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Once you've heard the facts, join Cheeka, Terry and Phill for their review of every grand prix - recorded (until recent events) in a pub. Formula 1 needs fixing - and For F1's Sake are the ones to fix it. Definitely.

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FF1S.18.04 Raging Bulls - Azerbaijan Grand Prix

Who would have thought Azerbaijan would turn out to be a future classic Grand Prix venue? Cheeka, Phill and Terry pick through the bits of carbon fibre as they attempt to analyse the Baku race. Bottas hits a rogue shard, the Red Bulls hit each other and Grosjean hits the ghost of Marcus Ericsson in an entertainingly chaotic race that makes for entertainingly defamatory debate.


1 May 2018

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FF1S.18.03 Double Stack To The Future - Chinese Grand Prix

Copy books were blotted, stacks were doubled and easy wins were thrown away. It could only have been the Chinese Grand Prix, or perhaps quite a few other races. Cheeka, Phill and Terry talk about the inevitable disasters that befell most of the grid, apart from Daniel Riccardo, and there’s a very sweary quiz. F*ck yeah.


17 Apr 2018

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FF1S.15.12 - Mumma Mia, Here We Go Again - Hungarian Grand Prix

There are too many races, and everyone is on holiday. So whilst we await Cheeka, Terry & Phill's verdict on Hungary (due any week now), here's the first ever Hungary episode we ever did - in fact, the first FF1S we ever did - in all its embarrassing 2015 glory. Enjoy.


31 Jul 2018

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BONUS: For Indycar's Sake

It's the FF1S guide to the Indy 500! Cheeka, Phill and Terry won't let a lack of knowledge stop them from bringing you everything you need to know about America's biggest race. With Fernando Alonso taking part in the 2017 edition, it's sure to bring in plenty of F1 newbies, and this podcast brings you FACTS aplenty about milk, face sculpting and why it's basically the USA's version of the Great British Bake Off.


22 May 2017

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FF1S.19.01 - Why does it always drain on me? - Australian Grand Prix

The Australian Grand Prix threw up plenty of surprises, not least Valtteri Bottas remembering how to drive and chuck the F-bomb around rather liberally. But some things never change, and Williams were reassuringly shit. Cheeka, Phill and Terry mull the outwash from Albert Park with all their usual insight and professionalism. That is, not much.


20 Mar 2019

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FF1S.19.19 - I’m gonna six you up - US Grand Prix

The battle is over. Valtteri Bottas won the US Grand Prix, but no one cared because Lewis Hamilton won his sixth world title and the rest of F1 2019 doesn’t matter anymore. Cheeka, Phill and Terry forensically dissect the goings on at the Circuit of the Americas and ask a variety of silly questions, while drinking beer. Some things never change.


6 Nov 2019

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FF1S.17.08 - Baku Life, Baku Reality - Azerbaijan Grand Prix

Baku was all set to be dull as ditchwater, but then everything went fucking ridiculous. Cheeka, Phill and Terry look back at a topsy-turvey Azerbaijan Grand Prix and talk about Lance Stroll as F1's new saviour, Vettel as Satan himself and why Force India's new name is just as shit as the current one.


30 Jun 2017

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FF1S.18.22A - Deep Impact - 2018 Season Review Part 1

It’s the grand end-of-season spectacular, with special guest F1 commentator Jack Nicholls! After a 2018 that saw broken legs, spectacular crashes and Ferrari throwing it away as always, Cheeka, Phill, Terry and Jack reflect on all the nonsense by going down the pub as usual - and proceed to get shit-faced while discussing everything that went down this year.


12 Dec 2018

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FF1S.19.20 - I’m Screaming In The Pit Lane - Brazilian Grand Prix

The Brazilian Grand Prix was all set to be a relatively unremarkable end-of-season snoozefest, until all hell broke loose towards the end of the race. Cheeka, Phill and Terry talk through Ferrari’s farce, Bottas’ smokey bum and a very weird podium, and also announce their Man of the Match of Driving (MotMoD).


21 Nov 2019

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FF1S.17.01 - Different Presenter Compound - Australian Grand Prix

The Australian Grand Prix was a race that will stick long in the memory, or possibly will be forgotten by China. The ins and outs of Albert Park's snoozefest are expertly dissected and mocked by Phill, Terry and Not Cheeka - she's on holiday, so Ollie Peart steps ably into her tiny shoes.


28 Mar 2017

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Preseason 02 - (Tell Me Why) I Don't Like Hondas - 2017 Testing

It's the FF1S post-testing pre-season review preview show! Cheeka, Phill and Terry look back at all the action from Barcelona, and all the inaction at McLaren. Plus, who wants to play some fantasy F1? You, that's who. Join us as ff1s.com/gridrival to take part in our all-new league...


13 Mar 2017

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FF1S.17.14 - Singaporin' In The Rain - Singapore Grand Prix

Ferrari screws everything up, Verstappen gets another beating with the Unlucky Stick and Hamilton eats celebratory vegetables. Cheeka, Phill and Terry pick through the charred remains of the Singapore Grand Prix while also ruminating on McLarenault, Toro Ronda and what future awaits for Joyless Palmer.


20 Sep 2017

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PART 1: Simply Having a Formula 1derful Christmas Time

Formula 1 is all done and dusted, but Cheeka, Phill and Terry roast some chestnuts over an open fire and reflect on the 2017 season, with special guest Jack Nicholls from off of the radio. We announce our 2017 Sports (Driver) Personality of the Year and remember that time when that thing happened and that driver did something stupid. Oh, happy times. Merry holidays!


20 Dec 2017

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FF1S.18.14 - I Don’t Care Bears: The Movie - Italian Grand Prix

Crashes, calamitous strategies, booing fans, Hartley and Ricciardo breaking their cars - Monza had it all, and more. Cheeka, Phill and Terry look back at the Italian Grand Prix, ask whether McLaren and Williams are doomed and try to warn Lando Norris.


8 Sep 2018

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FF1S.19.09 - I was born under a Hondaing Star - Austrian Grand Prix

After the snoozefest that was France, the Austrian Grand Prix delivered in spades with a very exciting race between two very excitable children. Cheeka and Terry talk about Spielberg's best action since Jurassic Park, and Phill pops in from on location to have his say as well. Plus there's a quiz and stuff.


4 Jul 2019

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FF1S.19.00 - Simply The Test - PreSeason

Never mind free practice, the real start of the F1 season is here. It's the FF1S post-testing , pre-racing episode. With Cheeka temporarily indisposed, Phill and Terry are joined by reserve and testing presenter Cameron Tait to talk rule changes, driver changes and why Gunther Steiner is our new spirit animal.

1hr 6mins

15 Mar 2019

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FF1S.17.10 - I'm Saving All My Tyres…. For You - British Grand Prix

Lewis Hamilton, the villain of F1 Live but the hero of Silverstone, wins the British Grand Prix, and it all goes to shit for Jolyon Palmer, as per usual. Cheeka, Phill and Terry reflect on the boredom and excitement of the race, Ferrari's exploding tyres and all the usual bollocks. Oh, you may have noticed: this podcast contains SWEARS.


19 Jul 2017

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FF1S.17.07 - I Like Pert Nipples And I Cannot Lie - Canadian Grand Prix

Stroll got points, Palmer didn't crash and Ferrari weren't competitive. It was all change in Canada, apart from at McLaren, where Honda were still shit. Cheeka, Phill and Terry.com analyse all the action from the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, announce the winner of our story competition, and reflect on their own brush with greatness at the Motor Sport Hall of Fame.


13 Jun 2017

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FF1S.18.10 - Silverstone Linings Playbook - British Grand Prix

It’s FF1S Live! Sure, more people went to Silverstone than came along to watch Cheeka, Phill and Terry dissect the British Grand Prix, but we all know who had the best time. Raikkonen’s cheeky tap, Hamilton’s sulking and there’s a LIVE Cheekaquiz


9 Jul 2018

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FF1S.18.05 - Gros’ Point Blank - Spainish Grand Prix

With Cheeka away on a Colombian drug binge, reserve presenter Ollie Peart joins Phill and Terry to peer through the smoke at the Spainish Grand Prix. Grosjean blots his copy book, Hamilton gets his groove back and Ferrari throw it away again. Plus there’s news on an exciting new FF1S venture, and Terry reveals his favourite Instagram filter. To join us for the British Grand Prix, state your interest here: ff1s.com/britishgran


16 May 2018

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