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E11 - 'SUPRISEcast' with Dee

E10 - Happy to announce a few things I have coming up and our surprise new Co-Host. (Shhhhhhh) Don't forget to subscribe and rate & review. We love to hear your feedback and it means a ton to know we're doing great and giving you good content. Follow Dee @reallifeofdee and myself at @dwightsmartll  Follow our IG: @friedscrambledeggs


7 Aug 2020

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E10 - 'SEX' with Dee & Monalisa

E10 - As we celebrate Episode 10 of the Podcast, we speed it up a little and talk EVERYTHING SEX with @reallifeofdee and you'd be surprised with how long she thinks a quickie is. @Modelmonalisa06 opens up about her perfect size and what are her big NO NO'S in bed. Tune in and follow these amazing ladies on IG Follow me on IG:@friedscrambledeggs

1hr 50mins

10 Jul 2020

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E9 - 8:46

E9 - With protests continuing to happen, we continue to black out! I hope everyone stay safe and enjoy their Friday.   Follow on IG: @friedscrambledeggs


5 Jun 2020

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E8 - I Can't Breathe... Again (Pop up show)

Pop up show where we tackle the current events happening today. Honest and raw emotions from some amazing guest @slick__fitness_. @realnamekosi offered some interesting actionables on how we can start moving in the right direction. @uncle_billy26 and myself had an interesting exchange of words.  Follow our IG: @friedscrambledeggs

1hr 14mins

2 Jun 2020

Rank #4

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E7 - Post Memorial Day

E7 - I hope everyone had a great 'Memorial Day' - We will resume recording this Friday @ 8am with Part 2 of 3 of How to build a Business for $1200 with @20firstmedia. Review part 1 on Episode 5(E5) and leave a Rate & Review. Don't forget to follow us on IG: @Friedscrambledeggs


26 May 2020

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E6 - Memorial Day Weekend

E6 - Happy Memorial Day Weekend Don't forget to follow us on IG: @Friedscrambledeggs


22 May 2020

Rank #6

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E5 - How to build a business for $1200: Getting Started

E5 - Todays episode of 'Fried Scrambled Eggs' we go back to the basics of Self Investing and building your brand. That starts with you, and the first step is getting prepared to go. On this episode @20firstmedia and myself give you the basics of getting started - Part 1/3 of building a business from scratch. The creative process that many don't talk about, we break it down for you, even if you are a beginner. We even went as far as helping our guest caller @uncookedchy create a name and search for her business on all platforms.  Follow me on IG: @friedscrambledeggs

1hr 17mins

19 May 2020

Rank #7

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E4 - 'Head' with Arietta Adams & Guest

E4 - Todays episode we talk everything SEX with mega pornstar @ariettaa2 and you'd be surprised on her preference in men and sizes. We really got to know who Arietta is through almost an hour or chatting, she even went as far as answering some questions live!Follow our IG: @friedscrambledeggs


15 May 2020

Rank #8

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E3 - Do you remember ? with R.Don & ChiChi

on E3 we travel back in time to the late 90's and early 2000's with @whoisrdon remembering the good ole times. There's no feeling like being home though, getting that good home feeling. Ask @hollywoodchichi about home, she'd tell you wherever the heart is. Follow our IG: @friedscrambledeggs


12 May 2020

Rank #9

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E2 - Branding with Duchess, Rarri, and Dee

On this episode of 'friedscrambledeggs' we get it cracking with @p.rarri as he shares his experience as a photographer and how it took it to LA and it was nothing like he imagined. @Jduchess10 shares some insight on understanding value and how prices may vary between jobs. It wasn't even 10,000 hours with @reallifeofdee but she knows value and has had some work experience to understand value and branding. Have you clocked 10,000 hours ?Follow us on IG: @friedscrambledeggs & @dwightsmartll


8 May 2020

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