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The Miracles Manifest Podcast

Rachel Claire, educator, clairvoyant, Ordained Minister and student of A Course in Miracles begins her long-awaited podcast on all things Miracles + Manifestation. Join with me each week as we explore being spiritual women in the modern world, building our spiritual businesses, raising our children + raising consciousness. Together, let's celebrate the good, the beautiful + the holy!

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How to Manifest Miracles in Your Life Now

In this episode, we explore God as part of us, as consciousness. We look at the identity of God and what it is from a spiritual perspective, according to the Bible, Neville Goddard and A Course in Miracles. We look at consciousness, I AM nature, and what this means for manifesting the miraculous.


2 Dec 2019

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The Way of the Heart

In this episode we're exploring the 5 components of a Miracle Mindset. We're also exploring radical responsibility and how to truly experience the peace that we're searching for using the text, The Way of Mastery and exploring the first step to awakening, the Way of the Heart. Our heart is the seat of the soul and where we find Christ Consciousness.


17 Dec 2019

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The Way to God

In this episode, we explore forgiveness and all that holds us back from forgiveness. Judgment of self and others and guilt. Is it possible that all things are neutral? A Course in Miracles says that everything is a call for love, or love. We're here to extend our love. That is your purpose! Your everyday life is the most PERFECT ashram for your awakening! 


22 Jan 2020

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Who Are God's Teachers?

In this episode, we read section 1 in the Manual for Teachers about who are God's teachers? A teacher of God is anyone who chooses to be one. Once he has decided, his road is established and direction is clear. 


13 Feb 2020

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Abiding as Christ

In this episode, we explore the highest work which is embracing and forgiving your past. Join with me as we explore our function, our purpose and how we can heal all things and connect more fully with our creator. Rachel's reading from The Way of Mastery and sharing her understanding and thoughts as we awaken as Christ and embrace the love of the Holy Spirit. We are but God. BONUS: a 30 day meditation challenge, abiding as Christ. 


2 Feb 2020

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