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008 Dye The Eye Part 02 OphthoCast

In our latest presentation, ‘Dye the Eye’, we reach the second episode. Here we take your around ICG, IFCG, Trypan blue and Janus green. We talk about the applications of these dyes in Ophthalmology. Happy listening. www.ophthocast.com


20 Feb 2016

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009 Accommodation OphthoCast

In this episode, the mechanism of Accommodation in a human eye is explained. With the anatomy and neurology of near vision, the attempt is at a comprehensive coverage of the topic of Accommodation. www.ophthocast.com


5 Mar 2016

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010 Anomalies Of Accommodation OphthoCast

As a continuation to our previous episode, we present to you 'Anomalies of Accommodation'. Here we talk about various defects of accommodation and its management. Listening to our previous episode on Accommodation and even older one on Spectacles will help you assimilate this talk better. The speaker tries to cover all aspects of management, surgical as well as non-surgical briefly.


29 Mar 2016

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015 - Why Two Part 01 - OphthoCast

The Team Ophthocast is back with a new episode on a fresh topic. In this first instalment of the episode title 'Why Two', we will explore binocular vision and stereoacuity. Drawing comparisons with animal kingdom makes this study very easy and understandable. Watch out for the second part shortly.With over 4500 listeners, this podcast channel featured in the MedicineX/Ed conference at Stanford University in April 2017 and also stand to be presented at ESCRS 2017 Lisbon. This would not have been possible without you, our listener. Thank you for devoting your valuable time to lend us your ears.


20 Sep 2017

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014 - Pupil Part 02 - OphthoCast

After a long break we are back to the scene with the part two of our previous episode which was long due, "pupils - 02". Here we dwell upon the efferent defects and anisocoria, going through Horner's, Adie's, Wernicke's and Argyll Robertson pupil. Happy listening. www.ophthocast.com


3 Mar 2017

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