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Inspired Conversations with Amy Schuber is dedicated to bringing you interviews with today’s most influential thought leaders, healers and change makers who are making a meaningful difference on the planet. May these conversations spark your heart and ignite your soul to living a life inspired by YOU! This collection of mindful conversations is bound to shift paradigms, give you new perspectives on healing, expanded consciousness, vibrant living to create positive waves of change in your life.

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426 Lisa Thomas, Transformational Energy Healer

Lisa Thomas is a Transformational Energy Healer, helping clear people of inherited blocks. Clearing inherited blocks from one's lineage sets people free from the past and sets the future generations free as well. Lisa and Amy talk about inherited blocks and how they stop our personal and business growth. They talk intuition, grounding, clearing and so much more. Learn. Create. Thrive. www.InspiredConversations.net www.AmySchuber.com


4 Oct 2018

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277 Lauren Handel Zander, Author of Maybe it's You, Co-Founder of Handel Group

Lauren Handel Zander is a life coach, university lecturer, and public speaker. As Co-Founder and Chairman of Handel Group, an international corporate consulting and private coaching company She is the Author of MAYBE IT’S YOU: Cut the Crap. Face Your Fears. Love Your Life it illuminates Zander’s honest, no-nonsense, funny, and proven approach, teaching you how to rewire your life by facing your fears, saying yes to even the most difficult-seeming challenges, and simply saying “f*ck that” (a technical term, of course) to quitting. You're going to love this Inspired Conversation with Lauren and her insight that is direct and will help you move through your crap, no joke! Learn. Create. Thrive. www.InspiredConversations.net


2 May 2017

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319 Kaia Roman, Author of The Joy Plan: How I took 30 Days to Stop Worrying, Quit Complaining, and Find Ridiculous Happiness

Kaia Roman has been writing books since she was five years old. She believes in the healing power of words and stories. The Joy Plan is her first memoir/personal growth book. Over the past twenty years, Kaia has been a planner, publicist, ghost writer, and editor for people, projects, and products working toward a better world. She shares her journey to creating and following the joy plan and gives us insight into her own daily practices. Kaia shares some wonderful insights on daily habits that will help you find more joy. Learn.Create.Thrive. www.InspiredConversations.net


26 Sep 2017

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EP 77 Julie Renee, Brain Rejuvenation Expert, Master Health Activator

Julie Renee is the #1 Brain Rejuvenation Expert, Speaker, Best-Selling Author and Master Health Activator, she, has been featured as an expert in Cell Regeneration, Quantum Activation and Guided Meditation on MSNBC, CBS, Rock Star Radio, the Law of Attraction Magazine and New Era Healing. Having prevailed over her own human health challenges, she penned her groundbreaking book, Your Divine Human Blueprint, which successfully defines the way to regenerate the body's organic design, using a quantum approach, from the cells up. 


21 Apr 2015

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363 Dr. Tererai Trent, Oprah's All-Time Favorite Guest, Author of The Awakened Woman, Remembering & Reigniting Our Sacred Dreams

Dr. Tererai Trent is one of the most internationally acclaimed voices for women’s empowerment and quality education. Hailed by Oprah Winfrey as her “all-time favorite guest,” Dr. Trent is an inspiring and dynamic scholar, educator, humanitarian, motivational speaker, author, and the founder of Tererai International. She is the author of The Awakened Woman, Remembering & Reigniting Our Sacred Dreams. Her favorite motto is “Tinogona,” meaning, “It is achievable!” This is a rich conversation about awakening women to fully embrace their dreams and power to heal and change the world. Learn. Create. Thrive. www.InspiredConversations.net www.AmySchuber.com


27 Feb 2018

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243 Michael Pires, Intuitive Empath & Healer

Michael Pires is a highly intuitive empath and has always been able to sense and feel people's experiences & feelings on a very deep level. In this first Inspired Conversation of 2017 we talk about setting Intentions, releasing old patterns, living in a resistance free state of being and more. This info. can be used any time you are looking for a completion or renewal. Love the wisdom in this conversation! Learn.Create.Thrive. www.InspiredConversations.net


3 Jan 2017

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417 Kim O'Neill Former Crime Analyst turned Empowerment, Interview Confidence Coach

Kim O’Neill is a former Crime Analyst who now provides personal empowerment and interview confidence coaching for heart-centered professionals and youth. She’s also the host of the “Every Day is a New Day Show,” the inspirational interview show about moving forward and choosing to embrace a positive outlook. In 2017, she co-authored the Amazon bestselling book “Positive Minded People: Inspiring Stories of Overcoming Adversity for Living a More Positive Life.” We talk about self-acceptance, being our true selves and connecting more deeply with our desires. Learn. Create. Thrive. www.InspiredConversations.net www.AmySchuber.com


4 Sep 2018

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393 Brent Michael Phillips, Founder of Awakening Dynamics, Author, Speaker, Teacher

Brent Michael Phillips was a successful MIT-trained engineer who experienced a staggering physical challenge when chronic pain landed him on permanent disability and then his arm became paralyzed after a surgery. After a long battle of unsuccessful treatments, Brent experienced a miracle when he his elbow instantly healed from energy healing. Today he is the founder of Awakening Dynamics, an internationally known and best-selling author and speaker. Brent has greatly simplified and improved energy healing and higher consciousness so that anybody can quickly become a master healer, no special talent or skill required! We talk about his healing journey and the opportunities we all have for healing and awakening in our lives. Learn.Create.Thrive. www.InspiredConversations.net www.AmySchuber.com


12 Jun 2018

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420 John Burgos, Host of Beyond The Ordinary Show, Activist, Mystic, Social Entrepreneur

John Burgos is an activist, mystic, social entrepreneur and host of Beyond The Ordinary Show and has committed his life to improve and enrich the lives of others. He created Beyond The Ordinary Show to unite and lead the next generation of transformation through providing a stage for emerging and provocative spiritual leaders, exposing and bringing light to the shared power of the awakened collective consciousness. In this Inspired Conversation, John and I talk about what is happening in the collective consciousness. What is coming through in the conversations we are both having with amazing leaders and teachers. How to bring more love to the planet and be channels of transformation and light. Tune in and tap into what we are sharing it will lift you up! Learn. Create. Thrive. www.InspiredConversations.net www.AmySchuber.com


13 Sep 2018

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463 Alexandra Stockwell, Relationship Coach

Alexandra Stockwell is a Family Physician turned Relationship Coach. Drawing on her experience as a Medical Doctor, Relationship Coach, Emotional Intimacy and Sensual Passion Expert, as well as her marriage of 22 years, she helps committed couples discover how to create the emotional and sensual intimacy they crave. For 20 years she has been guiding men and women to bring pleasure and purpose into all aspects of married life--from the daily grind of running a household, to ecstatic experiences in the bedroom. Amy and Alexandra talk about navigating romantic relationships and how to create the relationship that will fullfill your desires. Learn. Create. Thrive. www.InspiredConversations.net www.AmySchuber.com


30 Apr 2019

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449 Ivy Slater, Business Coach, Speaker, Author

Ivy Slater is a Business Coach for Women Entrepreneurs and Solo-Practitioners who value success in business equally with success in all aspects of life. Her mission is to inspire, empower, teach, coach, assist, mentor and support all women as they achieve their most heartfelt goals utilizing their ideas, imagination and abilities. Ivy’s role is to help choreograph your business for greater success! Slater Success Coaching was founded on the principles of assisting clients to define what their goals are, to create a clear & confident plan to achieve those goals, & to provide support to the client while their world expands. Ivy shares her own experience and tips on growing and expanding in business in this Inspired Conversation. Learn. Create. Thrive. www.InspiredConversations.net www.AmySchuber.com


22 Jan 2019

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136 Mini EP Resources with Amy Schuber

Be your own resource. Tools to connect with yourself to tune in, energize and connect. www.inspiredconversations.net


12 Nov 2015

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377 Ginny Nadler, Author, Spiritual Anatomy: Realigning Body & Soul, Creator of Structural ReAlignment Integration®

Ginny Nadler is the author of Spiritual Anatomy: Realigning Body & Soul, and creator of Structural ReAlignment Integration® (SRI) which draws on her years as a wellness educator and body alignment specialist to support individuals with stressed structures to be pain-free and rediscover freedom in movement. Her work helps awaken individuals to the deep, intergenerational trauma that exists in their cell structures and she collaborates with practitioners of other modalities seeking a deeper framework for their own approach to movement, trauma, and pain management. We talk alignment and embodiment with our bodies in this Inspired Conversation. It will move you. Learn.Create.Thrive. www.InspiredConverations.net


17 Apr 2018

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379 Dr. Jeff McNairy, Psy. D., M.P.H. Bridging Ancient Modalities with Western Psychology at Rythmia, Costa Rica

Dr. Jeff McNairy, Psy.D., M.P.H. has been working in the healthcare field for 25 years. He has worked in a variety of medical environments and seen the struggle individuals have when actually trying to heal. The current Western system of health care is deficient in healing the population. It is more concerned with managing symptoms and using external sources for “change.” Through Dr. McNairy’s intense experience with the most desperate patient populations (addition, acute mental health, and trauma), he has seen that the only real healing can come from within. We talk about naturopathic plant medicine, healing in a sacred space and all the benefits of the journey of self-discovery. Learn. Create. Thrive. www.InspiredConversations.net www.AmySchuber.com


24 Apr 2018

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167 Kristi Ling, Author of Operation Happiness, Podcast Host of Happy, Free & Wild

Kristi Ling is the author of Operation Happiness - The 3 step plan to creating a life of lasting joy, abundant energy and radical bliss. We're talking all these things and more.  www.InspiredConversations.net


12 Apr 2016

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399 Rob Dionne, Lifestyle & Fitness Expert, Host of Open Sky Fitness Podcast

Rob is the host of the Open Sky Fitness Podcast, along with his beautiful wife Devon. Rob is a lifestyle and fitness expert based out of Los Angeles. He specializes in helping busy people and entrepreneurs get out from behind their desks and carve out time to create a better quality of life for themselves and their family. We talk about generational eating, fitness, habits and so many things that will help you improve your fitness mentality. Don't miss Rob's insight into fitness and health, it may be just the thing to help you live your best life! Learn. Create. Thrive. www.InspiredConversations.net www.AmySchuber.com


3 Jul 2018

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447 Jenny Harkleroad, Mind Change Expert at Balanced You

Jenny Harkleroad shares her story back to health and it's inspiring! You'll be surprised by her journey and how much she's accomplished since reprograming her mind for success. She shares her tips and how it's really easier than we think to reprogram our minds to being our inspired selves. Jenny is an author, speaker and mind change expert. She’s a mother of 4 which is her greatest claim to fame! Jenny is a big-hearted entrepreneur and business leader at Balanced You! Learn. Create. Thrive. www.InspiredConversations.net www.AmySchuber.com


15 Jan 2019

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253 Jill Willard, Intuitive, Medium & Author of Intuitive Being

Jill Willard has a keen sense of what's going on and as a gifted Intuitive, medium and leader in meditation practice she shares her brilliance with me in this Inspired Conversation. We cover, intuition, forgiveness, ego, how to hone your intuition and so much more. Learn. Create. Thrive. www.InspiredConversations.net


7 Feb 2017

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241 Elissa Goodman, Holistic Nutritionist, Author, Cancer Hacks

Elissa Goodman is a holistic nutritionist and lifestyle cleanse expert who believes that proper nourishment and a daily renewal practice are essential for optimal living. Elissa’s mission is to educate and encourage healthy, mindful living helping others embrace the concept that we are a product of what we eat and how we treat ourselves.   We talk about some interesting Cleansing Techniques and some Cancer Hacks from her new book. You will definitely be inspired by her healing story.  Learn. Create. Thrive. www.InspiredConversations.NET


27 Dec 2016

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439 Ty Gayton, The Spirit Messenger

As a Divine Channel, Ty has had the opportunity to be the conduit and communicator for God, Jesus, Mary, Buddha, Kwan Yin, Archangels, Joseph, Elijah and many more. These ascended Masters and teachers have provided healing and teachings through Ty to thousands of people, globally through the years. Since humanity has shifted from the information age for the new earth paradigm to actually holding the new earth vibration, the Divine asked Ty to leave the field of practicing as a psychic-medium and performing readings to facilitate teaching, healing, and guidance for the Lightworkers of the world. Now Ty the Spirit Messenger travels the world providing workshops, support as a Spirit Guided Coach, and offers courses through the Online Spiritual Academy known as Messengers of Spirit. Learn. Create. Thrive. www.InspiredConversations.net www.AmySchuber.com


20 Nov 2018

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