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Town Square: Life on Maui After Sugar

One of key questions hanging over the state is what happens to the Alexander & Baldwin land on Maui after HC&S closes for good at the end of the year. While the phrase diversified agriculture seems to be on everyone's lips, what that means could be anybody's guess. We'll take up that up with Alexander & Baldwin President & Chief Executive Officer Christopher J. Benjamin, HC&S General Manager Rick Volner, & Scott Enright, Chair of the Hawaii Board of Agriculture.


14 Sep 2016

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Town Square: 2016 Election in the Media

By now you know this presidential race is like no other. And regardless of how you may feel about either candidate, there's one other think you know: this election is like no other for the media, too. How that shows up in what you see and hear is what we'll take up next time on Town Square. Join us Thursday at 5: Hawaii News Now News Director Mark Platte and Civil Beat Editor and General Manager, Patti Epler guest.


29 Sep 2016

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Town Square: New Report on Addiction

The Surgeon General says it's time to change how we view addiction. With 1 in 7 Americans expected to develop a dependency sometime in their lives and only 1 in 10 who will receive treatment, it will be tough to gain ground without a new approach. Next time, we'll look in depth at Surgeon General's report and its impact on our already treatment- challenged state.


14 Dec 2016

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Town Square: Maui's Polystyrene Ban

Maui wants to take the lead in banning one-time use polystyrene products. And there's a bill before the County Council to do just that. Next time on Town Square, we'll consider that proposed ban, how effective the bag ban has been and whether Hawaii will continue to get the plastic out of our state.


7 Dec 2016

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Town Square: Children & Sex Trafficking

Hawaii now has a ban on sex trafficking. And last week, prosecutors from around the world met in Honolulu to figure out how to better network global trafficking cases. All that's good, but it doesn't help children who have already been affected. Next time on Town Square, we talk with a former trafficked girl, now grown and part of an organization helping to renew other kids' lives. She and the founder of Ho’ola Na Pua, join us along with the executive director of the Women's Fund. Is there a social responsibility to rehabilitate sex trafficked kids and how could we do it in Hawaii?


6 Oct 2016

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Town Square: Healing Post Election Wounds

What happens after an election, after the vitriol and deep discontent that characterized this one, how to chart a way forward is a key question. Our panel of psychologists will consider how Americans can come together after an election that drove us apart - if healing can happen at all.


9 Nov 2016

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Town Square: The Low Down on Local Elections

With what seems to be daily October surprises... are you feeling that our local election is getting short shrift? Our panelists Neal Milner and Colin Moore will remedy that with a look and listen to what's taking your attention, even if it's "Oh please. let all of this be over soon!" It will be in less than a week when we meet for Town Square.


2 Nov 2016

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Town Square: To Assign (Or Not Assign) Homework

Maybe this is the scene at your house: it's 11:15 PM and your middle or high school student is still working on the day's assignments. By the time she's finished, she'll get six or so hours of sleep...and start the next day tired. With sleep-deprived kids at school, little family time and afternoons dominated by sports and other activities, many teachers and parents question the place homework has in children's lives. To assign or not to assign homework today on Town Square.


25 Aug 2016

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Town Square: Mayor Kirk Caldwell

Some think he has the race all sewn up. And while Honolulu Mayor Kirk Caldwell hopes that's true, whoever is declared Mayor on Nov 8 will still have to face the issues voters want fixed. This afternoon on Town Square an open line to Kirk Caldwell.


26 Oct 2016

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Town Square: Progress on Homelessness

Homelessness continued to be one of the galvanizing issues, top of mind within the four counties and Statewide this year. But where has one more year brought us? This week on Town Square Beth-Ann Kozlovich and guests will look at the progress on homelessness.


29 Nov 2016

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