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What happens when a group of fashion professionals sit down over coffee?Conversation.Welcome to 'Speaking Of Fashion' - a weekly fashion podcast that aims to inspire communication about fashion and its place in our everyday lives. Each voice brings something different to the coffee table - hosted by Rachel Yeomans of TheWorkingWardrobe Magazine and Blog, Tenisha Anderson of Qlix Magazine and Ten Style Media, Inc., Ryan M. Beshel of Purely Fashion and fashion PR maven Kate Jacobsen. Together (along with rotating guests), we'll share some thoughts, some laughs and of course - fashion!Let the conversation begin!Contact us at SpeakingOfFashion@gmail.com for story ideas, questions and sponsorship inquiries.

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No Matching Science Says, Powerful Women and Fashion Magazines

No Matching Science Says, Powerful Women and Fashion Magazines, Magazine Contributing Editors on the Rise and More. Listen up!


23 Jul 2014

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Speaking Of Fashion: Luxury Sportswear, Diversity, Brooks Brothers and More

Luxury sportswear here to stay? Diversity in fashion - huzzah! Brooks Brothers taps Zac Posen, Twitter commerce and more. Listen up!


9 Jul 2014

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Speaking Of Fashion: Millennial Fashion, JC Penney Latinas, Burberry Trench Perfume

Investing in "Millennial Fashion", JC Penney and Latinas, Burberry Trench Perfume and more! Listen up!


11 Jun 2014

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CFDA 2014, Alpha Sizing, Michelle Obama's Clothes, Reni Folawiyo Lagos Store

The winners of CFDA 2014! Alpha Sizing, it's as bad as it sounds. Who pays for Michelle Obama's Clothes? Reni Folawiyo makes a mark in Africa.


4 Jun 2014

Rank #4

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Louise Wilson, Fashion Tech, Quarterly, Cannes Film Fashion

Louise Wilson passes away, fashion tech updates, Quarterly, Cannes Film Festival fashion and more. Listen up!


21 May 2014

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Daily Candy, Adidas Pharrell Collaboration, Custom Clothing

Daily Candy no ore, Adidas and Pharrell collaboration, custom clothing clone wars and more. Listen up!

1hr 53mins

1 Apr 2014

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Speaking Of Fashion: L'Wren Scott, Wren Kissing Ad, Fashion Diversity

L'Wren Scott tragically passed away, the kissing ad from Wren has caused quite a stir, a big move for diversity in the fashion industry and more. Listen up!

1hr 4mins

24 Mar 2014

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WhatsApp, NYFW Instagram, My Calvin, FPMe, Hearst CEO, GQ Retail

What's up with WhatsApp, NYFW and Instagram, My Calvin, FPMe, Hearst CEO, GQ Retail and more. Listen up!


1 Mar 2014

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JD China's Amazon, Dubai Fashion Capital, Lyst Retail Partnership, Instagram Power

JD rooting to be China's Amazon, Dubai vies for being the next fashion capital, Lyst gets first retail partner, Instagram taking over the world and more. Listen up!

1hr 8mins

17 Feb 2014

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Cathy Horyn Resigns, New York Model Law, Emerging Designers and Celebrities, SS14 Campaigns

Cathy Horyn resigns, New York's model law and what it means for Fashion Week, emerging designers target celebrities and SS14 campaigns that made us go "wow". Listen up!

1hr 14mins

1 Feb 2014

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