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Self-care with Drs. Sarah is a series of conversations between women scientists about navigating and surviving science culture. We (Sarah B. and Sarah R.) are astrophysicists and best friends who went through graduate school together. In some episodes, we chat between the two of us about topics relevant to self-care for women scientists, and in other episodes, we interview our friends and colleagues about how they care for themselves.

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Self-care with Drs. Sarah: Self-care as an Act of Resistance with Dr. Cabrera Salazar

"Lento, per avanzo." "Slowly, but I advance."Sarah B. interviews Dr. Nicole Cabrera Salazar on how self-care can be a political act as well as a personal one. Surviving in a space that's hostile to your existence is a radical act. The world's first university, Zapatismo, and more. Hire Dr. Cabrera Salazar to give her workshop in your institution!For more on this episode, please visit: http://drssarahcare.tumblr.com/post/162712064770/episode-20-self-care-as-an-act-of-resistance-with


7 Jul 2017

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Self-care with Drs. Sarah: Meltdown

Your hosts are back! Sarah R is cryingunderdesk.gif. Chi squared gives Sarah B a panic attack. Sarah B. cries “what’s to become of me?” at her guitar teacher and collapses tearfully on the bed. When all else fails, what are the instincts that remain? Your hosts talk about tools in times of intense crisis: professional and personal.For more on this episode, please see: http://drssarahcare.tumblr.com/post/169762983605/episode-22-meltdown-cryingunderdeskgif-you


16 Jan 2018

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Self-care with Drs. Sarah: Body Image

Sarah R. and Sarah B. will argue until the heat death of the universe about who is prettier (“no YOU are!”). Sarah R. has a radical proposal about how to best make peace with your body and she can’t recommend it highly enough. Sarah B. sticks to googling things and Instagram for everyday body image malaise. Sarah B. shares a modest proposal. If this podcast ever has merch, the catchphrase on it will be “how about keep it to yourself comma JIM.” For more on this episode, please visit: http://drssarahcare.tumblr.com/post/171034861820/episode-23-body-image-sarah-b-doesnt-love-the


19 Feb 2018

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Self-Care with Drs. Sarah: Therapy

Your hosts crack into mental health. When it comes to a good therapy match, do you know it when you feel it?For more on this episode, please visit: http://drssarahcare.tumblr.com/post/165482070645/episode-21-therapy-depression-treatment-often


18 Sep 2017

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Self-care with Drs. Sarah: Jealousy

We're back for Season 2! Jealousy in the academic context is *rough.* The CV is a black hole from which nothing escapes, no matter how much gets accreted. Sarah B. should have a Gmail folder called "Friends Who Achieve Things That I'm Not Achieving", then maybe she'll actually read those emails. For more on this episode, please visit: http://drssarahcare.tumblr.com/post/160568406290/episode-19-jealousy-were-back-the-sarahs


12 May 2017

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Self-care with Drs. Sarah: Productivity

Sarah R. school Sarah B. on how to live her best life. The best strategies for productivity within academia. The contents of Sarah B's wallet.


10 Oct 2016

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Self-care with Drs. Sarah: Gender Presentation with Dr. Prescod-Weinstein

Dr. Chanda Prescod-Weinstein and Sarah B. have a conversation about gender presentation within scientific culture: how do we navigate the policing of how we look? For young scientists of color receiving comments about their appearance, "looking like a scientist" is an additionally fraught proposition. Sarah B. advises a young grad student to tape her press release on the mirror, so she can see it when she puts on her bright red lipstick. Chanda says: have people take pictures of you giving talks!!For more on this episode, please visit: http://drssarahcare.tumblr.com/post/150942416760/episode-18-gender-presentation-with-dr


26 Sep 2016

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Self-care with Drs. Sarah: Grief

Sarah R. talks with Dr. Laura Blecha about grieving and loss.Laura is a friend of the podcast, black hole theorist, prize postdoctoral fellow at Maryland/Goddard Space Flight Center, and ~*soon to be faculty member*~ at University of Florida. For more on this episode, please visit: http://drssarahcare.tumblr.com/post/150040577195/episode-17-grief-website-of-dr-laura-blecha


6 Sep 2016

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Self-care with Drs. Sarah: Moving

Your humble hosts return to talk about relocating as an academic. Frustration about the assumption that *of course* you'll move yet again for a job, how women disproportionately bear that burden, and how Sarah R.'s life looks like a Lisa Frank binder. "Really good choices for oneself can be totally dismissed in the common cultural narrative about being a scientist." For more on this episode, please visit: http://drssarahcare.tumblr.com/post/149013338585/episode-16-moving-70-of-professional-earth


16 Aug 2016

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Self-care with Drs. Sarah: Dr. Katja Poppenhaeger on Junior Faculty Life

Sarah R. interviews newly minted Prof. Katja Poppenhaeger, junior faculty at Queen's University Belfast. For Katja's secrets on productivity in the midst of the whirlwind schedule of a new faculty member(!), and her own stories from the faculty search process, listen in! For more on this episode: http://drssarahcare.tumblr.com/post/143437420600/episode-15-new-faculty-life-with-dr-katja


26 Apr 2016

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