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Leadership development for everyone in the blue collar workforce, those who support them, and those who lead them. Leadership is influence. Influence is built daily, not in a day.There are two types of influence: 1) Artificial influence which comes with a title, position, or rank and is reserved for those who have formal authority over others; and 2) Authentic influence which is based on a person's character and the relationships they build, and it's available to anyone with or without a position of authority because it's based on moral authority (who you are and how you do what you do).

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46: Manager vs Leader (Change)

Managing People vs Leading People series Part 2 of 17. When it comes to change, managers of people have a very different perspective than leaders of people. Managers of people avoid change and seek to maintain the status quo. Leaders of people are focused on continuous improvement which requires constant change.


20 Sep 2018

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