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Episode 2 – The One With Nate Storey About Vertical Farming

In this episode we talk with Nate Storey from Bright Agrotech LLC about Vertical Aquaponic Farming.  You’ll hear: Why he invented the Zip Grow Towers How to avoid the biggest mistake he made in the beginning How to successfully grow a vertical farm Why he prefers vertical farms to DWC or NFT systems 2 great ways to choose what to sell in a commercial business How to sell a premium product, at a premium price to your local food stores.


13 Jun 2013

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Episode 4 – The One With Sylvia Bernstein About Getting Started With Backyard Aquaponics

In this episode we interview Sylvia Bernstein from the Aquaponic Source about getting started with your backyard aquaponic system.  You’ll hear: The biggest mistake she made when she got started Her journey from hydroponics to aquaponics How many fish to use per Gallon of Water A little soapbox rant about feeding fish How the plants get their 16 essential nutrients What plants to start of with in your home aquaponic system.


14 Jun 2013

Rank #2

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Episode 13 – Solar Powered Aquaponics System

In today’s episode I will share with you what I discovered after researching for 6 months on how to setup a Solar Powered Off Grid Aquaponics System. You’ll learn: 3 Different Types of Pumps you can use with your Solar System How to figure out exactly how much power your pump uses How to size your solar panels I also talk about how I will be running a Free Webinar on Oct 23, 2014 at 8pm EST or 2pm if you’re in Hawaii like me. You can sign up for the webinar by going to http://www.AquaponicsForEveryone.com/solar During the webinar I will show you the exact pumps, batteries and anything else I used to build this off grid system. Make sure you sign up and join the webinar because this will be the only time I run the webinar for free.


10 Oct 2014

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Episode 12 – The One With Steve McLeod About Aquaponics in Shipping Containers

In this episode we talk with Steve McLeod of the Leaf Lovers about their project doing aquaponics and  hydroponics in a shipping container. You’ll hear about: How he does vertical system along the walls of the shipping container. How they were able to make micro greens to add to a lettuce mix they sell to Whole Foods The lighting system they are using in the shipping container And the kickstarter campaign you should all get behind. Here’s the link to go and donate some money to this cause: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1745364396/salad-box-vertical-aquaponics And here’s the video about their project:


18 Jul 2014

Rank #4

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Episode 10 – The One With Susanne From Friendly Aquaponics

In this episode we talk to Susanna from Friendly Aquaponics about: How they were able to lower the construction cost of their farm from $40,000 to $7000 The Biggest Mistake they made in “crop choice” Why starting small is the most important thing to be successful And much much more To get on their newsletter simple go to http://www.FriendlyAquaponics.com


28 Feb 2014

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Episode 15 – The One With Farmer Kevin From Doodley Dees Farm

Today we talk with Farmer Kevin From Doodley Dees farm in texas. You’ll learn things like: Why They Got Started Doing Aquaponics The Big Mistake They Made in the Beginning Why They Went Big How They Are Going About Getting Their First Commercial Customer And much much more Check out their website at: http://doodleydeesfarm.com/ Or Subscribe to their YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/DoodleyDeesFarm


9 Feb 2015

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Episode 8 – The One With Haydn Christensen About Getting In To Wholefoods

In this episode we talk with Haydn Christensen from Bay Berry Fresh about how he got live Zip Grow Towers into Wholefoods. You’ll hear about the process he went through to go from Hobby Grower to Commercial Farm The process of getting into Wholefoods What his daily schedule looks like as a commercial farmer.


13 Nov 2013

Rank #7

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Episode 14 – The One About Aquaponics Clubs in Puerto Rico

In today’s interview we talk with Irvin from Aquaponics.Club in Puerto Rico. We talk about all kinds of things from: 12V Pumps to use in your air lift pumps his plans to do roof top farms in Puerto Rico why he started doing aquaponics clubs and much much more I also mentioned the Solar Powered Aquaponics Video Course and the transcript you can get from Amazon as a Kindle book by clicking here


5 Nov 2014

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Episode 9 – The One With Travis Hughey About Barrelponics

In this episode I talk with Travis Hughey about Barrelponics.  We talk about: Why he got started doing Aquaponics How he got the idea to use Barrels for ap systems How he ran his farm off vegetable oil for a year And a whole lot of other stuff!  Enjoy


5 Feb 2014

Rank #9

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Episode 5 – The One With Gina Cavaliero from Green Acre Aquaponics on Commercial Aquaponics

In this episode we interview we interview Gina Cavaliero from Green Acre Aquaponics on Commercial Aquaponics.  You’ll hear: The biggest mistake she made in the beginning.   What you need to do to become succesful & profitable with your aquaponics farm What not to do when starting a farm How to be prepared for those down times


14 Jun 2013

Rank #10