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Join Nik & Matt as we go through our Goosebumps library and discuss each book, 25 years after R.L. Stine goosed his very first bump! Join the GBC (Goosebumps Book Club) and read along with us! Send your thoughts to WEGOTGOOSEBUMPS@GMAIL.COM

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#25: Attack of the Mutant

From the depths of summer we shall rise again! We're welcoming in the spookiest month with our brand new episode! Venture into a world where super heroes haven't overstayed their welcome, where children can be whoever they choose, and where logic is only a suggestion. Stamps and redheads abound in "ATTACK OF THE MUTANT"!Reading is a scream (even if it's only at a 3rd grade level), so why not join the Goosebumps Book Club and read along with us? Send your thoughts and comments to WEGOTGOOSEBUMPS@GMAIL.COM and please do us a solid and head on over to iTunes to leave a rating! Thanks!

1hr 46mins

1 Oct 2019

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