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Podcast Sixty-five

In this podcast, I used songs Soundwave prepared for DCYC – they are “Strong Enough to Save”, “Your Name High”, “Forever Reign”, “Always”, “Your Great Name”, and “Our God”.  I think this is probably the first podcast ever to be original-free, although, it does contain some originality. Those who like consistently quite and peaceful podcasts may not enjoy this one as much since I get a bit loud in some parts. It may be a few months before the next podcast is posted, but I’ll try to make it softer. I thank all of you who continue to use this ministry to enhance your prayer time. I’m blown away at the number of downloads that happen on a daily basis.


12 Mar 2012

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Week Three

Once again, there were no song requests so I picked Mighty to Save, Beautiful the Blood, and Shine. I didn’t really play Shine – maybe the chord progression of the chorus, but I really feel that this podcast is the best so far. There were probably a few more mistakes than the past two weeks, but I really felt the Presence of God while I was playing, and I truly believe that you will experience God’s Presence as well while you listen to this week’s podcast and pray…


9 Aug 2008

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Week Sixteen

The songs used this week are “You are my King (Amazing Love)”, “Enough”, and the rest isn’t really any particular song. I realize I’m a day late this week. It’s because there was a network outage yesterday at work and I ended up working from 11:00 AM till 1:00 AM this morning. Just a heads up – I may try something new this week. I think if I just sit down for 5 or 10 minutes every day this week and record a small portion of the podcast it may turn out a little more creative. I’m going to give it a shot and see what happens. I hope you all had a wonderful Sunday. I know I did! You can check it out here.


17 Nov 2008

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Week Four

I wasn’t able to incorporate any of the song suggestions from last week – I am very sorry. This week was one of the busiest for me so far this year. So much stuff is going on right now in my life. Lots of really big changes potentially. I’ll have to blog about it sometime after the dust has settled. Well, I didn’t really have time to select any songs to play. I just sat down and started playing, and aside from a few distractions here and there, it was really nice to slow down, relax, and offer up some worship to my LORD.


16 Aug 2008

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Week Seventeen

This week is completely original. I didn’t use any songs. I also used a different position for the mic. It still picked up some lower frequencies better than the mids and highs, but I was able to fix this with an EQ. I know that I’ve been bad about blogging even though the election is over. Quite a bit has been happening at work lately. We found out shortly after the election that AT&T decided to buy the company I work for – Wayport. Since then, our department has been preparing for when the deal closes likely in December. It’s pretty exciting, but it has also been quite a bit of a distraction. Please keep Yoko, SanBan, and I in your prayers. We truly appreciate it!


23 Nov 2008

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Week Thirty

This one is a little longer than usual. I just didn’t feel like stopping. I used a number of familiar melodys and chord progressions in this week’s podcast. I hope you enjoy it.


4 Apr 2009

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Podcast Sixty-four

What a crazy couple of weeks it has been! I won’t bore you with all the details, but the end result is I finally have a new podcast. You’d think after 3 years of doing this I’d have it down but I don’t. This podcast required a massive amount of editing, but I think it turned out okay. I did find some ways to improve the audio over the previous podcasts. The only issue is there’s too big of a dynamic range so had to go a little overboard on the compression and limiting. I wish I could commit to doing these more frequently, but with work at AT&T consuming more and more of my time, family, Soundwave, and {hopefully} a Music To Pray By album by early 2013, I’m going to keep it at once a Month for now. God bless all y’all who are listening, and please keep me and my family in your prayers.


22 Nov 2011

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Week Six

I finally got to the song suggestions. Sorry it took so long. I only used 2 of them – one from each comment left in the blog posted a couple weeks back. The songs are “El Shaddai” and “You Raise Me Up”. It was fun working these two songs into this week’s podcast. Thank you Micah and Cindy for your suggestions – I will try to use the other songs you mentioned in future podcasts.


30 Aug 2008

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Week Twenty-Six

Keeping it short this week – I used the songs “I Can Only Imagine”, and “God of this City”. I know I’ve played these songs before, but we did them at church today so I decided to do them again. God bless!


9 Feb 2009

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Week Thirty-one

During this podcast, I used the songs: “Hosanna”, “Mighty to Save”, and a new song called “Forever”. We’re doing it for the first time at church tomorrow. It’s a great song and it’s not the one yall might be familiar with – it just happens to have the same title. Some of the songs are repeats, but we’ve done them recently at church and it just seemed right. It was truly a joy to sit down at the grand and worship our Savior today. I hope and pray this podcast inspires you to spend some time in His presence. God bless.


19 Apr 2009

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Week Five

This was another full week for me so I didn’t get to incorporate last week’s requests in this week’s podcast. This is just me playing a new song to the LORD. I feel that the past two weeks may have suffered a little bit due to my crazy schedule. Studying for the CISSP has consumed every ounce of free time I’ve had the past week or so. My test is in less than 48 hours and I still have a ways to go on my study. I wasn’t going to let this exam keep me from doing a podcast though. The tempo is a little faster than what I normally play which somewhat reflects what’s been happening in my life lately. I hope you enjoy it – if not, there’s the other podcasts and the old album Till next week!


23 Aug 2008

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Week Twenty

The only song I used this week was “Mighty to Save” somewhere in the middle. The rest is original. I kind of got in the habit of picking songs out of The Connection Church worship set list, but since we’ve been doing mostly Christmas songs the past few weeks, there hasn’t been much to choose from lately. I actually recorded yesterday but decided to edit, mix, and post today. This podcast is the closest I’ve ever been to 30 minutes. I could do a special podcast of Christmas songs. I actually have a little bit of time on the 24th for this. If there are at least 5 comments to this post requesting a “Christmas Podcast” by the end of the 23rd, I’ll do it. Otherwise, my next podcast will be a week from now. I hope all of you have a blessed Christmas!


22 Dec 2008

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Podcast Forty-seven

I apologize for being a little late for this podcast, but had the mic / audio interface problem again, and I didn’t discover it till it was too late so no second-take this time. I tried to compensate by automating the pan, but it’s still not like I’d like it. Because of this, it took quite a bit more time editing. This issue also caused me to use a bit more compression than I’d normally use. Hope it’s not too much of a distraction. I’m may just use my keyboard next podcast if I can’t figure out why this is happening. I’ll be sure to keep you posted. I used “Jesus Saves”, “All I Need is You”, and “Give Me Faith” this week.


8 Nov 2010

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Podcast Sixty-two

I used quite a few worship songs during this podcast – “Give Me Faith”, “Our God”, “I Lift My Hands”, and “Mighty To Save”. In a way, a lot of this podcast sounds repetitive to me compared to previous podcasts. It’s becoming a little challenging to keep things unique considering there is already over 30 hours of podcasts. If this podcast inspires you to pray, mission accomplished.


29 Aug 2011

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Podcast Forty

There may be a few melodies in this podcast that you might recognize. One is from the original Music To Pray By album. I believe a couple of contemporary worship songs are in this as well, but listening back, I couldn’t recognize which ones I used. I started with a fresh Logic Pro template this week since there seemed to be some automation or something in the last podcast that was affecting the balance between left and right. Thankfully, the new template fixed this.


2 Aug 2010

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Week Eighteen

Once again, this week is all original. The same thing happened again where the recorder wasn’t actually recording for the first 10 minutes which was very frustrating since that probably would have been the best part of the podcast. I hope my frustration doesn’t show through in what was actually recorded. I ended up making more mistakes than usual which increased the editing time, but I think it still came out okay. On a positive note, I think I’ve found the best way to mic. I barely used the EQ and this has to be the fullest sound I’ve gotten out of the R-09HR. I hope you enjoy it, and I hope you had a great Thanksgiving!


29 Nov 2008

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Podcast Thirty-six

I Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. We certainly did hanging out with the family. I just realized that we didn’t take any pictures. We really need to designate someone to do that next time we get together because there are so many memories to be captured. This is the last podcast of 2009, and it is all original. I hope you enjoy it.


27 Dec 2009

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Week Eleven

As promised, I played around a little with mic placement and believe I found a good spot. I actually used 4 songs for the first time. They are: I Can Only Imagine, From The Inside Out, Who am I, and Amazed. I really enjoyed playing this week. I normally have the lid of the grand piano closed, but I had it wide open this time, and the sound was wonderful. God is good!


5 Oct 2008

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Week Seven

I tried to incorporate more of the requests from a while back, but things didn’t really work out as I had planned. I did play a “Ron” version of “Somebody” which Micah requested, but didn’t really get to any of the others. In fact, the request fulfillment process for me has been kind of a distraction so I’ll probably stick to playing what comes to heart from here out. I did also play “We Fall Down” and “Amazing Grace” – the Chris Tomlin version.


6 Sep 2008

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Week Twenty-seven

Sunday morning worship was awesome this morning! We had a new guitar player who rocked the house! What a great sermon by Cole too! This week, I did some familiar songs: “Revelation Song”, “Love Story”, “Abba Father”, and “Here I am to Worship”, and all I can say is what a wonderful way to end a great weekend. I had loads of fun chillin’ with the ‘lil one while Yoko took a much needed break with her friends Saturday, and we went out to eat at the greatest Tex Mex restaurant in Texas after church and spent most of the day looking at new houses. Good times…. Hope you enjoy the podcast!


23 Feb 2009

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