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DTBM is a partnership of people from everywhere John Barnett has ministered (SC, CA, NY, MI, RI, OK, etc.) who help spread God's Word through taking the lessons already taught to a local church and making them available free of charge all over the USA and the World.John Barnett founded DTBM, as a non-profit 501c3 Oklahoma incorporated, outreach ministry. Currently DTBM is sending evangelistic and Bible teaching materials (books, study guides, CDs, radio shows, web based materials, etc) to over 160 countries around the world. The main offices are in Tulsa but there are other locations we support for translation work (in Russia, Jordan, Brazil, Korea, etc.) and to produce daily broadcasts.

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The Serpent, Devil, Deceiver, Dragon, Accuser Satan is Alive & Busy on Earth Today

Satan is constantly prowling the world seeking to demote God, and derail God’s work from being accomplished on Earth among people, but we are called to resist and stand against him. The confidence we have assures us as Romans 8 says, that we are “more...

10 Nov 2013

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Christ: The Center of a Disciple’s Life

Christ is the center in the life of those who are saved, who are born-again, and who are believers. That means that for a true disciple of Jesus: Christ is central to everything. We could summarize Christ's message of salvation to the phrase...

6 Apr 2014

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HFG-03 - Fasting - Hungering For God, Longing For Christ, Denying Our Flesh & Experiencing God's Grace

As we open to Mark 2:18-22 we are examining the Biblical topic of:Fasting: Hungering for God, Longing for Christ, Denying Our Flesh & Experiencing God’s Grace.This is our study because we all need to ask ourselves an honest question. By doing...

26 Apr 2015

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HFG-16 - The Tabernacle - God's Doorway to Heaven for Sinners

Thirty-five hundred years ago, our God Who is a Consuming Fire, came down and spoke to Moses on a mountain in the Wilderness outside of Egypt. As we open to Exodus 19:9-20, watch with me what happens.As God arrived, the moments that followed made it...

20 Sep 2015

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Peter’s Lessons on: the End of the World, Materialism, Contentment & the Un-Cluttered Life

Jesus told us told us clearly that materialism, or the craving after the things riches can buy, first enslaves our hearts; then it takes captive our minds, and finally conquers our will. Either we lay up treasures in Heaven that can never be lost; Or...

10 Feb 2013

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Getting Clothed for Christ's Sake Daily

If you had traveled to visited friends or family in Laodicea, three things would have stood out to you in the First Century. These three unique features to this city, are the framework of Christ's words we are examining today in Revelation 3:18.

11 Dec 2011

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SWS-33 - How To - Read, Study, Memorize, Meditate & Use the Word of God for Transforming Your Life Each Day

18 Sep 2016

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Q&A-118 - What is God's Perspective on Pokemon & Gaming, Distracted Lives & Fantasy, Social Media & Whether Amusements can be Neutral for Godly Minds

31 Jul 2016

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The Discipline of Truth

As we begin an examination of the Spiritual Exercises Paul was inspired to write to Timothy in 1st Timothy 4, think about the magnitude of what we are about to do. We are downstream twenty centuries from the first giving of these exercises, but they...

12 Jan 2014

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Q&A-111 - Rapture Belief And Creationism Stances

20 Mar 2016

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Learning to Never Stop Talking About God's Goodness

David has learned to never stop talking about the goodness of God. David is rejoicing in the Lord. You, You, You: the Lord fills David’s mind, David’s words, David’s future plans. That is what rejoicing is about: the Lord. Rejoicing is not about good...

8 Jan 2012

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HFG-10 - Sabbath Bondage & Knowing The Joys Of Christ's Rest Of This Side Of The Cross

How did the 7th day of Creation become the Sabbath Day and the central focus of so much of the legalistic, spiritual bondage religion of the Pharisees and Saduccees in New Testament Judaism? What is the plan God had for Saturday in the Creation Week...

5 Jul 2015

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SWS-36 - Psalm 119 - The Bible's Longest Chapter is a Spiritual Diary on How to Use God's Word as the Sword of the Spirit

16 Oct 2016

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The Great Contrast: the Intense Hatred of God Against Sin & the Immense Love of God Towards Sinners

This morning we enter a new chapter of the Book of Revelation. As you open with me to Revelation 7, let me explain what lies before us. If we were doing a one-phrase-summary of each chapter of the Bible, we could summarize the main idea of Revelation...

25 Aug 2013

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HFG-12 - Our God - Revelaled Through His Attributes, Reflected in His Law, and Illustrated by His Ceremonies

Today we are looking at the backbone of God's Word the Bible. That backbone is the Law. God explains His Law as being the teaching, or rules, or directions of the Divine Teacher.In the Old Testament we see God giving His Law. The word in Hebrew...

19 Jul 2015

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FTF-21 - Thy Will Be Done - Learning How To Invite God To Guide Me Through Life

Today we begin to look at the third petition of the Lord’s Prayer.This petition that we all know is: “Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven”, canbecome for each of us, a time when we actually invite to God to guide us through life.Could...

1 Mar 2015

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Laodicea- Listening to Jesus the Amen of God

Life for us as followers of Christ is all about Listening to Jesus. Jesus said that as His sheep we need to hear Him and follow Him.

27 Nov 2011

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Unleashing the Power of Contentment into My Life & Ministry

Contentment is to be peaceful, thankful, and happy with what you have in life, where you are in life, and where you are headed in life: no matter how bad or good it is. Jesus was the perfect man: He lived for His father’s will and died at His Father’s...

17 Mar 2013

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SWS-30 - Living Out the New You - Our Identity in Christ

28 Aug 2016

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FTF-23 - Hungering For God - A Life Of Prayer & Fasting

Do you remember a teacher, or coach, that was so special and encouraging to you? Doyou member how much they meant to you? Do you remember how you rose to theirexpectations of you as they coached or taught you? What type of response do we have...

22 Mar 2015

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