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Life is full of shit and full of giggles. Join two entertainers, who are long life friends, that push through life, living the dream with giggles and laughter. You will learn, you will be shocked, you will definitely have a laugh with two of the worlds most irresponsible, out there, entertaining people in the business. Join Noel, Omar and guests as they learn, love and laugh. Enjoy fools!!!!!

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Second Episode Whooooooop!!! Welcome back to Episode 2 FOOLS! Noel and Omar are finding their feet.  Lets find out how their week was and what they got up to.Enjoy, the second episode of Sh*its N Gigs Podcast, where we talk about Sh*t and we Giggle!  In this episode we cover- #Omar as a drum and bass DJ - we talk about the bad sound - Meet the team - we fired Keith the sound engineer  - We talk about the sponsor, BITONTHESIDE, Learning lines as an actor - The 2x different bibles - Tom Cruise and Scientology - The history of Instagram linking to Tictok - Cryptocurrencies - Cat fishes online - The definition of a Pleb - Omar Moving to Australia - The terminology of a Wog - Australians are on gear 24/7 - Batista's thick arms - Vegans eating eggs - All Blacks losing the Rugby World Cup - Yachting - Climate Change - Jeremy Renner (again) - Omar making it to Hollywood  


10 Dec 2019

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#003 - SH*TS & GIGS PODCAST EPISODE 3 - Picky vegans at BBQs

Welcome back! Good to see you.If you haven't already, please join the facebook page, twitter page, youtube here with this link https://linktr.ee/shitsngigspodcastIn this Episode they discuss - Siri calling Omar 'Big Papa' - The Game changer - People who watch a documentary and then they are instant experts - Partners who become expert in the thing you are an expert in - different acting technics - Kombucha - We find out Omar's answer to Noel's hypothetical question - Noel comes up with another one - They talk about Brokeback Mountain -  Jeremy Renner news - Spiderman News - #metoo - Flatting situations - Omar goes to the gym and he gets recognised - 


8 Dec 2019

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#001 - SH*TS & GIGS PODCAST EPISODE 1 - WELCOME (sorry for the 15 mins of bad sound, you can still hear us)!!!

Welcome to the Sh*t n Gigs Podcast.Apologises the first 15 mins isn't as the same quality as the last 15 mins. Don't worry, our sound engineer has been fired! In this first episode you meet the hosts, Noel and Omar.Omar and Noel went to film school together in New Zealand, they were flat mates, worked on some of the biggest projects international's projects filmed in NZ and Australia. From International movies like Rise of the Lycans, to hit TVshows in Australia like Janet King to tacky TVC's. Tune in to hear more.Oh, thank you BitontheSide for the sponsorship. In this episode we discuss - Jeremy Renner - The Avengers - The Next Batman - Chins - Moeing technique to get you a better chin - Rappers - James Bond - Inappropriate language - Hypothetical Questions - Omar trying to be James Bond but he is too Araby - Lord of the Rings - Orlando Bloom's Pay check - Orlando Bloom's career - Tictok - TV and the future - family and their holiday - Auckland fire - China - Rants - 


8 Dec 2019

Rank #3