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S1E20 Tim Klatte & Qiao Peng - Best Practices for Internal Investigations

We talk with Tim Klatte, head of Shanghai Forensic Advisory Services at Grant Thornton China and Qiao Peng, Partner at R&P China Lawyers. Tim and Qiao share best practices on conducting internal investigations, including several case studies, as well as how lawyers and forensic accountants work together for clients in the investigations process. -How has compliance practices by big companies changed over the years in China? -Is there anything about business in China that makes compliance issues and internal investigations more likely to arise? -Case studies about rogue GM and related party transactions and conflicts of interest-Issues of legal privilege, issues of cross-border cultural sensitivities -How to build and use evidence in a case for either convincing the person to leave or for court, if necessary.


9 Nov 2020

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