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This show is an effort to make meaningful conversations accessible for everyone who has a desire to grow, learn and connect.

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Israel Adesanya | The StyleBender

Finally got to sit down with a good friend and someone who is doing extremely well in the fight world. His fighting abilities and persona is noticed by many, but my aim for this podcast was to go beneath and highlight this mans incredible mind and the way he thinks. We touched on many topics such as, fighting, curiosity, mindfulness, tall poppy syndrome, fame and profound realisations. Hope you enjoy.

1hr 36mins

15 Sep 2019

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Jordan River | Hidings & Healings

Wasted no time diving deep with Jordan (@theriver_jordan) in this episode. We go in on some heavy topics as well as unpacking some personal thoughts and past lived experiences.  He's a great entertainer but is also someone that has a pure gift of connecting and healing. Enjoy.

1hr 34mins

7 Jan 2020

Rank #2

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Tupuānuku | Veganism

Choosing to only eat plants has had a profound impact on my life and it has changed in the most positive way. I highlight the idea of identifying myself as Tupuānuku as opposed to vegan. Bringing in a more passive and Māori approach to this way of living.  The goal isn't to make everyone follow a Tupuānuku diet but more so to provide an insight to the lifestyle.   Ngā mihi, Raniera 


4 Jun 2019

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Phat Mahmah | Decolonising Fat Phobia & Weight Stigma

I was humbled by the openness and pure strength that Mahmah (@phatmahmah) revealed throughout this episode. Sharing her truth around the discrimination against fat phobia, fat shaming and weight stigma.  Very insightful and I am certain that after listening to this many will be more mindful around the language we use as well as our view on those with larger bodies.  Thank you Mahmah you beautiful soul <3

1hr 5mins

13 Apr 2020

Rank #4

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Nikki Kennedy | Mana Wahine

Unbelievable conversation with my beautiful friend Nikki aka Niksta. She is the first wahine on the podcast and what an extreme privilege it truly was.  We spoke on a variety of things from business, mana wahine, relationship, being Māori and so much more. We went on a roller coaster ride of emotions so strap in and we hope you enjoy. Instagram: @taputapu_design Website: www.taputapu.co.nz Ngā mihi, Raniera

1hr 14mins

17 Jun 2019

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Hinepanea Shortland | My Beautiful Girlfriend

Stoked to have had my darling (@hinepanea) on the podcast today. What an absolute treat it was. Didn’t expect it at all but so pleased that she was keen to step into this space. We touched on a few things including her upbringing, insecurities, health and fitness and our relationship. Hope you enjoy. #PlantingSeeds🌱

1hr 3mins

1 Jul 2019

Rank #6

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Recent Thoughts & Learnings

These are just some of the thoughts that I have been processing through as a reminder to why I am on this journey. I hope find value in this episode. Ngā mini,  Raniera


8 Aug 2019

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Tee Gardner | The Zoe Journal

Great conversation with a good friend who has become addicted to growth. We share some in-depth thoughts around some good topics such as, spirituality, money mindset, victim mentality, entrepreneurship and so much more.  Follow her on IG @teegarder_  Hope you enjoy the episode e te whanau. Ngā mihi,  Raniera

1hr 5mins

22 Jul 2019

Rank #8

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Te Haunui Tuna | A Conversation w/ My Best Mate

A Conversation with my brother and bestfriend. Without the mics and camera this would be a normal catch up with the both of us. This episode highlights the friendship we have, the importance of having depth in relationships, veganism, accountability, funny memories, daring to dream and so much more If want to see more from my brother follow @TeHaunuiArt across of social platforms. Ngā mihi, Raniera

1hr 15mins

21 May 2019

Rank #9

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Next level poddy with Lewis Brown (@lewi_brown) who is known within the NRL League space but is now making moves in the fashion industry with his label Earls Collection (@earlscollection) Very open and vulnerable discussion where we talk about his upbringing, playing professional league and transitioning to fashion. Hope you enjoy :)


15 Apr 2020

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Dr Rangi Matamua | Māori Astronomer

This conversation had me captivated.  It felt like I was sitting at the feet of my grandfather. Matua Rangi is far from being a grandfather, but his stories and depth of knowledge took me on a journey. Talking about Māori mythology, food sovereignty, interconnectedness, relevance of time, suicide and much much more.  Please listen with an open heart and mind. Please follow - "Living By The Stars" on facebook. Ngā mihi,  Raniera

1hr 6mins

16 May 2019

Rank #11

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Nix has created a strong presence for herself online across the platforms but it all started a few years ago on facebook (Cooked Whanau Korero With Nix).  She has a very very powerful story and I she wasted no time diving into the depths of darkest parts of her story. She has almost been through it all; drug addiction, drug dealing, prostitution and prison to name a few. Her life has now transformed for the better and uses her story, truth and rawness to create content online that is extremely relateable, entertaining, informative and funny. Hope you enjoy fam :) 

1hr 6mins

18 Apr 2020

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Jesse Wynyard 2.0 | Awaken The Alpha Retreat

This conversation is a raw reflection of the 3 day retreat Jesse ran in Auckland. It was a life changing experience for 17 souls.  Stay open and join the high vibration. Check out Jesse at @jessewynyard on instagram and stay up to date with his content and upcoming retreats. Ngā mihi, Raniera

1hr 1min

17 Nov 2019

Rank #13

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Maaria Hughes-Watford | MY SOUL QUEEN

This soul queen has literally impacted my life in the most profound way. She has helped me realise my power and constantly reminds me that I AM LOVE. She has powerful story, she is a healer, a spiritual goddess, a light warrior and a beautiful being.  Hope you feel the vibrations fam :)


20 Apr 2020

Rank #14

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Isaac John 2.0 | The Man Who Influenced It All

This was a full circle viiiiibe fam 6 months earlier I was in Sydney talking about the podcast and the food trailer and Ice pushed me into both. It was great to chat with my good friend and mentor. Walked away from this with many new insights about money, business and life in general Hope you enjoy this one fam! Instagram - @iice_ & @yktr_

1hr 31mins

27 Dec 2019

Rank #15

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Hana Tapiata | The Whakapapa Effect

Finally got the chance to sit down with Hana Tapiata and we talked about a range of topics such as her book, pleasing people, identity, whakapapa, giving and receiving constructive feedback and new projects. Follow on Instagram @hanatapiata Follow on Facebook @Hana. Hope you enjoy this long awaited conversation. Ngā mihi, Raniera

1hr 13mins

22 Oct 2019

Rank #16

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Growth w/ My Fiancé

A great two days of having the passenger seat as I witnessed my fiancé step into growth with public speaking. Sharing her experience and the insights that she received but also what we learnt about one another in this space. Also the story of our proposal. Enjoy


26 Sep 2019

Rank #17

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Really enjoyed this conversation with my best mate @tehaunuiart We talk about how the implementation of good habits and creating daily rituals have transformed our lives. Also in regards to the intro, touch base with @tiaretawera and @lace_ganter Hope you enjoy :)


10 Apr 2020

Rank #18

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Dietrich Soakai | A Genuine Good Man

A truly good man who holds a lot of wisdom, has a kind heart and is incredibly skilled at communicating. The amount of value D (@dietrichsoakai) has provided in my life is up unbelievable and he is the man I lean on the most when I go through challenging times. You are about to hear and see why. We talk about his upbringing, poetry, holding space, marriage and healing. I hope you enjoy this in-depth chat my friends.

1hr 2mins

5 Mar 2020

Rank #19

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Journal Entry | POEM

I was writing in my journal one morning and every word was coming from my heart. Once I finished I read it back and realised in was a poem. Reminding me of my power and truth. I hope it resonates and that you enjoy :)


21 Apr 2020

Rank #20