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Take back control of your business and your life. Join Murray Smith, graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Professional EOS Implementer™, as he explores how business owners have overcome their challenges by using the Entrepreneurial Operating System® (EOS). Conversations include the EOS implementation experience with Australian and Asia Pacific businesses, what the life of an EOS implementer is and free tools you can access to enhance performance immediately. Gripping Business Tales is produced by Grip 6 Pty. Ltd and does not represent EOS Worldwide.

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West Island Digital - Scaling a business to help others reach their potential

As the founder of West Island Digital Trudy Rankins's passion is helping others find the technology solutions that best fit their business and create the functionality a business needs. Having lived and worked in the US, Hong Kong, New Zealand and Australia, Trudy has an incredible appreciation for how valuable technology is and its effectiveness in breaking down borders and barriers.  West Island Digital delivers their unique 'Online Business Liftoff' program to people in communities that need to regain their own identity, confidence and see possibilities for their future that they previously couldn't.  West Island Digital are using the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) to help them scale the business in order to reach as many people as possible and help them achieve their potential.  To learn more about West Island Digital please click here.   To learn more about the 'Online Business Liftoff' program click here and don't forget to subscribe to their YouTube Channel for great tools to help you start or enhance your online business here. To learn more about the Entrepreneurial Operating System click here. 


3 May 2021

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Karl Pisor - From Detroit to Tokyo, the rise of an EOS Implementer

Karl Pisor started his first business at the age of 27, an Internet design shop in Tokyo. He loved the freedom of the entrepreneurial life, but the pace was exhausting. From managing employees and cashflow to marketing the company and hustling for new business, each day brought a new set of problems. Then, just two years in, he lost everything when the internet bubble of 2000 burst. It was a jarring defeat. Successful entrepreneurship clearly required more than just passion. He resolved to get better. After an MBA at the University of California, Berkeley, he returned to Japan, where he spent the next 15 years as an independent management consultant, delivering solutions in IT infrastructure, sales, marketing, and software development. But something was missing. The traditional consulting approach seemed to only address surface issues, and wasn’t helping his clients move forward in a lasting way. That’s when he discovered EOS®. The EOS tools and process integrated everything Karl had learned about running a successful business into one coherent philosophy and system. In 2018, he became Japan’s first Professional EOS Implementer™. Today, Karl lives the EOS Life® by helping business leaders throughout Japan, East Asia, and Australia. To work with Karl contact him here To learn more about EOS click here


22 Mar 2021

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Hotel Linen Services - The power of problem solving and structure

Co-founded by Tom Moulton, Hotel Linen Services was established to address a need in Melbourne’s hotel and accommodation market for a better alternative when it came to linen providers. Hotel owners and operators were tired of stained, grey sheets, orders being delivered late, sometimes incomplete and no one to talk to when help was required. Hotel Linen Services has faced, and beaten, some significant challenges in the delivery of first class linen services, such as being a new entry to a market where the barriers to entry are high both in terms of assets and competition. Tom, along with his co-founders, have taken a new approach to servicing this market and even with the hospitality industry in very difficult times managed to gain a foot hole and grow their market presence. In this episode Tom explains the journey from starting the business, his passion for solving problems with great customer service and how EOS (the Entrepreneurial Operating System) is helping Hotel Linen Services capitalise on their incredible start to becoming a commercial laundry powerhouse. To find out more about Hotel Linen Services click here To find out more about how EOS can help your business click here or email me at murray@grip6.com.au 


8 Mar 2021

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Vijay Nyayapati - Accidental entrepreneur to EOS Implementer

Having lived in India, Kenya, Zimbabwe and now New Zealand Vijay has experienced business from a number of different angles. Yet Vijay knows there are timeless concepts and principles that can be applied to making a great business no matter where you start it.  In this episode Vijay describes his journey to becoming a Professional EOS Implementer and how he is driven to work out how he can add the most value to other businesses across New Zealand. He offers insights into some of his best business failures and what business owners should pay attention to, even when the revenue is high and you don't have a care in the world.  Vijay stresses the value of accountability and the clarity it gives teams to deliver results. To find out more about accountability you can read the article - 'Who is holding the ball? - A key question for any entrepreneur wanting to improve their business' here. To learn more or get in contact with Vijay click here. To learn more about the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) click here.


21 Feb 2021

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Your VA - Overcoming the guilt of being a founder and scaling the business

Justine Parsons is the founder of YourVA, a company that supplies administrative, marketing, event management and graphic design support to entrepreneurs and growing businesses around the world.  Justine started the business over 20 years ago and has been through both the highs and lows of running a business. From dealing with burn out to then letting go of business decisions to others and finding the level of service to her clients increased. Justine now finds she doesn't have to feel guilty about taking time off to enjoy other aspects of her life and continues to scale her business. Justine describes what EOS has brought to her business and how it has helped her visualise what is possible.  For more information on YourVA go to www.yourva.co.nz For more information on EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System) go to my website www.grip6.com.au


25 Jan 2021

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Ayers Group - Understanding the importance of getting out of the way and supporting your staff with great communication

Colin Cuthbert is the Managing Director of Ayers Group, a business focussed on providing excellent service in contractor management and payroll services. Established over 20 years ago Ayers group has seen significant business growth under Colin's leadership.  In this episode hear Colin explain how he entered the business long after it was established and what value he could bring to the business. Colin opens up on the issue of getting stuck under the bonnet of the business and being a bottleneck to his staff getting things done. He displays incredible vulnerability in disclosing he didn't even know he was the bottleneck until he started Ayers journey with the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS). Colin discusses the value of structure and discipline in a business and what happens when it falls away.   Now with EOS in place Ayers group culture and performance continues to meet the challenges of global pandemics and continual growth. To get in touch with Colin and the Ayers Group, click here to go their website To learn more about EOS click here to go to the Grip6 website or email me at murray@grip6.com.au to book a free meeting to discuss EOS and how it can help your business. 


11 Jan 2021

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Damien Butler - A discussion about eight cash flow drivers for a business

Driving cash flow in any business is crucial to remain viable. One of the most simple and effective tools you can use to do this is  - The 8 Cash Flow Drivers - which is part of the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS). In this episode leading accountancy and financial planning specialist Damien Butler discusses this tool with me and takes us on a journey of how businesses should be looking past pricing, understanding other areas of the operation to improve cash flow and deliver real results to the business.  To find out more about Damien and his team or work with him to improve your business click here. You can also telephone Damien directly on 0412 587 812 To learn more about The 8 Cash Flow drivers contact me via email at murray@grip6.com.au or check out my website here.


21 Dec 2020

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Debra Chantry-Taylor - From the laboratory to the board room, the science of business as an EOS Implementer

Debra Chantry-Taylor trained originally as a biochemist and food technologist. In the first 7 years of her career she worked at Glaxo Smith Klein and Roche Pharmaceuticals in sales and marketing.  As she grew her skills Debra changed gear and shifted into senior management positions, GM and CEO roles in entrepreneurial businesses across a  number industries.   After earning her start up wings and driving business performance Debra started her first business. The company saw enormous growth and she bought out another company to support growth. Initially the business soared and then failed miserably, forcing Debra to close the business and return to corporate life.  Undaunted Debra left her comfortable role in insurance and joined one of the Top 10 incubators in the world to coach their clients – from start-ups to established owner-managed business and from there began her EOS Implementer journey. To learn more about Debra or to get in contact with her to commence your EOS experience, click here To learn more about EOS and how it can change your business click here


7 Dec 2020

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EOS Worldwide - Taking on the role of visionary in an established company with Mark O'Donnell

EOS Worldwide recently selected a new visionary to lead the company into an exciting future. Mark O'Donnell is that person.  In this episode we hear from Mark about his experiences as an engineer and starting a number of companies on his entrepreneurial journey. We hear from Mark about what he learned along the way and how that led him to his current role. As he transitioned into EOS Worldwide he reflects on what drove him in the past, what drives him now as he leads EOS Worldwide in partnership with his great integrator and how he sees the work of moving the business forward as a collaborative effort, drawing on the strengths of others.   To learn about the relationship between a visionary and integrator, watch this short video here To learn more about EOS worldwide, visionaries, integrators, becoming an implementer and Mark's role click here To learn more about the concept of delegate and elevate click here To get in contact with me to become your EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System) Implementer click here 


23 Nov 2020

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Jodi MacKinnon - Veterinary nurse, curious leader and EOS Implementer

Jodi MacKinnon is leading her best life. Driven by a passion of getting the best out of people and a love of animals, Jodi has combined these to deliver an amazing business and continue to improve the lives of those she works with.  Commencing her professional life as a veterinary nurse, Jodi soon learnt the difference she could make by getting others to focus on their passions and drive incredible business results. From her bold begins of explaining to two seasoned veterinary doctors how she could change their practice she has risen to be a partner of the business and growing their practices across Australia.  Jodi credits her success to a deep conviction for empowering people to do what they are best at and coupling this with the power of clarity, execution and discipline of the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS). Initially Jodi commenced as a self implementer and then moved into becoming a Professional EOS Implementer, this is her story.... To contact Jodi send her an email at jodi@puretraction.com.au or contact her on 0458 747 400 For more  about EOS and what it can do for your business click here or watch this video here. 


9 Nov 2020

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