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The Lineup is a savvy female oriented podcast taking a fresh look at the topics making headlines. Co-hosted by Lily Taurau and Indi Leishman, The Lineup focuses on connecting young women with leaders and innovators in New Zealand - those who are pushing the boundaries in their industries.With a strong focus on all things female, the girls will be investigating topics within women’s issues, pop culture, business, fashion and health - joined by plenty of experts along the way.

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EP#20 2018 The Year of the Female

On EP 18 / The final episode of The Lineup for 2018 we’re reflecting back on the year that’s been and more specifically the most empower female moments of this year. Join Indi and Lily as they look back on some of the biggest headlines this year across news, entertainment and lifestyle. (2:18 ) To Buy or Not To Buy - We have your last minute present ideas sussed!(4:48) We’re starting off with the biggest movement of 2018 #METOO(8:11) Let’s talk about Oprah Winfrey’s amazing speech at the Golden Globes… goosebumps anyone?(10:40) Gymnasts from Team USA testified against their former team doctor Larry Nassar who had abused over 150 women. (12:30) The Word Surf League announced this year that women will be paid the same prize money as men from 2019 onwards. They’re one of the first sporting organisations to do this. (17:04) Meghan Markle became the first Princess of colour in the United Kingdom!(18:55) Ariana Grande has had a huge year with so many big moments to overcome and her strength has always shone through! Thank You, Next!(21:18) Beychella! Beyonce made history as the first black woman to headline Coachella!(24:17) Cardi B broke the Guiness World Record for the most simultaneous Billboard Hot 100 entries by a woman with 13 tracks on the list at once!(26:35) Celebs getting involved in politics for the first time, namely Tay Tay and Riri.(29:07) At the top of the list of our greatest female moments from 2018 is our very own Commander in Chief Jacinda Ardern. If there has ever been a role model for women in this country it’s her. (32:12) Time to wrap up for the year but we will see you back in 2019 with some fresh new episodes. Thank you for all your ongoing support, we really do love you guys!


20 Dec 2018

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EP#19 Relationship Advice With Clinical Psychologist Jacqui Maguire

On EP 19 of The Lineup we’re talking to the amazing Jacqui Maguire about Attachment Theory. Don’t know what that is? Well it’s worth your time to listen in to this ep if you’re in a relationship or have every been in a relationship that hasn’t worked out. Jacqui will explain attachment theory and how it may be causing you and your partner difficulty. Basically it’s all programmed into us from a young age based on the type of parenting we received. (3:06) To Buy or Not to Buy: Christmas Edition(7:47) Jacqui’s Introduction to the different attachment types and why it’s important to know yours and your partners.(15:40) “Self Soothing parenting is the most damaging kind of parenting you can give to a child”(25:16) Learning to understand one of the reasons your partner acts the way they do.(36:55) The 5 Languages of Love and why they’re helpful to understand.(44:16) There are lots of different psychologists out there, so it’s all about finding the right person who fits you.


15 Dec 2018

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EP#18 Xmas Is Stressing Us Out & Chris Dawson Has Been Arrested!

On Ep18 of The Lineup, we get into the new Teacher's Pet update - Chris Dawson has been arrested! OMG. If you haven't listened to the Teacher's Pet podcast, skip ahead to 20:46 where we get into all the things that are stressing us out right now.... missing out on all the fun summer events and money.


6 Dec 2018

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EP#17 Learning To Live With Your Grief

On EP 17 of The Lineup the conversation is all about grief and the feelings that hit when someone dies. We’re talking about stuff that can typically happen after a loss that you may not be aware of. We aren’t experts and everyone's experiences are different but The Lineup is all about opening up conversations and letting you guys and ourselves express what we’re feeling.(2:25) To Buy or Not To Buy - This week’s a sweet one!@thepiepiper(5:58) Amanda Bynes is back! And speaking publicly for the first time in years… if you want to know why she tweeted ‘My dad is as ugly as RuPaul! So thankful I look nothing like you both! I had nose surgery and my nose an I are gorgeous!’ then tune in here. http://www.papermag.com/amanda-bynes-break-the-internet-2621549455.html?rebelltitem=39#rebelltitem39(11:26) Why we decided to talk about grief on today’s episode and a bit of background on Indi’s dad.(15:46) The delusional state of mind when you’re hit with big life changing news. (20:27) “I don’t think I actually started grieving my dad until two years after he died.”(26:16) When someone dies dynamics change, within your close family group, your extended family, even family friends. Indi talks about the ripple effects she experienced. (32:57) “I found it so incredible having friends who knew my dad and would keep talking about him after he died.”(35:55) Indi’s always felt a great sense of pride in her dad’s memory and it has helped combat her grief.


29 Nov 2018

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