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Being Planful is the show for FP&A leaders, and planning experts. We will bring you discussions with thought leaders, planning experts from across industries, and folks just like you to discuss how you too can break free of the low-value work and become the strategic advisor you aspire to be.

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Measuring the Office of the CFO - FP&A Fridays

On this episode of "FP&A Fridays", Rowan, Chris and Glenn take a deep dive into measuring the Office of the CFO. Find out the how they measure the value of Finance and Accounting, the importance of accuracy in your planning and forecasting, how to seek and apply feedback from your partners in the business, and tips for alleviating friction with other teams.


8 Oct 2021

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Ask The Experts Anything - FP&A Fridays LIVE from Planful Perform 2021

LIVE from Planful Perform 2021, our virtual event for finance and accounting! Rowan, Chris and Glenn answer questions from our virtual attendees in a free-form Q&A format. Tune in to on the Being Planful podcast to hear their thoughts on how business partners can improve the FP&A function in their work, how to create growth opportunities in FP&A within a small company, and their personal stories of failures and learnings.


22 Sep 2021

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Connecting The Dots Between Finance & Accounting - FP&A Fridays

Finance and accounting are better together. On this round of “FP&A Fridays”, Rowan, Chris and Glenn talk about connecting the office of the CFO through these two houses. Tune in to find out how doing this adds value and creates harmony in the business, what a high performance accounting team looks like, how to get finance and accounting speaking the same language, and much more.


3 Sep 2021

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Mental Health in FP&A | Zoe Cooke

There’s no denying that the pandemic opened the door to a new level of empathy in business. Tune into this conversation with Zoe Cooke, Commercial Finance Director at MiQ, and hear how she and her team made mental well-being a priority during this trying time, learn her tips for handling burnout, and advice for maintaining mental health as manager. Zoe also shares how FP&A can improve soft skills, and some insight into the worlds of advertising and e-commerce.


31 Aug 2021

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Crypto and Blockchain: The Future of Finance | Daniel Eyre

Interested in taking a deep dive into the ins-and-outs of blockchain? Curious how crypto gets its value? Prepare to have all of your questions answered by Daniel Eyre, CEO of Blockchange. Tune in to find out the benefits of investing in cryptocurrency, the impact that holding a lot of bitcoin has on organizations, why finance and accounting should be thinking about the future of blockchain, and a whole lot more.


31 Aug 2021

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Building Confidence in High Performers - FP&A Friday, LIVE from Clubhouse

Part 2 of how to manage high performers in FP&A. This time, Rowan, Chris and Glenn share how to manage “go-getters”, delegating vs abdicating, setting “goalposts” so that high performers can score, and how to cope when a high performer on your team moves on.Like what you hear? Then join us LIVE from Clubhouse, Fridays at 10am PT/1pm ET


17 Jul 2021

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Nurturing FP&A Superstars - FP&A Fridays, LIVE from Clubhouse

Take a deep dive with Rowan, Chris and Glenn on another FP&A Friday to uncover how to identify and nurture an "FP&A Superstar", as well as how to manage and motivate all levels of a team. Find out how becoming a leader that connects people to the mission of the business will help high performers shine brighter, and help you know when it's time to let those who aren't behind the purpose of the company move on.Don't miss the fun, LIVE from Clubhouse! Fridays at 10am PT | 1pm ET.


28 Jun 2021

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Special Projects in FP&A - FP&A Fridays, LIVE from Clubhouse

How can FP&A make a big splash with special projects? What benefits and risks are associated, and how do we account for them? Tune in to this episode of FP&A Friday to hear Rowan, Chris and Glenn discuss their own experiences with special projects for FP&A and share tips on how to use them to access super powers for the business.Don't miss the fun, LIVE from Clubhouse! Fridays at 10am PT | 1pm ET.


24 Jun 2021

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Lessons From a Modern CFO | Marty Ostermiller

Marty Ostermiller, Chief Financial Officer at Dental Intelligence Inc., is the definition of a modern CFO. On this episode, Marty let’s us in on what a modern CFO does in their first 30, 60, and 90 days, how his RevOps experience helps him create efficiencies and get more strategic with his data, skill sets required in traditional finance vs modern finance, and much more.


23 Jun 2021

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Structuring Your FP&A Team FP&A - Friday, LIVE from Clubhouse

Take a deep dive into structuring FP&A teams with Rowan, Chris and Glenn on this episode of FP&A Friday. How do you scale your FP&A team? What competencies should you be hiring for? And how do you build an FP&A team from scratch? Tune in for these answers and much more.Don't miss the fun, LIVE from Clubhouse! Fridays at 10am PT | 1pm PT.


7 Jun 2021

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