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In the Teach 4 the Heart podcast, Linda Kardamis shares ideas and inspiration to help you overcome your teaching challenges and make a lasting difference in your students’ lives. Designed for Christian teachers in both public and private schools, Teach 4 the Heart strives to present every discussion from a Biblical perspective.Season 1 will discuss classroom management. Future season's topics TBA but will likely include work/life balance, how our faith should affect our teaching, and more.

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#108: What to Do When Teaching is Tough

There's no doubt about it - teaching is tough. But as followers of Christ, the way we deal with these challenges should be radically different than how everyone else does. Join us as we discuss how to thrive as a teacher, even when things are going wrong.  Get notes & links at www.teach4theheart.com/teachingistough Join us in Teach Uplifted at www.teachuplifted.com


28 Jan 2019

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#118: How Elizabeth Went from Barely Surviving to Thriving as a Balanced Teacher

In this episode, we speak with Elizabeth Chapman, high school English teacher & mom of two. Two years ago, she experienced her what she considers her worst year as a teacher – overwhelmed, exhausted, and stressed. But this past year, she reports, was possibly her best yet! What made the difference? She shares her secrets – and some amazing tips for all of us – in this enlightening and encouraging conversation. Find out more about the 40 Hour Teacher Workweek at www.teach4theheart.com/40hourteacher


17 Jun 2019

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QT: You Can’t Forget This the First Week of School

Today we’re sharing an important reminder you won’t want to forget as you plan for back-to-school.


11 Jul 2019

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Goodbye, Teacher Tired

Angela Watson is hosting an amazing 5-day challenge for teachers: Goodbye, Teacher Tired: 5 days to doing fewer things, better. She's teaching not how to cram more into your already jam-packed day - but how to eliminate unnecessary time-wasters & do fewer things better. Join for free at www.teach4theheart.com/tired . *This challenge may only be available for a limited time. Find out more about her amazing 40 Hour Teacher Workweek Club at www.teach4theheart.com/40  *These are affiliate links


18 Dec 2017

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#75: 7 Things that Will Rob You of Your Joy as a Teacher

Despite the many challenges we face as teachers, we have a choice to either enjoy our time teaching or allow ourselves to be miserable. In this episode, we discuss 7 things that will try to steal our joy – and how to keep them from doing it. Get the notes at www.teach4theheart.com/rob Links mentioned in this episode: Classroom Management MiniCourse: www.teach4theheart.com/minicourse Classroom Management 101: www.teach4theheart.com/cm101 Teach Uplifted: www.teachuplifted.com Teach Uplifted Devotions book: www.teach4theheart.com/devotions


12 Feb 2018

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#123: Hope for the Overwhelmed Teacher

Surrounded by a plethora of challenges, it’s easy to become frustrated, stressed, and even burnt out as a teacher. Join us for an inspiring conversation with Jackie Matthews to discover how to rise up out of frustrations and find the source of your power and strength. Get notes and links at www.teach4theheart.com/power Register for the free Christian Educators Virtual Summit at www.ChristianEducatorsSummit.com


26 Aug 2019

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QT: 3 Private Ways to Give Warnings & Curb Disruptions

A warning system can be a great tool to cut out disruptions in your class, but what if we want to avoid public forms like a behavior chart or writing names on the board? In this quick though episode, I share three simple ways to give warnings privately – without interrupting the flow of your teaching. Get the free Classroom Management MiniCourse at www.teach4theheart.com/minicourse .


24 Oct 2019

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#112: Win Student Buy-In & Get Everyone on the Same Team

Does teaching ever feel like a battle? Like you’re forcing your students to learn against their will? Join us to discover strategies to win your students' buy-in and get everyone working together on the same team.  Get notes & links at www.teach4theheart.com/sameteam Find out more about Beyond Classroom Management at www.teach4theheart.com/beyond


25 Mar 2019

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#71: How Elizabeth is Finally Stopping the Crazy Overwhelm of Teaching – and how you can, too

In this special episode, Elizabeth Chapman join us to discuss how the 40 Hour Teacher Workweek is helping her finally stop the crazy, out-of-control overwhelm of teaching. She also shares practical tips you can implement right now to save time and take a step towards balance. Find out more about the 40 Hour Teacher Workweek Club at www.teach4theheart.com/40hourteacher Get notes & links at www.teach4theheart.com/stop *Affiliate link


27 Dec 2017

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A Backwards New Years’ Resolution: Choose One Thing to STOP Doing

This year, let’s resolve to STOP doing something. And, no, I’m not talking about a bad habit. Today I’m encouraging you to stop doing something good – with the goal of having more time and energy for something even better. Join the 40 Hour Teacher Workweek Fast Track program at www.teach4theheart.com/40hourteacher


2 Jan 2020

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#95: 10 Things to Do Before School Starts

The first day of school will be here before we know it. Here’s ten things we as teachers should do before that first bell rings. Get notes and links at www.teach4theheart.com/10things


30 Jul 2018

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#41: 10 Classroom Management Changes to Make Right Now (S4E10 Teacher Challenges)

Are you struggling with classroom management? Is your class (just a little) out of control? If so, you won't want to miss these 10 classroom management changes you should make right now. (Yes, even if it's the end of the school year.) Get notes & links at www.teach4theheart.com/10changes. Sign up for our free live training at www.teach4theheart.com/training.


20 Mar 2017

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#117: A Fresh Start: Encouragement for Teachers Who Feel Like Giving Up

Have you had a rough school year? The good news is that next year provides a fresh start, and in it you can reinvent your entire classroom culture! Join us for some encouragement & practical advice to turn things around and get to the point where you love teaching again.  Get notes & links at www.teach4theheart.com/freshstart Resources mentioned: Guided self-reflection: www.teach4theheart.com/reflect Create Your Dream Classroom: www.teach4theheart.com/dreamclassroom Classroom Management 101: www.teach4theheart.com/cm101 Angela Watson’s 40 Hour Teacher Workweek: www.teach4theheart.com/40hourteacher


3 Jun 2019

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139: Transitioning to Distance Learning? Start Here!

Is your head spinning as you scramble to transition to distance learning? These five questions will help guide your thoughts and actions towards what matters most.


30 Mar 2020

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#11 (Classroom Management): An Introduction to Whole Brain Teaching

Whole Brain Teaching is an exciting new teaching system that is revolutionizing classrooms across the world. In this 11th episode of our classroom management series, we take a look at whole brain teaching and discuss some of its best aspects and how they can make a difference in your classroom. Get links & additional info at www.teach4theheart.com/podcast11 Get my free classroom management minicourse at www.teach4theheart.com/minicourse.


24 Mar 2016

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#96: 7 Bad Habits of Ineffective Teachers

We can all think back on some bad teachers we’ve sat under – teachers whose bad habits make us cringe with the memory. But rather than criticize or point fingers, let’s examine some of these bad habits to ensure we don’t fall into them ourselves. Get notes & links at www.teach4theheart.com/badhabits


6 Aug 2018

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#53: Setting Up Your Classroom: 9 Practical Things You May Not Have Thought Of (S5E5 Growth)

Getting your room ready for the school year can be extremely exciting. It’s also a whole lot of work. There are books to prepare, desks to arrange, decorations to create……The list seems never-ending. What we really need to focus on, though, is functionality. Yes, it’s great if our rooms are cute and fun, but it’s more important that we be strategic in how we set things up so that we can maximize our efficiency. In this episode, we examine 9 practical ways to set up your classroom to save time & help your students learn. Get notes & links at www.teach4theheart.com/settingup.   9 Areas to Include When Setting Up Your Room A station for you. You need a place somewhere in the front of the room to stash all those supplies that you need to have handy while teaching. If your desk is at the front, that could work. But if it's in the back, you need a secondary station to keep your notes, pen, etc.  In/out bins. If you don't use in/out bins in your room, adding these can save a lot of time. I have one large in bin for group work. (After students pass in their papers, the last student paperclips them and puts them right in my in bin.) I then have separate in bins for each class for students to turn in late work or absent work - anything that's individual and not with the group piles. Finally, I have out bins for each class, and these save the most time. Instead of standing in front of class wasting time passing out papers, assign a student to pass them out for you. They simply go to their class's out bin, grab whatever's in there, and start passing them out.  Sample tests. Post a sample test and/or quiz (one for each subject if possible) in your room so that students can get a basic idea of how you will be testing them. Of course this sample shouldn't include the real test questions, but it should give them an idea of the length, style, etc. This can help allay the fears of students who experience anxiety over testing. (This fantastic idea is from The First Days of School.) Post your classes on the door.  If you have a self-contained  classroom, this is as simple as posting your name and the grade level you teach. But if you teach multiple groups/classes, posting them outside the door will help students know that they are in the right place.  Absent folders. Have a system for getting absent work to students. A simple but efficient system is to give a student in each class the responsibility of recording what you do in class.  This form then goes in the absent folder so that returning students can easily see what they missed.   Get an editable copy of the absence form here. Decor. If you enjoy decorating your room to the nines and you have time, then go for it. But if you're getting overwhelmed (or it's just not in your wheelhouse), all you need to do is create a warm learning environment for your students. The easiest way is to simply put up motivational or instructional posters (like these) throughout your room.   To-do lists. No, not for you - for your students. Post lists such as what they should do at the start of class and what they should do if they finish an assignment early.  A place to post start-of-class assignments. If your'e wondering why a start-of-class assignment is so crucial, take a minute to read this post. But you also can't forget about having a place to post it - something consistent so it's in the same place every day and students know where to find it. Oh and if you teach middle school math, you're in luck. Grab a set of middle school bellringers for free here. A place to post homework. Have a consistent place that students can find their homework assignments. I found it extremely effective to create a poster board for each class that included the class name and then had a spot for each day of the week. I would then laminate these boards and put them up along one wall. I could then use a wet-erase marker to write the week's assignments and upcoming tests/quizzes. A spray bottle of water and paper towels easily cleaned them at the end of each week. Get more tips & resources here.


10 Jul 2017

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#87: The Simple (but uncommon) Solution to Your Teacher Stress & Anxiety

Just because stress, anxiety, and worry are super common amongst teachers doesn't mean they should be the norm in our lives.  God desires something radically different for His children.  Join us as we discuss a simple, but uncommon, solution to your teacher stress and anxiety – one that isn’t at all about how we can fix the problem – but about the freedom we find in trusting God through it all. Get notes & links at www.teach4theheart.com/trust. Find out more about Teach Uplifted at www.teachuplifted.com


14 May 2018

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QT: An Easy Organizational Tip that Will Save You Time

In this quick thought episode, we discuss an organization tip that’s easy to set up and will save you time every month.


6 Jun 2019

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137: When Teachers Experience Trauma (and How to Heal)

Last July Janyne McConnaughey joined us to discuss trauma-sensitive teaching and how to support students affected by trauma. But what about when we as teachers are dealing with the effects of trauma? Join us for an enlightening conversation about how trauma might be impacting us as teachers - and how to find healing and hope. Get notes & links at www.teach4theheart.com/137


9 Mar 2020

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