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Hey Junkie, thanks for joining me on the endurance Junkie podcast. My name is Peter Brees and on this show, I will be interviewing some of the fastest, smartest and most inspiring people active in the endurance world today. I’m thinking pro triathletes, ultrarunners, coaches, race directors, industry experts, brand owners,... you name it. If they have anything to do with endurance, they are a possible guest on the show.

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116: Ryan Munsey - F*ck Your Feelings & Master Your Mind

Ryan Munsey is a former bodybuilder, fitness model and gym-owner who now works as a writer, podcaster and performance consultant. He is considered a thought leader in the wellness and personal development space and has worked with professional and Olympic athletes, Navy SEALs and entrepreneurs - helping them optimize both their minds and their bodies. Ryan recently released his new book called F*ck Your Feelings and it’s a great dive into the neuroscience and the way our emotions work, with plenty of tips & tricks on how we can control our mind to achieve more and succeed in everything we do. You can follow Ryan on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. In this interview we talk about: – Ryan's sporting background and career in bodybuilding – Ryan's take on the best diet for endurance athletes – Why it's a  good idea to skip breakfast – Why we should all buy a copy of his new book "F*ck Your Feelings" – How to stay aware of our decision making proces


30 Mar 2018

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40: Lionel Sanders - Ironman Florida Champion

From substance abuser to Ironman devotee Lionel Sanders followed an extraordinary path to becoming an Ironman champion. The 26-year-old played practically every sport possible while growing up, finding early success in running.  But by the time he hit high school, he had run so much he started to hate it. Which is when he discovered the sort of partying that led him down a drug-induced spiral. At his lowest point, he had lost 40 pounds, was having intense hallucinations and attempted suicide. On Nov. 5, 2009, Sanders decided it was time for a change. So he went for a run. In this interview we talk about: - The love/hate relationship with sport while growing up.- His "party" years and what made him turn his life around.- The journey from substance abuser to elite athlete.- His win at IM Florida


3 Dec 2014

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45: Ollie Matthews - Performance Nutritionist

Ollie Matthews is a fully qualified personal trainer with over 8 years experience working with clients both on-line and in selected gyms in the UK, tailoring fitness plans for their individual goals and needs with great success. He is a massive believer that we can achieve optimum health through nutrition which will then transfer to increasing your performance all around, without fail. The plans he develops allow nutrition and training to interlink to make sure the entire body, starting from the central nervous system, to recover and thus allowing better sleep, better wellbeing and better moods alongside massively increased performance, quicker recovery and less injuries. In this interview we talk about: - His sporting background and body building career.- His training philosophy and view on nutrition.- The Paleo, Low Carb/High Fat and Gluten Free diets.- Superfoods and if they exist or are just marketing.- Common nutritional mistakes in endurance athletes.


15 Dec 2014

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98: George Briones - Strength Coach for Tactical Athletes

Originally from San Antonio, Texas, George Briones grew up playing soccer, basketball, football and ran track. He joined the Marines in 2007 and was a Reconnaissance Marine with deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan and was an Instructor at Basic Reconnaissance Course for three and half years. George left his military career behind to become the Head Coach at SOFlete HQ, where he prepares candidates for Special Forces Assessment and Selection. Today, George's focus is on the hybrid athlete, a unique breed who can excel simultaneously in both strength and endurance activities. You can follow George on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. In this interview we talk about: – George's sporting background and his military career – The difference between tactical fitness and regular fitness – His job as Head Coach at SOFlete HQ – Training the hybrid athlete


24 Jan 2018

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16: Jonathan Albon - Spartan Obstacle Race World Champion

Jonathan Albon is known for his success within the up and coming obstacle course racing scene. In addition to obstacle course races or OCRs, he enjoys a variety of sports ranging from ultra running to orienteering and cross-country skiing. He has travelled to many countries to compete;  winning the Helteløpet in Norway and most recently the Spartan World Championships in the USA. In this interview we talk about:- His sporting background and how he got into Obstacle Course Racing.- What IS OCR and what can competitors expect.- How the sport has grown so big so quickly.- How do you train for such events- His top 3 tips for people who want to give OCR a try.


3 Oct 2014

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110: Alex Hutchinson - Pushing the Limits of Human Performance

Alex Hutchinson competed as a middle- and long-distance runner for the Canadian national team for more than 10 years. Today he is a columnist at Outside Magazine and writes the magazine's Sweat Science blog about the science of endurance sports. His new book "Endure: Mind, Body, and the Curiously Elastic Limits of Human Performance" explores human endurance performance limits and how to push them further and further. You can follow Alex on Facebook and Twitter. In this interview we talk about: – Alex's own sporting background – What made him drop his 1500m time from 4'01" to 3'43" – His column "Sweat Science" in Outside Magazine – His new book "Endure: Mind, Body, and the Curiously Elastic Limits of Human Performance" – The stretch on current running world records


5 Mar 2018

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93: John Kelly - Ultrarunner & Barkley Marathons Finisher with a Triathlon Habit

John Kelly is an ultrarunner with a triathlon habit. In April 2017, John became only the 15th person in history to finish the infamous Barkley Marathons. He finished in a time of 59h30m33s - only 27 seconds before the 60-hour race cut-off. 6 months later, John finished 61st overall at the Ironman World Championships in Kona, including a marathon run split of 3h00m42s. John gets a tremendous amount of joy, strength, and perspective out of both ultrarunning and triathlon. He has encountered many of his limits, both physical and mental, and then discovered that he could push them further than he ever thought possible. You can follow John on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. In this interview we talk about: – John's sporting background – His obsession with the Barkley Marathons – How he recovered from a 60hr race – His road to Kona 2018 – Triathlon and ultrarunning goals for 2018 and beyond


5 Jan 2018

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17: Delly Carr - Award Winning Sports Photographer

A self-confessed armchair sportsman, Delly Carr was always fascinated by the sports photographs that appeared in the daily newspapers. But it wasn't until Delly started his university degree and then consequently worked in some high-profile marketing roles that he knew his photography passion was much more interesting than the corporate path. So, he left behind his great income, office, personal assistant, company car and security to give photography a try. Twenty-five years on, Delly is ranked as one of the world's top freelance sports photographers. In this interview we talk about:- His sporting background and where his passion for photography comes from.- How he gets his gigs and wow sports photography has evolved over the years.- How 5 minutes watching fencing won him a Best Picture Award.- Bodies, lenses, memory cards and broken knees.- A couple of tips to improve your photography. 


6 Oct 2014

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11: Nate Pearson - Co-Founder of TrainerRoad.com

Nate Pearson is one of three co-founders of TrainerRoad.com, the ground-breaking bike training software that makes cyclists and triathletes faster. Using biometric feedback, TrainerRoad produces workouts and cycling plans to optimize cyclists’ performance. They have had over 900,000 workouts done on their platform and have users in over 30 countries. In just under 3 years, they have grown their Reno-based workforce to 13 employees. In this interview we talk about:- His background and how he got into doing triathlons.- What TrainerRoad does and what equipment is needed.- The development and launch of the software.- The workout library.- The features in the pipeline.


22 Sep 2014

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15: John Newsom - Triathlon Coach and Co-Host of IMTalk

John Newsom has been a triathlete for over half his life and now runs a successful triathlon coaching business in Christchurch, New Zealand. Having travelled the world learning from athletes and coaches, John has tried and tested numerous training methodologies whilst developing his own unique style.Along with Bevan James Eyles, John runs the world's top Ironman Triathlon Podcast called IMTalk; a weekly show that is listened to in over 100 countries.  In this interview we talk about:- His sporting background and his career as a pro triathlete in Europe.- Why and how he started coaching.- The story behind the IM Talk podcast.- Project2014 and his build-up to Kona.- If he is going to get chicked.  


1 Oct 2014

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85: Kriss Hendy - Strength Training for Endurance Athletes

Kriss Hendy  is a strength coach who specializes in injury rehabilitation and strength training for endurance performance. Kriss strongly believes that strength & conditioning is a commonly overlooked area of training within the endurance community, where the sole focus is on the sport in question, which may suffice in the short term but will ultimately result in long-term injury issues. You can follow Kriss on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. In this interview we talk about: – The importance of strength training for endurance athletes – Common issues endurance athletes struggle with – Filtering the "fluff" information that's available on social media about strength training – The importance of a good warm-up – Some strength tips for athletes who are currently in off-season or early racing season


7 Dec 2017

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113: Gwen Jorgensen - Chasing Olympic Marathon Gold

Gwen Jorgensen is a professional triathlete turned marathon runner who resides in Portland, OR. She is a 2x Triathlon World Champion (2014, 2015), 17x ITU World Triathlon Series race winner and the 2016 Olympic Triathlon Champion. After winning the gold medal at the Rio Games and taking a year off racing to give birth to her son Stanley, Gwen announced late last year that she'll retire from triathlon to pursue a new goal: Olympic gold in the marathon in 2020. You can follow Gwen on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and Youtube. In this interview we talk about: – Gwen's sporting background and how she got into triathlon – How she was able to dominate the sport from 2014 to 2016 – Her decision to retire from triathlon to focus on marathon running – What it will take to make the US team and medal at the 2020 Games – Dealing with outside pressure from the triathlon and running community


14 Mar 2018

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88: Mike Foote - Elite Ultrarunner & Skimo Racer

Mike Foote transformed from an average runner to elite ultra-distance trail and mountain runner when he was selected to run the Wasatch 100, one of the most grueling 100-mile footraces in the world, back in 2009. He started running higher mileage, signed up for tune-up races in Montana and finally ended up 9th at Wasatch 100. Since then, Mike has recorded a third place finish at UTMB in 2012, three second-place finishes at Hardrock 100 and multiple wins over various distances. In the past few years Mike has re-shifted his running focus to skiing in the winter months, exploring the backcountry and becoming a leader in the sport of ski mountaineering racing. You can follow Mike on Facebook and Instagram. In this interview we talk about: – Mike's sporting background and progression in ultrarunning – How he picks his races and sets up his training plan – Why he picked up Ski Mountaineering and how it has helped his running – Hardrock 2018 – Biggest achievement and disappointment


20 Dec 2017

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94: Mikey Sklar - Biohacker and Keto Ultrarunner

Mikey Sklar is a hardware developer, an ultrarunner and a biohacker. He uses today’s technology to gather data about himself in order to perfect his daily routine of eating, sleeping, working, and exercising and thus improving the overall functioning of his body for optimal performance. You can follow Mikey on Instagram. In this interview we talk about: – Mikey's sporting background and how he got into biohacking – DNA testing as a starting point – Training at 64% of VO2Max or Niko Niko pace (Slow Jogging) – Running 76 miles in 24hrs taking in zero calories – Why it's important to take a break from monitoring all your data


10 Jan 2018

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99: Alison Tetrick - Professional Road (and Gravel) Cyclist

Alison Tetrick is one of America’s top female professional road racers who has been making a big splash in the Gravel scene as of late. She first showed up at the Dirty Kanza, where she put on a brilliant performance to take the victory in a two up sprint after 206 miles of racing. She kept the momentum rolling by going to Gravel Worlds and taking the victory there as well. You can follow Alison on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. In this interview we talk about: – Alison's sporting background and transition into road cycling – Racing the Belgian Classics like the Tour of Flanders – The gravel racing scene – Achievements, disappointments and ambitions


26 Jan 2018

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101: Jon Ackland - World-Renowned Training Strategist

Jon Ackland is an internationally regarded exercise physiologist and sports performance consultant, who specialises in program design and planning for high-performance athletes. A former national rowing champion and Ironman triathlete himself, Jon has over 20 years of experience in helping athletes like triathlete Terenzo Bozzone, the New Zealand All Blacks rugby team and several America’s Cup yacht crews to achieve peak performance. The last couple of years, Jon and his team have developed the ARDA Coaching Engine, a virtual fitness coach that offers individual and personalised coaching, based on your wearable's data. In this interview we talk about: – Jon's sporting background and transition into coaching – How his own coaching philosophy has changed over the years – What to look for when choosing a coach – His coaching relationship with Terenzo Bozzone – ARDA, the virtual coaching software he is currently developing at Performance Lab


2 Feb 2018

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44: Kieran Alger - Writer and Marathon des Sables Ultra Runner

Kieran Alger combines a passion for wearable tech with an addiction to running. Editor-in-chief at Mediablaze and founder of Manvmiles.com, he covers fitness and technology trends for magazines and websites, including T3, Wareable.com, Men’s Health and Techradar. In April 2015, Kieran will attempt to complete 'the toughest footrace on Earth', the Marathon des Sables. Six days, 156 miles, 40 degree heat, up and down sand dune mountains. As he prepares for his hardest running test yet, he'll share running tips, nutrition advice and any motivational insights he will stumble upon, so you can benefit from his mistakes, as he learns how to run better, eat better and think smarter. In this interview we talk about: - His sporting background growing up in the UK.- His passion for all things tech.- How he got into running and what he loves about it.- His challenge for 2015: the Marathon des Sables.- What else is on his bucket list.


12 Dec 2014

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25: Tim Van Berkel - Ironman Athlete and 7th in Kona 2014

Tim Van Berkel finished 7th in Kona this year and made folks around him aware that he needs to be watched in future years. Tim stumbled across triathlon at the age of 18, during the off season with his Aussie Rules Football team mates, where they decided to do triathlon to keep fit whilst in the off-season. At 24 years old, Tim won Ironman Western Australia in 2008, which made him the second youngest Ironman Champion, behind Germany’s Thomas Hellriegel. Now, at age 30, many years after he first watched the Hawaii Ironman on TV, he realised his dream of racing and will be looking to come back even stronger next year. In this interview we talk about: - His sporting background and how he got into triathlon.– Why he went “long” from a very young age.– Why he waited so long to race in Kona.– His great Kona debut that got him a 7th and first Australian.– What he has learnt from this year’s race and how it will help him in the future.


24 Oct 2014

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105: Steve Magness - Runner, Author & Performance Coach

Steve Magness is a runner, author, lecturer and performance coach to some of the top distance runners in the world. Known widely for his integration of science and practice, Steve has been on the forefront of innovation in sport. His first book "The Science of Running" was written for those of us looking to maximize our performance and get as close to our limits as possible. In his second book (Peak Performance), Steve provides usefull advice for people who want to improve their performance in all aspects of life. You can follow Steve on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. In this interview we talk about: – Steve's running background and move into coaching – What to look for when shopping for a running coach – His favorite track & field distance and why – How far we are from the limits of human athletic performance – Why we should all order a copy of Peak Performance


14 Feb 2018

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83: Lucy Bartholomew - Young Gun & Elite Ultrarunner

Lucy Bartholomew hales from Australia and is one of the world's best young trail runners. Completing her first 100k race at the age of 15, Lucy's race credentials are nothing but impressive. She was Junior Skyrunning World Champion in Chamonix a few years ago, she won the YCC (the Youth event) at UTMB in 2016 and this year she won the Ultra-Trail Australia 100k on her 21st birthday and placed 5th at TDS - the wilder and more technical sister race of UTMB. You can follow Lucy on Facebook and Instagram. In this interview we talk about: – Lucy’s sporting background and progression in ultrarunning – How her training has evolved over the years – Her expectations going into Saturday's Ultra-Trail Cape Town – Her conscious decision to eat a plant based diet – Achievements, disappointments and some great advice


29 Nov 2017

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