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Let’s Get Vulnerable: Relationship and Dating Advice

Are you ready to take the mystery out of having great relationships and to gain the knowledge you need to step confidently into the next level of your life? Welcome to the Let’s Get Vulnerable podcast where your host, Dr. Morgan Anderson, gives you real talk on all things dating, relationships, and sex. Dr. Morgan is a relationship coach, psychologist and creator of the E.S.L relationship method. She brings humor, truth and knowledge to the complex world of dating and relationships. Podcast episodes will provide you with tangible strategies that you can implement immediately to improve your life and attract the exact relationship you desire. Episodes will feature expert advice from your host and psychologist, Dr. Morgan Anderson, interviews with incredible people offering you their stories and wisdom, and LIVE coaching sessions where you will have an exclusive glimpse into the growth process as it is unfolding. Episodes are recorded in a live format to give you the feel of a live talk show; episodes are non-scripted and unedited. The content of the episodes is bound to make you laugh, cry, improve your relationships and go confidently after your dreams like never before. So what are you waiting for? Let’s Get Vulnerable! If you enjoy listening to this show, it would mean the world to us if you would write a 5-star review for our show. This act of giving back will help this show grow so that it can be found by others who will benefit from the content. Thank you in advance for taking the time to leave us a review on Apple Podcasts! If you’re not part of the Dr. Morgan community on social media yet, make sure you go follow her for daily inspiration, tips, and knowledge to improve your life and relationships!INSTAGRAM: @drmorgancoaching FACEBOOK: @drmorgancoaching Website: www.drmorgancoaching.com

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EP 22: Why do your Relationships Fail: Understanding Repetition Compulsion

Would you like to know one of the main reasons why your relationships may be failing over and over? Do you ever feel like you’re repeating the same pattern over and over again just with a different person? Same relationship, different haircut? Then this episode is for you.  In today’s episode, we explore a theory that Dr. Sigmund Freud called “Repetition Compulsion.” Even though Freud’s theories are from nearly a century ago, many of them are still very relevant today.  In this episode, we do a deep dive on how this theory can help explain why the heck we do what we do in relationships, and why we do it over and over again.  This episode will teach you exactly what Repetition Compulsion is and why understanding it just may help you break any hurtful patterns in your love life. In this episode we will also learn how to apply this theory, and how it relates to Attachment Theory.  Trust me, you don’t want to miss this episode. Tune in and make sure you let me know your takeaways by sending me a DM on Instagram. You must let me know if you’re also a Freud nerd like me! P.S. It totally makes my day when you screenshot the episode and tag me on IG @drmorgancoaching - I love hearing from you all!!


8 Apr 2020

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EP 16: How to Attract a Healthy Relationship After leaving a Toxic Relationship: Go Girl Podcast Interview with Ashley Caprice

I was featured on the @gogirlpodcast with @iamashleycaprice. We had so much fun in this interview, that I wanted to make sure I shared it with you all! In this episode, I talk all about how to date after you’ve survived a toxic relationship. If you’ve ever left a toxic relationship, you know that having the bravery and strength to put yourself out there again is TOUGH.  In this episode, Ashley asks me for all of my advice about how to get back out there so you can do so with confidence, and with all the tools you need for a healthy relationship.  We talk about how to break the toxic cycle, how to set boundaries, and how to not lose yourself in your new relationship.. #GoGirl Listen on iTunes, SoundCloud, or www.AshleyCaprice.com!  Make sure you share your favorite parts of the episode and tag me @drmorgancoaching and @gogirlpodcast - we both want to hear from you!


18 Mar 2020

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EP 21: One of the Biggest Mistakes People Make in Relationships

Are you making this common mistake?  This episode is a must for anyone in any kind of relationship - work, romantic, family - you name it! Basically, if you’re a human, you need this one.  One of the biggest mistakes people make has to do with communication, and it is:  You are focusing on expressing yourself without expressing yourself in a way that you can actually be heard.  I explain this in detail and tell you how you can change it in this episode. I even use a tasty sandwich metaphor to break it down for you. We all know that part of great relationships is having solid communication skills - so give this episode a listen and improve your relationships today.  ALSO - if you haven’t done so already, please go subscribe to this show, and leave me a written review! It would mean the world to me!  P.S. It totally makes my day when you share episodes with your friends by taking a screenshot of the episode, sharing it to your story, and tagging me on IG! 


6 Apr 2020

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EP 24: Dating and Attachment Theory: What does Secure Attachment look like?

IN DATING-IS THERE ANYTHING WORSE THAN “WASTING YOUR TIME” ON THE WRONG TYPE OF PERSON?  Are you dating and you don’t know what the heck a secure partner looks like? How will you actually know when someone has the potential to be a healthy, long-term partner? Someone you’d actually gladly commit to... This Episode is a particularly special one because the question I answer came straight from my DMs Instagram - yes, I LOVE to answer your questions, so if you have one, make sure you DM me!  In this episode, I give you the specific traits to look for in a securely attached partner. This episode will surely help take the guesswork out of dating, and help you be set up for the healthy relationship you deserve.  Make sure you tune in, so you can make dating easier, and give yourself the tools you need to effectively date the kind of partner who could build a long-term connection with. P.S. It totally makes my day when you screenshot the episode and tag me on IG @drmorgancoaching - I love hearing from you all!!


15 Apr 2020

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EP 17: LIVE Coaching Session: Discussing Boundaries and Communication

Do you ever wonder WHY you struggle to set boundaries and express your needs?  Do you feel like you end up in relationships that don’t meet your needs, and leave you feeling unloved? This episode might be just what you need to break the patterns that have kept you stuck. I am SO EXCITED about this episode BECAUSE… Drumroll, please!!! It is the first LIVE coaching episode of the Let’s Get Vulnerable podcast! My amazing client allowed me to share part of a coaching session with you all.  (HUGE thank you to her for being vulnerable and sharing this with you all-she is seriously a rockstar!)  Trust me, you don’t want to miss this episode. Tune in and let me know your takeaways! P.S. It totally makes my day when you screenshot the episode and tag me on IG @drmorgancoaching-I love hearing from you all!!


23 Mar 2020

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EP 25: Real Talk on All Things Money, Relationships and Self-Worth with Special Guest Chloe Elise

CAN YOU GUESS WHAT MONEY and RELATIONSHIPS HAVE IN COMMON?  They are both connected to your Self-Worth  If you would’ve told me that 5  years ago, I would’ve rolled my eyes at you… I would’ve said that’s some hippy-woo-woo-B.S.  I would’ve said - I’m broke because I’m a grad student, working a low paying job, and I wasn’t born with a trust fund… But NOW, I know - it’s the truth! Your RELATIONSHIP WITH YOU is the foundation for your relationship with others...AND your relationship with money.  I AM SO EXCITED about today’s podcast episode with Chloe Elise @deeper.than.money - she gets vulnerable and we do a DEEP DIVE on one of the most SCARY topics out there - MONEY! Make sure you tune in, screenshot the episode, and then tag @deeper.than.money and me @drmorgancoaching in your Instagram stories! We would LOVE to hear your takeaways! Seriously @deeper.than.money serves up some killer money advice that you can put into practice TODAY to level up in your finances. If you are interested in learning more from Chloe, check her social media, current challenges & podcast below: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/deeper.than.money Free FB Group: http://www.facebook.com/Deeper.Than.Money Free Challenge (How to Save $1,000 in 3 days): https://deeperthanmoney.mykajabi.com/$1000-Challenge Deeper Than Money Podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/deeper-than-money/id1471003314 P.S. If you leave a written review on Apple Podcasts - it absolutely makes my day - and if you do it, DM me to let me know that you have...I have a special gift for you!


20 Apr 2020

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EP 19: Setting Boundaries: The 5 Steps You Need

Do you want to know one of the number ONE questions I get?  This is something SO MANY of you ask me about... “HOW DO I SET BOUNDARIES?!” In today's episode, I go over the top 3 reasons WHY you have struggled to set boundaries-we get deep here.  Then I give you tangible steps on how to set boundaries effectively. I break it down into 5 easy to understand steps that will allow you go out there and start setting boundaries right away.  I get vulnerable about my own shift in becoming someone who isn’t afraid to set boundaries.  You don’t want to miss this episode-it is PACKED full of tips that will help you finally take the leap to commit to good boundary setting. “When we set boundaries, we give the opportunity to the relationships in our lives to grow and deepen”  P.S. It totally makes my day when you share episodes with your friends by taking a screenshot of the episode, sharing it to your story, and tagging me IG-@drmorgancoaching!


30 Mar 2020

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EP 27: What To Do If You Want an Unhealthy Relationship

Who is ready for some TOUGH LOVE?  I made this episode to help you identify if you are doing any of these sabotaging behaviors that are preventing you from the healthy relationship you so badly want.  You need this episode if you feel like:  You’ve tried everything but you keep attracting the “wrong type of person”  No matter what you do you keep “failing” at love  You struggle with boundaries and communication  This episode will give you what you need in order to make a healthy change in your love life, and finally attract the healthy romantic relationship you want. So buckle up and Let’s Get Vulnerable!  Make sure you share this episode with someone who needs it and tag me @drmorgancoaching on IG with your favorite takeaways from this episode! P.S. If you haven’t taken advantage of my FREE love style quiz, go check it out! You can find it using the link in my bio on IG–simply click on “Attachment Quiz” and make sure you DM me your results!


6 May 2020

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EP 18: My Top Tip for Great Sex

Let’s Talk About Sex Ba-by, Let’s talk about you and Me... Welp, it FINALLY happened. I did a podcast episode on SEX! A lot of people want to blame “bad sex” on their partner.  It’s easier to do that than look internal.  But guess what? It all starts with YOU.  Tune into today’s episode to learn about the FOUNDATION for great sex. We can ALL benefit from this reminder.  The link is in my bio! Tune in, and let me know your biggest takeaway from the episode.  P.S. It totally makes my day when you share episodes with your friends by taking a screenshot of the episode, sharing it to your story, and tagging me here on IG!


25 Mar 2020

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EP 20: Dating During a Pandemic: My Best Advice

Is dating cancelled due to COVID-19?  Nope - Dating isn’t dead, it’s just different.  I have been hearing from so many of you and you are concerned. You are worried about the pandemic and the ways it is impacting dating...and of course, even in times of crisis - we still have that basic human need to find love.  In today’s episode, I give you everything you need to know about the current dating scene. I tell you exactly why dating isn’t dead - and the reason may surprise you.  I give you some tough love to remind you that you can continue to get out there during this time. And I give you my best dating advice on how to do it successfully.  You don’t want to miss this episode; I promise you will walk away with some tangible tips.  P.S. It totally makes my day when you share episodes with your friends by taking a screenshot of the episode, sharing it to your story, and tagging me on IG!


3 Apr 2020

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EP 23: Discussing Self-Compassion during a Pandemic, Self-Worth, and Healing from a Break-up with Special Guest Dr. Rebecca Ray

Y’all I am SO EXCITED about this podcast episode! Eeeeekkk!  I had the honor of having Dr. Rebecca Ray (@drrebeccaray) on the “Let’s Get Vulnerable” podcast.  She provides the podcast episode we are all in need of right now. (True story we tried to do a typical interview, but our Wifi connections just didn’t cooperate - so I sent her the questions I had in mind, and she recorded an AMAZING interview! #makeitwork)  From using self-compassion to cope with the pandemic, to the importance of your relationship with yourself, and her tips on recovering from a break-up...this is a MUST LISTEN podcast episode. Please share this episode with your friends, and make sure you screenshot it and tag me and @drrebeccaray - We’d LOVE to hear your takeaways.  P.S. One of my favorite quotes from @drrebeccaray is:  “She was never quite ready...But she was brave. And the Universe listens to Brave.”


13 Apr 2020

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EP 26: Dr. Morgan’s Secrets for a Healthy Daily Routine

Are you struggling to create a daily routine during quarantine?  (Ok seriously who isn't?!) If you are, then you NEED this super easy framework for a daily routine.  I walk you through an acronym called GRAPES. Each letter represents a category that psychologists recommend you complete an activity in each day for optimal health and functioning. This episode walks you step-by-step through the framework to give you a clear and easy to follow guide for creating your daily routine. Essentially you will learn why these six areas are so important to your mental health, physical health, and your emotional well-being.  Now more than ever, you can benefit from the power of a daily routine. Do yourself a favor and listen now!  Make sure you tag me on IG @drmorgancoahcing, and share your takeaways from this episode to your story!  P.S. Did you know I am giving you something special if you leave me a 5 star and written review on Apple podcasts? All you have to do is take a photo fo the review, and then DM it to me on IG!


4 May 2020

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EP 33: Deep Dive on Attachment Theory, Dating, and Break-ups with Leanna Joan from the Helloandgoodbye Podcast

Ever wonder why you feel soooo hurt after a break-up? Even if you only dated for a few weeks?  You’re like: “I know it’s normal to be upset, but not THIS upset...ugh!”  THEN THIS EPISODE IS FOR YOU The lovely Leann (@_leannajoan) had me on her podcast @helloandgoodbyepodcast and she got vulnerable on this incredible interview This episode was so juicy, I knew I needed to share it with you all!  Inside today’s podcast you’ll discover: 👉🏼 An easy to understand Attachment Theory lesson  👉🏼Deep dive on Repetition Compulsion   👉🏼 A sneak peek into the shifts I help women make inside my 8-Week Program  Aaaand so much more!   This episode is PURE GOLD, I know @helloandgoodbyepodcast listeners loved it, and so will you!  Make sure you tag @_leannajoan and me in your IG  stories with your takeaways from this episode. We’d both love to hear from you! Shoot us a DM if you loved the valuable content in this episode!  P.S.!💗 Did you know that the E.S.L 8-Week Program launches on JUNE 1ST?! OMG! If you want in girl, you gotta act ASAP! Go use the link in my bio to apply.


27 May 2020

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EP 32: Real Talk on Relationships, Mental Health and Fitness with Special Guest Jayme Hardwick

Y’ALL this is one of my MOST favorite podcast episodes EVER! SPECIAL GUEST ALERT  Jayme Hardwick came on the “Let’s Get Vulnerable podcast” and she is the definition of an all-around boss babe!  She is the wife (to @nickhardwick), mother of two boys, fitness enthusiast/fellow athleticwear connoisseur, and part-owner of my FAVORITE gym @renegade She is a total badass, and I’m so happy you all get to meet her in this episode! Inside today’s podcast you’ll discover: 👉🏼 The Myth of “Balance” 👉🏼Our Top Tips for Successful Conflict Navigation in your relationship   👉🏼 Our perspectives on the Mental Health/Fitness connection  👉🏼 Why developing your “Non-Negotiables” is a game-changer  Aaaand so much more!   This episode is pure fun and PACKED with value!  Jayme and I would love to know your takeaways from this episode-so make sure you tag us both in your IG stories! We both got vulnerable about the things that have helped us both thrive in our lives and in our relationships-and I know you all will benefit from it!💞 Make sure you tune in and go follow this boss babe @Jayme.Hardwick if you aren’t already!🙏🏼 P.S.!💗 Did you know that if you leave me a written review on Apple Podcasts and DM a screenshot of it me, I have a special gift just for you?! Do it now to find out what it is!


25 May 2020

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EP 31: Understanding Codependent Dating Patterns and Learning to Set Boundaries

“Codependency” is a loaded word What does Codependency mean to you?  Codependency: an excessive reliance on other people for approval and a sense of identity Inside today’s podcast you’ll discover: 👉🏼How to recognize when you are experiencing Codependency in relationships  👉🏼A personal story of mine (that involves my dog Son) that perfectly illustrates codependency  👉🏼Unpacking the ROOT of Codependency (AKA where does it come from, and how can I let it go?)  👉🏼How to move towards healthy relationship functioning (Individuation)  This episode is so value-packed! 🤑 You know I LOVE getting Vulnerable so you all can benefit from past relationship mistakes This episode takes it to the next level and talks about how you can 💞 Make sure you tune in to this episode to learn about what Codependency looks like, so you can recognize it in your own life  ALSO! Did you know I have a FREE Quiz that tells you your LOVE style? This highly valuable information is available to you by clicking here or tapping the link in my Instagram bio and hitting “Attachment Quiz” P.S. Make sure you DM me your favorite takeaways from this episode! I love to hear from you!


20 May 2020

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EP 30: Learn How to Identify this Major Coping and Relationship Mistake

Are you Numbing instead of Healing?  Have you ever gone through a break-up and woke up with the worst tequila hangover of your life?  Then maybe that hangover continued into a 3-week blurry mess filled with shopping sprees, taco bell, Ben & Jerry’s and nights you barely remember…. It can feel “good” temporarily...But then you wake up, your head is pounding, your whole body is aching, you shuffle to the bathroom and you catch a glance in the mirror…You look into your eyes, and your eyes don’t lie. You see the pain.  And you realize that “good” feeling was actually an escape that simply took you further away from yourself...You numbed the pain, but it didn’t go away…In fact, the numbing you were doing, actually made the pain get worse. How do I know this cycle so well?  Because this was me. For years. After every break-up. I WAS PREVENTING MY OWN HEALING. Have you been there? Can you relate? I say this out of LOVE: You must know–the only way forward is through. No matter what you are doing to numb; the pain is still there and it’s not going away.  Ready to stop the cycle? I am reviewing applications for my 8-week E.S.L Relationship Program. Spots are filling up FAST–so go apply NOW if you need this.  Click here to apply! or go to drmorgancoaching.com/workwithme to apply. This is the last chance before summer to work with me.  P.S. Make sure you DM me your favorite takeaways from this episode! I love to hear from you on @drmorgancoaching!


18 May 2020

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EP 29: Attachment Theory Applied: Understanding the Anxious-Avoidant Dynamic

Are you dating the same type of person over and over and it’s ending in heartbreak every time?  Inside this podcast, you’ll discover: Why you do what you do in relationships over and over–no matter how hard you try to consciously change it Why you are attracted to who you are attracted to How to start to break the Anxious-Avoidant pattern  This episode is so value-packed! And for all of my Attachment Theory nerds-you will LOVE what I discuss in this episode. You know I talk A LOT about Attachment Theory–because it is relationship GOLD. This episode takes it to the next level and talks about how you can use Attachment theory to your advantage when dating. We will discuss what Attachment theory looks like in action! And I tell you what it looks like to move towards secure attachment in your relationships-even if you aren’t starting from a secure place.  ALSO! In case you’ve been under a rock–you might have missed the fact that I’m doing a TOTALLY FREE Live Webinar this Saturday, May 16th, 2pm ET. It’s called: “Dating Isn’t Canceled, It’s Just Different.” I’m talking all things Virtual Dating and how to successfully date during this time! Spots are limited and going fast, so make sure you register!  Link to Register:  https://bumblenyc1.typeform.com/to/BMJ1AC P.S. Questions about this episode, or the Bumble Webinar this weekend? Shoot me a DM on Instagram @drmorgancoaching


13 May 2020

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EP 28: Are You Sabotaging Your Love Life with this One Mistake?

This is a MUST listen! I might as well have been driving around with a megaphone on this one! I give you the tough love you need to hear.  It is likely you are making this one mistake that might feel like a small mistake, but in fact, it might be the very thing preventing you from a healthy romantic relationship.  I don’t want to give it away but just know that this episode will help you get clear about what you need to do with all of the non-reciprocal, on again off again relationships in your life.  If you are serious about attracting healthy secure and long-lasting love-listen to this episode for a loving kick in the right direction.  MAKE SURE YOU TAG ME ON IG @drmorgancoaching – I would love to hear from you!  P.S. Special announcement:  If you leave a written review on Apple Podcasts–it absolutely makes my day and if you do it, and DM me to let me know that you have–I have a special gift for you!


11 May 2020

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EP 15: How to Use Dating Apps: My Top Four Tips for Success

Do you HATE the dating apps? Do you say things like “people are so flaky”, “nothing ever goes anywhere” or “Apps are just a big waste of time?” I used to say those things too. I totally get it. The truth is - whether we like it or not (and um especially now - helloooo social distancing) dating apps are one of the MAIN tools for meeting new people these days After many requests on this topic, I finally put together an episode to give you EXACTLY what you need to make dating apps work FOR you, not against you. Make sure you tune into this episode and then screenshot the episode and tag me on IG @drmorgancoaching .


16 Mar 2020

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EP 14: My Top 4 Tips on How to Navigate the Early Stages of Dating

Have you ever experienced those “new relationship jitters?" The early stages of dating can feel like a roller coaster. Let me give you my top 4 tried and true tips that you need to navigate the early stages with confidence and ease. Watch this video, and be sure to leave a comment with your biggest takeaway! And REMEMBER, I absolutely love to hear from you all. So shoot me a DM on IG @drmorgancoaching with all of your thoughts or questions. P.S. It would mean the world to me if you took the time to leave this podcast a written review on Apple podcasts! Connect with me:  IG: @drmorgancoaching  Website: drmorgancoaching.com


11 Mar 2020

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