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The Astrology University podcast features interviews and discussions with some of the best astrologers on the planet.

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Chiron - the Wound or the Healer?

In this episode, Tony is joined by Vanessa Montgomery to talk all things Chiron. We look at the general meaning of Chiron and talk about Chiron's transit in Aries, Chiron returns, the 1973 Battle of the Sexes tennis match, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, gender pronouns and more...


20 Dec 2019

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Chiron and Career Direction with Aubrie De Clerck

Aubrie De Clerck talks about her work with Chiron and career. Sign up for her webinar with Fresh Voices in Astrology here: https://www.freshvoicesinastrology.com


11 Mar 2019

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The Intersection of Astrology and Psychology

In this episode, Hadley Fitzgerald, licensed therapist and astrologer, joins Tony Howard to talk about the intersection of astrology and psychology. Along the way they make some fruitful detours to talk about the kind of astrology that helps support people rather filling them with fear or a feeling of limitation.


27 Apr 2019

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Advice for a New Generation of Astrologers

In this episode Jessica Murray shares some wisdom for a new generation of budding astrologers. We also talk about putting astrological cycles in context, and the last gasp of Pluto in Capricorn.


11 Jan 2020

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The Message of Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn

Darby Costello talks with Tony about Pluto in Capricorn in the context of Neptune in Pisces, and Saturn in Capricorn. Darby recounts her early thought process as Pluto was shifting from Sagittarius to Capricorn, and looks back on the times as they've unfolded into the present moment.


17 Feb 2020

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The Invitation to Descent with Saturn-Pluto and COVID-19

In this podcast, Lynn Bell and Laurence Hillman talk about the current pandemic in the context of Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. They invite us to consider the invitation to descent during a Pluto time, the need to "go down" and within, and the unique challenges this moment offers all of us.They also discuss Mars and Jupiter entering Capricorn, and Saturn changing signs, moving in Aquarius for a few months this year and what kinds of changes or shifts that might suggest. We share this with wishes for your health and safety as we move through this difficult moment in history together.


21 Mar 2020

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Astrology and Politicians - What Can Be Said with Confidence?

Tony Howard talks with renowned astrologer and Hellenistic astrology expert Demetra George about the pitfalls of interpreting the charts and impact of politicians. We talk about politicians charts without birth times and touch on the 2020 election cycle. Tune in to Demetra's webinar on Elizabeth Warren's chart and what can be said without a birth time at https://www.astrologyuniversity.com/shop/search-by-astrologer/demetra-george/unknown-birth-times/


4 Dec 2019

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How to Be Present With - and Respect - Your Fear Under Saturn-Pluto

Fear tends to rise in the collective during Saturn-Pluto cycles, like the one we're in now with the Saturn- Pluto conjunction in Capricorn, which is at play throughout 2020. Jessica Lanyadoo and Tony Howard discuss the role of fear and its message, how it correlates with this moment, and how to manage it wisely.


14 Mar 2020

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How much insight can astrology give into the future?

In this episode of the Astrology University podcast, Mark Jones and Frank Clifford join Tony Howard to talk about astrology and forecasting. Can astrology give us specific insight into the future? And is there a problem with negative predictions? Listen in to hear what they say. Register for our 2020 Epic Cycles Summit at https://www.astrologyuniversity.com/summit


2 Apr 2019

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Paris Riots and the Approaching Square of Jupiter and Neptune

Lynn Bell joins us to talk about the riots in Paris against the backdrop of the approaching square between Jupiter and Neptune, while Uranus dips back into the last degrees of Aries for a few more months.


13 Dec 2018

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How Data Collection Improves Astrology

In this episode, Tony talks with renowned astrologer Frank Clifford about his work in data collection - tracking down accurate birth times for noteable figures. We discuss his start in data collection, some of the pitfalls encountered, as well as some of the benefits to astrology. Accurate chart data not only improves our craft, but elevates our understanding. For as we study hundreds, and thousands of charts, we find that astrology is less deterministic than we think. Tune in to find out if astrology can predict your fame and fortune! Learn more about Frank at www.frankclifford.co.uk


16 Sep 2019

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Astrology and the Alchemy of Relationships

Lynn Bell talks about how the concept of alchemy can be used to understand how we "digest" and learn from our relationships, whether they be romantic partnerships or familial ties. Catch Lynn's new webinar on relationships at https://www.astrologyuniversity.com/shop/search-by-astrologer/lynn-bell/alchemy-of-relationships-part-i/


9 Mar 2020

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Traveling to Sacred Sites for a Personal Connection to Astrological Archetypes

Demetra George and Alecs Garrett talk about their recent tour of sacred sites in Greece, where they held space for a group to explore the Greek Mysteries. They talk about highlights from the trip and why sacred pilgrimage can facilitate a personal connection with the astrological archetypes in your own birth chart. Learn more about SacredSites tours here: https://www.demetra-george.com/about/tours


4 Jun 2019

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The Diversity Mission of Fresh Voices in Astrology

Eliza Robertson interviews Tony Howard about how Fresh Voices in Astrology got started. We talk about the summit, diversity in astrology, and include some tips for budding astrologers who want to pursue public speaking.


22 Jul 2019

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Hellenistic Astrology Primer

Demetra George introduces her new course with Astrology University. This beginner’s guide to the basic principles of Hellenistic Astrology will address interpreting charts in terms of modern sensibilities and psychological perspectives. https://www.astrologyuniversity.com/hellenistic-astrology-course


16 Mar 2020

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Astrology University Podcast Episode 4: Nick Dagan Best on Time Twins

Astrology University chats with Nick Dagan Best to talk about his work on Time Twins - people who are born close to the same time who have very similar charts. Nick gave a presentation on Time Twins at UAC in 2012, which includes tracking transits to well-known astro-twins like Elizabeth Taylor and Johnny Cash, Hitler and Charlie Chaplin. In this podcast Nick sheds more light on Time Twins, and why they're so interesting. And he also shares some more detail on Time Twins Leonard Nimoy and William Shatner. Nick also discusses his new book on Uranus, as well as his views on fate and free will.

1hr 8mins

22 Feb 2013

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Astrology University Podcast Episode 3: Richard Tarnas on the Value of Astrology

Tony Howard interviewed Richard Tarnas at the Northwest Astrology Conference in 2011 to discuss the impact of his groundbreaking book Cosmos and Psyche. We also discussed the value of astrology in the cultural dialogue. Part 2 coming soon will feature Rick doing an analysis of comic genius as we look at the popular Louis CK interview from Conan O'Brien that went viral on YouTube. 


28 Oct 2011

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Can Ancient Astrology Techniques Be Used with a Psychological Approach?

Jason Holley joins Tony Howard to talk about using ancient techniques in a modern psychological framework. Jason talks about incorporating sect - the use of the concepts of day and night - and being inspired by a host of other ancient concepts. He also talks about how he sees the role of the astrologer in a consultation. Experience Jason's webinars at https://www.astrologyuniversity.com/category/search-by-astrologer/jason-holley/


13 Nov 2019

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When astrology readings do more harm than good.

Mark Jones and Tony Howard talk about the problem of astrology readings that limit people or even worse, feel wounding.


9 Aug 2019

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Pitfalls of Pop Astrology and Negative Definitions

Frank Clifford and Tony Howard talk about some of the pitfalls of pop astrology when it comes to compatibility prescriptions. In addition they discuss negative definitions such as fall and detriment and how real life experience complicates our understanding of those planetary placements.


16 May 2020

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