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Prove It! The Proof in Marketing Podcast

A podcast for impatient business owners, overwhelmed marketers, and PR practitioners with no time for podcasts. In just ten minutes, Albert Communications interviews a guest who answers three questions and offers proof of what’s working in marketing communications today.

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Prove It! Podcast: Everything I Ever Learned About Podcasts, I Learned from Beth!

This episode of “Prove it” is with Beth Brodovsky of Iris Creative. It was because of a breakfast with Beth that I first got intererted in podcasts. She was an avid listener and decided to start one on her own. Her enthusiasm is contagious, so these ten minutes will be well spent. You’ll hear about – What goes into deciding to start a podcast What businesses, especially non-profits, can glean from Beth’s experience in “Driving Participation” How to decide what the focus of your podcast might be and why it is just one tool in the toolbox. Prove it! Hear how Beth uses the podcast to “step outside her comfort zone” and how her podcast has led to increased business for herself and for some of her non-profit clients.


20 Aug 2018

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