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CX Storytime, Tales from the Customer Journey

Stories of your customers on their journey, and how they build or break relationships with companies like yours. Host Russel Lolacher shares real customer experience case studies in a 1950s radio drama narration style with modern tips and analysis. Born from The Upsell.com Blog, The CX Storytime Podcast: Tales from the Customer Journey presents true customers' stories including the impacts of their customer experiences, followed by valuable strategies on engagement and retention to help you get ahead in building your online business or enhancing your brick and mortar store. Discover how the customer service experience is an emotional experience for your new, current and future customers and the steps you can take or the ideas you can think about to establish trust and long-term relationships by better serving your customers and your bottom line. Russel is a customer communications advocate and believes whether you are serving in store, over the counter, on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and social media, through podcasting, books and ebooks, online courses or any other point in a customer journey, communicating and connect with humanity is key.

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Have Wine, Might Travel

Customer Experience Storytime host and storyteller Russel Lolacher shares the story of Have Wine, Might Travel. In this tale, Paul and Clarissa travel to wine country to relax and enjoy some downtime. They want to visit the local wineries but know how stressful it is trying to get more than a few bottles back home.  What's an airline's role in the tourist's customer experience? Listen to the couple's story to learn how Pacific Coastal Airlines sees their involvement in the couple's experience, then we will explore what were the emotional impacts from those actions and the actions or strategies you can take to move your customer relationships forward. 


17 Sep 2018

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