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Every week we review a recently published peer-reviewed article in the field of surgery and surgical infection prevention, summarising what you, the surgical trainee need to know

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The use of gloves in healthcare associated infection. Current controversies

Does double gloving reduce SSI rates? What evidence exists to support the use of antimicrobial impregnated gloves?


8 Nov 2012

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Surgical hand antisepsis to reduce surgical site infection.

What is the best solution to use for surgical scrubbing?


1 Jan 2012

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Effects of subcutaneous drain for the prevention of incisional SSI in high-risk patients undergoing colorectal surgery.

Placing subcut drains intra-operatively in high risk patients


24 May 2011

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Intra-operative technique as a factor in the prevention of surgical site infection

What constitutes best practice intra-operatively to minimise SSI


18 Apr 2011

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Pre-educational intervention survey of healthcare practitioners' compliance with infection prevention measures in cardiothoracic surgery: low compliance but internationally comparable surgical site infection rate.

What are the compliance rates of surgeons, nurses and anaesthetists to infection prevention peri-operatively? This study in a maltese hospital assesses these compliance rates


1 Mar 2011

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A targeted e-learning programme for surgical trainees to enhance patient safety in preventing surgical infection

Our website www.surginfection.com was used as part of a blended learning initiative in our local hospital. We report on the use of audit to tailor make targeted educational interventions as well as detail website acess data for the first 6 weeks following it going live online.


11 Jan 2011

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Effect of a comprehensive surgical safety system on patient outcomes

Is it a case of the more surgical checklists the better? Following on from the SSSL peri-operative checklist from the WHO, this team of researchers from the Netherlands examine whether a checklist encompassing both pre- and post-operative phases of a patients in-hospital journey can decrease adverse surgical events


12 Nov 2010

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Chlorhexidine-Alcohol versus Povidone-Iodine for Surgical-Site Antisepsis

This study is a randomised controlled multicentre trial from the USA, published in the NEJM. In it it compares chlorhexidine-alcohol against povidone-iodine to determine which is most effective as pre-operative surgical site antisepsis in prevention of surgical site infection


7 Oct 2010

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Use of face masks by non-scrubbed operating room staff: a randomized controlled trial

This study, published in the ANZ J Surgery 2010 is a randomized controlled trial assessing whether the wearing of face masks by non scrubbed personnel in operating theatres is in fact associated with a decreased risk of SSI to the patient


20 Jul 2010

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Compliance with guidelines to prevent surgical site infections: As simple as 1-2-3?

This study published in the Am J Surg in June 2010 (epub ahead of print) is an assessment in two US hospitals of compliance to best practice in terms of surgical prophylaxis choice, timing and duration, as well as maintenance of patient normothermia intra-operatively


1 Jul 2010

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