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Productivity stories from the trenches. What works and what I'll never do again. Hosted by Joe Buhlig.

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36: My Current GTD Structure

It’s been a while since I’ve shared my entire GTD structure. And now that I’m rereading the book, I figured it would be a good idea to share what I’m currently doing before it changes. Become a Patron Getting Things Done - 2015 edition What Is An hPDA and How Do I Use It? Drafts (iTunes) Inbox Zero Origin OmniFocus Using Omnifocus for Someday/Maybe Lists An Alternative to Evernote iOS Automation in OmniFocus Using the Analog to Grasp the Digital Writing Articles By Hand 12: The Higher Horizons @WhaddyaKnowJoe @JoeBuhlig Subscribe on iTunes


11 May 2016

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21: Issues with Evernote

I’ve found that I have a lot of reasons to leave Evernote. In this episode, I talk through those and give a few updates to the articles I’ve written recently. Evernote Editorial for iOS Workflow - Powerful automation made simple. MindNode Evernote Premium Evernote Market Adding Contacts from Business Cards with Evernote Sublime Text DEVONthink The Joe Buhlig Discussions Discourse Topic about Introduction category Home Screens - MacSparky My Morning Routine Dvorak Transition Tracking Time with Launch Center Pro Toggl - Free Time Tracking Software & App Become a Patron @WhaddyaKnowJoe @JoeBuhlig Subscribe on iTunes


27 Jan 2016

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25: Creating Ideas

Coming up with ideas doesn’t have to be hard. There are four ways I create new ideas. And I had a moment of insight about being content at a birthday party for our girls. Become a Patron Using Omnifocus for Someday/Maybe Lists Pocket Feedly My Omnifocus Setup and Workflow The Value of Tradition 8: Waiting to Upgrade @WhaddyaKnowJoe @JoeBuhlig Subscribe on iTunes


24 Feb 2016

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33: Analog vs. Digital with Mike Schmitz

Mike Schmitz joins me this week to talk through the use of analog tools and how that can help us understand when and where to use the appropriate digital tool. Become a Patron Mike Schmitz - Asian Efficiency The Productivity Show The Sweet Setup mikeschmitz.me Thou Shalt Hustle The Important (Not Urgent) Projects TPS57: Advanced OmniFocus Setup + Workflow w/ Joe Buhlig TPS11: Joe Buhlig OmniFocus Workflows: Shawn Blanc - Learn OmniFocus Discussion about daily planning The Dash/Plus System The Pen Is Mightier Than the Keyboard Moleskine Evernote Smart Notebook Sketchnotes The Sketchnote Workbook Steal Like an Artist - Austin Kleon Show Your Work! - Austin Kleon Choosing Tools for GTD® - YouTube How to Think Like a Geek Cortex #26: Pick your Poison Automation in OmniFocus 2.14 (now in TestFlight) @bobbleheadjoe @WhaddyaKnowJoe @JoeBuhlig Subscribe on iTunes


20 Apr 2016

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35: Why I'm Into Productivity

I’ve been actively exploring why I am big into productivity for the past two months. In part, that led me to seeing a counselor and discovering a missing piece to my mental puzzle, even though it’s likely obvious to most. Become a Patron Asian Efficiency Dojo The OmniFocus Dashboard @WhaddyaKnowJoe @JoeBuhlig Subscribe on iTunes


4 May 2016

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28: Why Is Focus So Hard?

I’ve slowly drifted away from the mission that gets me excited each day. And that’s due to a lack of focus and alignment with my goals. Become a Patron The Organized Mind: Thinking Straight in the Age of Information Overload @WhaddyaKnowJoe @JoeBuhlig Subscribe on iTunes


16 Mar 2016

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27: Pit of Procrastination

I reflect on my tendencies to fall into a procrastination pit. And a reader emailed me about web designers posing as developers so I go off on a rant. Become a Patron Using GTD As A Woodworker Dvorak Transition Home Screens: Joe Buhlig Working with OmniFocus Dictating vs Typing @WhaddyaKnowJoe @JoeBuhlig Subscribe on iTunes


9 Mar 2016

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23: White Space

Leaving space around the edges of your day can have a major impact on your productivity and happiness throughout the day. Also, I’m glad I don’t have an Apple Watch. Become a Patron The Joe Buhlig Discussions Discussion about paper schedule OmniFocus Workflows with Shawn Blanc Margin Month — Shawn Blanc Lost in Transition The Apple Watch got me hooked on mechanical watches – Marco.org 22: Addiction to Numbers Keyboard Maestro 7.0.3: Work Faster with Macros for Mac OS X @WhaddyaKnowJoe @JoeBuhlig Subscribe on iTunes


10 Feb 2016

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29: Get Started and Iterate

In this episode, I go through the ideas behind agile development and applying them to get a minimum viable product out the door. This is exactly how OmniGroup has now gotten to the point of bringing themes back to OmniFocus. Oh, and I completely missed daylight savings. Become a Patron Agile software development - Wikipedia Waterfall model - Wikipedia Minimum viable product - Wikipedia Ken Case — The Omni Group Kens tweet about styling @WhaddyaKnowJoe @JoeBuhlig Subscribe on iTunes


23 Mar 2016

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37: Reading Books vs Articles

As I learn how to handle the good and bad that comes from being ADHD, I’ve learned the power of reading books over articles. Become a Patron Delivered From Distraction Alternating Types of Tasks Writing Articles By Hand MacStories - Federico Viticci @WhaddyaKnowJoe @JoeBuhlig Subscribe on iTunes


18 May 2016

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26: The Value of Lurking

Let’s talk about lurkers. Well, I’ll talk about them. You can just listen. And that’s okay because there’s a lot of value in lurking. Become a Patron Discussion site Discourse The FeverBee Community I was called out Using Drafts Disqus Macstock Conference & Expo 22: Addiction to Numbers An Alternative to Evernote Using GTD As A … @WhaddyaKnowJoe @JoeBuhlig Subscribe on iTunes


2 Mar 2016

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30: Decision Analysis Paralysis

When you have a large amount of data available, it’s easy to be paralyzed in making a decision about how to analyze it. The same is true when you have a lot of tasks and little clarity. Become a Patron Analysis paralysis - Wikipedia The Truth About Frogs Articles about Reviews The battle between your present and future self - TED Talk Making Time for Contexts A Time For Things - Patrick Rhone @WhaddyaKnowJoe @JoeBuhlig Subscribe on iTunes


30 Mar 2016

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32: Doing the Task Shuffle

Here’s an update on the new TextExpander pricing and a deep dive into why I wrote a script that shuffles my tasks. That’s right. There’s a big benefit to randomizing a task list. Become a Patron TextExpander Adjustments - Smile What I’m doing now - Derek Sivers Now - Joe Buhlig Mac Power Users #314: Trials and Tribulations of Katie’s iPad - Relay FM OFScripts - Task Shuffle AppleScript @WhaddyaKnowJoe @JoeBuhlig Subscribe on iTunes


13 Apr 2016

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31: Apps, Websites, and TextExpander Pricing

I go on a rant about building websites instead of apps. That leads me to a subsidiary rant about the polarizing changes to TextExpander. Become a Patron Discourse Discourse does need an App, here is why The New TextExpander - Smile Smile Press Release Introducing 1Password for Families Thoughts on TextExpander 6 - mikeschmitz.me @WhaddyaKnowJoe @JoeBuhlig Subscribe on iTunes


6 Apr 2016

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17: Time Off for the Holidays

Take time off this holiday season. And try not to spend too much time doing support for family. Also, don’t miss out on the discount for Working with OmniFocus. Become a Patron Working with OmniFocus - Use ‘Christmas15’ @WhaddyaKnowJoe @JoeBuhlig Subscribe on iTunes


23 Dec 2015

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15: Messed Up Mornings

The way people structure their morning routine can easily dictate your motivation for the day. But what happens when you can’t control the circumstances around your morning? What about kids? Become a Patron My Morning Routine - Inspiring Morning Routines The “Why” of Getting Up Early @WhaddyaKnowJoe @JoeBuhlig Subscribe on iTunes


9 Dec 2015

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14: How Much is Down Time Worth?

I’m starting to track my time. I’ve struggled with this in the past, but now I want to tie it to dollars. I want to know where my time is best spent. Cortex #3: Good for Brain Health - Relay FM Contrast - Launch Center Pro ‎Clearer Thinking - What Is Your Time Really Worth To You Become a Patron @WhaddyaKnowJoe @JoeBuhlig


2 Dec 2015

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13: Wandering Brain

I have more ideas than I can keep track of. And this is the whole of my creative process from idea development to storage. Become a Patron Working with OmniFocus OmniFocus Auto-Parser 6: Collecting and Storing Research Using Drafts Using Omnifocus for Someday/Maybe Lists @WhaddyaKnowJoe @JoeBuhlig


18 Nov 2015

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12: The Higher Horizons

A quick overview of how I see the higher Horizons of GTD and why they are important. Also, I talk about why I think our babysitter is awesome. Getting Things Done® - The 6 Horizons of Focus GTD - Horizons of Focus - Personal Productivity Stack Exchange Understanding GTD’s 6 Horizons of Focus - The Spill 15,000 Feet: The Space Between Projects and Areas of Focus and Responsibility - Productivityist How To Be More Productive By Mastering Your GTD Horizons Of Focus @WhaddyaKnowJoe @JoeBuhlig Become a Patron


10 Nov 2015

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11: Using Evernote for GTD

Before I got into OmniFocus, I used Evernote for GTD. I had a few different structures, but I think I ended with a simple setup that worked well for me before I outgrew it. 9: Really? Journaling? The Secret Weapon - Evernote + GTD Twitter conversation re: Moleskine Brad Dowdy - The Pen Addict Rhodia Black Webnotebook 5.5 inch x 8.3 inch Dot Grid Matt Vanderpol - Online Craftsman 10: Why I Don’t Use Ads A non-tracking solution for running ads - The Deck @WhaddyaKnowJoe @JoeBuhlig Become a Patron


27 Oct 2015

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