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The Art of NGF: Undo Suffering

Real-World training to go from victim to adventurer.

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NGF39:Ozark7: Nest Box

Welcome to Episode 7 of The Ozark Talks: A special Imagination Training disguised as conversations about one of the world’s most compelling and beautiful TV shows ever made. In this talk, we go deep into Nest Box, an episode dedicated to exploring familial bonds–both supportive and destructive–between all of the characters cohabitating in the Lake… Read more


26 Apr 2018

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NGF41:Ozark9: Coffee, Black

In tonight’s episode, we see Wendy and Ruth stealing the show and stepping up to help Marty’s plans go from spontaneous ideas into solid form. We also see Russ and Boyd move on to “a better place,” with Ruth’s cunning and skillful–if reluctant–help. This means the Byrde family might now have Ruth, Wyatt, and his… Read more


31 May 2018

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NGF46: Ozark11: A Return to the Lake

Head back to the Lake of the Ozarks to visit the Byrde Family, and to conclude our ambitious Imagination Training experiment. There’s not much more to be said, besides: go watch Ozark, and then listen to all 11 episodes of the Ozark Talks on the Art of NGF. Leave us an honest review in itunes… Read more

1hr 3mins

10 May 2019

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NGF45: Ben Settle and Garrett Daun vs the PC Plague

How to Find Your Mission, Devictimize Yourself from the Thoughts and Feelings of Others, and Live a Damn Good Life–with less effort, and more results. Learn how to get yourself out from underneath the nasty judgments of other people. Join Ben and Garrett on a wild ride to help you navigate into a completely new,… Read more


6 Mar 2019

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NGF42:Ozark10: The Toll

Welcome to the (almost) final episode of the Art of NGF Ozark Talks. In this quintessential episode, we cover many of the loose threads that get tied up, and the new cans of monkeys and barrels of worms that get tipped over, ready to get explored in the upcoming Season 2 (Release Date: August 31… Read more

1hr 25mins

5 Aug 2018

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NGF43: Matt Furey on the Power of Movement, Breathing, and Imagination

It’s a great honor to present today’s podcast with Matt Furey. I first got into Matt’s bodyweight conditioning training when I was doing Jeet Kune Do and Brazilian Jujitsu. We used his “Combat Conditioning” book for all our warmups. Later, I discovered Matt was also into all kinds of other body movement, breath training, and… Read more

1hr 3mins

6 Nov 2018

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NGF44: An Evening of High Weirdness with Daisy Eris Campbell and Will Griffin

There’s something weird going on here… Daisy Eris Campbell can be seen as a woman of many stories. Actor, writer, director, producer, organiser of festivals, transpersonal psychologist, heirophant and psychopomp, collaborator of the Justified Ancients of Mu Mu, (a.k.a. the KLF), conduit for the ingression of novelty and strange attractor for the cosmiscally enthused. Join… Read more


21 Nov 2018

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NGF35: Ozark3: The Ozark Talks Episode 3: My Dripping Sleep

Welcome to episode 3 of the Ozark talks. Tonight’s episode dives deep into the elements driving “My Dripping Sleep,” as the intensity of the events of episodes 1 and 2 have finally taken their toll on Marty’s ability to function–or even to stay awake. This well-earned rest signifies a new stability on the horizon for… Read more


4 Feb 2018

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NGF34:Ozark2: The Ozark Talks: Blue Cat

Welcome back to Episode 2 of the Ozark Talks. Garrett, Lance, and Taylor go deep into the lore, mythology, and transcendent themes that permeate this instant-classic television production. Find out how to use the Art of NGF Ozark Talks along with the first season of the show to train your imagination. How? By following along… Read more


24 Jan 2018

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NGF33:Ozark1: Welcome to the Ozark Talks Episode 1

“Wait wait wait just one second, hang on, just talk to me for one second…more shoreline than the whole coast of California…” You are about to cross a bridge into unknown territory. You have been warned. Welcome to the Ozark Talks, with Garrett Daun, Lance Leeson, and Taylor Remigi. Before you listen to this episode,… Read more

19 Jan 2018

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NGF32: Ideas versus Reality

Between the Ozark Talks series coming up each week, we’ve decided to present some short, immediately applicable episodes for you to keep up your Imagination Training, Transcend circumstances that convince you you’re a victim, and to discern the difference between your thoughts and expectations versus your direct experience of reality. Tonight’s episode gets into this exact… Read more

19 Jan 2018

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NGF31: The Ozark Talks 0 (Preview) Get Ready…

We’ve got an insanely special presentation for you, starting today. Never before has a TV show trespassed into such potent transcendence territory as Ozark. After my first viewing, I called my comrades Lance and Taylor to see if I Was just making things up. We all decided to give it a second view. I even… Read more

19 Jan 2018

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NGF30: The Endless Power of Imagination Training

Everything ever created by humans has one thing in common: all of it had to pass through the imagination of a single individual before it could appear in physical reality. In the same way you could never earn yourself a University degree without first imagining yourself through the steps of getting enrolled, and everything else… Read more


24 Dec 2017

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NGF29: WTF is Radical Undoing?

In today’s episode, we cover the movements at th core of all the Art of NGF and Command Z training. Radical Undoing. We go in depth about what makes this approach to transcendence so much different (and better!) than anything else available on the planet. Listen, enjoy, and understand how and why Radical Undoing helps you… Read more

11 Dec 2017

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NGF28: Taylor's Art of NGF Breaking Free Experience

Tonight, we hear from Taylor Remigi. He’s been on board the Command Z and Art of NGF Transcendence Spaceship for awhile now. By that I mean he’s attended workshops, taken trainings, stuck with the NGF Daily and Weekly trainings, and started putting on some mini-workshops of his own. Taylor and I got to talking about… Read more


9 Jun 2017

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NGF26: Elements of a Highly Satisfying Life

It’s an honor to host the founders of Samadhi Tank Company, and the godfather and godmother of the world of Floatation (sometimes called sensory deprivation tanks) Tanks. The pair were longtime friends and students of psychedelic warrior and scientist John C. Lilly. On this episode of the Art of NGF, Lee and Glenn go into… Read more

1hr 3mins

1 Mar 2017

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NGF25: From Stock Market Millionaire to TED Talks via a 200 Year Prison Sentence

Shaun Attwood, author of three raucous autobiographies: Party Time, Hard Time, and Life Lessons, joins us today for another Art of NGF Victim to Adventurer podcast. Shaun came to the US from England and made himself a millionaire playing the stock market. When all that success just didn’t measure up, he dove deep into the rave scene in Arizona,… Read more


21 Dec 2016

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NGF21: Mastering the Art of Not Giving a F*ck

Dive into a tour-de-force of radical transcendence with Garrett and Lance of Command Z and Art of NGF. You might have deceived yourself along the many twisting paths of self-development, religion, psychedelics, old new age or new old age, whatever the hell distracted you from this, right here, going on right now, and all the… Read more

2 Apr 2016

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NGF18: From Jail to Business Growth Expert…An Evening with Ameer Rosic

Welcome to Episode 18 of the Art of NGF Victim to Adventurer podcast. Tonight, our guest Ameer Rosic shares the inside story of how he went from time in jail to running successful businesses and helping others do the same. We get real-world, raw inspiration to transcend the shame and guilt over who you used… Read more

17 Jan 2016

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NGF17: Six Essential Elements of the Art of Not Giving a F*ck

It's not enough to just learn the exercises and undo yourself, and not enough to just stop giving a fuck about your problems.The next step is to use the 6 Elements here to accelerate your natural evolution toward a state of harmony with the organic currents observable in your daily life.Enjoy the podcast.

10 Sep 2015

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