision to change her personal money story in order to align herself with her soul’s purpose, and how you can too. Believe me when I say she makes it sound easy and effortless. -- Question Highlights: Who is Peta Kelly? How did you make the transition from science nerd to serial entrepreneur? Do you feel you have the responsibility to create change? Of your motto, “The New Way to Live, Lead, Earn and Give,” which do you think is the most important? Why are we just now talking about the “New Way” since it’s actually the “old way?” What do you mean when you say we’re voting with our spending power? How do you feel about money? Why do people have such a hang-up with money? If someone feels out of alignment with their money story, where can they start doing the work? What are we going to learn and discover in your new book? In This Episode You Will Learn: How millennials are using The New Way to Live, Lead, Earn and Give How Peta went from science nerd to entrepreneur Why network marketing businesses are like training wheels for entrepreneurship What it means to take radical responsibility The importance of raising your vibration Why businesses need to upgrade their practices to support the earth if they want to survive Why money acts as a teammate The importance of getting in alignment with your soul, mission and money How to get in alignment with your money story About Peta’s new book, Earth Is Hiring And so much more… Peta’s Thoughts… “Take care of the planet or bust.” “Our money is never spent. Our money is never asleep.” “Of everything we have, there is the option to get it in a more conscious way.” “Take responsibility for your own money story.” “Real leadership is taking responsibility for your own money story.” “I don’t worship money, I appreciate it.” -- Peta Kelly's most favourite title is HUMAN AF. She is a conscious entrepreneur, author, speaker and philanthropist. She was recently featured in Forbes Magazine and was just ranked by Inc Magazine in the Top 10 Female Entrepreneurs changing the world. She’s is an unbridled soul and barefoot bandit on a mission to unleash the jeaniius of GenY’s globally. She dropped being a PhD science nerd at the age of 22 and went on the pursuit of that ‘thing’ that was calling her higher. That's when she found her first business pursuit in network marketing and She became a 7 figure a year earner in Isagenix by the age of 26. Her network marketing journey led her to her bigger, more global soul work and now she’s building a global enterprise, Jeaniius – a global hub of nakedly brilliant people, mobilized to create change for our planet through conscious enterprise and magical collaborations. Peta teaches the new way to live, lead, earn and give and what excites her the most is bringing her brilliant, badass generation together as one team and one family so that we can gift our planet and our kiddies, an environment where they can thrive. Peta is an angel gifter and a silent investor, and thrives on expanding the cycle of abundance and contribution, especially when it allows young people to kick ass in their endeavors. A millennial with a love of millennials, Peta speaks on global stages, barefoot, to tens of thousands of people, and to millions through her various platforms, sharing visionary messages of conscious living to move hearts and minds to what’s possible. Self-described as an alien, a “vessel” for what needs to flow through her, Peta is the creator of The New Way Live, Jeaniius and The Supercharged and she’s got her first book on the way in early 2018. Peta was recently featured on The Rise Up movie with Michael Bernard Beckwith, Jack Canfield, Danielle LaPorte, Gabby Bernstein, Marie Forleo, Tony Robbins, The Dalai Lama and more. She's a new Mum to her beautiful daughter Sol and has now found a new supersized passion for empowering women to create a beautiful pregnancy and birth experience. Resources: Earth Is Hiring: The new way to live, lead, earn and give for millennials and anyone who gives a sh*t by Peta Kelly (Releases Jan. 30, 2018, Pre Order NOW!)  petakelly.com http://EarthIsHiring.com IG: petajean_ -- For more stories and tips on becoming unapologetically wealthy, follow me @Chriswharder on Instagram and check out fortheloveofmoney.com.


2 Jan 2018

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70: The PERFECT DAY Formula for Entrepreneurs with Craig Ballantyne

After having a conversation with my guest, Craig Ballantyne, it’s hard to believe that he once struggled with crippling anxiety despite living “the life.” It’s what he likes to call the “paradox of freedom.” He had the freedom, but was still trapped when it came to having panic attacks. Sometimes his attacks came out of nowhere and other times they were predictable (drinking excessive amounts of caffeine or alcohol). He knew it was time to do something about them, however, when he had an anxiety attack for nearly six weeks straight. Having since gotten a handle around his anxiety, Craig now enjoys sharing his story to help others work through theirs. And because we talk a lot about gratitude in this podcast, I love that one of his biggest tips is practicing gratitude and helping others daily. Craig’s transparency in this interview is invaluable and I hope that if you or someone you know suffer from anxiety that you discover some helpful tools to help you control them moving forward.   -- Question Highlights: What was your upbringing like and how did it lead to your success and the epic knowledge you have today? What did you do to overcome your anxiety/panic attacks? Have you seen a trend among your clients of anxiety holding them back? How have you done well in both personal training and business? What is The Perfect Day Formula? Do you find that you have clients who sacrifice happiness at home for a thriving business? What would be better to start with – your book or The Perfect Day Kit? What role has generosity played in your success? What is one of your all-time favorite moments of giving? And more… In This Episode You Will Learn: How Craig overcame is struggle with anxiety and panic attacks Why anxiety is like a black box How gratitude, generosity and helping others has aided Craig in coping with anxiety Why we shouldn’t suffer in silence The importance of having good mentors Why you must figure out what moves you ahead toward your legacy in life – professionally and personally How the Three Cs help you establish rules for your life How your values drive anything you do Why it’s essential to prioritize your values And so much more… Craig’s Thoughts… “Everything is a learnable skill.” “At the root of anxiety is self-doubt.” “Admitting a weakness is a strength.” “It wasn’t the law of attraction; it was the law of action attraction.” “You can attract great opportunity into life when you do the work.” “Control what you can. Cope with what you can’t. Concentrate on what counts.” “When your actions are misaligned with your goals it causes internal stress in us.” “If you want to do great things, you have to do fewer things.” -- Author, trainer and coach, Craig Ballantyne is a Productivity & Success Transformation Coach from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He is the author of The Perfect Day Formula: How to Own the Day and Control Your Life — and his brand-new book, The Great Cardio Myth, debunks all the untruths you've been told about cardio being a silver bullet for weight loss and heart health. Craig has been a contributor to Men's Health magazine since 2000, and his articles have also appeared in Women’s Health, Oxygen, GQ, Maxim, National Geographic, Men’s Fitness and Muscle and Fitness Hers, amongst many others. His articles have also been featured on Inc.com, LifeHacker.com, and Telegraph.co.uk. In 2001, he created the popular home workout program, Turbulence Training, and in 2013 he created the Home Workout Revolution bodyweight exercise program. Over 100,000 men and women have used his 6 Minutes to Skinny weight loss system since 2014.  Craig is also the founder of the Certified Turbulence Training Program, certifying trainers from all corners of the globe. He holds an annual Turbulence Training Summit for fitness experts to become better trainers and get more clients so they make more money and live the Perfect Life. Craig has had to overcome many obstacles on his journey to success, and his toughest battle was fighting crippling anxiety attacks. He finally discovered how to beat them with his 5 Pillars of Transformation, and today Craig shows men and women how to use the 5 Pillars to do everything from losing 10 to 75 pounds, getting a raise and making more money, to finding the love of their life, and overcoming any obstacle in the way of success. Resources: Email: craig@godfather.com http://craigballantyne.com IG: @realcraigballantyne Twitter: @realcraigballantyne -- For more stories and tips on becoming unapologetically wealthy, follow me @Chriswharder on Instagram and check out fortheloveofmoney.com.


6 Nov 2017

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30: Everything You've Wanted to Know About LEADERSHIP with Steve Farber

One would never know that the highly successful leadership expert and author, Steve Farber once dreamed of becoming a musician – playing guitar, writing songs – the whole bit.  Those dreams, however, were put to the side when he soon realized that supporting a family and music didn’t mesh well together at the time. So, he gave up the idea of a career in music and began his search for a job. Fortunately, he had a friend who had an investment business and he offered to take him on and show him the ropes. A few successful years later, Steve opened his own company – and found that he had become an entrepreneur. He soon realized though that despite running a thriving business, he hated it. Witnessing people inevitably lose money took a toll on his heart, because he genuinely cared about people – he wanted to help them. Realizing he could do more, he got out. Instead, Steve decided to take his business background, along with his passion for human beings, and combine them to start doing training, facilitation and consulting work. Along the way, Steve also discovered that he was also passionate about leadership. He made it his mission to help people grow into their own extreme leadership. While an expert in the field of leadership, Steve still has his checks and balances when it comes to either speaking at events or other training courses. Years ago, an attendee at one of his events about authenticity questioned if Steve was actually modeling what he was speaking about. That hit him hard. Was he truly speaking from his heart or just doing all the “right” things? Reeling from this comment, he sought out the advice from a mentor, Terry Pierce, and he had some simple but valuable advice. First, you’re never going to connect with everybody. But specifically with the man who questioned Steve’s authenticity, it was important to  “Assume he was right and go from there.” Take a moment to see if there’s some truth. Whatever the answer, know that you can only learn and grow into a better leader. So what makes a great leader? Steve strongly feels that leadership has nothing to do with your position or title. It’s not just about looking out for yourself and stepping on other people as you go. “The greatest leaders are the ones who invest themselves in other people’s success. There’s a generosity of spirit and in what they give.” Not limited to money, this includes sharing time, energy, contacts and so much more. Extreme leaders, as Steve likes to call them, do it because it’s the right thing to do. It’s about implementing a spirit of inclusiveness in addition to the structure of it. You can still have that hierarchy within a company and still function in an inclusive way. Real leaders are committed to changing at least their piece of the world for the better and making radical leaps (not coincidentally the name of one of his books) in love, energy, audacity and proof. As you likely guessed, this isn’t the status quo way of thinking (but Steve and I would love it to be). So what do you do when there’s opposition? What if you’re the minority in a situation? Steve coaches that it’s all about finding your center of gravity. What do you love about the work you’re doing? Where’s your heart in this? Your values?  “If your heart’s not in it, you’re not likely to take a stand.” Whether you’re against the status quo or right alongside it, Steve advises that you must make the decision to LEAD. Keep in mind that it’s OK to say no. It’s perfectly acceptable as long as you’re making the decision consciously and being aware of the “oh shit! moments (OS!M). “If the only reason you’re not doing something is because the idea scares you, that’s the reason to do it.” Let fear be your guide. Sometimes that fear actual means, “I should proceed, not retreat.” Pretty soon, you’ll be seeking out those OS!Ms, and that’s ideal because it means you’re always growing! Because sometimes, “It’s the love that gets us to step up and take action, and the OS!M is often the experience of taking the action.” Steve acknowledges that there are several different types of leaders/entrepreneurs out there and along with that different works styles. Some people work the standard 40+ hours a week and others boast a 4-hour workday. His take on it? “To each their own.” At the end of the day, if you’re creating and accomplishing what YOU intend to do, it doesn’t matter how you do it. On the flip side, however, if you’re not reaching your goals, you may have to adjust. When it comes to “work” in general, be it as an entrepreneur or in corporate America, Steve believes that all of it’s good. Not everyone is wired to be an entrepreneur, just like not everyone is wired to work for someone else. To Steve, the problem lies in the work atmosphere. “We should be changing the nature of what it means to go to work – wherever it is.” Even if it’s mundane work, if you love the people and the company you work for, why shouldn’t it be a joyful experience?  Extending on that point a bit further, Steve firmly believes that it’s not unreasonable to make money, be happy and change the world – simultaneously. “You don’t have to be an ass to make money. You don’t have to sacrifice money for joy. And you don’t have to be a martyr to change the world.” “Be totally unapologetic for the money you’re making. Be totally unapologetic for the joy your achieving in your life. Be totally unapologetic for how you’re having an impact to change the world for the better.” With words like that, it’s no wonder that Steve has such a generous and giving spirit. His natural impulse is to figure out a way, no matter the situation to help. It’s not to say it always works out, but just the intent ensures that when he needs help, he’ll have a line out the door offering to help. With an unapologetic personality like that, I don’t think I’m alone in thinking, “thank goodness his music career didn’t work out.” In This Episode You Will Learn:  Leadership Authenticity The link between leadership and generosity Entrepreneurship  Resources: FB: facebook.com/stevefarber IG: @stevefarber SteveFarber.com Free audio training series, videos and blogs Extreme Leadership Workshop – Aug. 16, 2017, San Diego stevefarber.com/workshops-training/ Books: The Radical Leap The Radical Edge Greater than Yourself All can be found at stevefarber.com/books/ For more stories and tips on becoming unapologetically wealthy, follow me @Chriswharder on Instagram and check out fortheloveofmoney.com.


19 Jun 2017

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309. How to 3x your income

In This Episode You Will Learn About: Setting a realistic, achievable goal Moving beyond just paying your bills Asking better questions Living extraordinarily AND creating massive security Ways you can 3X your income Resources: Fast Foundations: fastfoundations.com Show Notes: Let’s talk about how you can 3X your income. We hear a lot of talk about people trying to 10X their income, but the problem is that it’s not a believable goal for most people to wrap their heads around, so it never ends up happening. But you can significantly increase your income, and 3 times your income is a great number you can get to quickly. I’m going to share why it’s realistic, why I specifically chose that amount, and how you can do it. Follow me on social media @ChrisWHarder on Instagram and check out www.ForTheLoveOfMoney.com


24 Feb 2020

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267: Should You Buy or Rent?

In This Episode You Will Learn About: Is renting throwing away your money? When buying a home is the right move The hidden costs of home ownership The benefits of renting The formula to decide if home ownership is a good value The smart home-buying strategy Resources: Free training videos: fortheloveofmoney.com/free Money Principles Show Notes: Is homeownership the right move? This can be a controversial topic, but so many people have questions about it, and more importantly, so many people get it wrong. I’m going to address this financial urban legend that’s been fed to people who, while meaning well, didn’t know any better. So many of us just follow the advice that someone gives them without stopping to run the numbers on it. It was also probably given to you by people who aren’t exactly financially savvy. We’re going to go over when buying makes sense, when renting is a better idea, and the smartest home-buying strategy I know. Follow me on social media @ChrisWHarder on Instagram and check out www.ForTheLoveOfMoney.com For the Love of Money is a production of Crate Media


26 Sep 2019

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120: Creating More Certainty in Your Money Mindset with David TS Wood

I am so inspired and proud to call today’s guest, David Wood, a friend and mentor. I’ve learned countless lessons from him over the years and today he shares even more with you. Leaving home at age 15 with only $500 to his name, he spent many years backpacking and eventually landed in Canada. Throughout his journey, he learned early on to let go of the things that weren’t working and move on to the next. This practice (along with the gift of certainty) served him well and he now coaches thousands of other people who are looking to become more successful and make it an impact at the same time. David is unapologetic about his success and life, and has a heart of gold – making it a point to give in some way, shape or form, on a daily basis. Tune in to hear all about his journey so far and also what he uncovers about me and my money mindset that I never even thought about! -- Question Highlights: What’s your favorite quote? What’s one of your superpowers? What’s one thing you’re afraid of? What’s one of your favorite accomplishments so far? How did you get so much compassion? How did you develop your coaching style? When did you make the shift from troubled backpacker to the success story you are now? What is something that someone can do to gain certainty? Do you have any rituals or routine that ensures correct thoughts in your mind? What is something you’re working through right now? When did you start to value money? What are the different money archetypes? Why do people have walls up around money? In This Episode We Talk about: How David gives on a daily basis Accepting others beliefs and still keeping your own How David went from troubled backpacker to success story The importance of certainty, transparency and authenticity David’s daily rituals and routine How meditation changed David’s life How David working on his focus to amplify his impact How David is enjoying living in the moment David’s association with money growing up The four different money archetypes – hoarder, spender, money monk and avoider David's impactful moments of giving Why your money mindset is a learned behavior Why environment is so crucial when it comes to living your life unapologetically And so much more… David’s Thoughts… “When you consciously live in the unknown zone, it’s all about self-trust.” “I never held onto things unless they were working.” “Certainty is sexy.” “The brain is not designed to make us rich and happy.” “The only world you know is the one you’re in.” “It wasn’t about being wealthy; it was about creating freedom.” “It’s not about how much money we make, it’s about how that money works for us.” “My wealth can only grow to the extent I grow myself.” “Right time. Right vehicle. Right you.” “The feeling of the need to apologize is because you want something that doesn’t match the environment you’re in.” -- Crazy, rebel, misfit, troublemaker, are a few of the adjectives that have been used to describe David T.S. Wood, some others are, humanitarian, pinnacle leader, multi-millionaire, adventurer, master educator and goofball. David is as comfortable leading a team to the 19,000-foot summit of Kilimanjaro, “The Roof of Africa,” as he is brainstorming with billionaires about changing the world. He has trained over “one million” students from all corners of the world, and regardless of the venue, the language they speak or the duration of his program, his students ALWAYS describe him the same way: fearless, transparent, authentic, hilariously funny, effective and life changing. His radical, non-apologetic approach is not for everyone; it’s definitely not for the faint of heart, or for the person who is not ready for change, the person who is content to sit on the sidelines and watch the game of life being played out in front of them by others who are tired of the status quo or playing by the rules. David continues to work all over the world helping his students break through their fears, create freedom and design extraordinary lives. He likes to say, however, that his greatest accomplishment is being the proud father of his two son’s Calvin and Ben. -- Resources: IG: @davidtswood FB: facebook.com/davidtswood Lori Harder's New Book: A TRIBE CALLED BLISS is Now Available! --  For more stories and tips on becoming unapologetically wealthy, follow me @Chriswharder on Instagram and check out fortheloveofmoney.com.

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30 Apr 2018

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40: The Million Dollar Wedding Photographer - BRANDING EXPERT Jenna Kutcher

After studying corporate business and graduating from college, small-town Wisconsin girl, Jenna Kutcher, landed her dream job (or at least she thought) in a large Midwest-based corporation. Unfortunately, her dreams of wearing heels and a business suit morphed into wearing khaki and red – and was far from glamorous. She knew there had to be something more in store for her. Enter in the $300 Craig’s List camera. Jenna started taking pictures, enjoying the learning process and sharing her captures online. People started to notice her talent and asked if she would take pictures for them. And so it began, she booked 25 weddings without ever shooting one. A year later, she was doing so well that she was able to leave her corporate job and began photographing weddings full time. Her photography soon developed into a focus and love for branding. She connected so deeply with her brides and wanted to make their personal visions come to life. This love, and let’s be honest, branding genius, quickly turned into a six-figure business. Having found such success personally, she was confused when she learned that others in wedding photography were struggling. Seeing the need, Jenna began to teach others what she’d learned. Since then, her photography and branding business has skyrocketed to a seven-figure business (and growing) all based on this founding concept of generosity. From free content and blogs to merchandise and online training courses, Jenna wants everyone to find the same success she has. And she does it all from a place of authenticity, sharing the honest highs and lows of her life and business. -- Question Highlights: How have you taken a very common industry and turned it into a seven-figure entrepreneurial endeavor? How did you book 25 weddings without ever shooting one? Do a lot of artists, in general, suffer from limiting money mindsets? Did you always have a strong money mindset? What does it take to stand out as a wedding photographer? Where did your drive and high standard of performance come from? What do we need to know to build a bigger and more engaged audience on IG? In This Episode You Will Learn: How Jenna’s wedding photography (and branding expertise) began. Helpful (but simple) tips that launched Jenna’s wedding photography business. How to be resourceful without a ton of money. About limiting money mindset beliefs. That how you spend your time is just as important as the money you make. Why it’s so important to first and foremost make connections with people on social media. Jenna’s top tips for posting and monetizing those posts on Instagram. And so much more… Jenna’s Thoughts… “I landed in the dream job – and it wasn’t a dream.” “Anyone can go out and do their work for free so they have work to show for it.” “I believe we should get paid to do what we love.” “We try to guess what people will be willing to pay for our products or services instead of trusting that we can speak directly to the people who will see our worth and value – and pay full value.” “Time is my motivator. Money is not. Money is just a measure of how I’m doing with my time.” “The more vulnerable I’ve been, the more I’ve aligned myself with the right people.” “People start to recognize you not just by what you do, but by who you are.” “I teach the what and the why, and then I offer the how.” “When you hire a team that thinks the best of you, that believes in you, that gets behind you, it’s the most incredible thing you can do for yourself, for your sanity and for your business.” “Whenever my life hits the fan, my business booms!” -- Jenna is small-town Wisconsin photographer, painter, and educator with big dreams. Obsessed with: mac and cheese, puppies, and yoga pants. Most days, you’ll find her in yoga pants, working on the couch with a smile on her face and rescue pups in her lap – or making googly eyes at her hunky husband, Drew, from across the room. She’s a wedding photographer, podcaster, a watercolor artist, and an educator – plus, she’s always got her bags packed for her next wheels-up adventure. Resources: jennakutcher.com IG: @jennakutcher FB: @jennakutcher Goal Digger Podcast: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/goal-digger-podcast-marketing-social-media-creative/id1178704872?mt=2 -- For more stories and tips on becoming unapologetically wealthy, follow me @Chriswharder on Instagram and check out fortheloveofmoney.com.


24 Jul 2017

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116: How to OVERCOME LOW SELF-ESTEEM with Nicholas Bayerle

I can’t wait for you all to hear my conversation with entrepreneur and CEO of The Billion Dollar Body, Nicholas Bayerle. Not only did he make a huge transformation physically, he’s also made an incredible financial transformation – he just hit seven figures this year! Did I mention he’s only 26 years old? Today, Nicholas shares his experiences with other men and coaches them on how they too can live The Billion Dollar Lifestyle by focusing on their health, businesses and relationships. Be sure to listen in as Nicholas shares what this means and how it’s affected his journey thus far.  Get a pen and paper ready, he delivers tremendous value with this advice, nuggets of knowledge and tips. -- Question Highlights: What’s one of your superpowers? What is one regret you have? What’s one of your favorite books? Who is someone who has changed your life? How did you go from obese and broke to fit and successful? When did you think things started to turn around for you? What’s the first step to improve your low self-esteem? What was the inspiration for your business? Where does your servant heart come from? What is your business, The Billion Dollar Body, about? What did you have to change to get your 7-figure year? Why do you have such a fear of failure? What’s it like to work with your wife? How do you make it work? Do you and your wife have the same view on money? In This Episode We Talk about: How Nicholas went from obese and broke to fit and successful The importance of investing in yourself Why Nicholas’ wife is his mentor How people rob themselves of opportunities because they think they’re unworthy What inspired Nicholas to start The Billion Dollar Body The Billion Dollar Body lifestyle How Nicholas’ first event taught him to focus Nicholas’ definition of being “self-conscious” Using fear as a motivator What it’s like to work with a spouse and how they deal with conflicts And so much more… Nicholas’ Thoughts… “If you can’t value yourself physically, you can’t value others.” “Uncomfortability is something you should experience every day.” “Giving’s more for yourself than it is for the people receiving it.” “You have to give up the good for the great.” “Money, unless it’s deployed for something, really doesn’t have great value. It’s about what it can buy.” “With money you have options and you’re accountable for the choices you make.” -- Nicholas Bayerle is the CEO of The Billion Dollar Body, a lifestyle brand for the business who wants to have it all. He went from obese, broke and no girlfriend to now married to the woman of his dreams, fit, and thriving in business. Nicholas is an international speaker, podcast host and was rated top 30 under 30 influencers. He has worked with some of the top businessmen and is passionate about seeing men prosper in health, business and relationships. Nicholas has shared the stage with Lewis Howes, Cole Hatter, and Jordan Harbinger and been interviewed on the top business podcasts. He is the creator of the #1 annual businessmen’s event, Billion Dollar Body Live and has curated a successful community of men called The Billion Dollar Brotherhood. -- Resources: IG: @nicholasbayerle FB: facebook.com/billiondollarbody www.thebilliondollarbody.com --  For more stories and tips on becoming unapologetically wealthy, follow me @Chriswharder on Instagram and check out fortheloveofmoney.com.


16 Apr 2018

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74: Why (and HOW!) Women Need to Step Into Their Earning Power with Lori Harder

Today’s episode comes straight from the Costa Rican jungle and with my amazing wife, Lori Harder. We’re talking about the need for women to step into their earning power unapologetically so they’re able to make tons of money and use it as leverage to make a huge positive difference in this world. Tune in to hear why more women aren’t stepping forward, why they should start (now!) and how Lori overcame her money-earning beliefs and hit new levels of success with her businesses – all while keeping a balance of the feminine and masculine energies. This is such an inspiring episode! -- Question Highlights: Why should women flex their earning power now more than ever? How can women become unstuck and overcome their fear? Are you able to flex your earning power, make a ton of money and make a difference while staying in your feminine? What do you say to those who fear being judged? Who are 2-3 women that you’ve seen unapologetically step into their earning power? What is one of your most recent favorite moments of giving? In This Episode You Will Learn: Why it’s so important for women to step into their earning power – now! How making money can help and impact more peoples’ lives Ways to get un-stuck and overcome fear The importance of ditching the belief that money is bad How and why women will be the healers of the world About the dance between the masculine and feminine energies That pain and fear are completely normal and necessary if your soul craves something bigger And so much more… Lori’s Thoughts… “If we want to see changes, now is the only time we have.” “Stuck is a choice – it’s energy that’s not moving.” “You have to go through it to empower others.” “Pain when it occurs as a result of your soul will always have a reward.” “Life has pain and tons of fear, but if you’re willing to translate it, it has all the messages you need.” “You are the impact.” “Happy people shift the planet.” -- Resources: https://Loriharder.com 14-Day HoliBurn Challenge https://loriharder.com/challenge The Bliss Project 2018 http://www.Theblissproject.info -- For more stories and tips on becoming unapologetically wealthy, follow me @Chriswharder on Instagram and check out fortheloveofmoney.com.


20 Nov 2017

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82: Mastering The Law of Abundance with Harriette Hale

Whatever your thoughts are on abundance – true or not – you’re going to hear first-hand how my guest, business and mindset coach and entrepreneur, Harriette Hale, tapped into it in a big way. With her first business at the age of 19 (yes, 19!), Harriette quickly climbed her way to success with businesses in music (her passion), dance and spirituality. This success came to a screeching halt, however, when her business partners at the time, planned, plotted and succeeded in taking her entire client list and setting up a competing business on their own. It was a pivotal moment that left Harriette both financially and spiritually broke. Family and friends had no doubt she would bounce back, but she had worked too hard to go back to a 9-5 job and knew she was meant to use her gifts in a different way. Tune in to find out how she broke free of her conditioned mind and surrendered to the universe, subsequently inviting levels upon levels of massive success into her life. -- Question Highlights: Who or what gave you this inner knowing that you shouldn’t just get a 9-5 job and forge ahead anyway? What did you learn about the Law of Attraction that so radically changed your life? What’s the key to having an abundant mindset and why do you feel we have the right and responsibility to have one? What are 1 or 2 things people can do to bust through their limiting beliefs around abundance? Where did this unapologetic attraction to having nice things come from? How do people in London/UK tend to view the wealthy as compared to North America? What’s the common thread you see in your successful clients and what’s the common mindset block in those who are unsuccessful? In This Episode You Will Learn: How Harriette came back from being both financially and spiritually broke Why we must follow our soul’s intuition About the importance of breaking free from the conditioned mind Why Harriette doesn’t agree with all aspects of the Law of Attraction The key to having an abundant mindset Why it’s our responsibility to be abundant How living in service and light allows the universe to reward you ten-fold Why we must ensure our spending is in alignment with our highest good Why it’s imperative that we surrender Why we need to be generous with ourselves first And so much more… Harriette’s Thoughts… “The only thing standing between me and my success and financial freedom was my money mindset.” “There is a reason for absolutely everything because it’s all divinely aligned and pre-destined by our highest selves.” “We are born with the support and love of the universe.” “We would not be born if we weren’t meant to be abundant.” “We have to have money in our lives so we can help other people in our lives do the same.” “Wake up to the beauty of your world.” “It is perfectly OK to be spiritual and to be rich.” “You have a gift because you are meant to make money from it.” “When we love ourselves, we elevate our vibration so much that we become alchemists of energy.” “Energy is exponential.” “Be generous to yourself first, then to others.” -- Harriette is a certified soul, money and mindset coach. A serial entrepreneur with ten years experience and six businesses, Harriette has a global clientele base of creative and spiritual freelancers, fellow entrepreneurs and individuals on the path to self growth and ascension. Her teaching & coaching stems from principles based in Universal Energy Law, first inspired by the well known ‘Law Of Attraction’ ideology, however the practical side of business and life coaching takes equal precedent.  As a dancer, singer / songwriter, green tea addict, aspiring yogi, and manifesting maverick, Harriette prides herself on her down to earth nature, relatability and uncanny gift to simply ‘make it happen’. For more information about her coaching brand, Ask Harriette, go to www.askharriette.co.uk Resources: askharriette.co.uk/ IG: @harriettehale FB: facebook.com/askharriette -- For more stories and tips on becoming unapologetically wealthy, follow me @Chriswharder on Instagram and check out fortheloveofmoney.com.


18 Dec 2017

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14: Journey From a Broke Mindset to a MultiMillionaire's Mindset with My WIFE! Lori Harder

Lori Harder, also my beautiful wife, is a leading expert in the field of fitness, transformational work, mindfulness, and self-love. As a self-made millionaire, successful entrepreneur, network marketing professional, author, cover model, and three-time fitness world champion, she offers a carefully curated set of practical tools to promote sustainable health, spiritual well-being, and financial freedom. Through her books, unique coaching methods and programs, she has helped countless people connect with their soul, transform their bodies, empower their minds, gain financial independence, and fall in love with themselves and their lives. Throughout her career, Lori has regularly appeared on the covers of and published articles for Oxygen Magazine, STRONG Fitness Magazine, Health & Fitness Magazine and Prosper Magazine. She has also been featured on NBC, Fox, and TLC networks. For those of you who may not know Lori’s past or how it all began for her, I have the honor of sharing my wife’s story with you today. Having a “money mindset” may not come naturally to everyone, but that doesn’t mean you can’t ever create it. “My success hasn't always been like this and I know it’s something I will continue to work on for the rest of my life because I know that once you hit one level, there is a whole other level out there that you need to strive for.” -Lori Harder Growing up, Lori was raised in a very conservative household. At a young age she was told, “Money is the root of all evil and you only need to make enough to survive. Anything more than that is evil and greedy.” With the constant battle in her head between money isn’t good vs. how does the world go ‘round without it, can you see how that would create a whirlwind for a young child just trying to “make it?” Having two very different views on the subject when we first met, Lori’s money mindset began to shift after we started to spend more time with each other. “It was refreshing to see that you and your family thought of money as just a thing that created awesome experiences. It was something you looked forward to and were proud of yourself for earning.” Even though Lori still had the belief that money equaled greed, she still wanted to create a better life for herself – so she made it her mission to incorporate both beliefs. Why not make money, sufficient enough to live well and financially stress free, while still giving back and be of great service to others? DING DING (light bulb goes off)! “Money doesn’t make you greedy, I believe that it just highlights more of who you already are. It will just amplify how you were already showing up in the world.” Moving out to the West Coast, for us, put success and wealth in a whole other category. The entrepreneur mindset and the “shameless” money personalities out here, makes the opportunities endless. There is no cap or ceiling. If you have the passion and the heart to create something and make money off it then the world is your stage! (WELCOME TO HOLLYWOOD!) I know from experience that Lori is NOT the only person to come from a family who has fearful thoughts around money. Whether you think you don’t deserve to have a lot of it, or that it’s evil, or you end up spending it faster than you truly earn it, whatever it may be, my wife and I are here today to break through some of those tough beliefs and to “give you permission” if you will, to take control of your own life and finances. Hard work should always be recognized and rewarded. You will forever be blessed if you think big and share your gifts. In This Episode You Will Hear About: Finances Business Wealth Success Abundance Gratitude Giving Money Mindset Entrepreneurship Worth Survival Resources Mentioned: Earn Your Happy Podcast loriharder.com Instagram @Loriharder For more stories and tips on becoming unapologetically wealthy, follow me @Chriswharder on Instagram and check out www.fortheloveofmoney.com.


24 Apr 2017

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34: Getting Past FEAR: From Broke in the Desert to a $30 Million Business with Marshall Morris

Marshall Morris – Episode 34 – Getting Past FEAR: From Broke in the Desert to a $30 Million Business I must say that this interview is one of my favorite interviews to date because internet marketing ninja, Marshall Morris, kept surprising me with his down to earth, get-it-done attitude, generosity and life and business insights. Did I mention that when he started out, the only internet skill he knew was checking his email? More on that later… First let’s talk about how his career began. As the son of a hard-working, humble pastor, Marshall was taught early on the value of a hard day’s work. In fact, at a young age, his father would “loan” him out for the weekend to different farmers he did business with to help out (for very little pay). This weekend help wasn’t about making money, however, his father really just wanted to instill in him the value of working hard. And it’s with this same mentality that his dad encouraged Marshall to attend college, but also informed him that it would be his responsibility to pay his own way – as that’s the way he did it. Growing up in an impoverished family, his dad worked hard to pay for his college while attending so he’d never have to take out a loan. Not deterred by this, Marshall joined the military so his schooling could be paid for as he went. He never thought he would be deployed, but then 9/11 happened. Obviously, while deployed Marshall couldn’t attend college so instead he read a lot of books (12 hours a night for a year) so he could continue at least some type of education. Among those books, he found that those focused on business resonated with him the most, and upon returning from his deployment he took it from there. Admittedly having more of a sales mindset from the beginning, he dabbled in real estate but gradually got out of it when the market took a turn. After returning from being deployed, Marshall was presented with the opportunity to help a friend of a friend with advertising sales on an automotive site that was struggling. Knowing very little about the internet, but feeling that this business could go somewhere, he offered to partner with this person. Their goal was to just make some money, make it a success and figure out the sales and marketing along the way with “Google university.” Eventually the company started doing well, and they sold it to a bigger automotive company. It was through networking that he met his now business partner, Justin, who was in internet marketing. Having only a Facebook page, he enlisted the help of Marshall. Both found that their strengths and weaknesses balanced each other and they created the business I Heart Dogs. And the rest is history with other businesses such as I Heart Cats, I Heart Birds (and many more). Marshall and business partner, Justin, excel at building business models and then using those models anywhere. For them and their current niche, they’ve found that the more they do, the more they find opportunity (and who wouldn’t want that?). But how did they build this brand/model to be so successful in the first place? Marshall states that it comes down to authenticity. “People want something that’s authentic. We crave authenticity in a world that’s so fake.” That’s why Marshall’s business makes it a point to give back to the communities they serve. Particularly with the I Heart Dogs mission, they built a program that would help feed dogs without homes or in shelters (so far they’ve fed 8 million dogs in 24 months). They aim to be as transparent and as authentic as possible. “We see numbers, but they’re people like us with needs and desires.” Marshall attributes more of their success to the fact that people want to feel good about their purchases AND who they’re buying from. The more authentic you can be, the more you’re going to attract people. And when you do this you’re giving context to your conversation with your customer. To Marshall, it’s more than just selling a product, it’s about showing customers opportunities and making them feel like they’re part of a movement. When you’re talking openly and not just about revenue-oriented topics you build the communities/followers to go with it. And when you get people to be a part of something and feel good about it becomes a part of their identity, too.  That’s why Marshall and his business are so passionate about encouraging others to free themselves and achieve their dreams as well. Naming fear as the biggest limiter, he acknowledges that fear is always going to be around. “You never get rid of your fear, you just battle it.” The more complicated life and business gets, the more things come at you and the more people break down. You can’t escape it, so you need people to support you. “Fear isn’t a fact, it’s an emotion.” Marshall is grateful to have his wife as his rock and main support person along with his family. Often times, when things get stressful, it’s a matter of taking a few days off to reboot and spend time with them. One crucial time in Marshall and his wife’s lives is what they like to call their “time in the desert.” He had hit rock bottom… going from making hundreds of thousands of dollars to $7 an hour building garages. He had become complacent, not understanding how to balance an abundance of money and lost control of his financial situation. While building these garages and going through this “drought,” Marshall realized he needed to be around people who were going places, growing etc. in order to change his mindset. Having formerly undervalued his worth, he suffered from what a friend called the “poor boy mindset.” This is someone who feels bad asking for a return on the value they provide, assuming that their value isn’t as high as another. Marshall had to go through a major value SHIFT. “The whole point of building anything is to create value and capitalize on it. Period. Whatever that looks like. And you’ve got to be able to ask for as much as you create.” So, Marshall started to rebuild, and a large part of that was again surrounding himself with good people who were going somewhere and who helped him survive and grow. But that was only one part of it. He still had to make the effort to make the connections. Whatever you build manifests outside of you. “What’s down in the well will come up in the bucket.” If you’re having trouble finding these people, Marshall suggests to keep things simple. Don’t overcomplicate it – just ask someone to have a cup of coffee with you. Have 3-4 really good questions ready. And then, make it a part of your weekly schedule. You may be investing $5 in a cup of coffee, but he guarantees that you’re receiving a heck of a lot more in value. I love that Marshall offers this simple advice. It’s just one more way that he GIVES back. And likely it’s because he’s always been motivated to solve a problem and loves a challenge (he’s a bit competitive). ;) Both Marshall and his wife both love being able to do things for people as well… They’ve been through so many similar situations and because of this, they can feel the emotions and have soft spots for anyone experiencing the same or something similar. “The world needs more generous people with money.” Marshall is committed to building more profitable businesses that make an impact. He loves seeing businesses that have mastered the balance between giving and business. And it’s amazing when a business can be both genuine and generous while changing people’s lives.  After all, Marshall clarifies… it’s not about him or his company. It’s a mission to GIVE back, and if you give, that value will come back to you. For example, when Marshall and his wife have felt called to give, every time they have received MORE back. It was never the plan, but that’s what tends to happen. Marshall goes on to say that he believes money is a great tool when it’s used genuinely to make positive change in the world. “The world needs people who are ruthlessly unafraid to step out and do what it takes to make change where they feel like they need to make change.” We all make impacts and help in different ways whether you’re a craftsman, a musician etc. – so own it! Even if that skillset is making and managing money.  “If you’re in a place where you’re genuine about what you do and how you operate, there’s no reason to apologize for that skillset.” You’ve been put on this earth with a set of unique gifts, so PLEASE follow Marshall’s advice and don’t let anyone keep you from YOUR vision. Money is a GOOD thing there’s good intention behind its use. Never, never apologize for the gifts you were born with. In This Episode You Will Learn:  Internet marketing Acknowledging and battling fear Authenticity Hitting rock bottom and coming back from it Following your passion Entrepreneurship Resources: Email: mm@homelifemedia.com iheartdogs.com For more stories and tips on becoming unapologetically wealthy, follow me @Chriswharder on Instagram and check out fortheloveofmoney.com.


3 Jul 2017

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262: The Biggest Trend Coming for 2020! with Lori Harder

In This Episode You Will Learn About: The trend that is going to dominate 2020 Why live events are coming back in a big way If you can’t find an event you want, start it What it’s like to host your first event Why it’s important to help people with their next steps Getting comfortable with leading groups Resources: Learn more:  eventluv.com Instagram: @loriharder Website: loriharder.com Show Notes: Today I’m sitting down with my beautiful wife, Lori Harder, to talk about what we see as one of the biggest trends of 2020. You still have time to prepare, so make sure you use the next few months to get yourself on track for success. Throwing and attending events is going to be massively important in 2020, and we are going to empower you, inspire you, and share with you the secrets of what is going to become the biggest trend next year. Question Highlights: What is the trend that is going to dominate 2020? What do you do if there isn’t enough going on in your area?  What was it like to start your very first event? How did it feel? What are the biggest fears that hold people back? What separates the people who have successful events and the ones who are failing? Guest Bio: Lori Harder is a transformational speaker and thought leader that helps facilitate change using mindfulness, wellness, health and self love. She helps people lock in their transformations by teaching how to create lasting relationships that support their long-term goals. As a successful entrepreneur running two seven-figure businesses, network marketing professional, author, Tedx Speaker, 10-time cover model, and three-time fitness world champion, she offers a carefully curated set of practical tools to promote sustainable health, spiritual well-being and emotional thriving. She is the creator of the Top 100 Earn Your Happy podcast with over 13 million downloads, the founder of The Bliss Project event with thousands of women who’ve attended and the best-selling author of A Tribe Called Bliss. Throughout her career, Lori has regularly appeared on the covers of and published articles for Oxygen Magazine, STRONG Fitness Magazine, Health & Fitness Magazine and Prosper Magazine. She has also been featured on NBC, Fox, TLC networks, Forbes and Fast Company. Follow me on social media @ChrisWHarder on Instagram and check out www.ForTheLoveOfMoney.com For the Love of Money is a production of Crate Media

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9 Sep 2019

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152: How to Connect with ANYONE with Alex Banayan

Imagine being set on a trajectory for the majority of your life, only to wake up one day questioning whether or not you’re on your path or a path someone else put you on. This is what happened to my guest and author, Alex Banayan. From an early age, Alex’s parents’ dream was for him to become a doctor, and up until his freshman year in college it was what he thought he wanted to – until he realized it didn’t. Upon this realization, he attempted to seek the answers for how other successful people got their start – only to realize that such a book didn’t exist. Overcome with inspiration and a drive to write one on his own, he knew he had to find the funds to back this passion project. Having trouble thinking about anything but this project, the day before his freshman year final exams, he made the decision to trade an all-nighter studying for exams with one on how to hack The Price Is Right. With a slim chance of actually winning, Alex beat the odds, won a sailboat, sold it, and used the prize money to fund his quest to learn from the world’s most successful people. Throughout our conversation, we talk all about his seven-year journey to write The Third Door and all the rejections, “flinch” moments and courage that took place to make it happen. Alex is an EPIC storyteller, which you’ll hear in this episode and his book. There were so many goose-bump-inducing moments and nuggets of valuable insight shared and I can’t wait for you to experience all of them and let me know your thoughts, too. Of all the authors I’ve interviewed, this is literally my favorite book so far. Go out and grab his book ASAP – you won’t be sorry!  --    Question Highlights: Who is someone who’s changed your life? What’s your favorite speech you’ve ever given? What’s one regret that you have? How did you end up interviewing the world’s most influential people? How do you hack the Price Is Right? How many names made the list and how many made the book? Who was the coolest person you ended up meeting? Who made you the most nervous/prompted the biggest “flinch?” What’s your advice to get over your “flinch?” What was the worst rejection you received? Were there any people along the way that pulled you back on track and didn’t allow you to quit? Who did you want to interview that you weren’t able to? Where did you get this obsessive persistence from? What would you say is the single-most-important lesson of your book? Now that you’ve spent 7 years knocking down doors, is it fate or luck that finally allows these things to happen? Or is it good old-fashioned making it happen yourself? How do you view money, success and wealth after writing The Third Door? In This Episode We Talk about: How Alex went from an 18-year-old pre-med kid whose parents’ biggest dream was for him to be a doctor to interviewing some of the world’s most influential people Alex’s big win on The Price Is Right Where the list of people started when he first set out to write his book, The Third Door The journey of getting through to influential people What the crippling “flinch” is The fear that was present in all the successful people he interviewed The difference between fear and courage Rejection and two lessons Alex learned from it What fueled Alex’s persistence when writing his book Why Alex believes luck accounts for 90% of his success The role generosity played in his book Why you don’t become a billionaire on a salary And so much more… -- Alex’s Thoughts… “The most extreme expectations are the ones that aren't explicitly said.” “Courage is acknowledging how scared you are, analyzing the consequences, and then deciding that you care so much about it you’re going to take one thoughtful step forward anyway.” “The core belief was like a thread that, even in my darkest times, I could hold onto and it kept me from calling it quits.” “The only thing worse than an unproductive hour is quitting all together.” “Persistence is the means of achieving the goal.” “The soul of the book is possibility.” “You can give someone all the best tools and knowledge in the world and their life can still be stuck, but if you change what someone believes is possible, they’ll never be the same.” “The strongest lessons are the ones that are never said.” “The hard work is the last 10%.” -- Alex Banayan is the author of the national bestseller The Third Door, which chronicles his seven-year quest tracking down Bill Gates, Lady Gaga, Warren Buffett, Maya Angelou, Steven Spielberg, Jane Goodall, Steve Wozniak, Jessica Alba, Larry King, and dozens more of the world's most successful people to uncover how they broke through and launched their careers. Banayan has been named to Forbes' 30 Under 30 list, Business Insider's Most Powerful People Under 30, and been featured in major media including CNBC, MSNBC, Fortune, Forbes, Billboard, Businessweek, Bloomberg TV, Fox News, and CBS News. An acclaimed keynote speaker, Banayan has presented the Third Door framework to business conferences and corporate leadership teams around the world including Apple, Google, Nike, IBM, Salesforce, Snapchat, Disney, Harvard, and countless others.  Resources Instagram: @alexbanayan Book: The Third Door - ThirdDoorBook.com - Find it on Amazon Here For more stories and tips on becoming unapologetically wealthy, follow me @Chriswharder on Instagram and check out fortheloveofmoney.com.

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20 Aug 2018

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292: START, STOP, FACE & EMBRACE in 2020 with Lori Harder

In This Episode You Will Learn About: -Stepping into new roles -The problem with being a people pleaser -Undervaluing your time -Being unapologetic about growth -Facing your health -Giving yourself grace Resources: -Train the Trainer Event: eventluv.com Show Notes: We’re going to talk about what we are going to Start, Stop, Face, and Embrace in 2020. This is our annual end of the year episode, where I sit down with my wife, Lori Harder, to reflect on the past year totally unscripted. This year, we’re going to have a structure to our review that’s a little different from past episodes. This is a such an open conversation, and you are going to get so much value out of it. Question Highlights: What are you going to start in 2020? What are you going to stop? What are you going to face? What are you going to embrace? What did you learn to do well in 2019? How are you attracting the people you are to you? Guest Bio: Lori Harder is a transformational speaker author, Forbes Top-18 Female-led Podcast host, Number 1 Best-selling author, and thought leader. She helps people lock in their transformations by teaching how to create lasting relationships that support their long-term goals. As a successful entrepreneur running two seven-figure businesses, network marketing professional, Tedx Speaker, 10-time cover model, and three-time fitness world champion, she offers a carefully curated set of practical tools to promote sustainable health, spiritual well-being and emotional thriving. She is the creator of the Top 100 Earn Your Happy podcast with over 15 million downloads, the founder of The Bliss Project event with thousands of women who’ve attended and the best-selling author of A Tribe Called Bliss.  She also runs two 7-figure masterminds with her husband Chris Harder. Follow me on social media @ChrisWHarder on Instagram and check out www.ForTheLoveOfMoney.com


23 Dec 2019

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94: Becoming Extremely Wealthy with Grant Cardone

I’m so honored to have the one and only, Grant Cardone, as a guest today as he’s inspired me for the last 20 years of my life. Sounds crazy, but after dropping out of college and getting into the car business, I was selected to hear him speak at an event about sales. It was game-changing for me because it made me realize I wanted to do more than sell cars – I wanted to be the person on the stage. Fast forward to the present and I’ve had the privilege of speaking on stage and have Grant to thank for it. As an international sales expert and NY Times Best-Selling Author, I’m in awe of Grant’s no-nonsense approach to both life and wealth/business. Whether he succeeds or makes mistakes, he equally owns both 100%. But Grant wasn’t always a wealthy sales mastermind. From his late teens to early 20s, he was self-admittedly selfish. After a brief stint in rehab, he made the choice do something about the disappointment he felt and turned it around. Since that time, Grant never settles for what he has and strives to do better and better so he can be around 200-300 years after he’s gone through his books and courses. His goal and passion are to help others grow their wealth and make their lives easier. With the packed house his upcoming 10X Growth Conference promises, I’d say he’s doing just that.   Don’t miss this inspirational, but brutally honest conversation with Grant. I can almost guarantee that it will make you want to do more when it comes to taking action to increase your wealth – and your giving. -- Question Highlights: You don’t always have to like what you’re doing, but it can still be good for you and put you on your path – can you expand on this idea? Where does your drive to be great in all areas come from? Do you still feel disappointed in yourself after all you’ve accomplished? Why should each of us become as wealthy as possible? Why do people struggle with having a strong money mindset? What’s the best way to make money today and how does it relate to Cardone Capital? When did you decide to stop letting other people’s opinions matter? Who do you study? Who motivates you? Is it easier to invest in someone else’s fund or would you rather do it on your own and make mistakes? What will people learn at the 10X Growth Conference? Who is the event for? How has generosity impacted your success? In This Episode We Talk about: Why more people should be dissatisfied with their lives Getting great in the space you’re in until you can movie into the next level What it means to have a scarcity mindset Why so many are mis-educated about money The importance of a second or third stream of income When Grant decided to value his time more than his money How and why we need to continue the cycle of action and giving And so much more… Grant’s Thoughts… “I wanna be the guy on stage and working for the world.” “We’re never playing above our game.” “If you don’t love money, you’re never going to get it.” “I’m certain about my mistakes and I’m certain about my successes.” “We should be inspired by people’s successes – not hate on them.” -- CEO of 5 privately held companies with annual revenues of over $100 Million Real Estate Investor with a portfolio of over 4,000 units. Forbes says he’s the #1 Marketing Influencer to Watch in 2017 NY Times Bestselling author of 7 Business books  Writes for Forbes, Success Magazine, Business Insider amongst other prominent publications. Creator of the #1 online Sales Training System in the world  -- Resources: 10XGrowthConference.com (Tickets may already be sold out since recording) GrantCardone.com CardoneUniversity.com IG: @grantcardone FB: facebook.comgrantcardonefan -- For more stories and tips on becoming unapologetically wealthy, follow me @Chriswharder on Instagram and check out fortheloveofmoney.com.


29 Jan 2018

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255: 2 Reasons You’re Not Rich Yet

In This Episode You Will Learn About: The two reasons you are not yet rich What you think is rich isn’t actually that rich Changing your definition of rich Growing to fit your environment Income doesn’t make you rich Changing your environment Resources: Free training videos: fortheloveofmoney.com/free Money Principles Show Notes: There are two main reasons that you aren’t yet rich, and probably aren’t on track to be either. This is meant to be a wake-up call and a roadmap, so please take this to heart. This will change the game for you. Follow me on social media @ChrisWHarder on Instagram and check out www.ForTheLoveOfMoney.com For the Love of Money is a production of Crate Media


15 Aug 2019

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