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Hello and WELCOME to Finely Clicked- the podcast where we discuss business, leadership & personal development. My name is Margaret Smith, I’m the Director of Operations for Pickett Street Properties, a real estate team out of Bothell, WA- and I’ll be here every week with our Owner & Team Leader, Jesse D. Moore. We’ll be digging into ideas & concepts that have helped us both personally and professionally. And you’ll also get a chance to hear from local and national experts that we know provide massive value to get to the point where it all finally clicks.

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Episode 3: Top 10 Communication Tips for the Executive & Admin

In this episode Margaret & Jesse work through their Top 10 Communication Tips for business owners & admin. Tune in as they each share 5 tips on how to create more effective communication and a powerful partnership.  Jesse's Top 5 Tips: 1. Be Nice 2. Be Aware of Body Language 3. Use Personality Assessments to Your Advantage 4. Ask for Effective Ways to Communicate 5. Bring Them into the Room Mo's Top 5 Tips: 1. Lean In 2. Slow Down to Speed Up 3. Fierce Communication Dialogue Worksheets 4. Go for Clarity! 5. Communicate in Bundles Tune in to hear the details on what this means for them both professionally and personally! How can we be a resource to you? Reach out to Pickett Street today: info@pickettstreet.com or #425-502-5397. Text for quicker response.


2 Nov 2018

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Episode 47: Get Shit Done

Drop the mic🎤 NEW EPISODE!!"Get Shit Done". This week we're covering a highly controversial topic, how to get shit done effectively, efficiently, at the rate we ALL want it to happen.Some of the tips we mention:👉Cut Out The Crap👉Learn How to Prioritize👉Efficiency Stacking👉Self Discipline👉Motivation: scratch that ideaBuild the foundation in whatever you do- so that you can then PLAY 🤸‍♀️on top of it!What was your biggest "AHA" from this episode? Share it with us here on the Finely Clicked Facebook page!You can find Finely Clicked on:🗣 Itunes🗣 Spotify🗣 Buzzsprout🗣 SoundCloud*Please leave us a review, Mo will love you forever 😍**Link to Delegation Tree Exercise: Click HERE

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15 Aug 2019

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Episode 60: Nonsense & Special Guest: Kevin Kauffman

👉Oh lord, in the studio today we had a VERY special guest: Kevin Kauffman from EXP Realty + Group 46:10.😎 Episode 60: Nonsense + Special Guest: Kevin KauffmanThe 411 on Kevin: Realtor, Podcast Host and Entertainer 😉"I have developed a career and a lifestyle by doing things that are difficult –not because they are difficult, but because they often seem to be the best things to do. In 2007, the height of the housing bust, I started a career in the real estate. I faced opposition from every side. My family was nervous, my friends said I was nuts. I believed that I was seeing was an opportunity, and while I appreciated their care for me and I knew they had my best interests at heart, I chose to follow my instincts. The market was terrible and the economy was unforgiving. I took from this rough beginning an experience that I now know to be invaluable. I learned that I possess the confidence, work ethic, will, and drive to be successful in spite of a down market. At a time when all of the “experts” were running away from real estate, I ran right at it. During my first year working in real estate, I was named “Rookie of the Year” and have ranked consistently near the tops of all production charts since. In February 2008, my business partner, Fred Weaver and I formed Group 46:10, now the Group 46:10 Real Estate Network, with eXp Realty. The Group 46:10 Real Estate Network has taken on a bold path of expansion, moving into Denver in 2014, Nashville in 2015, and finally into a total of 5 markets in 2018. Before expanding our real estate sales team I was the majority owner of Keller Williams Realty Phoenix, a struggling franchise in 2013 on the brink of shutting down. I was able to help resurrect the brokerage, and once it was thriving in 2016 I sold it so I could focus on the expansion of The Group 46:10 Network. Group 46:10 has received favorable write-ups in The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and MarketWatch, among other highly regarded publications. Group 46:10 has consistently been named by Real Trends and the Wall Street Journal as one of “The Thousand” A-list of the top producing real estate agents and teams in the country."Kevin helped start the Facebook group: Next Level Agents which is now also a podcast. You can find them on any major podcast platform!You can find Finely Clicked on all major platforms as well:👉Itunes👉Spotify👉SoundCloud👉Buzzsprout#KevinKauffman #flipflopsonly

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7 Nov 2019

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Episode 69: ASMR + Whiskey: Random AF

You heard me right. 👉In this episode we cover: -New business partnerships-Finely Clicked Coaching-Accountability-Empty Nester Investor-and of course, whiskey.You may be thinking to yourself, why do Jesse & Mo do these ASMR episodes? What the heck is the purpose?Sometimes the BEST conversations are the ones you didn't expect to have. Join us. You can find Finely Clicked on all major platforms:👉Itunes👉Spotify👉SoundCloud👉Buzzsprout

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11 Jan 2020

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Episode 38: Top Tips for New Real Estate Agents & Admin

We just hired 2 new awesome humans at Pickett Street this last week- which prompted us to think about how we train and talk with new Agents + Admin.Tune in for our top 5 tips that we give to both Real Estate Agents + Admin. Top 5 Tips for Agents:1. Check new listings daily.2. Partner with an experienced Agent when needed.3. Time Block.----> tune in to the podcast for the other tips!Top 5 Tips for Admin:1. Join the Facebook groups + network!2. Read Fierce Conversations in the first 3 months.3. RESEARCH the question before you ask it.----> tune in to the podcast for the other tips!You can find us on:🗣 Itunes🗣 Spotify🗣 Buzzsprout🗣 SoundCloudPlease go to Itunes and leave us a review today! It seriously helps us with future guest speakers :) After you post the review- DM Mo so she knows!

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5 Jul 2019

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Episode 28: Monique Helstrom: The Builder & The Solutions Expert

Today we were thrilled to speak with Monique Helstrom- former Chief of Simon Sinek. Monique is a builder, a solutions expert, an enthusiastic and intelligent human. From Monique:"There’s no doubt about it - I’ve had plenty of miscommunications and mistakes, “aha” moments and “ugh” moments, and periods of growth as well as periods of decline. These challenges have helped me think beyond the box and become a catalyst of change. The struggle has been real.  I’ve learned how to build – and, more importantly, how to maintain – the mighty union between visionary and those who work in their service so that all ships can rise together.  After serving for nearly a decade as the Chief of Simon Sinek, New York Times Best-Selling author and TED celebrity, I’ve had unparalleled opportunities, unique experiences, and perspective shifts. With the tools I’ve accumulated in my own successful career as the primary support person for one of the most influential thought leaders of our time, I can teach you how decipher and disentangle the common - yet underrecognized - issues plaguing this indispensable partnership. "To connect with Monique: monique@onpoint.expertwww.moniquehelstrom.comwww.onpoint.expert (coming soon)🗣 Itunes🗣 Spotify🗣 Buzzsprout🗣 SoundCloudPlease head over to Itunes and leave us a review! Tag Margaret---> it helps us recruit future guests for the show!

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26 Apr 2019

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Episode 68: What's Your Word of the Year?

Join us as Jesse coaches Mo to find her word for the year- the ENTIRE conversation - right here on Finely Clicked. Many people pick a word to help them focus on what they want MORE of- or perhaps something they need or want to focus on.What's your word? Share with us below. Or if you don't have one- what do you do to ensure you move forward with intention?  You can find Finely Clicked on all major platforms:👉Itunes👉Spotify👉SoundCloud👉Buzzsprout

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4 Jan 2020

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Episode 50: 5 Steps to Building a Top Producing Team in 18 Months (Step 1: Mindset)

Jesse taught this class for a few years- in an effort to help other Real Estate Agents understand the power of leverage in their businesses. We've decided to break down each of the 5 steps in our podcast- Step 1 is Mindset.🗣"Begin with one mindset, and mastery is impossible.Begin with another, and it can be inevitable."-Daniel Pink, "Drive"Jesse hasn't taught this class in 3 years. 👉Rainmakers---> take a moment to listen to this episode, and the upcoming series. 🎤 What was your biggest "AHA" from this episode? Share it with us here on social!You can find Finely Clicked on:🗣 Itunes🗣 Spotify🗣 Buzzsprout🗣 SoundCloud*Let Mo know you've read this line. Please go leave us a review on Itunes!

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7 Sep 2019

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Episode 61: Team Meetings & Annual Retreats: A Hack

We are often asked about how we run our weekly Team Meetings + our Annual Offsite Team Retreat. So here ya go 👉 the SECRET sauce.You can find Finely Clicked on all major platforms as well:👉Itunes👉Spotify👉SoundCloud👉Buzzsprout

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16 Nov 2019

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Episode 49: Mara Gleason: One Solution

Drop the mic 🎤 Have you ever considered the idea that there might be ONE SOLUTION that could end a war? Bring opposing parties to the table for a purposeful conversation?Today we had the opportunity to speak with Mara Gleason, author of the book, One Thought Changes Everything. And- we're still spinning from the conversation. Much of what Mara speaks about will remind you of pieces that we heard from Gary John Bishop & EnMay Mangels. Tune in. We can't wait for you to hear this.The 411 on Mara:Mara Gleason Olsen, Co-Founder and Director of One Solution, has enjoyed working with all walks of life throughout her career, including MIT-trained physicists, UN directors, US Marines, NHL players, Microsoft managers, prisoners, the Chicago PD, and teens from Southside Chicago and Gaza. Prior to founding One Solution, she co-founded and directed One Thought, a NYC and London-based company that trained hundreds of organizational leaders from around the world. She’s also the bestselling author of One Thought Changes Everything. Mara graduated with a Master’s degree from Columbia University in 2006, and currently lives in Chicago with her husband and co-director, Eirik, and several plants that she works hard to keep alive, despite their frequent travels.🎤 What was your biggest "AHA" from this episode? Share it with us here on the Finely Clicked Facebook page and tag Mara & The One Solution!You can find Finely Clicked on:🗣 Itunes🗣 Spotify🗣 Buzzsprout🗣 SoundCloud*Please leave us a review, Mo will love you forever 😍

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30 Aug 2019

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Episode 32: Tim Long: Executive Assistant to Gary John Bishop

Tim Long: Executive Assistant to Gary John BishopYOU GUYS! This episode is 💥 Tim has been the EA to Gary for almost 2 years now. His story is one that will inspire you. I can't wait to hear what you think :)The 411 from Tim:"I Grew up in Thailand, Yes, I know I don't look Thai and that would be because I am not. I lived there for 15 years with my family and returned to the US when my parents divorced. From there, I became heavily involved in the arts and humanities, my local church and I began studying people and sharpening my mental disciplines.Many years later I suffered a divorce, job loss, bankruptcy and attempted suicide. This was one of the darkest periods of my life and it was also one of the most important.It was during this time that I made a choice. I made a choice to do something with my life. I chose to work on the problems of the world. I chose to make a difference wherever I could.I found my way into working for a development company where I quickly grew and soaked up everything I could about training others, and most importantly, myself.Now, I have pooled all of my talents to help people navigate their communication and mastery 4 distinct areas: Relationships, Communications, Technology & Photography."🗣 Itunes🗣 Spotify🗣 Buzzsprout🗣 SoundCloudHave you left a review yet? We totally need them for future guests on our podcast! Leave us one today- and let us know ;)

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24 May 2019

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Episode 58: The Anniversary Episode

Today marks ONE YEAR since Finely Clicked hit the air and you were formally introduced to yours hosts: 👉Jesse D. Moore & Margaret (Mo) SmithIn honor of our 1 year anniversary, we wanted to put OUR listeners on air with us. We collected 15 different voice memos- and compiled them into this episode for today.Thank you to the dedicated followers who submitted voice memos:Anna Parker with The McLeod Group Network out of Salem, ORMary Smith out of Edmonds, WABella Williams with the HergGroup out of Burlington, VermontShanna Niemi with John L Scott out of Mukilteo, WAAmanda Condyles out of Federal Way, WAHannah Ranch out of Federal Way, WARebecca Shanahan Galligani with the HergGroup out of Burlington, VermontSam Oberlies out of Mesa, Arizona with Rise Real Estate GroupGwyneth Lang from Montana!Jillian Farrar from Kirkland, WAAnna Lovec with The Alchemy Company out of Encinitas, CACarmen Hultman from Federal Way, WALaura Simms from Paris, FranceMelissa Weidling from Bellingham, WA with the Satushek TeamOur listeners had 3 options for their voice memos- and OH MAN did they come through for us:1. Imagine Finely Clicked is getting ready for a date. They've dressed up to the nines, gotten their makeup on, shaved, primped, and they're ready to go out on the town. They step out of the bathroom, and are waiting for you to comment on their appearance... what do you say? We had 2 brave souls reply to this prompt, and holy shit, its funny.2. Create an analogy (Jesse-ism) or metaphor that explains what this podcast, Finely Clicked, is about.3. Submit a question you'd like our help on for 2020.Can't wait for you to hear this 🤣🤣🤣You can find Finely Clicked on all major platforms:👉Itunes👉Spotify👉SoundCloud👉BuzzsproutThank you to our listeners. We wouldn't be where we are today without you. Here's to an EPIC 2020 and what is to come.Yours truly, Jesse & Mo

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25 Oct 2019

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Episode 6: Autonomy

"I hate being told what to do." Today's episode is all about Autonomy.  -What is autonomy? -What does autonomy for an Admin actually LOOK like? -What are some real life examples? You're also in luck because this podcast all stemmed from a blog that Margaret wrote- in response to a question from Jesse. So the blog is being published today alongside this special podcast episode. Link to blog: AUTONOMY Margaret's definition of autonomy: "My definition of autonomy in the context of a business partnership and company is the ability to carry out a vision however I determine, with the best interest of those it will impact in mind." How can we be a resource to you? Reach out to Pickett Street today: info@pickettstreet.com or #425-502-5397. Text for quicker response. Intro Music: Title: Happy Album: My Dark Passenger Artist: Verboze Album will be releasing on Itunes, Amazon, and Googleplay Dec. 2018 Streaming on Apple Music, Pandora, Play Music, iHeart, Spotify, and more in Dec.


21 Nov 2018

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Episode 41: Just a mini MOment

Hi 👀 welcome to the first "mini" episode of Finely Clicked. I'm calling it "Just a MOment".1. I'd like to directly address questions, ideas, HOT topics that our listeners have in quick 10-20 minutes episodes. What would you like me to address for you? Email me: Margaret@pickettstreet.comThis first mini MOment I took the opportunity to address a question that I've received so much in my life: "Margaret, how have you created and MAINTAINED this positive attitude in your life?". I'd like to dedicate this mini episode to Quinn Hubbard, 5 year old daughter to two friends of mine: Jessica & Kalan Hubbard out of Joplin, MO- they run a successful real estate team and have been teaching Quinn how to say her "good things" every night. And Mallory- 13 year old daughter of Elizabeth Grace Marty- my good friend that is an Agent out of Reno, NV.These 2 young ladies are on a quest to start their lives with a positive mindset- and they inspire me.Below is a sneak peek. Tune in, its 18 minutes long. Share it. Love it, like it, digest it.CONSIDER IT.You can find Finely Clicked on:🗣 Itunes🗣 Spotify🗣 Buzzsprout🗣 SoundCloudWhat do you want to hear about next? Email me at Margaret@pickettstreet.com or comment with a suggestion!


18 Jul 2019

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Episode 35: Reed Moore on Leadership + Success

NEW EPISODE ✨Reed Moore on Leadership + Success“Arrival is the thief of joy and success."This week we chatted with Reed Moore, founder of the RMG Real Estate Network.As one of the Nations Top Real Estate Industry Leaders, Reed has created one of the nations Premier Real Estate Team. His companies have expanded to service multiple locations in Alaska, as well as the Northwestern United States. Reed is known across the country for building a dynamic and healthy business culture, and maximizing Human Resources through training and coaching.Reed has received many awards and recognitions including entrance to John C. Maxwell Leadership Founders Circle, featured articles in Outfront Magazine, as well as many speaking engagements on business building across multiple Industries including Tech, Insurance, Real Estate and many more.Reed's goals are to revolutionize the Real Estate Industry through RMG Team world wide expansion by creating a premium experience for clients across the globe and great opportunities for realtors that want to grow in their level of professionalism and service.Tune in to hear from Jesse’s little brother, Reed.🗣 Itunes🗣 Spotify🗣 Buzzsprout🗣 SoundCloudPlease go to Itunes and leave us a review today!

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13 Jun 2019

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Episode 40: Hallie Warner: Chief of Staff

👀 SURPRISE! It's an early episode from Finely Clicked 🤣Yup. When the cats away the mice will plaaaayyy....or the shark fins?Jesse D. Moore is on vacation---> so Mo gets to record EARLY. This week I have Hallie Warner in the studio with me! 👉🏻Chief of Staff to Adam Hergenrother at Adam Hergenrother Companies.👉🏻Co-Author of the book: Founder and Force Multiplier👉🏻Over 10 years experience supporting the C-Suite.Hallie is an absolute gem and has mastered the ability to lead and assist by assessing current needs, initiating change and executing projects.Tune in this week to get INSIDE the brain of a serious Chief of Staff. Lets learn more about how Hallie thinks- it will in turn help you as you work to build or FIND your next operations hire. You can find Adam + Hallie's book on Amazon in both hard copy or audible!You can find the Finely Clicked Podcast on:🗣 Itunes🗣 Spotify🗣 Buzzsprout🗣 SoundCloudShare an episode and TAG MO!


16 Jul 2019

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Episode 5: Iris Scott: An Artist That Chased Her Dreams

Today we're dropping Episode 5 of "Finely Clicked" with a phenomenal first guest- someone who is not only making waves in the art world, but in the business world as well. One of our favorite quotes or ideas from this episode: The obstacle IS the advantage. Iris Scott has been featured in Forbes, Barron's, Business Insider, USA Today, NowThis, CBS New York, and American Art Collector Magazine.  Several galleries carry Iris's originals, her collectors have included Microsoft, Coca-Cola, Children’s Hospital, and Swedish Medical Centers. In contrast to much of the contemporary art scene scarcity model, Iris’ prints are intentionally accessible because she believes withholding affordable prints is not aligned with the collective conscious of art history’s future. Iris Scott- an Artist that paints with her FINGERS, from a small farm near Seattle, WA. Themes from this week's episode: 1. Set limitations and work within them. 2. Follow the script, then deviate. 3. Enjoy it, have an audience, FOCUS on that. 4. The obstacle is the ADVANTAGE. 5. Iris talks to herself everyday- affirmations. 6. Women in leadership- it's happening now. How can we be a resource to you? Reach out to Pickett Street today: info@pickettstreet.com or #425-502-5397. Text for quicker response. Intro Music: Title: Happy Album: My Dark Passenger Artist: Verboze Album will be releasing on Itunes, Amazon, and Googleplay Dec. 2018 Streaming on Apple Music, Pandora, Play Music, iHeart, Spotify, and more in Dec.

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15 Nov 2018

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Episode 59: Leadership and Self Deception

🗣Welcome to Season 2!Episode 59: Read This: Leadership & Self Deception by The Arbinger InstituteThis is required reading for anyone that joins the Pickett Street team. Are YOU in the box?You can find Finely Clicked on all major platforms:👉Itunes👉Spotify👉SoundCloud👉BuzzsproutShare your thoughts and feedback with us on social media! Tag: @FinelyClickedPodcast

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31 Oct 2019

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Episode 75: The 10X Rule & Instagram Stories

🗣The 10X Rule:"Regardless of what you want to do or be- whether it is to lose 10 pounds, write a book, or become a billionaire- your DESIRE to reach these points is an incredibly important element of doing so. Each of these goals is vital to your future survival- because they indicate whats within your potential.Regardless of the goal you are striving to accomplish, you will be required to think differently, embrace a die-hard level of commitment, and take massive amounts of action at 10 times the levels you think necessary- followed by more actions. Almost every problem people face in their careers and other aspects of their lives- such as failed diets, marriages, and financial problems- are all results of not taking enough action."🗣Instagram Stories with Jesse 🤣Jesse picks an Instagram story to read to our listeners. 😍💋CHALLENGE: be the first listener to post a story on social media using these four emojis: 😷🧚‍♀️👙🦖You can find Finely Clicked on all major platforms:👉🏼Itunes👉🏼Spotify👉🏼SoundCloud👉🏼Buzzsprout


14 Feb 2020

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Episode 67: The Gift of Struggle

"Why don't you tell him he's wrong? You've already told me. Bobby couldn't be more open to the feedback. Who cares if he gets pissed? We know he's going to get pissed off. He's asking us to tell him when he's wrong." When's the last time you sat in front of someone and didn't speak your truth, even though you KNEW you should?Leadership is a long, continuous, ambiguous road- and there's no clear direction. It often takes people years to truly understand what leadership is about and then decide whether they want to take it on. In this episode we discuss the book we are just wrapping up on our team: The Gift of Struggle by Bobby Herrera. Does your company read a book together? Why or why not?You can find Finely Clicked on all major platforms:👉Itunes👉Spotify👉SoundCloud👉Buzzsprout

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27 Dec 2019

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