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8 Minute Millionaire: Learn the Secrets of Millionaire Entrepreneurs

Want to learn how to make a million dollars? 8 Minute Millionaire is all about developing the mindset of a millionaire, breaking through limiting beliefs and behaviors that hold you back, and learning how to take action to reach your first $1,000,000!Whether you’re an entrepreneur, side-preneur, small business owner, or you want to break free from the 9 to 5, tune in to the 8 Minute Millionaire podcast on your commute, during your workout, or wherever you are for powerful tips and advice to help you make money and build wealth.You CAN live your dreams and achieve financial freedom. Join Justin and Tara Williams on this raw, wild, and insightful journey!

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145: Find the “One Thing” That Matters (And Do It)

Sometimes we try to do too much.  And because we try to do too much, we miss the target on what really matters…


21 Jul 2016

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143: This “Hack” Can 10X Your Productivity (And Make You Happier) in Just 15 Minutes a Day: Interview With Craig Ballantyne

If I told you that you could 10X your productivity, get more done, feel better about yourself and your work, and spend more time with your family doing what you love, all by setting aside just 15 minutes of your morning… would you want to know how?


31 May 2016

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180: The boy who became a man (huge BREAKTHROUGHS from Russell Brunson’s event)…

Five years ago, I decided to quit.  I decided I was done teaching people how to flip houses.  Then I met someone… a guy named Russell Brunson.  And that meeting changed everything…


26 Feb 2019

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2: 7 Character Traits You MUST Develop to Become a Millionaire

Successful people tend to exhibit many of the same character traits.  This isn’t surprising… but what might surprise you is exactly which character traits these are.  In this episode, we explore 7 of the most important character traits needed for success!


11 Aug 2015

Rank #4

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186: Overcoming Adversity

Ben Ward shares 3 life stories on how to overcome adversity to create an intentional life. 


7 Apr 2020

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132: How to Make Miracles Happen (This Really Works… Try It!)

Last night, I had a “miracle” happen to me… okay, maybe it wasn’t literally a miracle, but it was honestly pretty miraculous and I definitely didn’t see it coming.  And it got me thinking… what role do we play in making “miracles” happen?


24 Mar 2016

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127: 3 Essential Success Tactics for Building (Or Buying) an Online Business

There are 3 key tactics every entrepreneur should employ when launching or growing an online business… and today, we’re joined again by the incredible Drew Sanocki, who shares these 3 concepts and why they’re important!


1 Mar 2016

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142: Too Many Ideas? How to Focus On (and Commit to) the Right One

Have you ever had too many ideas for your business and you’re not sure which one you should pursue? Or you’re feeling pulled in all directions but you’re not making much progress, because you’re trying to do too many things?


23 May 2016

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125: 3 Mindset Hacks All Entrepreneurs Need to Know: Interview With Drew Sanocki

There are 3 “mindset” hacks that all entrepreneurs need in order to succeed… and in today’s interview, ecommerce expert Drew Sanocki shares exactly what they are!


26 Feb 2016

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156: How to Create “Unexpected” Opportunities (Hint: It Starts With Taking Action…)

I think a lot of entrepreneurs believe opportunities are something that “just happen” to some people.  That couldn’t be further from the truth…


28 Apr 2017

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136: How to Start Your Own Agency in the Next 20 Hours (And Why You Should)

In today’s episode, you’ll find out why agencies are some of the simplest businesses to launch, and how you can use an agency model to quickly build recurring revenue… check it out!


7 Apr 2016

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8MM 168: Hit a wall? Here’s what you need to do…

Like any business, house flipping has its share of ups and downs.  It’s part of business.  It’s part of life.  When the going gets tough, you have two choices...


8 Mar 2018

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178: 6 life-altering lessons I learned over the past 3 days…

The last few days have been kind of crazy. We all kind of have our own “bubble,” in a way… and I found myself outside my bubble, ha ha.  I learned a few things… 6 things, to be exact…


30 Nov 2018

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160: The hardest thing I’ve done in YEARS (but so GOOD)…

This is one of the hardest things I’ve done in years. Seriously… it feels like I’m cutting off my arm or something, ha ha… But it’s important. So here I go…


7 Jul 2017

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3: How to Find Out if You’re TRULY Passionate About Something (Hint: Just Start Doing It)

You have to be passionate about what you want to do.  But not just a little passionate… you have to be passionate ENOUGH to take it beyond what you ever imagined… and what you THINK you’re passionate about may not be what you’re actually passionate about.


11 Aug 2015

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131: Discernment, Intuition, and Developing Your Gift

Tara and I went for a run early in the morning the other day, and as we were running, Tara starting sharing some awesome stuff about intuition, discernment, and how struggles help us develop our strengths… check it out!


21 Mar 2016

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123: Be Still: How Learning to Be Present Can Change Everything

Justin here.  I think Tara has a gift for learning and sharing, for growth and development, and for helping others do the same.  Today, Tara shares some of the amazing things she’s learned and experienced on her ongoing journey of personal growth.


22 Feb 2016

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157: Action Opens Doors: Why You Need to STOP Being “Comfortable”

Are you feeling uncomfortable? I hope you are… because if you want to succeed as an entrepreneur of any kind, you have to get way outside your comfort zone.


15 Jun 2017

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179: It’s GOOD to have problems (here’s why)…

In business, you’re going to have bad days.  You’re going to face challenges and obstacles.  And when the problems come, a lot of people quit. But here’s the thing… problems are a GOOD thing.


18 Jan 2019

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107: How to Get Good at Selling (Even if You’re Shy)

If you’re shy and you don’t like speaking in front of others, you may feel like you don’t have what it takes to be good at sales. But it turns out that’s completely untrue!


22 Jan 2016

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