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The first five episodes are for an undergraduate senior capstone project discussing Christology. Afterwards the platform will be used for Religious Education, promotion of A&M Studios Art, select movie and show reviews, superheroes, basketball talk, soccer talk, a place to learn about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, interviews, some philosophical topics, and other related subjects.

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Ep. 11 Conversations E2 “Liturgy for the Soul”

Episode 2 of the “Conversations” series features Father James Mikhail; a Coptic Orthodox Priest at St. Paul’s Orthodox Church in Chicago Illinois. Our conversation highlights the origins of the Coptic Orthodox Church, the importance of Liturgy in our lives, and the connection of that liturgy with our Lord Jesus Christ.


27 Jun 2021

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Ep.10 Conversations E1 “Old Testament Passages for a Modern Time”

This is the first installment of a new series called “Conversations.” In this Interfaith Dialogue series I will mostly have conversations with people of different faith traditions. In this episode I feature Pastor Morton (who happens to be one of my Uncles) from Memorial Baptist Church at Cincinnati Ohio. Our topic is focused on remembering God and choosing God in a time where God doesn’t seem to be a main focus of secular and potentially religious life. (I also forget to mention that in the episode I mention a movie called solo with Jamie Foxx and Robert Downey Jr. The movie is actually called “The Soloist.” I apologize for that error.


31 May 2021

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Ep.9 Show Review: WandaVision

JP and I give our two cents on the Disney+ series WandaVision. This review enters a different kind of “multiverse of madness”. I also announce two new series that will be a part of the podcast.


7 May 2021

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Ep.8 Show Review: (The Falcon) Captain America and The Winter Soldier

JP and I review the recent Disney+ series called The Falcon and The Winter soldier. It is a more serious review due to the impactful nature of the content as it relates to what it means to be “Captain America.”


28 Apr 2021

Rank #4

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Ep.7 Preaching to the Choir

Why (under a certain assumption) do we really only seem to remember or give a big hype about Jesus only on Holy Week or Christmas? Now I am not saying that we need to have a hype about Him for every single sabbath...or do we? ... God always remembers us, this is an invitation to always remember Him.


25 Apr 2021

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Ep.6 Movie Review: Godzilla vs Kong

In this episode my brother JP and I review the film Godzilla vs Kong. I also give an explanation why certain topics will be on this podcast while being a religion category podcast. (I apologize if there is background noise. I don’t have the right system yet and my daughter may have been really loud, maybe.)


16 Apr 2021

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Christology Episode 5: I Know for Myself

In this last episode of my senior project, I share my personal testimony of Christology and how that testimony relates to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.


1 Apr 2021

Rank #7

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Christology Episode 4: Who is Jesus?

In this episode of my senior project, we break apart and give an extensive review of the definition of Christology presented in the first episode.


31 Mar 2021

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Christology Episode 3: Christ’s Place in History, Your Place in History

Episode 3 of my undergraduate senior project. How Christ’s place in history and our place in history intersect and why that is important. (I had to replace the new edition with the original rough version due to the new edition missing some pieces. Not sure why, looking into it.)


30 Mar 2021

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Christology Episode 2: Christ in the Garden, Christ on the Cross, Christ is Resurrected

In this second episode for my capstone project we address some aspects of the Atonement of Jesus Christ (His suffering, death, and resurrection) and some reasons why His sacred act is so important.


29 Mar 2021

Rank #10