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A podcast touching on witty dating advice, hilarious horror stories, first timer feedback, and overall mental health support in the battlefield that is modern day dating. Between dating apps, online, catfishes, serial “first-date”ing, and unhealed inner children— This podcast will bring empathy, humor, and support to the listener while portraying an all-too-relatable persona of current times dating reality. Expect interviews with experts and friends alike; sharing candid stories of self paired with take-home advice for the listener.

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Friend Zone Your Mom

Join Brooklynn back on the mic after some time off due to an illness as she discusses all things “Friend Zone Your Mom” worthy. That’s right. We are covering boys that are way too close for comfort with their mamas. From psychology by way of Sigmund Freud, and Greek Mythology by way of Oedipus (and the “Oedipus complex”)— Brooklynn goes there. She also includes a deeply personal, and deeply creepy, first-hand experience with one of her old exes and his bizarre and boundary-less attachment to mommy dearest. This is an episode so shocking... you really won’t want to miss it! 


22 Jul 2021

Rank #1

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Sex Brain + Ghosting

Join Brooklynn in episode 14 as she dives into a few controversial topics like "sex brain" and "ghosting". She addresses what it's like to experience instant regret after a date or hook up, because it wasn't something authentically viable for the long-term or in alignment with you as a person in the dating landscape. B also covers when it's acceptable to "go ghost" on a connection, when it's definitely not, and how you can overall handle it in a better way instead. Lastly this episode takes a comedic dive into the well known "hot to crazy scale" in reference to women, and Brooklynn creates her own spin for the theme of men she sees in her own dating landscape (and likely yours too). We hope you enjoy this vulnerable and goofy episode and that it spits you out the other side as a better communicator, boundary holder, and dater in general. You're welcome! 


9 Jul 2021

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Interdependence and Big Dick Energy

In episode 13 join Brooklynn as she gives you a life update; both personal and dating-wise. We talk about what it's like to date as a woman with "Big Dick Energy", aka a strong career. As well as that phase of dating where things start to feel like they're falling off... We dubbed it the "Got'Em or Not'Em" phase, and cover the important intersection of effort and energy in order to keep that shitty phase at bay. Stick around until the end to hear about the major differences in codependence and independence, and how we can all work to be a little more harmonious within the connections in our lives via the all too important-and not nearly enough addressed- Interdependence.


3 Jul 2021

Rank #3

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Purity Culture and Coming Out With Ambrie Bosworth

This week's episode is both a treat- and a hard pill to swallow. Brooklynn decides to take a (semi-personal) crack at the pervasive purity culture that still dominates the life of young people today. But she doesn't do it alone! Queue episode 12's special guest: Ambrie Bosworth. Ambrie has an educational background with/and Bachelor's Degrees in Anthropology, Ethnic Studies, and Women Studies as well as  just completing her Master's Degree in Social Innovation. As someone who grew up in purity culture and as a queer woman, Ambrie speaks to her experiences of unlearning the harmful indoctrination and eventually coming out as a member of the LGBTQ community...  And of course, she is Brooklynn's younger sister. Together the girls tackle what it was like for Ambrie to come out after being raised in a high demand religion and conservative community. We touch on everything from dating life as an out woman and being fully yourself, to handling conservative family and community, to stepping into your own and releasing performative action subservient to the male gaze and overall purity culture in general. It's a good one. Buckle up. 

1hr 6mins

24 Jun 2021

Rank #4

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Pussy Eaters Have A Reserved Spot In Heaven

Join Brooklynn in episode 11 as she dives into all things pussy-eating.  From anatomy and science to strategy and feedback, this episode is sure to have you "coming" back for more. Look forward to hearing about erectile tissue, pubic hair, how to find the mysterious G-spot, the best sex positions for oral stimulation, AND hear all the vagina slang you can possibly imagine... More so than ever in your life. You're welcome in advance. And ladies, don't be afraid to share this one around. Help me, help you. And most importantly- Enjoy! 

1hr 15mins

17 Jun 2021

Rank #5

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Dating App Review: How To Authentically Date Through A Screen

In this week's episode, Brooklynn personally downloads and creates profiles on the marketplace's three top dating apps. She tests out the individual features that make cyber dating more easy- or more difficult, as well as reviews the majority user-base and personality types that tend to flock to certain apps. She shares some uber personal stories behind past, and now present, dating app experiences... And she even lands a date for this week! Wrapping up with a personalized profile audit for you listeners to look and feel your best in online profiles, and of course a brief but stern dive into dating app etiquette. No more catfish! No more jerks! See you on the inside for this week's intimate episode, teaching you how to get the most out of your online dating! 

1hr 10mins

10 Jun 2021

Rank #6

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Dating Post-Pandemic: I Finally Ditched All My Exes T-Shirts

On Episode 9 of "A Date In The Life", Brooklynn breaks down how to date, post-pandemic. From leveraging apps, facetime dates, and what to order on a first date... To keeping first meetings short. (And maybe even socially distanced?) Brooklynn covers how to date again after we've all been cooped up- AND how to get on the same page as your potential partner with your own COVID boundaries. (Hey, it's like politics. Maybe a mood killer, but better to be on the same page now instead of finding out you're not... later.) We even dive into the infamous men's T-shirt as the ultimate sleepwear, and how Brooklynn now *officially* doesn't have any.  Is it because she is moving and has no space in her suitcase? Or is it because she is legitimately down to truly sever ties? Join us for our first double digit episode to celebrate getting out there, for us, and you! 

1hr 8mins

27 May 2021

Rank #7

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Dating "Donts" - Stop Using Hypothetical Commitment As Foreplay

In episode 8, "Dating Donts", Brooklynn breaks down some serious penalties when it comes to the dating game. From flashing the promise of commitment just to get what you want (*spoiler, it was never actually commitment*), to misaligning your words and actions, to not being able to apologize. Brooklynn walks the listener through her own horror stories and even a few repeat offenders, and then shares what you had to say about your biggest "Dating Donts", or "pet peeves".  (Participate in our polls weekly on instagram: @dateinthelife_pod) 

1hr 8mins

21 May 2021

Rank #8

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Attachment Styles Part 2: With Hollie Freeman - Cat and Mouse

Join 'Date In The Life'  Host Brooklynn as she interviews her best friend, Hollie Freeman (@whale_be_okay). Hollie is an entrepreneur, international coach, and of course, apart of the dating scene. The girls chat anxious-attachment on a deeper and more intimate level, as well as the feminine and masculine energy we all possess inside us; and it's dance with giving and receiving. Hollie shares about her dating experiences overcoming and healing an anxious attachment style, as well as action steps for everyone to start dating and intimately interacting more securely (goodbye cat and mouse games!). We hope you enjoy this candid episode that closely mirrors our everyday girl talk! 

1hr 29mins

13 May 2021

Rank #9

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Attachment Styles & Your Inner Child

**TW: drug abuse, suicide** Join Brooklynn in Episode 6 as she breaks down the 4 Attachment Styles, and where they stem from in a psychological perspective. Learn about how core memories from childhood create confirmation bias in love, commitment, and emotional availability throughout the rest of your life. Brooklynn walks you through her childhood core memories that formed her Anxious-Avoidant Attachment Type, and the work she has done to cultivate a more Secure Attachment. In this episode expect to learn about your attachment type, as well as how to "bio-hack" your way to a more secure core memory that can ultimately help all your relationships starting now, and continuing always. We are so excited to get ultra-vulnerable with you, and your lovable inner child, in this episode!  


6 May 2021

Rank #10