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VISIONS Now! Intends to amplify, advance and leverage an intentional voice with the media and external community. At the same time, we anticipate VISIONS Now! to also play a role in strengthening the foundation and direction for our VISIONS internal community. The roll-out will be one pre-recorded session per month moving forward. Please refer to our social media and website to access dates and details.

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Episode 25: | Food Insecurity & Hunger Awareness Week


15 Nov 2021

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Episode 24: National Coming Out Day


25 Oct 2021

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History of the Land

Our July podcast topic is "History of the Land." This edition features a conversation with Jabari Brown, Kevin Connell, Jeanne Firth, and Theo Hilton. They discuss how to acknowledge the history of the land we walk on and build a better future from the knowledge of the past.


15 Jul 2021

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Junes Race Unity Day: Old Friends edition

In honor of June's Race Unity Day, these old friends still find meaning in talking about Race. "We both love each other and continually grow from being in these conversations about Race along with its myriad of intersectionalities." Join VISIONS Contracts Director Lisa Fagerstrom and VISIONS Consultant Joe Steele as they share their incredible journey as friends. 


15 Jun 2021

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"Inclusion Illusion": Behind the scenes

While VISIONS plans its first Spring Summit, we talk about the performative actions taken across industries over the past year, and what it would - and could - take to enact long-lasting, impactful change instead. How do we move from performative allyship to substantive change?


15 Apr 2021

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Meet the Staff team!

A year later: where are we? Some of the VISIONS staff discusses what we've been through, what we've overcome, and what we see VISIONS moving toward.


15 Mar 2021

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Exciting new tool for Cross Cultural Communication

In this episode we talk with Jane from Fios Consulting about her experience with a new E-Learning tool from VISIONS called, Inclusion In Action. First we start by saying Black Lives Matter, we have always been an anti-racist organization and will continue to fight for racial justice. Contact us with any questions on how we can support you on your journey of anti-racism work. 


29 Jun 2020

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Privilege and Oppression in times of COVID-19

In this episode, I talk with VISIONS consultant Joe Steel as we discuss the impact of COVID-19 on his work along with how he is responding and reflecting as he is having to stay at home. 


25 Apr 2020

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"De aqui y de aya", a bi-racial both/and journey with Ariana Gil

In this episode, we get personal with Ariana Gil one of our VISIONS consultants based in Oakland. She shares about her experience as a bi-racial Mexican-American. We end with a challenge to make a relationship across difference. Find us on Instagram @VISIONSinc_org, on Twitter @VISIONSinc_org, Facebook and LinkedIn @VISIONSinc 


10 Apr 2020

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Why we integrate Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in First-Year programming

In this episode, I am speaking with Vincent Johnson, Director of Diversity and Inclusive Excellence at Pittsburg School of Law. We talk about some of the VISIONS tools, and how he has incorporated those tools to create change across students, faculty, and staff. He shares the importance of D.E.I. work with First-Year students and the ways he has seen the positive impacts of the work. 


21 Feb 2020