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Ever wondered why people wear pyjamas and fight each other? Mick's been doing it for 30 years and wants to know too. Subscribe and see if he can find the answer. Each week he speaks to a different practitioner from masters of traditional arts to UFC superstars - and everything inbetween.

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MMA#35 John Johnstone: Adaptative Karateka

On today's show we have a true living legend, one of the first Karateka I ever met, and who still inspires me today as much as the first time I saw him. Still to this day incredibly powerful and quick, yet also very compassionate and caring in regard to all his students. When we got together we ruminated on karate, its role in modern society and the profound effect on all of its adherents. John has always taught adaptive karate, even when others were dismissive of that term. A true warrior, scholar and pioneer who is still out there discovering and pushing the boundaries - this is Sensei John Johnstone. Oussss! #Karate #MartialArts #MMA


22 Apr 2016

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David Hearst: Comic Books

This shows guest is one of the coolest guys I’ve ever met.. he can break bodies and fix them! Yep, it’s the crippling chiropractor himself Guro David Hearst. I first met David years ago at the legendary Lake Owen martial arts camp and we immediately hit it off. He’s like me, a real geek about all things cool... films, comics, martial arts, and music. It would be remiss of me if I didn’t mention that Dr. Dave keeps some seriously cool company in the shape of his wife Janet and all the cool guys and gals from his MKG Cleveland group who I constantly reference as an example of how martial arts brings good people together when usually life would never make these individuals paths cross.  Without further ado.. pin back your ears(especially if cauliflowered) and enjoy the show!

1hr 9mins

13 Feb 2018

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MMA #64 Jon Bouley: Law Enforcement

The star of this show is my dear friend, and along with past guest Ryan Reynolds(no, not that one!) one of my landlords when I'm in Minneapolis..Mr Jon Bouley! But that's not the reason he's the guest on this episodes show, it's the fact he's an awesome martial artist and has a terrific outlook on training and life in general. In the time I've known him, he's gone from a tall, slender Thai boxer to a guy who looks like what would happen if Moby had a child with a brick shit house. The guy is stacked! We talk about his training regimen, his relationship with his training and how its affected his life in general. Along with his wife Aimee, he's an absolutely awesome example of the real benefits of training and the power of the fellowship that training brings. I hope listening to this will make you realise that through the mechanism of martial arts you can find that friendship can transverse continents, you can find relationships in the most unlikely places and that sometimes a disagreement in views is never a reason to not explore friendship, if anything it's more of a reason to, after all, if we were all the same.. what a boring world we would live in! Thanks again Jon and Aimee... you always help make an awesome trip even better. To get more episodes head to http://www.abruptaudio.com and hit the more episodes button. Don't forget to hit subscribe on your podcast app, to make sure you don't miss an episode. #mma #micksmartialarts #martialarts #jonbouley #police #guns #2ndamendment


29 Aug 2017

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Dan Holloway: Defence Lab

I first met this young man a few years ago whilst teaching a seminar and was immediately struck by how enthusiastic and driven he was. Over time our friendship led to me having the tables turned on me as he and former guest Lucci Del Gaudio interviewed me for their best selling book featuring 'masters of martial arts'... How your friendly neighbourhood podcaster got added to the book is anyone's guess! I also always say if I was going to make a boy band of Martial Arts, then here's its Mark Owen... ladies and gents, could it be magic?... nope it's defence labs own Dan Holloway!!! Remember to hit subscribe on your podcast app, to make sure you don't miss an episode. The show is produced by Ant McGinley. Theme music is written and performed by Katalina Kicks and appears with their kind permission.


26 Sep 2017

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MMA#43 Professor Braulio Estima: From Brazil to Birmingham

One of the pioneers of BJJ in the UK and also a great personal friend, this weeks guest is the one and only Carcara himself, Professor Braulio Estima. Starting out in Brazil with dreams of being a footballer, he took up Jiu Jitsu to help him in his judo training. Fast forward to now and you find him as a 3rd Degree Black Belt in the Art, and running the Gracie Barra Academy in Birmingham. But his influence stretches far beyond the midlands, inspiring many across the UK to begin their study of BJJ through his teaching and competing, and some of you listening may even have been graded by him A perk of doing my show is the fact I can allow a little gentle nepotism in selecting who I chat to, but this really has been a blast. He is a continual inspiration to me personally, and no doubt to many others. In my opinion he is still one of the top athletes in the world today and if you want to find out for yourself just go train with him - check out www.gbbirmingham.com #BJJ #GracieBarra #Birmingham #5ways #Brazil #Judo #MMA #MartialArts #Fitness #Art Mick's Martial Arts is a Paint Your Headphones production. The show is recorded on location using an iPhone 6plus with an Apogee condenser microphone. It is edited and produced using Adobe Audition CC. Hear more interviews like this on www.micksmartialarts.com Now go tell your friends if you enjoyed it!


1 Jul 2016

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MMA #72 Jackie Rayner: Intellect

This episodes guest brings more than a touch of the commonwealth with her, a Bermudan national who sounds like a Canadian and punches like she’s from St.Hitts.... oops, I mean St. Kitts! Apologies on the awful pun and link from me, but I assure you that I’m sure I will be forgiven when you listen to her dulcet tones and sage wisdom, this lady has been a dear friend and inspiration for over 15 years now, an exceptional talent, teacher and a person who’s smashed stereotypes of what a martial artist is supposed to be. I hope you enjoy listening to this as much as I did interviewing her.. ladies and gents, peel back your lugholes and get some awesomeness in your day, I give you Ms Jackie Rayner.   To get more episodes head to and hit the more episodes button. Don't forget to hit subscribe on your podcast app, to make sure you don't miss an episode.


19 Dec 2017

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Andy Margrett: What Would Andy Do?

Where it all began... This episodes guest is my first and only Sensei in Karate. The man who put me on the path and following his example has kept me on that path. There’s not enough time to go into how much I love this man, and how even now his lessons from 30+ years ago continue to guide my life.. Shihan Kenneth ‘Andy’ Margrett !!! Mick's Martial Arts theme tune is performed by Katalina Kicks and appears with their kind permission Find out more about this amazing band at www.Katalinakicks.com This episode was produced by Luke Berry. Find more episodes and information at www.micksmartialarts.com

1hr 47mins

3 Apr 2018

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MMA#46 Shaun Rawcliffe: The selfish journey

Todays guest is a published author, who went from studying architecture to training the armed forces, before working round the world in close protection. Shaun Rawcliffe is one of only a handful of people in the world who have Master Ip Chun's personal certification and permission to teach Wing Chun and represent him worldwide. He is also an ICT Security Manager having migrated from physical personal close protection into the world of cyber space and crime. Having grown up reading about him in Combat magazine, this was an interview Mick had been looking forward to for many years. #WingChun #Hacking #ICT #IpChun #CyberCrime #CloseProtection #MMA #MartialArts


16 Sep 2016

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MMA#45 Steve Wright: a new kind of normal

Recorded live in the Tullymobile as Mick gave him a lift home, Steve Wright talks frankly to Mick about loss, strength and faith. They also discuss his work in criminology and his journey to becoming the martial artist he is today. #Cancer #Criminology #Sociology #Prison #Rehabilitation #JKD #MartialArts #MMA #Grief Mick's Martial Arts is a Paint Your Headphones production, recorded on an iPhone 6 with an Apogee condenser microphone. It is produced using Adobe Audition CC by Ant McGinley Mick's Martial Arts Theme Tune is written and performed by Katalina Kicks and appears with their kind permission.


13 Aug 2016

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Steve Mosley: History & Tradition

I’d heard about this guys years before and he was more of an urban myth, one of the original guys to regularly visit LA and train at the world famous Inosanto academy, he then disappears for a number of years.. then reappears when he’s literally achieved mythic status. If that wasn’t enough, he then proceeds to post grainy footage of the pioneers of the UK JKD scene from old VHS that he’s kept for years. Personally, for me, it’s been a treat to watch a young Phil Norman looking like Sensi Terry Silver from karate kid, the ageless Rick Young making me more certain he’s the Benjamin Button of martial arts and finally the late Guro Colin Sherred looking every inch of the giant he was. Steve is back where he belongs, training, inspiring and teaching and being a great advert for progression as I follow his journey back with Guro Phil Norman in both JKD Kali elite and Ghost... a truly wonderful and lovely guy.. Guro Steve Moseley!!


6 Mar 2018

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MMA #62 Kevin Mills: Hard or Smart?

Now this guy's a real piece of work, a truly legit pioneer of not just kempo karate, but one of the really few legit 'old school' guys left! Kempo Kevin Mills. A direct lineage to Grandmaster Ed Parker himself, an unsurpassed understanding of body mechanics, an award winning author and a great advert for the health benefits of martial arts. Factor in the fact he's one of the only guys I've ever met that stuck with the first art he started, then he's worth listening too... this was actually longer than we expected it to be, I stopped the tape, Kevin came out with more wisdom so the tape went back on again ! Sit back and enjoy .... I certainly did! To get more episodes head to http://www.abruptaudio.com and hit the more episodes button. Don't forget to hit subscribe on your podcast app, to make sure you don't miss an episode. #micksmartialarts #mma #martialarts #martialartists #interview #kevin #mills #fighting #control #blackbelt #training

1hr 5mins

1 Aug 2017

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MMA Highlights from 2017

Looking for highlights from Mick's Martial Arts in 2017? We've got them, would you like them scrambled or poached?   Clips from: - Marcus Charles:  - Tony Pillage:  - Chad Breske:


2 Jan 2018

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MMA #70 Chris Harley: Shifted Skills

Sometimes it’s good to let a guest speak for themselves on the show, if they can get a word in edgeways, but for the first time ever I’m going to let the guest own words be the intro.. we don’t even talk about sports really in this, but a recent Facebook status he posted will illustrate just how adroit this returning guest is.. in fact I’m hoping to catch him every time we meet up, as he constantly enlightens me with his insights..so, with this status gem from Guro Christopher Harley to initially whet your appetite first.. enjoy the show! “What's that you say? You're never watching the NFL again or supporting the organization in any way? Wow. That's quite the sacrifice in the name of principles. That sure says a lot about your character. Finally couldn't be part (however ancillary) of supporting an organization which repeatedly stands by - or covers up - when players or coaches or staff are involved in crimes involving serious harm to others? Or was it the role the organization played in actively stifling & ignoring studies related to CTE - thus becoming complicit in actively harming the players (as well as shirking any responsibility for those harmed)? No. None of that? Oh, it's the folks breaking no laws, harming nobody and challenging your ideas of nationalism, patriotism & human rights... Hmmm... Yeah... That sure does say a lot about your character. So... Just gonna stick w/College football from now on? No problems w/the ways the NCAA has essentially made the players indentured servants? You've never given it a second thought. Interesting. Ever thought of teaching ethics? I mean, we all have so much to learn from you & the example you set. Thanks for sharing. Side note: Fuck. Now I have to stop watching football. I'm sure I'll get over it, in time... Look at that, I'm already over it. That was fast. Well, I still have the NBA and my home team Golden State Warriors! At least that distraction is free of controversy. What's that? Fuck. Me. Really? Can't a guy who has absolutely nothing to do w/the sports/teams he likes, & has zero impact upon, just enjoy a series of pointless contests as a distraction from the lack of civility of civilization?! Fine, I'll just play video games. Huh? What? What's "Gamer-gate"? Seriously?! Oh, come on! I feel so persecuted. This post brought to you by Too Much Time On My Hands. Too Much Time On My Hands: Nothing useful comes from it; but, it beats getting lost staring into the mystery that is life and forgetting to move the laundry into the dryer.” To get more episodes head to and hit the more episodes button. Don't forget to hit subscribe on your podcast app, to make sure you don't miss an episode.


21 Nov 2017

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MMA #61 Gavin Mulholland: Traditionalist

One of the longest podcasts there's been in ages, all thanks to Gavin Mulholland. A traditional karate man who shunned UFC and can scare people away just with his eyes. Plus, if that wasn't enough, he's a former Irishman like Mick! To get more episodes head to http://www.abruptaudio.com and hit the more episodes button. Don't forget to hit subscribe on your podcast app, to make sure you don't miss an episode. #micksmartialarts #mma #martialarts #martialartists #interview #gavin #mulholland #karate #ufc #japan #paganism


18 Jul 2017

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MMA#42 Ralph Jones: Sabretooth

Recorded in Speyer in Germany last month, Guro Ralph Jones is this weeks guest. One of only 5 full instructors under Guru Dan Inosanto in the UK, Ralph was a pioneer of British Martial Arts - travelling to Japan when the term 'Gaijin' was still used. They ask if there could be a martial art called Sabretooth, discuss the study of Relativity and ask how Modesty Blaise knew about JKD before Bruce Lee even coined the term. #ModestyBlaise #JKD #Relativity #Japan #MartialArts #Karate Mick's Martial Arts is a Paint Your Headphones Production. This episode was recorded in Speyer, Germany, using an iPhone 6s and an Apogee condenser microphone. You can find more interviews like this at www.micksmartialarts.com


24 Jun 2016

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MMA #71 Brian Collier: Mental Health

Well, where do I start with this episodes guest? How about we start with the fact this gent is legitimately one of the toughest men I’ve ever encountered, a true student of the sweet science and someone who worked for years as a door man and was a mainstay of top ‘teams’ supplying security through the infamous ‘rave culture’ era. He was also one of the first guys I met that was intelligently training and mixing the arts in the early days of mma. A sparring partner of Jeff “the snowman” Monson and a longtime private student of the legendary Braulio Estima... and someone who took pity on your favourite podcaster when watching me getting swamped in my early days of Bjj and took me under his wing, something I’ll be eternally grateful for btw. We talk training, but more importantly we delve into the often ignored issue of mental health and specifically in men and men in combat sports. This is literally one of the most affecting shows I’ve done personally.. ladies and gents, I give you Mr Brian Collier!   To get more episodes head to and hit the more episodes button. Don't forget to hit subscribe on your podcast app, to make sure you don't miss an episode.


5 Dec 2017

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MMA#36 Trevor Roberts: The Bolton Iron Man

This week I'm truly humbled to share with you the conversation I recently had with the legend that is Professor Trevor Roberts. That term - legend, gets bandied around a lot, but in the case of The Bolton Iron Man it is more than appropriate. I first read about Trevor back in the mid 1980s in martial arts magazines, and once more it was a case of meeting an idol of mine who more than surpassed my initial expectations. We talk about how he got started in martial arts, and how he stood up to his childhood bullies, to his wrestling in many forms to the highest of levels. I won't spoil the surprise, but the list of names he's trained with will be leaving you guys speechless. We also talk about his faith, and what took him to the point now in his life where he is now, there to help his fellow man rather than just stretch him. Sit back and enjoy listening to one of the true gentlemen in martial arts... #TrevorRoberts #IronMan #Bolton #Wrestling #Grappling #Karate #Judo #BJJ #JiuJitsu #Streetfighting #UndergroundBoxing #Boxing


29 Apr 2016

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MMA #73 Sean Robert-Harvey: Developing Yourself (Part 1/2)

So, what happens when two of the most exuberant and adroit men on the planet meet up for a quick chat? An epic discourse that lasts that long it has to be split into 2 shows! I’m very lucky in the course of doing these that I can exercise more than a bit of nepotism and interview literally anyone I want, this episodes guest is a dear friend, who’ve I’ve wanted to get for a long time now... We talk Martial arts, mental health and what is a man’s role in today’s ever changing world! We cover many varied topics and mansplain our way through this.. so pull up a chair and take the weight off your feet ladies and gents ...it’s the one and only Sean Robert Harvey! To get more episodes head to and hit the more episodes button. Don't forget to hit subscribe on your podcast app, to make sure you don't miss an episode.


16 Jan 2018

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Shae XS: Bare Knuckle Boxer

This episodes guest is a man that many people think they know, but very few actually know. A guy who’s lived a life that has seen both ends of the spectrum in regard to what most people would consider ‘normal’. We cover everything from his time in the parachute regiment, time spent at her majesty’s pleasure, working in high profile close protection, his upcoming bare knuckle boxing world title fight, and how Jiu Jitsu has become a part of his path to redemption. No subject was avoided and more importantly for me personally, many can get a glimpse of the person and not the reputation, and then it’s up to you to make your mind up. There’s an old adage you should never judge a man unless you’ve walked a mile in his shoes.. and this episode goes a way to explain what that walk would entail.. sit back and listen to Mr Shae XS If you enjoyed the show please take the time to leave us a review and spread the word amongst your friends Mick's Martial Arts theme tune is performed by Katalina Kicks and appears with their kind permission Find out more about this amazing band at www.Katalinakicks.com This episode was produced by Luke Berry. Find more episodes and information at www.micksmartialarts.com

1hr 2mins

20 Mar 2018

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MMA#37 Andy Nugent: The Unsung Master

This weeks guest is literally one of the true 'unsung' heroes of martial arts, a world stick fighting champion, a legit BJJ black belt under Mestre Ricardo De La Riva and Professor David 'Malandro' Onuma and an associate instructor in Jkd/Kali under Guro Dan Inosanto. With a pedigree with that, why is he so criminally unknown? Well, it's more to do with the fact he's one of those 'old school' guys who just knuckles down and gets on with it. We talk about training in those early days of uk martial arts, how he found himself in the company of giants and true pioneers whilst training at Guro Bob Breens now legendary Hoxton Square academy, his initial forays into the grappling arts and the early days of training with the likes of Chen Morales and Roger Brooking(now there's some blasts from the past!) We also discuss the benefits of running the original Tough Guy races from day one, and at least a nod or two to his parents for giving him the 'testicular fortitude' to take on these challenges.. And who is this inspirational individual??... Well, instead of perpetuating his anonymity, Ladies and gents, I give you Mr Andy Nugent #Judo #Wrestling #MMA #Kickboxing #Kali #AndyNugent


6 May 2016

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