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1.0.3 Problems

How do you solve problems as a developer? How do you tackle issues that seem completely unsolvable - as an individual or on a team?Download Here

18 Sep 2010

Rank #1

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2.0.3 Education

Scott and Rob talk to two developers about the role education has played in their careersDownload Here

8 Jul 2011

Rank #2

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1.0.6 Abstraction

In this episode Scott and I discuss "what you need to know as a software developer". How many layers of abstraction do you need to understand? How many geek trading cards should you have in your collection? To find out more, we talked to 3 prominent, living-history developers.Download Here

20 Oct 2010

Rank #3

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1.0.8 Motivation

In this episode Scott and I talk to 2 people with fairly different stories, about what motivates themDownload Here

19 Nov 2010

Rank #4

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2.0.6 Play

What do you do when you're not staring at your computer screen? What obsession grips you as you drive home? In this episode we ask David Heinemeier Hansson and Pete Brown this very question.Download Here

15 Nov 2011

Rank #5

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1.0.5 Homerun

In this episode Scott and I talk to two developers who created something phenomenal: they hit a Homerun if you will.Download Here

11 Oct 2010

Rank #6

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2.0.2 Pressure

Scott and Rob talk to a team of Top Gun developers - the StackOverflow gang - about the day their database died.Download Here

13 May 2011

Rank #7

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1.0.9 Management

In this episode Scott and I talk to technical folks who have moved on up to Management - and what it means to themDownload Here

3 Dec 2010

Rank #8

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2.0.1 Criticism

In this episode we talk to three developers about criticism - some they've given and some they've received. In addition we talk to a very vocal critic of this podcast.Download Here

22 Apr 2011

Rank #9

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1.1.2 Drive

In this episode Scott and Rob talk to 4 entrepreneurs about the risks they take, and what's happened as a result. Dave Nielsen, Tom Preston-Werner, and Nate and Niki Kohari.Download Here

28 Jan 2011

Rank #10