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DTR (Daimonic Thought Radio) is a show that embraces an unconventional, higher level of thinking, delivering to its listeners news and (often) forbidden topics, film reviews, book readings, music, and more! The term daimonic refers to a natural human impulse within everyone to affirm, assert, perpetuate, and increase the self to its complete totality. This daimonic force is said to have the potential to be unorthodox, frightening, and overwhelming. Such is the essence of Daimonic Thought Radio. Show format: I.Selected Readings II.The Silver Screen III.News & Forbidden Topics IV.Interviews (coming soon!)

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DTR - Episode III (24, December)

I. Selected Reading - The Happy Life: 'Letter to Menoeceus' by Epicurus II. The Silver Screen - "Eyes Wide Shut" III. News & Forbidden Topics - "National-Socialism And The Christian Religion"   Music: 1) Lon Chaney Jr. -  Monster's Holiday (Bobby "Boris" Pickett cover) 2) Of The Wand And The Moon - Winter Solstice 3) Burzum - Der Tod Wuotans 4) Wardruna - Hagal 5) Vindensång - Fading Light 6) Blood Axis - Lord of Ages 7) Sorrow (w/Rose McDowell) - The Final Solstice 8) Sorrow (w/Rose McDowell) - Under the Yew Possessed 9) Argentum - Runa 10) Darkwood - Roggenfelder 11) Orplid - Winternacht 12) Von Thronstahl - Heimaterde, Mutterboden, Vaterland 13) Darkwood - Winter

1hr 32mins

1 Jan 2013

Rank #1

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DTR - Episode I (29 October)

I. Selected Reading - H.P. Lovecraft's "The Evil Clergyman" II. The Silver Screen - "The Devil's Hand" III. News & Forbidden Topics - Rasputin: A Natural Born Sorcerer?   Music: Gaylord Carter - Grim Grinning Ghosts (composed by Buddy Baker) The Radiacs - She's My Witch Donovan - Season of the Witch Anton Szandor LaVey - If You Were The Only Girl (Nat D. Ayer cover)


11 Dec 2012

Rank #2

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DTR - Episode II (26, November)

I. Selected Reading - Aphorisms from Nietzsche's "Beyond Good and Evil" II. The Silver Screen - "The Seven Year Itch" III. News & Forbidden Topics - Eugenics: The Key To A Brighter Future. Music: Christopher Lee - Serenade (from Charles Gounod's famous opera Faust) Blue Oyster Cult - (Don't Fear) The Reaper Frankie Laine - Miss Satan Harvest Rain - Thuletide

1hr 2mins

11 Dec 2012

Rank #3