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Derrick McBride LAc, CFST, CSCS interviews practitioners, coaches, and athletes about their specialties. Sports Medicine Professionals will get a solid amount of clinical pearls while the everyday athlete gets exposed to a number of modalities and tactics that will improve performance and reduce risk of injury.

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FIX.03 Bobby Gill

Bobby leads development and communications for the Savory Institute - a global non-profit facilitating the large-scale regeneration of the world’s grasslands to address the root cause of food, water, and climate security. Since 2009, the Savory Institute has influenced management on over 25 million acres of desertifying grassland through its global network of 43 regional Hubs that train and equip farmers, ranchers, and pastoralist communities to utilize the land-regenerating potential of Holistic Management within their cultural and ecological context. Savory’s new Land to Market program and Ecological Outcome Verification protocol connect verified regenerative supply to philosophically-aligned industries, bringing awareness and accessibility to products whose ecological footprint are a net positive for the planet.

1hr 38mins

15 Aug 2019

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FIX.06 Dr. Jeff McWhorter

Dr. Jeff McWhorter is a Denver based Doctor of Chiropractic that specializes in orthopedic and neurological conditions. He runs a cutting edge practice that provides solutions for many stuck patients dealing with a multitude of neurological conditions including concussion and TBI. He uses some of the more interesting tools in the rehab field to work with patients ranging from post stroke to professional athletes looking for performance enhancement.

1hr 7mins

7 Sep 2019

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FIX.08 Chris Galligan

Chris is a multiple Leadville 100 Trail Race finisher, father, husband, and all around savage. In this episode we talk about the mental strength it takes to succeed in the ridiculous sport of ultramarathons as well as how to overcome the negative thoughts and possible failures that come with putting yourself out there to attempt some of the hardest physical endeavors known to the athletic community.

1hr 35mins

18 Sep 2019

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FIX.09 Jourdan Baldwin - Personal Trainer and XPT Coach

In this episode I sit down with Denver based Personal Trainer Jourdan Baldwin. Jourdan takes the role of a personal trainer way beyond counting reps and stacking on more plates. Her style incorporates creative movement patterns that explore needed ranges of motion that are rarely stressed coupled with restorative techniques such as structured breathwork. Jourdan is a well rounded health and fitness professional who's constantly willing to question her philosophies and evolve as a coach and a person.

1hr 31mins

11 Oct 2019

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FIX.05 Alicia Botyrius

Alicia Botyrius is the Business Development Manager for Sunlighten Saunas. Sunlighten is the brand of sauna I use in the clinic because they're by far the best sauna on the market. They are the only infrared sauna company that utilizes 3 different wavelengths of infrared light to target different tissues in the body. Their saunas can be programmed to work on deep detoxification, muscle and joint recovery, and anti aging. In this episode, we dive into why use infrared sauna, how to optimize the different waves, and who benefits the most from regular infrared sauna use


4 Sep 2019

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FIX.07 Chaz Faulhaber - Onus IV

In this episode I sit down with Onus IV Owner and my good buddy Chaz Faulhaber. Onus IV was the first IV Hydration company in Denver Colorado and he and his team have been leading the charge in the IV world ever since. I personally use his services and recommend family, friends, and patients to on a regular basis for athlete recovery, immune support, additional treatment for chronic conditions and even the occasional hangover.

1hr 34mins

12 Sep 2019

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FIX.04 Ian Forhman

Ian Fohrman is a writer and photographer out of Denver, Co. He is a partner in The Public Works, a unique creative agency with capabilities ranging from engineering and high end fabrication to multimedia production and web design. He has been writing and shooting editorial in the snow world for almost 10 years with features in every North American ski publication. He also has a background as a Red Bull photographer, commercial photographer across many genres, as well as ski-mountaineering photographer. Ian has had various “real jobs” throughout his career, most notably, from 2005-2010 Ian managed the Helly Hansen Global Snow Sports Marketing program where he wore a lot of hats but was more business guy than content creator. Currently he creates more words, videos and photographs than spreadsheets but still knows his way around a budget doc or marketing matrix. Ian would rather be outside or on the road doing something challenging and making beautiful imagery and thought provoking stories than almost anything else.


21 Aug 2019

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FIX.20 Andrew Simmons of Lifelong Endurance and Peak Performance Running

Andrew is the co-founder and head run coach of both Lifelong Endurance and Peak Performance Running. His goal, in both coaching and as a leader, is to inspire others to be the best versions of themselves. He accomplishes this by applying fundamental and cutting-edge training principles along with compassion and acceptance. In this episode we dive into some deep conversations about the physical and mental training it takes to be a high performing runner.

1hr 20mins

28 Feb 2020

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FIX.19 Book Club with Ben Nelson

In the first Book Club podcast, I sit down with my good buddy, Ben Nelson. Ben is an event producer working mostly in the extreme sports world. As the senior producer for events such as Red Bull Stratos and Nitro Circus World Games, he has to be a high performing individual with efficient systems in place. That makes it fitting to have our first book club be about the book "THE ONE THING" by Gary W. Keller and Jay Papasan. This books helps you ask yourself the necessary questions to figure out the one thing you can focus now to make all of the other aspects of your life easier and more efficient.

1hr 6mins

23 Feb 2020

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FIX.18 Brittany Bock

Brittany is a former Professional Soccer player and current massage therapist, coach, mentor, and speaker. In this podcast we dive deep into the athlete mindset and how to transition from a professional athlete to life after sport.

1hr 17mins

1 Feb 2020

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