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A Sheffield podcast from the @HelpSheffield Twitter account. Mainly interviews with people doing things in the great city of Sheffield. Quite a varied group of interviewees, listen and hear.

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Episode 40 A talk with Anthony Olaseinde about his mission to reduce youth violence in Sheffield 24 mins 45 secs

This episode is totally unedited as requested by Ant as he doesn;t like podcasts to seem overly polished and unnatural. Saved me loads of work that did. Ant talks about how was involved in some "naughty" stuff earlier in his life, how he saw the error of that lifestyle, what he has done to change it and how he is now trying to help others and lead them away from that same life plan. Ant can be found on the following platformshttps://www.facebook.com/antzjourney/ https://twitter.com/antzjourney/status/1319242128304803841A review of Ant's book can be found here http://soeblog.group.shef.ac.uk/2825-2/and available here (and possibly elsewhere but I'm looking for an update on that.https://www.amazon.co.uk/Knife-Many-Lives-Anthony-Olaseinde/dp/1838049908The crowdfunding page for his mobile minibus idea is herehttps://www.gofundme.com/f/help-us-to-create-a-mobile-youth-clubWe are still on Twitter at @HelpSheffield and our website is still www.helpmycity.co.uk


5 Jan 2022

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Interview with Letty and Steve from the Prompety Prompt Podcast. 31 mins.

A great listen for anyone involved in the writing/reading community of #Sheffield. We discuss their podcast Prompety Prompt (available on all your usual platforms) where they tell me (The Elf) what they are doing to entertain, promote and engage with the podcast and writing community at large. Their podcast is part game show, part interview and part a lot of fun. They have a website at https://www.prompetyprompt.co.uk/ and all their social media is Prompety Prompt and available as links from the website. Please subscribe, listen and join in with the podcast. We are still @HelpSheffield on Twitter and our website is www.helpmycity.co.uk


29 Nov 2021

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Episode 38: Chatting with Chris and Becky from Sheffield Forum about stuff and things. 19 mins 17 secs

We chat about what www.sheffieldforum.co.uk is, what it does and how they plan to use it to do some good stuff for Sheffield.They can also be found on Twitter @SheffieldFoumFacebook www.facebook.com/SheffieldForumand Instagram @Sheffield_ForumWe are still @HelpSheffield or website is still www.helpmycity@gmail.comPlease tell someone else about this podcast.


1 Nov 2021

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Episode 37 an interview with The Chief Executive of Sheffield City Council, Kate Josephs

The Elf asks Kate what her job role involves, how she's getting on, how the people of Sheffield can help her, how she can help us and we have a nice old chinwag. Kate can be found on Twitter @KateJosephsWe can be found on Twitter @HelpSheffieldand our website can be found at www.helpmycity.co.uk


15 Sep 2021

Rank #4

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Episode 36 with Aaron from Steelmekker Magazine. 23 minutes 14 secs long.

Really enjoyed recording this one with Aaron. Lots of chat about the Steelmekker Magazine that he produces and lots of meandering into all things Sheffield as well as a fair bit of nonsense. Listen out for the bit where Aaron says that Elf is "a natural" with my Twitter reparteeThey can be found on Facebook herehttps://www.facebook.com/SteelmekkerMagazine/Their website is herehttps://www.steelmekker.co.uk/Their Twitter here https://twitter.com/steelmekkermand Instagram here. https://www.instagram.com/steelmekkermagazineWe are still on Twitter at https://twitter.com/helpsheffieldand our website is herehttp://www.helpmycity.co.uk/


24 May 2021

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Episode 35 Interview with Kerre from Independent Sheffield. 12m 40 secs long

Kerre talks about their discount card, what Independent Sheffield is and does, how you and your business can get involved and how we have to buy from independent places to keep the city vibrant and interesting. They can be found on Twitter @IndpndntShefOn Facebook via https://www.facebook.com/IndependentSheffield/On that there Insta by clicking https://www.instagram.com/indpndntshefand their website can be found at https://independent-sheffield.co.uk/We are still @HelpSheffield on Twitter and www.helpmycity.co.uk for everything else. We might write a blog post on there one day.


1 May 2021

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Episode 34. Sheffield Region Brass Network. 23 Minutes long.

An interview with Joy, Stuart and Sophie from The Sheffield Region Brass Network, about what they do, how you can join in and how Covid has affected their goings on. They can be found on Twitter @SheffieldBrassFacebook here https://en-gb.facebook.com/sheffieldbrass/and their website https://www.sheffieldbrass.net/ thereWe are still @HelpSheffield on Twitter and www.helpmycity.co.uk for the other stuff.


1 May 2021

Rank #7

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Episode 33 with Denislav Ivanov from the Sheaf Valley Podcast. A podcast about the Sheffield start up business scene

Here Elf One's interview where Denislav talks about the podcast that he creates, who he speaks to, how it's going and how you can, possibly, help the city of Sheffield. A link to the podcasts can be found here there and everywhere but here's one example.https://open.spotify.com/show/2T3eIscFV8pAPm74cfskZCThey can be found on Twitter @ValleySheaf so follow that and also give them a listen. We are still @HelpSheffield on Twitter and www.helpmycity.co.uk in the internetweb.


15 Apr 2021

Rank #8

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Episode 32 with Anders from Kelham Island Tours about the area and his walking plans.

More information and booking options for Kelham Island Walks can be found on their website herehttps://www.kelhamislandwalks.com/Their Twitter handle is @KelhamWalksand their Instangram is @KelhamWalksApologies for the erratic sound quality on this, we blame Zoom and Virgin Media. We are still @HelpSheffield on Twitter and the website www.helpmycity.co.uk


6 Apr 2021

Rank #9

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Episode 31. An interview with Mark about JCI, Citizens Advice Bureau, Mental Health and lockdown

Mark has been a member of the JCI, Sheffield for almost 10 years. Here all abut their work and find them on the interweb athttps://www.jciuk.org.uk/product/join-jci-sheffield/On Face achehttps://www.facebook.com/jcisheffield/Twitter https://twitter.com/jcisheffield?lang=enand recently relaunched Instagramhttps://www.instagram.com/jcisheffield/?hl=enMark's business can be found on Twitter at @MakeYourMUK


2 Mar 2021

Rank #10