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We chronicle the making of the album from concept to creation. Host Dave Trout helps tell the story that almost never gets told - the drama, swerves, missteps, and key decisions that make an album's release date happen.

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04 The Pitch

The tribute album is presented to a major record label in Nashville.


22 Dec 2017

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03 Boatload of Optimism

A trip to Nashville in February 2017 results in some positive momentum for the tribute album.


21 Nov 2017

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05 September 97

Where were you when you heard the news that Rich Mullins had died in 1997? We find out from Andrew Peterson, John J. Thompson, Beth Snell Lutz, and other that knew him. Plus more developments in our tribute album.


23 Feb 2018

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02 Age To Age

We look at how Amy Grant's 1982 release changed the career of Rich Mullins, plus we talk with Rich's old bandmate from Zion, Beth Snell Lutz.


20 Oct 2017

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BONUS:  Nashville or Bust

UTR Media & the Trout Family are relocating to the Nashville area. In this bonus podcast, Dave shares the journey and some of his hopes for the future. ----------- SONG LIST FOR THIS EPISODE ------------ * "Ready or Not" - Drakeford * "Let Yourself Be Led" - Brianna Gaither * "Tomorrow Morning" - Wild Harbors * "Till We Go" - Mr. & Mrs. Something -------------- SPECIAL THANKS --------------- * SPONSOR: Make Sure's "Walk Home Instead" - https://is.gd/msuresp * CrossWinds Church, Chicago * Felts Partners in Nashville * Zak Tibstra for driving our moving truck! (c) 2019 UTR Media. All Rights Reserved. A 501(c)(3) non-profit ministry - info at https://utrmedia.org


16 Aug 2019

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