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Two Baltimorons discussing sports, culture, food, and giving some much deserved love to their hometown. Irreverent stories, offbeat interviews with stars, and the best sports coverage. A weekly series.

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2018 NFL Draft Preview and Ken Rosenthal Returns!!

In one of our best shows of the year, our own Jason LaCanfora empties his notebook ahead of the 2018 NFL Draft, and Ken Rosenthal returns to the show to talk everything Orioles!   We open the show talking about possibilities in the early rounds for the Ravens (3:00), the potential quarterback scenarios (14:00), and the rest of the AFC North (18:30).   Then we talk another week in Orioles listlessness (22:00) before being joined by one of our favorite guests ever, fresh-off-the-DL, The Athletic's Ken Rosenthal! (27:00) Kenny goes into detail about the pending shifts in the Orioles front office, Manny Machado's future, and even the prospects of one particular Baltimore legend who may be waiting in the wings. A fantastic conversation you won't want to miss.   And, as always, we have our Minor Leaguer of the Week, Homework with Adam, and Jason's Married Guy Rant.

1hr 9mins

26 Apr 2018

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Digesting the Ravens' Draft with Assistant GM Eric DeCosta

On the other side of the 2017 NFL Draft, Jerry and Jason are back to discuss everything about the Ravens' selections. The guys spar over the Ravens mentality and their decision to forego offensive weapons in the draft (3:00) before we welcome in the team's Assistant General Manager, Eric DeCosta (14:00). Eric and Jason go pick by pick for the birds, and discuss some of the tough decisions the team faced throughout the draft including O.J. Howard, Ryan Anderson, and others! Plus get the lowdown on how the team sought after Marlon Humphrey, Tim Williams, and the rest of the 2016 draft class. We're also talking Orioles, Adam Jones and the indefensible Red Sox fans (38:00); Jason's married guy rant, Coleman's homework... And last but certainly not least, learn the degrees of separation between Uncle Jerry and supermodel legend Elle Macpherson (I guarantee it's less than you think). It's a packed show on this week's episode of BMore Opinionated!

1hr 6mins

3 May 2017

Rank #2

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5 Oct 2018

Rank #3

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Well... there's always next year....

The boys give their complete postmortem on the Ravens' ugly-turned-intriguing playoff loss vs. the Chargers. We decompress everything that's been swirling around the Castle, on and off the field, and discuss all the possibilities headed into the offseason.


10 Jan 2019

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The Dog Days of Winter

With Jerry in Sarasota, Jason takes the helm with Coleman calling in as our special guest! We talk all things offseason strategy for the Ravens, and much much more! Somehow JLC was able to fill an hour with only 10 minutes of Coleman, so check it out!

1hr 4mins

18 Jan 2019

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Our Own 'David Aldridge Moment'!

1hr 10mins

18 Jan 2018

Rank #6

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O's Players Aren't Being Fooled; Plus, a 'Savage' Take on the Ravens & NFL!

1hr 31mins

22 Feb 2018

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Michael Wilbon digests another early sports summer in DC, plus Bob Baffert talks Preakness!

On a double-stuffed episode of BMore Opinionated, we are joined by legendary columnist and co-host of ESPN's Pardon The Interruption, Mike Wilbon to help us rag on DC sports -- while also bringing perspective in terms of where the Wizards and Capitals go from here. We're also joined by the only living trainer of a Triple Crown-winning horse, Bob Baffert. Bob discusses life after winning it all with American Pharaoh last summer, his love for Baltimore, and the future of the vaunted (yet dilapidated) Pimlico Raceway. And, as always, we are packed to the brim with O's talk, our Minor Leaguer of the week, Jerry's homework, Jason's married guy rant, plus much more! Don't miss it.

1hr 26mins

18 May 2017

Rank #8

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2018 Hall Of Fame Inductee (you heard it here first) RAY LEWIS!!

There are few sports legends in the history of Baltimore that had as much of a presence as our guest this week, Ray Lewis!! While Ray gets ready to head into the Hall of Fame this weekend, we are joined by the man himself for an exclusive interview for Baltimoreans. We also have plenty of notes and frustrations from Fan Fest, and preview the big game on Sunday! And as always we have our homework with Adam where we plan a MiLB Road Trip for the ages, a legendary Married Guy Rant with Jason, and much more!

1hr 13mins

31 Jan 2018

Rank #9

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From Delmarva to Pimlico: Buck Britton and Triple Crown-winner Bob Baffert join the show

1hr 19mins

16 May 2018

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Adam Gase has stories from down the ocean to distract us from "No Plan Dan"

As we recover from the deafening silence of the Orioles' trade deadline, the boys try to digest "No Plan Dan" Duquette's lack of activity, the Ravens' multiple cases of foot-in-mouth, and more! First, Jason and Jerry lay into the O's front office for sitting on their hands at the deadline (4:20), and try to figure out where the team goes from there. Then, as the Ravens continue to try to recover from the injury bug, John Harbaugh and Steve Bisciotti are dealing with a self-made PR battle regarding the potential addition of Collin Kaepernick in the wake of Joe Flacco's achy back. (22:00) To help distract us from all the drama in Bmore, Miami Dolphin's Head Coach Adam Gase talks to Jason about marrying into a true Maryland family as he regails us with stories from Ocean City, MD, his father-in-law Joe Vitt, and more! And, as always, we have Jerry's homework, Jason's Married Guy rant, and plenty of other banter. Check it out!

1hr 9mins

3 Aug 2017

Rank #11

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Discussing Joe Flacco's transition and future with his agent, Joe Linta!

1hr 8mins

31 May 2018

Rank #12

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The Official B-More Opinionated! 2018 Orioles Preview Show! And reviewing prospects with MLB.com's Jonathan Mayo

IT'S FINALLY HERE!   Our favorite holiday of the sports calendar is upon us as Opening Day has reached Baltimore! The boys talk all thing O's, go over our annual Over/Under predictions, discuss final roster decisions, and more! Then, we're joined by MLB.com's resident prospect guru Jonathan Mayo to break down the O's farm system and help predict which baby birds we may see in Baltimore before the season is out.   Plus, we have the long awaited debut of Adam's new Orioles theme song! And as always Jason's Married Guy Rant is a treat. Listen on your way into the game, and Go O's hon!

1hr 1min

28 Mar 2018

Rank #13

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Buster Olney is sending S.O.S. signals as Orioles face potential Iceberg

As we wrap up what seems like our months-long preview of this ever-important trade deadline for the O's, we bring in yet another one of baseball's finest writers to give final insight on what the rest of the league anticipates from the birds. Buster Olney of ESPN.com and the Baseball Tonight podcast makes his BMOShow debut (16:30), sharing the perspectives of rival GM's on Dan Duquette's "plan," mentoring a young Jason LaCanfora at the Baltimore Sun, as well as life on the farm... No, not Aberdeen or Delmarva, but an actual dairy farm! Plus, the boys preview the start of Ravens camp (45:35) as the team looks to compensate for roster losses due to injuries and otherwise. And as always, we have Jerry's homework, Jason's Married Guy rant, our minor leaguer of the week... as well as some bonus storytime with Coleman that will surely elicit many facepalms.

1hr 7mins

26 Jul 2017

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Talking NCAA Hypocrisy with Ed O'Bannon

The first week of Spring Training games are in the books, and the Orioles still seem to be stumbling their way into shape. Jerry and Jason discuss all the latest goings on in Sarasota. Then, the boys touch on the not-so-feared turtles of the University of Maryland as the Terps fall backwards into the B1G Tournament. Our featured guest for this week is the great Ed O'Bannon, who shot first salvo in the legal battle against the NCAA's alleged "Amateurism." And, as always, we have Adam's homework, an ALL-TIMER Married Guy Rant from Jason, and more!

1hr 2mins

1 Mar 2018

Rank #15

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Academy Award Winner Barry Levinson vents about the O's, and HOF-er Jonathan Ogden joins the show

It's a jam-packed BMO Show this week, as we have not one but two guests... and a rant for the ages. First we cover the Ravens', catching up on the addition of Jeremy Maclin, and talking Dennis Pitta's injury and future potential of the receiving corps with Joe Flacco. We also sit down with a Ravens legend, Hall of Fame lineman Jonathan Ogden to talk his mentorship of Ronnie Stanley, as well as his relationship with the Ravens and the city of Baltimore. Then, we change topics to something that has been brewing for months on this podcast: Jason LaCanfora's official (well-prepared!) case to fire Orioles' GM Dan Duquette. Jason fully recaps Duquette's tenure in Baltimore and discusses exactly why the move cannot wait. Finally, Academy Award winning filmmaker Barry Levinson joins the pod to let off his own steam about the Orioles, as well as his recent and upcoming film projects with HBO!

1hr 20mins

15 Jun 2017

Rank #16

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Lamar-amania is running wild, brother!

1hr 1min

17 Jun 2018

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The Official 2018 BMO Show Ravens Preview Spectacular™

The NFL season is upon us! Jason and Jerry go in-depth on Week 1's matchup against the Bills, but also go week-by-week for their full season predictions... and a couple over/under's for fun.   Plus, we catch up on our beloved hapless Orioles. Craig Gentry is finally out of town, at long last!   As always we have our weekly rant, homework, and minor leaguer of the week. Tune in!

1hr 6mins

5 Sep 2018

Rank #18

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Manny and Flacco find new homes while we get excited for Astr-O's ball!

1hr 1min

21 Feb 2019

Rank #19

Podcast cover

An Advocacy for the Baby Birds! -- Plus looking back and ahead on Ravens


21 Sep 2018

Rank #20